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  1. aukooze91

    Prayers Needed

    Many many prayers sent to you and your wife. Just lost a friend on Christmas from some Fibrosis in her lungs that you get from using cleaners and such on dialysis machines. She was a Dialysis RN for 30+ years.
  2. aukooze91

    What would you do if Bo Nix decommitted right now

    Live my life.
  3. aukooze91

    Gus has been fired!

    That's sad Bird. But seriously, who the heck is he? One of the many lead guitarists I suppose.
  4. aukooze91

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    This is what I read in the contract. The numbers are what being paid now and then how much is owed to him after December 1st, I believe. If you wait until after December 1st: 42,000,000 75% 31,500,000 Amount agreed to be paid by Auburn 50% Must pay 50% of amount owed by 30 days after dismissal 15,750,000 Amount to paid within 30 days of dismissal 15,750,000 Remaining amount to be paid over the next 60 months I would then tell the two boosters who said to do the contract to ante up and this their fault. Otherwise, we don't need them anymore. Jay had nothing to do with this contract (and this will be the only time you see me post something positive about his tenure); two boosters got the lawyers to draw it up and Leath signed it because he was the only one of any authority still around. Oh and I forgot to emphasize this: ALL of this is negotiable, because they do another contract that's to buy him out etc, so they could change the payment terms etc. One more edit. JJ did sign the contract on January 26 2018. I thought Greene took over before then? Who knows.
  5. aukooze91

    Bo Jackson Commercial

    Man that was great! Look forward to seeing it on tv!
  6. aukooze91


    Done deal bigbird! I pray that he can defeat this!
  7. Here's the list of them from Saturday. Officials: Referee: John McDaid; Umpire: Tom Quick; Linesman: Gary Jayroe; Line judge: Chad Lorance; Back judge: Jimmy Russell; Field judge: P. Davenport; Side judge: Alex Moore; Center judge: Brian Davis; Davenport is Phil Davenport I believe.
  8. Damn skippy corchjay! I thought there was one they called us for PI where the ball was 10 foot over the receivers head. Can't remember exactly when they called it though. Hell, the one from the OP in my book is not PI based on the hand fighting. This goes on all the time and is not called. And that one up there looks like great coverage.
  9. aukooze91

    Dixie 1860 Passes Away

    RIP Jay and War Eagle! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Realized he's mys sisters age at only 48 years old. So sorry for the loss.
  10. aukooze91

    Prayer request for my father

    So sorry to hear this. I lost my Dad a year and a half ago so I truly can sympathize with you. Many prayers sent out to you and your family.
  11. aukooze91

    Brandon King getting paid

    And getting like a $250K retirement for 10 years or something. Not sure about that; might be $50K or something thats nice when you retire at 32 or something. Good money!
  12. aukooze91

    Auburn might have a back up plan Jake Rill is a freelancer trying to make a name for himself. If this was to occur then guess what, he can claim to have said it first. Best thing my Dad ever taught me about all this, "whatever happens, happens".
  13. aukooze91

    Art Briles out as CFL coach

    Weren't they in the CFL Championship or something a year or two ago? Or at least Coach Lolley was as DC for someone.
  14. aukooze91

    All Things Sean White (Merged)

    You got that right.
  15. aukooze91

    part of the qb puzzle revealed

    Good stuff!