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  1. Our Linebackers are biting on play action. It's why you run play action. We have never had instinctual linebackers that sink into their zone very well. Frost bit up and they found the soft spot behind him.
  2. We aren't a good fundamental tackling team. That's hard to teach at this level. Casanova is one of the only guys with consistently great technique. We have linemen that Rush the qb and whiff going for a big hit. Rudy has looked like a former rb soph safety tonight. Tough night for him.
  3. Therezie? Whitehead? Ummm is whitehead playing? Therizie is a linebacker technically.
  4. We have a young inexperienced secondary with the exception of mincy. Those things will happen.
  5. We run for 4 yards and then get cute with the screen. Play calling baffles me.
  6. Pound the rock between the tackles. They are vulnerable up the middle.
  7. Irregardless of the legal aspect of it, this will break us financially. This law would require medicaid payments be on par with medicare payments which is a large gap at this time. It would also penalize employers that do no provide insurance. Biggest employer in the state of Alabama not providing benefits? The state of Alabama. So now we have an unfunded mandate to increase medicaid payments and to add thousands upon thousands and no way to pay for it. If we don't, the state faces fines. That will only be passed along to taxpayers. Taxpayers mean people that pay more taxes than they consume. You know, that evil, money generating self sufficient, hard working bunch, that pay to take care of people that have no concept of price and demand luxury. On a regular basis I get patients that are upset that they can't stay in the nicest rooms in the hospital because those are the long term care rooms for cancer patients. I also get patients families that are upset that home health is a nurse that comes to check on the patient and give medications, and is not a maid/chef/personal assistant service that cooks, cleans and bathes them. These are people that consume more money in a few months in resources than they produce in their entire lifetime. People that do not understand that I generate income from office visits and one patient visit does not generate enough income for the time even my receptionist spends dealing with their constant issues. No one is willing to tell them no. Thats why our system is broken. We are now a society of consumers, with a few producers and the producers are heading overseas where the enviroment is more friendly. This bill was in no way "reform." It was a "give a bunch of people insurance" bill. This bill is also littered with kickbacks. There are clauses requiring 100% payment for certain items such as medications with a purely pediatric indication. There are some of these medications without competition and forcing payment would let drug companies charge whatever they want and now it is a federal crime to refuse to pay.
  8. Seems Malzahn was the only one that believed in him as an SEC championship caliber QB... I trust Gus. In Gus we trust. Seems like it should be added to the Auburn creed.
  9. Well, according to Jay G. Tate, someone is lying. The gas station employee has no reason to lie and Updyke has already revealed his preference for going against social/moral norms. My vote goes with Hellboy's twin.
  10. I'm tempted to go to the dealer and ask for a three day cruise in one of their vehicles. If they decline, then they are offering benefits to a potential recruit they don't offer the public at large. I think that by definition is a violation.
  11. So I'm curious what provoked the school officials to excuse the abscence. I see nothing there to excuse it.
  12. Reporting on jox that 4 player arrested for alleged home invasion/robbery. Press conference coming soon.
  13. I'm sure Stephen Hawking would ace the wonderlic as well. I'm confident he won't win any super bowls. Its one element of many to make a successful player.
  14. Put in ice and turn it into the home of Auburn hockey. It would be a great recruiting tool.
  15. Rhabdomyolysis. Its a generic term for muscle breakdown and signnaled by elevated muscle enzymes on blood tests or muscle enzymes in the urine. It can be the result of excessive exercise and frequently seen in the summer workouts with heat exhaustion. It could also be due to a supplement or drug the players are taking, or a combination. It takes a pretty insane workout to put 12 elite athletes in the hospital. Someone's head will roll over this.
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