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  1. From a trusted source (Coach Holtz, so take it for what it is worth), over 200 college football players have tested positive for COVID so far... zero hospitalizations.
  2. No, I totally understand your point, even that it is not your personal viewpoint. I just thought you were giving more credit to other cheaters perception of our cheater (in laymen’s terms). Maybe we should quit letting coaches vote then because “ratting” our another coach is how all this crap needs to do to come to an end. The biggest rat of them all is now coaching UF football. He wasn’t harmed much, so not so sure your point is as valid as you think within circles of already low moral individuals. Probably more jealously than anything else in my opinion.
  3. You are really gonna defend Cal as compared to Pearl just because he hasn’t ratted out another coach?!? That is crazy! Coach Cal is and has always been considered one of the most cheatingest (I made up a word there to describe him) coaches of ALL TIME. He and Pitino are besties! Pitino cheated so regularity it bled over into his marriage by gosh! Those two normalized it in modern college basketball. Cal shouldn’t even be coaching today. It is all about the Benjamin's though. This is from an article 10 years old... Coach Calipari’s list of indiscretions is long and illustrious. In fact, his rap sheet is so damning that it’s amazing the NCAA still allows him to coach. The Final Four berths he earned while coaching UMass were vacated when it was learned Marcus Camby had illegally received payments. Calipari took a job with the New Jersey Nets before returning to the college ranks to coach Memphis. There, Calipari would have an entire season voided after violations surfaced that Derrick Rose had cheated on his SAT’s and that Rose’s brother had travel expenses paid for by the school. How is that type of condemning behavior punished? With an eight-year, $31.65 million contract at Kentucky. Already Calipari has created controversy for the Wildcats, with the NCAA investigating Eric Bledsoe about academic fraud. He’s an embarrassment to the values that the NCAA is supposed to stand for, and should have been placed on probation years ago.
  4. I have been busy all weekend, so just now catching up. WTH??? Sounds like just one of those things, but to get swept, I never would have figured that. Need to get this lineup and rotation figured out i guess.
  5. Guy never touched the plate. He’s out.
  6. These refs are a joke. SEC needs to get control. There should not be such a disparity between being home or away. Samir got shoved in the face, extended arms and all and no call. Guy looking right at it.
  7. Bruce should be all over that ref for speaking to DC. Unprofessional. A players was in his cylinder under his legs. Total crap.
  8. WTH kind of shot was that floater in the middle? Who was that? Did not even look like a basketball move.
  9. How are some of these fouls in the paint by UGA not being called?!? It is amazingly obvious.
  10. We just don’t play smart. And ALWAYS down to the level of lesser teams.
  11. The hook around with the off hand that 5 is doing for LSU. That is such BS too. Not a single call on that today. Seen it like 5 times at least.
  12. Days has fouled out twice already, but they won’t call anything.
  13. I also saw three fouls called on Days. He is only list as having 2. Did they change one??? We need to drive on him and get him out of the game.
  14. 4 is pushing off with his off hand, extended and all, every time he touches the ball, and no call. Why???