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  1. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Give me Justin Fuente, Scott Frost, or Brent Venables. I really want to like PJ Fleck, but I'm not sold on him quite yet.
  2. pettition out to fire gus

  3. Anyone Going to LSU game?

    Good point. We definitely want to check out the tailgating scene and do some exploring. Auburn tailgate is more of a backup in case we don't find some friendly rivals willing to put up with us.
  4. Anyone Going to LSU game?

    I'll be there with my brother. First trip for both of us to BR. Does anybody know of any large AU tailgates going on?
  5. New Auburn bowl projection

    Orange Bowl vs Miami to save you a couple clicks.
  6. very strange

    I’ve noticed that the last few games too. Hope it’s foreshadowing.
  7. Roll call Mizzou

    Just got to Columbia. Seats are in section B.
  8. Roll call Mizzou

    Thanks. We get into KC later than I'd like on Friday, but we have a return flight Sunday evening so our plan is to spend most of Sunday exploring KC. Do you have a recommendation on a BBQ place located somewhere near the downtown/touristy places? What would you do with a Sunday afternoon in KC?
  9. Roll call Mizzou

    Thanks, @WarEagle123! I'll be there with my girlfriend and it will be the first time for both of us. We're flying into Kansas City Friday and making the drive to Columbia that night. We're staying in a hotel a few miles North of campus and will make our way to campus Saturday morning. Is there a better way to get to downtown or campus besides driving? What is the better parking option for Saturday, downtown or closer towards the stadium? Does anybody know of an Auburn tailgate for visiting fans? We don't know anybody else going so we'll just be wandering around and checking out what Mizzou has to offer.
  10. Bashing Gus

    Please not a clipboard. Keep those far away from him.
  11. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    31-10 real tigers
  12. Post a picture

    I have no doubts your youth would get you through it.
  13. 3rd and 93

    Sounds like the perfect opportunity for the wrap around handoff to the RB. Preferably Cox.
  14. Who Do You Want?

    What are everybody's thoughts on Greg Schiano? I'm sure he'd be looking to take the step back up to HC and somebody will eventually give him another shot. He's currently the DC at Ohio State so maybe he's learned a thing or two from Urban about pairing an explosive offense featuring dual threat QBs with a smothering defense. Learning to recruit from Urban can't hurt either. He is only on a one year contract worth $700k so he wouldn't break the bank if we can't convince a higher profile coach to come. Previous HC experience with Rutgers and the Tampa Bay Bucs. Can't say I know a ton about his recruiting abilities but I remember he turned Rutgers into a pretty competitive team and he's a defensive minded guy that could probably keep our D playing at a high level. Trying to come up with some realistic names since some of the previous ones mentioned aren't coming here.
  15. Post a picture

    My view last Friday. Last week I hiked 27 miles along the Inca Trail to reach Machu Picchu. Hadn't showered in 4 days when this pic was taken, but still had to wear the AU gear. Surprisingly, I got a "War Eagle!" from 5 different people while in Peru. Pretty cool experience. After this pic we hiked the tallest steepest mountain in the background which is Huayna Picchu and is consistently ranked as one of the more dangerous hikes in the world.