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  1. I know you know a lot about the defensive side of the ball, so i tend to listen. I had not heard this description before, “inmate” sense of timing. It is innately intriguing to me, I am thinking Bobby Boucher, but can you describe further?
  2. NM. He is back this inning. Argh!
  3. I have noticed that idiot too. Went for about 5 innings, but i think they finally got him out of there. Did not hear it this past inning. That is so bush league and should be an embarrassment to Vandy. THEY need to do something about it. All other teams in the SEC need to ban him. I know the kids may not hear it as mush as the spectators, but my gosh!!!
  4. Do we have a bench or pinch hitters? Not sure I would have hit JW in bottom of 8th. Hindsight is 20/20 though.
  5. And then opposite of our at bats, we seems to be letting a bunch of runners on bases with 0 and 1 outs, then battle for the remainder of the inning. We are in a funk. Come on fella’s!!
  6. And 2 quick outs. Does it seem like we always go 2 quick outs then decide to hit the ball?!? At least as of late...
  7. Holland has to get his bat off his shoulder with 2 strikes. Got to swing at that ball in that situation with that opportunity.
  8. Embarrassing. Total mental meltdown by EJ! Then the baseball gods f’ed us again. Worse the the HR off SW last season!!!
  9. Has to be. You can’t pick and choose who starts Friday versus Saturday and then not have an extra day for rainouts for all those SRs starting on Saturday. Wouldn’t be close to fair or common sense, but then it is the NCAA. Matter of fact, I thought they played them all out, just sucks for your rest period if you take longer. I did not realize there was a deadline at all.
  10. Absolutely worst review call yet. That is a joke. Second basemen plainly in the base path. Slide to the left side of the bag. Runner obviously trying to avoid. And a flop. That is ridiculous. Someone needs to be fired over that. They are just cooking it for a game three. What a frickin joke.
  11. Side bar question, was Tracy Rocker at the Vandy game to watch his kids No-No? I don’t think they ever showed him, but showed his mom a lot. Just curious. I wouldn’t miss that type of game for the world!!!
  12. It appears to me they are having trouble calling anything with side to side movement. Horn comes from a wide lefty’s arm slot crossing over or into the plate. Their guy is throwing darts 4 inches off the plate with a good frame job by the catcher and they call it a strike.
  13. Huge win there. Can’t believe the weather held out. Now we are in the drivers seat. Very impressive, relaxed and calm coaching job today by Butch. Had a lot to yell about early but I like his calm and cool style.