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  1. With this loss, I believe any NIT hopes are nil. Is there any benefit for the department to pony up the money for this squad to participate in the CBI, CIT or that tournament in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay? Would another week or two of practices have an impact on next year? Maybe Coach Pearl and Jay Jacobs can answer those questions in the next few days.
  2. While the SEC slots each of their bowl commitments by final standings, they have the flexibility to change bowl assignments. What benefit would the Birmingham Bowl receive from having an in-state participant in its game? The Auburn fan base is well aware of the conditions surrounding Legion Field and there would be no incentive to stay/dine at any of the city's hotels and establishments. The bowl would be better served with out-of-town opponents. I'm holding out hope for a Liberty Bowl bid in Memphis with a match-up against a Big XII opponent (Texas Tech, perhaps)?
  3. They didn't wait until morning. I'm sure the search consultant has been called to put out feelers for potential candidates.
  4. Absolutely not. Such a deal is for all sports. No exceptions.
  5. Any athletic director worth his salt has a list of potential coaches at the ready if a program is struggling. Does Jacobs have such a list? Who knows. The last two Auburn basketball coaches were hired through recommendations from Dean Smith and John Calipari. Whether you take an up-and-coming coach (like Lebo or Barbee) or a established coach (like Cliff Ellis), the next individual will have to understand the limitations behind this opportunity. Auburn basketball has been successful in the past and can be successful in the future but the lack of tradition can be an obstacle for sustained success.
  6. I will agree with your assessment of his coaching ability but he was fired from Tulsa two years ago after 7 seasons without a tournament bid which will prevent him from getting any consideration from a big time program.
  7. Richard Williams was the coach of Mississippi State when the Bulldogs went to the Final Four in '96. Stansbury was his top assistant.
  8. Here are my pics from Tuscaloosa. I was sitting in the Alabama student section and causing trouble throughout the day.
  9. I'm glad Jay Jacobs made this decision. Very good hire. He played and coached under Coach Cal so you know those Kentucky-Auburn games are going to be competitive ones. I'm one happy Auburn alum tonight.
  10. He wasn't out of work for long. An official announcement could come as early as tomorrow.
  11. That's the $64,000 question? If he doesn't, how far is he from earning it? Will he have to pull a Sidney Lowe (N.C. State) and complete the classwork over the spring and the summer so he can have the credential by the time practice starts in the fall?
  12. I know Calipari led Memphis to its highest single season win total (38) in 2008 but he has only won 29 so far at Kentucky where the record is 35. Hmm, let me think about this one.
  13. I'm sure that search firm in Florida (which specializes in college basketball coaches) has been called to formulate a plan on a possible successor. I'd like to think Jacobs would follow their advice but we'll have to see if the new hire is done on the cheap.
  14. Final score Alabama 73 Auburn 61
  15. The question after 6 years of the Lebo era is "When will this program turn the corner and take the next step?" As others have said, Lebo is a good coach but is he the right coach for this program? 1 NIT appearance in 6 seasons is not the level of progress Auburn fans should expect from their basketball program. If I were Jay Jacobs, I'd try to hire Tony Barbee of UTEP. Good recruiter, good strategist and as a former Calipari player/assistant, he has the drive that is needed to make an impact in the SEC.