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  1. I don’t know about that. The lure of bringing your alma mater back from the ashes is a BIG draw.
  2. I’d also hate to hire him and bolt once mama/FSU came calling.
  3. I totally forgot about this skit. That's Heath Hyche, he was a fraternity brother of mine back in school. Has had a great career in comedy to include stints on Jeff Foxworthy's Blue Collar Comedy show. Dude is hilarious and is a true Auburn Man.
  4. I see this as a warning to all SEC teams and probably a big reason we had to get rid of CGC. Poor fiscal management plus bad attendance = bad news.
  5. Miss St is in the lead. They likely can sign him with his grades. It's unlikely he can be admitted into Auburn. Bummer...
  6. I'm gonna go with the other UT...Texas. If you go to their rivals site and read their musings you'll need to take a shower.
  7. I have to agree. The few times I've been to Starkville I wasn't impressed.
  8. Here: http://m.ustream.tv/...---the-capstone Thanks but unfortunately I'm on a NATO computer in the 'stan and cant access that. I was really hoping all this was over before I showed up for work.
  9. I'd be OK with some Nick Fairley mean, I loved his body slams...
  10. Gotta find a way to get down to bama to do the ride....
  11. Just got my game this week, I'd love that cam cover. Would it be possible to have it sent my way? Thanks
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