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  1. jw 4 au

    Next years pitching rotation

    That sure doesn’t sound too promising. Who would Miss St. have been talking too long enough to make that call other than Butch?? We got to lock Butch down. Great coach and great recruiter. HS and private coaches love him.
  2. jw 4 au

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Actually, Miss State winning was great for Auburn. Now we most likely get Butch secured to a new contract extension for sure. Miss State can’t take away what the interim coach (Anderson?) has done for them this season. More cowbell!
  3. jw 4 au

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Guy behind the plate is having a hard time. Think he regrets a handful of calls. One, two maybe a game is understandable. This many is crazy. We got the B-team. A-crew must have been sent to Fayetteville.
  4. jw 4 au

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    HAS it been said that these two commentators for ESPN suck really bad. Not just mistakes but lack of baseball acumen and knowledge. Everyone who has played travel ball has seen that play or practiced that play for just that situation. Give it a rest. All of that on top of messing up names and situations. Just awful. ESPN should be embarrassed.
  5. ESPN just listed game time as 7:30 EST.
  6. jw 4 au

    SEC Baseball Tourney thread

    Not to beat a dead horse here, but I agree with Mikey on this pitching discussion. This is the end of the season, if a starter is not conditioned to pitch 100 or more and go again when needed (with sense to MLB pitching recommendations) then that is a problem. They are all ramping up for this exact end of the season scenario. I am from Georgia, and in high school we follow the pitch counts recommended by MLB and Dr. James Andrews listed below. Pitchers pitch this much in HS (we play similar 3 games sets with an off set game) with more work come in the state playoffs. Then a few weeks practicing with summer ball teams and they all play PG tournaments for another 6 weeks. PG follows the same or very similar pitch count. If you read Dr. Andrews books, to be able to pitch to the recommended pitch chart below, stretching (before, after, and between starts), conditioning (between starts), and rest (offseason for 2 months or so) is what is VERY important. Plus stopping a session at the first sign of arm pain, not necessarily fatigue. This is where youth ball coaches who know little about pitching are killing kids arms. There are still tournaments that allow you to pitch a youth 65 pitches in back to back to back games, as long as the inning count is something like 3 or less. The KY Coach could be considered boarderline with Hjelle but we are not in the bullpen with him between starts. I would think they know more about his arm than us. Vast majority of the time when you get to this level, coaches know the deal. Same with our coaches as to what they do with our kids. Just my 2 cents, for what it is worth! GHSA PITCHING CHARTS Varsity 110 Sub Varsity 90 REQUIRED REST PERIOD VARSITY 86-110 Pitches. - 3 days 61-85 Pitches. - 2 days. 36-60 Pitches. - 1 days. 1-35 Pitches. - 0 days NOTE: A pitcher shall not throw more than 110 pitches in a single game or cumulative over a two-day period. A pitcher shall not pitch more than two consecutive days regardless of the pitch count, at which time a minimum 1-day rest period is required. Double headers are considered two separate games and single game pitch count limitations are in effect. All other rest periods are based on the total pitches thrown. 3 Days 2 Days 1 Day 0 Days
  7. jw 4 au

    Men's basketball Fri 6:30 PM

    We have ‘til Friday to figure it out. Who’s going to San Diego!?! Let’s go!!!
  8. jw 4 au

    Bama vs Georgia

    Heel was out just barely. Smart got something going at UGA that he copied from bama. Thing is, Saban can’t turn him in because he knows where the skeletons are at bama. REC will get messy. Don’t walk with salad bowls upstairs thUGA...
  9. jw 4 au

    Bama vs Georgia

    bama not playing well. Didn’t learn anything from the game with us. UGA is making Hurts play and kid can’t pass outside of the pocket. And thier play calling is terrible!
  10. jw 4 au

    Bama vs Georgia

    thUGA playing tough and dirty still. Hitting bama in the mouth hard. Let’s see if bama responds or curls up.
  11. jw 4 au

    Bama vs Georgia

    This game is a major hold fest on the o-lines. It’s like they are dancing down there. Refs ignoring it like usual for these two!!!
  12. jw 4 au

    Spuat or Thuga

    For some reason, your post sounded like something Ron Swanson would say, haha. But agree, that is the only reason I will flip over to it everyonce and a while.
  13. jw 4 au

    Demographic Curiosity

    45 Male ‘95 grad in Civil Engineering (walked with Bo Jackson!!!) Fayetteville, GA Born and raised an Auburn Tiger, 3rd generation AU alum, married an AU Grad, hope at least one of my kids can go to Auburn but with the Hope Scholarship and possibly Zell Miller, something in Georgia is hard to pass up. Really struggling to stomach this national championship game. Those of us that live here in Georgia will understand, but I may, and I stress may, pull for bama for the first time ever in my entire life!!!
  14. Ball landed in the stands with 3 seconds left. Why is the half over?!?
  15. ******* bubble screen again. My gosh!!! Forget that ******* play for the rest of the day you morons. It is soooo telegraphed and NOT working!