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  1. Unless you moved to Iraq, it had to be an upgrade from Louisiana. So quit whining and thanks for the effort and AU victory! 😂
  2. I really HATE bama too. But i have noticed where you live affects your perception. I also HATE UGA. Their fan base is as bad or worse than bama’s. They wear me out and what does it matter if bama wins another SEC? As long as UGA didn’t for me at this moment in time. I hope ND makes in into the top four. I would laugh my ass off. by the way, I knew bama would expose UGA. Didn’t they have the easiest SOS in the SEC? And Kirby is a moron.
  3. You must live in Georgia too. Most annoying fan base ever! I HATE bama, but those folks are mostly just trashy. UGA fans are the worst. Hard to put a specific point on it, but I would say pathetic confidence of bama without the naty’s.
  4. Two UGA observations. Bower is a freaking stud. How did he go from Napa Vally CA to UGA? And Why??? UGAy screwed the pooch by playing Bennett all season. Of course he was going to look good against the week east teams, but I bet they wish now they had JT Daniels prepared with 10 games under his belt to face bama and the playoffs. And a third point, if OSU had won today, UGA is not in the playoffs. If bama scored one more or held UGA from scoring in the fourth, ND may have made the playoffs and UGA would have been left out. As a Georgia resident, that would have been funny.
  5. Sad day. You let the refs decide this. Someone needs to do something. This has become laughable! Cheaters win, league helps cheaters win, league is money hungry when rich beyond all means. It is the epitome of America today.
  6. Off sides on the offense that play. No wonder.
  7. Someone needs to answer for the missed delay of game and intentional grounding all in one play. It is becoming ridiculous that the bama refs are inserting themselves in every game from AU vs Miss State this this mother ******* game. Horrible. I can’t watch.
  8. Two penalties one play and no call. Thanks refs.
  9. Is our coaching staff ******* blind? TJ has not played close to well since the injury. Next man up, PERIOD. I don’t care if it is Loy or DD, or the ******* punter, put someone else in the game.
  10. Heard that! And those where one sale has that much on the line are the most rewarding. War Eagle!
  11. What business are you in that you are making sales calls on a late Saturday afternoon???
  12. And flag was way late!!! Go back and watch. Came out AFTER he was tackled.
  13. I am going to start a sub-Reddit naming, background checks, and grading SEC refs with the stated purpose of exposing these buffoons and challenging the SEC to do better based on embarrassment in the national media. But I need to find somebody to do all the research and posting for me. Any takers???
  14. Great job D! Somebody get a message to Mason that they (bama) are going to review first half film during halftime and make offensive adjustments. He may not know that. Unless he figured it out AFTER the Miss State game. Our D needs to be prepared for that and have varying options to consider for the second half to continue to be successful.
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