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  1. Auburn 6

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Obviously not WDE, but I asked the same thing a few months back and was told that he didn’t want to make a lateral move to be a position coach again. I think he’s looking for an OC job to leave.
  2. A question to those that are more connected than me. Is Sheffield still a take for us if we're feeling confident about landing Nick Cross? Could we be slow playing Sheffield at this point?
  3. Auburn 6

    Corch’s too early class prediction

    Is there an update on John Emery Jr? It seemed like he was the backup if we missed on Cain but I haven't heard his name in a while. Has Tye Edwards jumped him for #2 on our board?
  4. Auburn 6

    2019 4* LB Trezmen Marshall (UGA 4/27/18)

    Hope so! Somebody call the bag man! 🙄
  5. Auburn 6

    Opponent Preview: Washington part 2

    Do you have any friends that are season ticket holders? AU season ticket holders have until the end of the month to submit a request to purchase tickets for the kickoff game. $100 for upper deck, $225 for lower level.
  6. Auburn 6

    Opponent Preview: Washington

    No problem at all, it happens. You're more connected than I am so I figured you knew something the rest of us didn't. Crisis averted.
  7. Auburn 6

    Opponent Preview: Washington

    What's the delay with Ryan? He's not named in that article posted which is why I ask. Not having him will be a huge blow to our offense against UW. I was going off of this article posted in March saying he was cleared for full contact practices,
  8. Auburn 6

    Opponent Preview: Washington

    What's the status of Ryan Davis? I thought we were expecting him back at full speed for fall practice.
  9. Video I took at his commitment. I work across the street and dropped by after work to check it out. Owen knocked over the backdrop right before he committed and had a few guys scrambling to fix it haha. 6DEE4406-8118-4CB2-BA50-AC325B11BA6B.MOV
  10. This article says 6:51 PM Eastern.
  11. I'm excited! I work in The Battery and am planning to attend his announcement since it appears to be going our way.
  12. Auburn 6

    2018 Spring Practice Schedule

    Doesn't want to make a move unless it's a promotion?
  13. Auburn 6

    Class superlatives

    Do they have 5 star heart?
  14. Auburn 6

    Offseason Coaching Changes

    Yes, good point. It's probably not a factor in whether or not Horton leaves. Just thought it was odd timing if he ends up leaving.
  15. Auburn 6

    Offseason Coaching Changes

    I remember hearing whispers from some of our more connected members a couple months ago that Horton and Brown may be on their way out. Horton just got a new contract so who knows...