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  1. 2018 Spring Practice Schedule

    Doesn't want to make a move unless it's a promotion?
  2. Class superlatives

    Do they have 5 star heart?
  3. Offseason Coaching Changes

    Yes, good point. It's probably not a factor in whether or not Horton leaves. Just thought it was odd timing if he ends up leaving.
  4. Offseason Coaching Changes

    I remember hearing whispers from some of our more connected members a couple months ago that Horton and Brown may be on their way out. Horton just got a new contract so who knows...
  5. Big 12/SEC Challenge

    I thought we just crushed a Big 12 team on their home floor last night?
  6. Fingers crossed for Bo Nix to become the face of our next class starting today!
  7. Demographic Curiosity

    29 Male Atlanta, GA now. Grew up in the Washington DC suburbs. Graduated in 2010 with a Finance degree. My grandfather, great uncle, and great aunt are all AU alums. It skipped a generation as my dad would have also attended AU if not for a scholarship to VA Tech. Great uncle is in the Air & Space museum and was a proud AU alumnus. I have successfully converted my ATL born and raised girlfriend from a dawg to a tiger!
  8. Brad Lester 🤦‍♂️

    This was very surprising and difficult to hear about. Like some others I'd like to know more details about exactly what happened here. I'm inclined to think that it's a prank that went too far, but we're really just guessing at this point and it doesn't excuse the behavior. I knew Brad during my time at Auburn and was very surprised to hear this news yesterday. He was a bit of a prankster and loved to troll bama. I know he had at least one child while he was at AU and I partied with him a couple times so I was shocked to hear that the video he possessed was of a male. Very disappointed in him right now.
  9. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Any word on Whit Babcock from Va Tech? He's a guy that I like a lot and his name was thrown around at the start of our search, but he seems to have disappeared from our radar.
  10. Alabama Only Team That Can Beat Clemson

    I'm pulling for Oklahoma to win it all even though I don't like any of the four teams. I obviously don't like bama and UGA, especially living in ATL surrounded by dawgs. I'd really enjoy seeing them get waxed in the playoffs after all of the crap I've been hearing all season and especially after the SEC championship. My little bro is a Clemson alum and I used to root for them, but he has gotten quite obnoxious after their title last year and a few wins over Auburn so I'd like to see him humbled a bit. Besides, I was treated pretty poorly in Clemson this year for our game so I'd like their fans to have their hearts ripped out as painfully as possible. My idea scenario is crushing defeats for clemson and uga in the first round, followed by an OU beatdown of bama.
  11. TAMU / Clemson 9/8 2018 Who you Got!

    Clemson by a lot. Aggies won't be good enough next year and will lose again the next year in Clemson.
  12. SECCG thoughts on what to expect

    2006 was Arkansas, not us.
  13. SECCG - Pregame Sights & Sounds

    Here's a link to some of the food options and pricing. Definitely very reasonable compared to most venues.
  14. Pearl's Job in Jeopardy

    What a shock, Schlabach throwing around wild accusations UGA week. I’m shocked. Hopefully it isn’t true because this is bad if so. I’ll wait for a more credible source before getting too worked up.