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  1. Not sure what they are doing, but the bama pitcher is taking a number from the coach and looking at a wristband before every pitch. That is illegal, pitcher must be on the rubber to get the pitch call. Catcher is throwing up a handsign, but it’s quick and not legible. Even with that, he is taking a partial sign while not on the rubber. It is every pitch, so wasting time too. Can’t do this, Butch should complain. Anyone know the rule about a pitcher taking the sign?
  2. Heck of a game! Now we have to have the mentality to win or sweep this series (ya, I said it). Hopefully Barnett can continue to close like that, his stuff looked good tonight. Greenhill looked good; 13 pitches per inning average is a great efficient outing. Great win to get off the schnide. War Eagle!
  3. Again, HS in Geogia now has film through GHSA at some games. This past weekend at Lakepoint although, they had like 6 unmanned cameras on all games (over 50 games) at the Georgia dugout club tournament, including behind the plate, mound from third, mound from first, plate from third, plate from first and field, left field right. You can watch live or buy the past film. Why can’t we do something like that? By the way, my kid made all-tournament team with no runs, no walks and 6 strikeouts in only 4 innings. Game time temperature was a balmy 38 degrees!
  4. PG is live streaming most games now. And that is 15 through 18u travel ball. AU could easily set up some Go-Pro type cameras for this. Heck, they probably pick up extra video using the small digital cameras anyways. It may be a licensing agreement thing, but should be waived due to the Covid restrictions. I would also pay to see it as extra digital media.
  5. Never stepped out though on that pass inbounds. Ref called it as if he was positive. They need to review when they realize they don’t know s***. Refs REALLY helping UK out.
  6. Oh, The and-1 a minute ago. I missed the others.
  7. Has coop made a basket tonight? Beside FTs.
  8. JJ needs to draw the three point foul when someone leave their feet like that so bad!
  9. Not to mention, Georgia is driving the basket with their off hand pushing, pulling, and wrapping anything near them. It is embarrassing for the stripes to be so blind to it!!!
  10. What’s wrong with Flan? He had been OFF for a while.
  11. He reached out and touched the ball while still holding the rim with his off hand. Can’t use the rim for an advantage. Certainly a tech. But that foul on Coop was BS especially while allowing Pinson to flail his left hand down the lane EVERY DAMN TIME!! The stripes are trying to help keep a top ranked team for the SEC.
  12. Why keep playing him? This one seems to be in the bag. This is where you need Powell, but might as well give the next guy some minutes at point.
  13. Ya Beth! Don’t cry jimmy. Now back to the game...?
  14. Coop is a BADASS passer. Team seems to be reading him better today and able to catch those passes.
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