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  1. Teams AU has never played

    UNLV Rebels. That's Hey Reb! Yes, that's actually the mascot's name.
  2. Away tickets

    I'll be at the Clemson, Mizzou, and LSU games. I've been to a bunch of Clemson games since my brother went there, but will be my first trip to Mizzou and Red Stick. I'll be on the lookout for fellow AU fans to tailgate with.
  3. 2018 4* WR Kearis Jackson

    Thanks. How do Hill and Ross compare to each other?
  4. 2018 4* WR Kearis Jackson

    How does our staff rank Kearis Jackson, Matthew Hill, and Justyn Ross against each other? With Shedrick Jackson already on board at WR that leaves us with 2-3 slots left. If we had our choice of two of the three guys above, who would it be? Of course none of this matters if Kearis picks uga...
  5. Auburn Class Rings

    I graduated in 2010 and I didn't have any option to make changes to the design. All we were allowed to do was choose the material, add an engraving on the inside, and decide whether or not we wanted to the bottom of the band textured to hide scratches better. The women's ring came in two styles, one that looked like a smaller version of the men's and one that was a totally different design.
  6. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    Glad to hear this! Always good to have you posting here. What's your feeling about Gatewood sticking with us too?
  7. The Car Thread

    Cool story. I always liked the 944 turbo for reasons I don't really understand.
  8. Chris Cornell dies

    So sad to hear this news. He and Scott Weiland were my favorites of that generation and we've now lost both in a short time.
  9. The Car Thread

    Thanks. It's definitely easy to get car poor, that's for sure. Luckily I paid the car off a few years ago so I don't feel as bad about modding it. It's somewhat of a sleeper which I like. Flies under the radar a lot of times. The exhaust is loud and so are the turbos and blow off valve so if you pay attention to it you'll know ti's not stock. The challenge is figuring out if the car has just an exhaust on it or a lot more. I like the M roadsters, those are fun cars. I have a friend who has one with some bolt ons and uses it as his track car. I've been in it for a couple sessions around Road Atlanta and it's a really fun car. If I ever buy a new BMW I will definitely be doing European delivery. My friend did it when he bought his M4 and highly recommended it. They rented a different BMW while there and drove the Nurburgring which sounds amazing, I think BMW wouldn't sign off on letting them take one of their cars on the track or something like that. Don't remember the specifics but they had to rent a separate car for that. I've been looking at doing the M driving school in SC or doing the Porsche one now that they've moved to Atlanta. My brother and I visited Italy a few years ago and we took a tour of the Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Pagani factories which was awesome. I rented a Ferrari 458 Italia outside of the factory and was blasting up and down the roads which was really cool to do in Italy. The co-driver didn't realize that I knew how to activate launch control so when he was telling me where to go I launched it and went tearing out of the parking lot. He wasn't very happy with me. They had a go-pro mounted in the back window so that you can buy the video of your drive and at one point he had his hands together in prayer asking me to slow down haha. I was going about 130mph at the time and they'll let you go fast in the straights but always get on you to take the corners really slow. The tune that I have in my car automatically switches the DSC off and puts it into DTC mode which is what happens if you just push the button instead of holding it down. This allows you to be a bit more aggressive and spin the tires in a straight line but if you start to get sideways it will bring you back in line. I almost never drive on the street with all the electronics switched off, that's saved for the race track. I find the DSC to be overly intrusive especially now that the car has an LSD in the rear to help with traction in both a straight line and the corners.
  10. The Car Thread

    Thanks for the advice. I never did buy a bike so my biggest problem now is sticky summer tires and the occasional ice in Atlanta.
  11. The Car Thread

    Thanks for sharing @I_M4_AU I'm a bit younger than you it sounds like so I've only owned 3 cars so far. Although, I've been interested in anything fast ever since I was a kid. I've also never owned an automatic which seems to be a rare streak these days. First car was a 1998 VW GTI. Nothing special there. Slow as crap but a lot of fun in the corners. It had a few mods like intake, exhaust, chip, and short shifter. It still only made about 140hp on a good day. Passed that along to my brother when I went to college and he blew up the transmission. Second car was a 2006 Mazda 6s hatch with a V6 and 5 speed. Needed something reliable since the VW wasn't, and I needed more space to haul my stuff from Northern VA to Auburn. Pretty fun car for what it was and it had decent power. I added an intake, stiffer springs and shocks, rear sway bar so I could kick the back end around a bit more, and electronic exhaust cut outs to open it up when I wanted to open it up and dump straight from the headers. Handled decently well and was quick enough to keep up with most of my friends. That car also saved my life when I was t-boned and the car was totaled. All of the impact was taken in the drivers front side and I was knocked unconscious, still don't remember parts of that evening. The officer that responded said that after watching the crash on a red light camera he was surprised that I walked away without any major injuries. This was about 6 months after I had graduated and I had saved up enough to buy a motorcycle, I was just waiting for it to warm up for me to start learning. I had second thoughts on the bike after that wreck so I bought a fun car instead. Third car is also my current ride and is definitely the most fun car I've owned. 2008 BMW 135i with an extensive mod list. RB Turbos, JB4 piggy back with custom back end flash, Walbro 450 fuel pump, BMS intake, RB turbo inlets, Riss Racing 3" exhaust, VRSF 3" catless downpipes, VRSF 7" intercooler, BMS meth injection, clutch type LSD, Spec stage 2+ clutch and single mass flywheel, KW v2 coilovers, 1M front bumper, carbon fiber rear lip spoiler, and Apex forged wheels. There's always somebody out there with deeper pockets and a faster car, but I don't run in to too many that can out run this car. I've outrun a few exotics and the owners usually aren't happy about losing to a 1 series.
  12. "A chance to win a championship'

    Do we have 5 star heart?
  13. Who did UGA pull the scholly from?
  14. NSD 2017 discussion thread

    Great news! Thanks!
  15. NSD 2017 discussion thread

    Any word on Devan Barrett? I know @WarDamnEagleWDE had said he was worried if Clemson came calling.