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  1. Is Cam Riley playing at LB? I haven’t seen him recently.
  2. Well, hopefully they left to go party and the Auburn women convince them to come to Auburn.
  3. Gotta switch it up now. Line sucks but TJ is NOT the QB to have back there with a s***ty line. I would rather see Ashford.
  4. Gotta let others play. No. 1 is too weak, he is getting manhandled, tackled, and is consistently out of position. He is scared if contact. Can’t play that way. And while I am at it, 71 should be benched and you can’t do any worse than with a back up over trox. Geeze.
  5. So we have no one in the both simply watching TV???
  6. No 1 has shied away from two hits now. That one and the TD. Needs to be benched out of principle.
  7. Nice throw, but with the OL playing this awful, you just need to get the mobile QB in more. Way more. And is it me, or do our receivers suck at getting separation? Johnson had a good route there but the DB closed quick.
  8. So we should start blatently holding until they call it. May force the refs hands to make fair calls.
  9. Anyone else having problems with their digital tickets? I went to transfer them to my apple wallet and website says it is down. Just curious.
  10. Well, in his defense both the official Auburn roster and ESPN profiles are spewing that BS. That’s just how it happens in todays world for two different paths a guy may take. Better to list remaining eligibility in my opinion in todays age of recruiting, transferring, medical, etc.
  11. Stepped away for a sec. Still taking first pitch meatballs I see.
  12. I ain’t getting anything done at work. War Eagle!!!
  13. Just a different looking team since the 5th. Soooo glad to see it. That’s baseball I guess. War Eagle.
  14. Ok. Let’s see what we can do now fellas!!!
  15. This ump is it calling an even game. Last two innings at least two pitches per half inning going against AU.
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