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  1. Chase Young didn’t not look like the best in the nation last night. He is great, will be a great pro, but didn’t show up for two games this season based on suspension and didn’t look good last night until the second half. DB looked good every play he was on the field this season, especially while getting mugged almost every play. He is the better player no doubt.
  2. If whisky wins, and assume Clempson wins, who are the top 4?!?
  3. Well, Fromm looked like s***. He has regressed over the past two season. Kirby Ran off Eason, Ran off Fields, banked on Fromm after a completely lucky half season. After this season he may return for a senior season. We need to smack them down next year!!!
  4. I will also say this, not a big fan of LSWho, but Burrow is having a year! He deserves the Heisman and I have watched a TON of college football. And I can’t believe Coach O may win a natty. Coach O?!? Anyone can do it I guess. Do you think he will rip his shirt off if they do???
  5. I will say this for thUGA, I thought it would be 40-3 by now. They have done good to not get blown out... yet. Haha. (disclaimer: I live in GA and they are annoying! Geaux Tiggers!)
  6. I think those were just projections or opinions of one of the ESPN guys. I don’t think they are awarded until Dec 12th it so. I may be wrong though. War Eagle DB anyways!!!
  7. Investigation by whom? UGA will do the minimum as always. Someone said he was already suspended the first half of the Tech game by the team, now let’s see if they act on this. That was a horrible display. Similar, but not nearly as bad, as Garrett in the NFL. He lost it completely. Trying to ram the guys head into the wall is beyond fighting on the field.
  8. jw 4 au


    Was Sippos in as WR on the Bo Nix pooch punt from earlier?
  9. Hmmm, wasn’t there a top 5 basketball recruit visiting from Cali this weekend? He is either SOLD on Auburn, or thinks we are all CRAZY down south here. Love to see a commitment from him off this!!!
  10. They probably wanted Waddle back there for the QB quick punt we did earlier. I would have left him back there and had one less guy up front. They were in mass confusion by changing their mind, from changing their mind. That is on all their coaches for not being prepared for that situation. Hell, we had already done it once. Question, was Anders in on the first punt by Bo???
  11. We ran out the punt team with Bo and they ran out their punt return team. They don’t get extra time because we didn’t line up how they wanted. Nice try, but no, your wrong!
  12. jw 4 au


    Anders. Or Gus. Or Sal. AU won that game. Don’t say anything other! Fair weather fans...
  13. OK. Only because it annoyed me all game, somebody better than me needs to make a GIF of Waddle’s little post TD pose with arms crossed staring at the stands along side the flag for 12 men on the field, and along side fans storming the field, and the scoreboard. Something creative. PLEASE?!? Someone do it!!!
  14. Where is the GIF already?!?