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  1. This is getting ridiculous. We have zero national credibility. I understood when we only had 11 games, but now with 12 we need to step up and play some national teams. I am very disappointed in the direction JJ is taking, but what is new.
  2. Coach needs to get some Auburn gear for these airport meetings.
  3. He is still a bama lean. But for now he is committed to Auburn.
  4. As I read all of these post about Tommy I cant stop the tears from forming in my eyes. Tommy was everything that was great about Auburn football. He took 3 and 4 star players and competed for the SEC west year after year. He helped these young boys become men without all the problems that occur at other programs. He represented Auburn with class. The person we hire may come close to matching Tommy's integrity but will never surpass him. I will pull for whatever team Tommy decides to bless. So after all that. War EAGLE. Lets go hire another great man.
  5. I think Saban is a good coach, but I dont want to have dinner with the guy. Go GATORS. Come on GATORS get up and GOOOOO!!
  6. He ran into Garcia and caused a fumble that was returned for a TD. After that it was mostly Dunn except for mop up duty. He is a little rusty, but made some decent cuts. I hope he comes all the way back.
  7. Can someone please send me a link for radio? Thanks
  8. Let's go Gabe Gross. I have all my Tampa "gator" friends doing Auburn cheers when he comes up to bat. Its a great year to be in Tampa. War Eagle.
  9. We have been recruiting quality players every year. Some years better than others. We evaluate our players based on summer camps and seeing them in person, so some years our stars are not going to be as high as other programs. Lay off Tommy. He has placed our program into a competitive situation year in and year out. Plus we dont have to read about our star players selling cocaine on the streets. No one is going to dominate the SEC with this group of coaches. If you expect (not want) to win the SEC every year your expectations may be slightly elevated. I say enjoy the games. Bitch about some of the play calling, but lay off pulling the plug on one of the best coaches in AU history.
  10. The LSU fans that travel are always my favorite group of fans. They love to party win or lose and they always share their food and drink. Great bunch of fans. Really epitomize SEC football. However, when going down to Baton Rouge I never feel safe and I'm 6'2 250#. Those people are crazy. I always try to be hospitable to visiting fans even if there is some good natured cheering. In BR they really get beligerant and hostile when we visit. I have heard the same from other SEC fans.
  11. There are always bad calls on both sides of the ball. The losing team tends to remember the calls a lot longer. Its part of the game, get over it. By the way bouncing over the first down line counts, doesnt it?
  12. Lee said we were the Top 10 team that was most likely to lose this week. Kirk said LSU would be the Top 10 team that would lose this week. So I bet Lee wont pick us. So we have to win. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR Eagle. Hey.
  13. Luckily we dont play in Knoville this year. And if we did play in Knoxville, Neyland stadium has to be the quietest stadium in the SEC.
  14. Optimism remains eternal Auburn 13 (we drive for the game winning td with less than 2 min left) LSU 10
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