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  1. You are exactly right my friend! I was actually quoting an individual but accidentally replied to whole thread. (See whoever it was that used the word "baffle"..)
  2. You know what baffles me? All of these negative Nancy AU fans on this board. We are freaking 5-0, with the BEST RESUME in college football, a kick ass D, a super exciting offense that has improved week to week, and yet there are still so many on here that had rather bitch about Gus instead of praise him. #baffled
  3. I sing the fight song "opera style" before every games kickoff, even small ones! Whoever is with me has to do the "go go go" and "hey" parts. The more people who join in, the better our chance of winning! It's become such a thing for our group that friends have other friends that can't be there calling to hear over the phone every game. Started this while at AU 20+ years ago.
  4. His leg came completely off. However, they were able to surgically re-attach it and rehab him to 100% during this weather delay.
  5. Mark my words; AU and TAMU will only lose one regular season game each this year. bama will lose two. TAMU's lone loss will be in overtime to AU. AU will have two 1,000 yard receivers and a thousand yard rusher. Jalen Hurts gets mad and smacks Tua. Tua gets his feelings hurt and they both cry. They both develop psychological issues due to the incident. Saban getsSarah Jessica Parker Wilson to come back and enroll in school/join team, and the NCAA turns a blind eye. The Red Elephant Club could not sneak Spanky into the playoffs this year and the UAT fan base calls for his head!
  6. Last night, a bammer friend of mine messaged me talking all kind of trash about how they were world beaters and blah blah blah.. He ended up betting me $100 that bama would not score less than 35 points in ANY game this year!!!! I would have bet him a lot more than that, but of course he said that was his betting limit, lol! Ole Tua best be ready for all this hype, b/c he is gonna have to sling that ball A LOT to cover those expectations! ?
  7. My Great Grandfather got a scholarship to Auburn when scholarships were rare! He didn’t have a way to get down there (from Athens) so he hitchhiked and eventually rolled into town on a turnip truck! He broke his leg in practice a day or so before the first game and they rescinded his scholarship! Lol.... He had to hitchhike back to Athens with a broken leg because he couldn’t afford to attend Auburn without that scholarship! ? He ended up having 15 children, became a State Senator and fantastic preacher. He passed away in 77’ I think.
  8. This was the WORST coaching job I've have EVER SEEN!!!! I am at a complete loss as to why we ran up the middle and only threw the ball 7 times prior to our final possession. UNACCEPTABLE! This is 100% on Malzahn
  9. Thanks for the info. As for the mud, you're right but Mama Bear will not be happy with muddy footsteps throughout the RV! ?
  10. Hey guys and Happy Game Week!!!!! I for one am really excited about this season, and my expectations are pretty darn high! They'll stay that way until proven otherwise! I am wondering if any of you are at the RV fields yet (the free ones)? I am bringing my 4 year old on his very first Auburn adventure and we are bringing the camper. However, unlike when only adults go down there, we can't leave until tomorrow around 1:00 (normally my friend and I take our campers down there on Thursday). I expect to be pulling into Auburn sometime around 5ish. I am wondering how good of shape are the fields in? I know it has rained quite a bit down there lately, and I am worried that if I can't find a highish spot that I will be in for some mud, which is not good when you have a 4 year old running around! Thoughts?
  11. Hey Stat....Outstanding job! Wondering if you could give us bama's numbers on the following?: Last season Auburn came into the Iron Bowl average 377.0 yards and 28.4 points per game on offense. The defense allowed 417.9 yards per game and 27.2 PPG. This season they enter the Iron Bowl averaging 473.5 yards and 34.1 PPG, while allowing 334.5 yards and 14.3 PPG.
  12. If you take your wife, also make sure you are wearing sunglasses! lol.....
  13. Here's mine from 2010... Mark my word: Some redneck Alabama fan will make out with his sister when they score their first touchdown of the year against San Jose State, and proclaim "we still got it hunny, gone git us anutha chapeeunship this year to!"... Oh wait, this is supposed to be a BOLD prediction that noone expects. Sorry...... Mark my word..... Cam Newton will be in the Heisman talk by game 6 of this year and Auburn will beat Bama in November to win the west! I haven't fared so well since! So here's my prediction for 2016.... MARK MY WORDS Auburn will beat Clemson 35-24 Auburn will not lose more than 1 regular season game Auburn will beat bama by more than 10 points this year JF3 plays 50% of the snaps against Clemson and Arky St. and 100% from there on out Auburns offense is officially back and firing on all cylinders by LSU Auburn literally smokes everyone along the way except for LSU and UT in the SECCG, but squeks out wins even against those two thanks to our new and improved top 10 in the country defense Auburn plays USCw in the playoffs and wins 52-41 Auburn plays Michigan in the National Championship game and in an unexpected defense slugfest, beats Michigan to win it all 13-9 Bama will lose at least 3 regular season games, and will not represent the SEC West or be in the playoff's
  14. I've been thinking about this Clemson game, and to me it seems like we match up pretty good with them. Of course, all this hangs on the premise that our D-Line will put a lot of pressure on DW. If our offense can spread it out and keep them on their toes, then I think we have a truly legit shot at beating them. Add the "hungry" factor to our guys and an 8:00 p.m. kickoff at JHS and VOILA! AU 35 Clemson 24.
  15. I'm a signed songwriter in Nashville, and have been since 2004. While songwriting isn't the same as novel writing, here are some things that I do know to be true. 1. Protect your self with copy writing laws. Google what those entail for people like yourself. 2.. Educate yourself! There are 1000's upon 1,000's of articles online that will go into detail about what it takes to both help you to organize and write and how to get your novel to the next level. 3. Get representation. Here's a hint.... This is NOT super easy for any newby, regardless of talent with VERY FEW exceptions! There are a LOT of snakes in the grass in the entertainment business. If anyone requests ANY money from you and REGARDLESS of their promise to you, do not waste your time! I CAN'T EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH! Sorry for the bold words, but if you don't listen to anything else anyone tells you, you need to figure out quickly how to tell the "real" people involved from the total scam artists. I have personally had a good song stolen because I didn't have it copy written before I stupidly played it out at a bar full of songwriters. My publishing company tried to get a cease and desist order placed on the record label, but were unsuccessful because my song was not protected legally yet. I've also been courted by the snakes on numerous occasions. Thankfully, I never fell for their bs lies. I have had very talented friends that have though, and subsequently either ruined or seriously postponed their careers because of it. I can only imagine this sort of thing is just as rampant in the book industry. I know it is in the television industries. Hope these suggestions help. One other thing is start reading blogs.... Make friends with other writers and don't be afraid to ask questions. People in the creative industries love helping each other if they believe them to be real and not someone who doesn't take things seriously.