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  1. Anyone have 2 or 4 tickets to sell for Session 2 this Friday in San Diego? Thanks and WDE.
  2. HOU_AU_90

    OT: Verified Members / New Members Please Read

    Thanks for the rules reminders. I've been away from this board quite a while and am mainly posting this to see if I'm verified. WDE and beat C of C Friday.
  3. HOU_AU_90

    The Absolute Truths of College Football

    15. 1 through 14 are accurate for every school except Auburn.
  4. HOU_AU_90

    10 Reasons LSU Will Defeat Auburn

    What? You mean that the field goal attempt returned for a touchdown was.... *GASP*..... strategy??? Let's not get crazy, we all know the Kick 6 was luck just like how lucky it was to rush for 296 yards against the The Turds when their average rushing yardage surrendered coming into the game was 92 yds. Sure hope Auburn has more of that type "luck" Saturday. WDE.
  5. HOU_AU_90

    OT: Social Media Favor

    Task complete and Thanks for maintaining AUFamily. WDE. @tngstreet
  6. Cancelled my SI subscription also!!! Threw out all the old issues accept the ones with Auburn on the cover...I felt cleansed. Can I get an Amen? Amen and beat K-State! WDE
  7. And they quoted an unnamed source.... shocker. Haha, missed that but how apropos with these guys.
  8. For those that care about such things, realize that this article was written "by Pete Thamel & Thayer Evans." I will never knowingly click on anything these 2 buffoons write again. Cancelled my SI subscription the moment I realized these 2 integrity-deprived individuals were hired by SI. Although, I will admit that the NFL scout cited sure sees what a lot of us have known for quite some time. WDE Beat K-State!
  9. HOU_AU_90

    Auburn sections at The Bill for KSU game

    Useful KSU game info. recieved in an e-mail from the AU Athletic Dept.: To all Auburn Fans attending the Auburn at Kansas State game on Thursday, Sept. 18 Here is some helpful information as you travel to Manhattan. Game time is 6:30 p.m. CT on ESPN. Tiger Walk: The Auburn Team Buses will on the North end of the stadium at 4:30 p.m. CT. Auburn Ticket Pick up (Player/Guest Will Call) is located at the ticket booth on the west side of the stadium between Gates C and D (for any tickets purchased through the Auburn Ticket Office where “Will Call” was selected). K-State Gameday Page (tailgating information, parking maps): http://www.kstatespo...y-policies.html Gameday Parking: http://www.kstatespo...ts/parking.html Directions and Maps: http://www.kstatespo...ckets/maps.html Stadium Maps: The Auburn visiting team tickets are seated in sections 10B, 11B, the lower portion of 16, 17, 18B, 19B, and the upper levels of 423-427 Travel safely and War Eagle! Auburn Athletic Department
  10. HOU_AU_90

    Auburn sections at The Bill for KSU game

    Excellent that you're all together, we have 9 coming from AL, GA, and TX and our tix are in groups of 4, 2, 2, and 1. I still don't know where the other seats are located and was hoping they'd at least be in the same section but looking at the responses so far it seems like they have Auburn people scattered throughout The Bill. Oh well, gonna be a great time either way especially with the Tiger W. WDE
  11. The 2 tickets that I recieved through Auburn for the game are in section 11, row 53. I'm curious where all of the Auburn people will be sitting. Does anyone know which sections we have and how many were sold through Auburn? Also, for those that have tickets in hand, where are your seats? WDE
  12. It'll be great to see Ashton receive the Cliff Hare Award this weekend. Love that he was repping AU big-time to his A&M classmates when we took down the Aggies.
  13. HOU_AU_90

    Spotlight on Corey Grant TD

    "Stat, thank you for all you do on this site. Your spotlights are some of the most interesting reading on this site. I look forward to them after every game." +1 Thanks and WDE.
  14. Correction that I wish I didn't remeber so vividly but USC spanked us to open that campaign and then GT spanked us in week 2. To be so hopeful going into that season and then score 3 pts in our first 8 Qtrs was brutal.
  15. HOU_AU_90

    Failing to establish consistency

    As always, appreciate your analysis Stat. Do you provide any of your analysis' to the coaching staff or do you know if they get it by other means? I sure think they should have all of your info. WDE