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  1. Yes, PayPal is being a pain ... hopefully will be resolved very soon ... Venmo is an option in the interim ... otherwise, I'll update when it's back operational.
  2. Thanks ... we're in the process of upgrading our account type with PayPal ... hopefully, this will be resolved soon (I'll keep you posted). In the meantime, if you want to donate, Venmo is still an option! Thanks ... Venmo
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  5. I thought Freeze did a really good job with that interview … How will past missteps inform how you run Auburn program? ... "Obviously, I think the best learning tool in life is when you didn't get things right and you had any type of failures, and if you handle them with the right kind of integrity — making the necessary changes and playing the next play. Over the last seven years, that's what it's led to for me is just, man, really being a guy who wants to lead a passionate and disciplined life, has faith and family and friends in the forefront, and your commitment to those be evident in every action and every decision." "I think that translates into the team — being a coach that's very transparent: 'Look, let me tell you when your coach got it right, let me tell you when he got it wrong.' I really liked it a lot better when I got it right, which has been most of my life. But obviously the other times are the ones we really learn the most from, because the fruit is grown in the valley. I think kids have responded to that with my transparency." Parameters on your social-media usage? ... "I have actually — a lot of people in that office work with me now, and I like it that way. It's hard for me to keep up now with everything that's going on; I didn't know a few coaches had already changed at different places because I can't keep up with it and I've got my hands full with a lot of other things right now. But it's been a joint effort." How do you get Auburn back to championship level? ... "Recruit. We've got to go get players and revamp the roster. The good thing is, in this new day and time, you can do that fairly fast. At Auburn — look, there's only five schools in the last 12 years that have played for a national championship and won it, and played for one and not won it, and Auburn is one of those five. For all the recruits listening right now, you can play right away, you can help us get that back there. Tradition is there, the support is there, the passion is there, the resources are there, and now we’ve got to pull everybody together, head in the same direction, but we have to go get great players.” What comes with being Auburn's coach, plus advantages of NIL, transfer portal ... “Yeah, the NIL and the $120 million brand new facility we have, which is like Disney World — I get lost every single time I go in there. Oh yeah, you need to come see it. It’s off-the-charts good. And the support by AD Cohen — John’s been incredible through the whole process and really enjoy him. President Roberts and our board are incredibly supportive. The NIL deal, and facilities and support are all great.” How important is that support? ... “It’s a big deal. They’re all great, but truthfully, Auburn is a special place, and I think it’s a place that our family has—Jill, and Ragan, Jordan and Madison, their husbands now, not Madison’s, but the other two — we always felt like, man, every time we got to that place, we just feel like we could fit here. We had that feeling all along, and obviously though, NIL’s a big deal. "I started meetings with players, and everybody’s kind of interested with what that looks like. I think it’s not the greatest reason to choose a place, but I hope they get everything that comes their way, but we should be about creating value for them with their experience at Auburn.” Your family's role in your decision to leave Liberty ... “I don’t make any important decision in regards that affects our family without Jill feeling totally onboard, and then we’ll bring our three daughters and tow of their husbands in. That’s exactly what we did. Jill and I, for a long time — I want to say Liberty was one of the greatest places we ever experienced, for us, at the right time for us, and obviously we won a lot of games; that’s an incredible place, and whoever gets that is going to inherit a lot of great players and administration and fans. "But when this started happening, Jill and I just kept saying, what if the door opens, we just feel like this is the right place and the right time for us. I would not have done it, not one minute, if she would’ve had some red flags."
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  10. The schedule next year is very favorable. In addition to it being an odd number year (bama, uga at home), we replace Penn State as our major OOC with Cal. The other OOC games are cupcakes. And then from the East we have Vandy. 8 wins is very doable IMO if we get a few portal guys.
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  16. Yep, everyone is essentially a free agent and coaches are going to have to continue to re-recruit their rosters.
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