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  1. jw 4 au

    Men vs UAB

    Yes! Perry or Bryant, or both, would drive and full extend arm push off, no call. Bryce Brown could have gotten a technical second half he was so pissed at one point when he went to the ground.
  2. jw 4 au

    Men vs UAB

    Politics, social criticism, Auburn football,,, people just bitch to bitch these days. Agree with SMB, we won. They play the game to see who wins usually, no matter the spread. War Eagle!
  3. jw 4 au

    Men vs UAB

    Harper carry the team tonight!!!
  4. jw 4 au

    Men vs UAB

    Auburn players need to step up here in OT. Refs need to call the push off on Perry more. Guy can’t play with out slinging the off arm/hand.
  5. jw 4 au

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Look, to be technically correct, they did not burn his redshirt, they wasted one year of eligibility (his freshman year). He can still take/use his redshirt this season when he has to sit out a year anyways in transfer rule. Then he has 3 years left to play (I.e. 4 to play 3). Works out the exact same for him if he was transferring due to his spot way down on the depth chart rather than if he was actually redshirted this year. If he had redshirted, he would also have 4 to play 3. At least that is my take and what I think 80tiger was saying.
  6. jw 4 au

    Honest statement and take it for what its worth

    That’s what she said... but really i edited a typo and it did that somehow, not really sure how i did that.
  7. jw 4 au

    Honest statement and take it for what its worth

    I don’t think your math is correct. Technically AU saves $5.25M I believe whenever they do it. You are including next years salary in your number. If you do that, you have to include this years salary with this years buyout. Not to count the fact that you have to pay the new coach too.
  8. jw 4 au

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant (Mizzou)

    Wow on the decision. He chose less exposure for better coaching I guess. Good for him but SEC-ALT here comes Bryant and Mizzou. I think AU will be fine with one of the kids who chose to be here and not one who quit mid-season on his previous team. I respect Hurts more than Bryant. It is still great to be an Auburn Tiger!
  9. jw 4 au

    Stidham going pro

    What year are you living in? 😁 There are only 7 rounds, 32 teams though. 30 rounds was a long, long time ago. He will probably get drafted, but it could be late enough for teams to wait and take him as an UFA.
  10. jw 4 au

    SECCG 2018

    I told all my thUGA friends this week to watch the refs during the game and let’s talk Monday. Can’t wait to hear what they say. No holds again for bama. No major penalties. First penalty wasn’t until the second half. They are just so much better coached than anyone else (rolls eyes) and are taught to do it the right way (rolls eyes, getting dizzy)!
  11. jw 4 au

    SECCG 2018

    Just noticed Hurts salute to Auburn’s own Cam Newton with the Superman salute after the touchdown!!! Sure...
  12. jw 4 au

    SECCG 2018

    That call reminds me, how is Ryan Davis? That was a brutal hit last week.
  13. jw 4 au

    SECCG 2018

    He don’t care. At least it was to his mentor, idol, and savior uncle Nicky.
  14. jw 4 au

    SECCG 2018

    Or the SEC should nut up and not let SEC graduates be referees. I think I read somewhere we are the only conference to allow that. Same withy he head if officials and head if reviews both being from one specific school. Just not fair.
  15. jw 4 au

    SECCG 2018

    The onsides kick may prevent thUGA from making the playoffs. I predict OU over thUGA. thUGA needs Clemson it OSU to lose to get in IMO.