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  1. Perfect by Nature

    T.J. Bryant

    He's one of those guys that is reportedly blown away by every trip he takes (has a lot to do with his hype machine of a coach). Safe money's still on a Florida school.
  2. The field of rivalry competition now extends to academic fraud tallies? This is hilarious.
  3. Perfect by Nature

    AU not in Burton's top five, Finley to UF

    He recently made his final 11 public, and Pitt isn't in it, so that's off. He has, in fact, expressed a desire to leave the Pittsburgh area. Most feel it will be a PSU-OSU battle.
  4. Perfect by Nature

    The NBA Playoffs

    LeBron's shot is coming along, and Jordan's did too. LeBron's shooting 33% from behind the arc in his career (and has shot over 30% for 3 of his 4 seasons), while Jordan took into his 6th NBA season to average over 30%. Heck, Jordan averaged 13% behind the line on the '87 season.
  5. Perfect by Nature

    It's official - TB has found the weight room

    No joke? I just got through pointing that out in the post you quoted. We won that Rose Bowl, giving us just as many BCS wins as yourself. Are you a bot? Because you seem to be responding on word recognition. You missed the part where I said "elite level success". Wake Forest has just as many conferencce championship and BCS trophies (pay attention now, here's where the word "elite" comes in) as do you, and Utah not only has your the same amount of BCS victories as do you, they've got your undefeated season as well.
  6. Perfect by Nature

    It's official - TB has found the weight room

    No, we've been to and won one BCS bowl. Of course, we were regular Rose Bowlers in the 90s (and won a national championship then), before that bowl was called a BCS bowl. But it doesn't matter because I don't go around pretending my favorite team is elite. Hell, Utah and Wake Forest have had as much elite level success as you guys recently, but you won't hear their fanbases spewing off smugness at every chance that so presents itself. My comment about a dose of humility was directed at the posters in the thread who were sending out advanced warnings to QBs and backfields that would encounter your mighty LBs (and I was being light-hearted). But the superiority complex statement comes from way more than this thread. I've never seen a more self-convinced fanbase. Generic, unrelating counters are pretty common when faced with the realization that the team you once as undeniably the greatest around is actually little more than above mediocrity.
  7. Perfect by Nature

    It's official - TB has found the weight room

    I was referring to AU, so don't try to use the SEC as a whole to fill in your empty trophy cases. Besides, AU is the only SEC school to have developed a superiority complex, despite the fact they are badly outclassed as a program by many within their own conference (I assume you figured this out when you dug up that SEC BCS bowl wins statement), not to mention the other power programs across the country. But go on thinking you're elite while wondering why other elite teams have won their conference championship more than once in the past 14 or more years, and don't forget to keep on convincing yourself that it's because your in the SEC that you can't throw together consistantly great seasons (nevermind that other teams in your conference do it).
  8. Perfect by Nature

    It's official - TB has found the weight room

    It must've felt weird when you developed a superiority complex after one BCS bowl win.
  9. Perfect by Nature

    Why is it

    Not to mention that UT just fired a CWS coach in Delmonico. To be fair, he really was a dolt of a skipper that had benefited from a few superstar-esque players.
  10. Perfect by Nature

    It's official - TB has found the weight room

    You wit, you. I was, of course, referring to that little ol' USC program in California that could field a starting LB trio of former #1 LB recruits, field a different starting three of former HS All-Americans, and still have a few mega-talents leftover.
  11. Perfect by Nature

    It's official - TB has found the weight room

    225 is not big for a Linebacker... And for a dose of modesty regarding what you've got at LB, look at USC's LB corps.
  12. Perfect by Nature

    Top SEC RBs for 2007

    With a statement like that I'd have to wonder if you've ever seen Coker play. It's the exact opposite: Houston was slower, bigger, not as quick, and had perhaps the worst vision of any UT RB in recent memory. On the other hand, Coker has very good vision (makes appropriate cuts and doesn't need to see a gaping hole to know where to run), absolutely elite speed, and decent enough power. Coker is the home run hitting superstar while Houston was just a grind-it-out workhorse that could use his athleticism and power to make a few big plays when they presented themselves clearly (hell, in one season, Coker had two runs of 87 yards or more, while in his career, Houston never had a run of more than 65).
  13. Perfect by Nature

    Forum Members

    That's Perfect by Nature, and I actually rarely have anything bad to say about the SEC. The AU fanbase's tendency to relate everything to Alabama used to really annoy me, but I've gotten over that (or at least gotten over responding to that), and I can't think of much else bad I've had to say about AU. Auburn fans are different from the other SEC fans I've experienced, and I'm only just now learning how to converse with you guys.
  14. Perfect by Nature

    What do AU fans expect out of recruiting this year?

    That's an apples and oranges comparison. Green's a 'highlight reel catch' type wideout, with impressive elusiveness after the catch...Harvin's a burner. And there's no need to start underrating your boy just so your rival fanbase will hold back on the "biased" comments, he's much better than Green. Athletically and physically, it's no comparison: Jones isn't far from that Calvin Johnson body (body's already more than good enough for the NFL), and he's got much better top end speed and explosiveness (watching him cut is an unreal demonstration of lower body explosiveness). Green might have more one-handed, dazzling grabs sprinkled in his highlight tapes, but Jones certainly has a pair of strong, coordinated hands as well, and is great at attacking the ball in the air.
  15. Perfect by Nature

    What do AU fans expect out of recruiting this year?

    Not even the best WR prospect. I'd take J Jones and A Johnson (out of Northwestern) before Green anyday.