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  1. Man, what a horrible weekend for the blue’s behind the plate. I lost count of how any missed calls with two strikes cost AU pitchers an out. At least 7 or 8 from Friday and today alone. Didnt notice near as many the other way. Not to mention all the other bad calls. We must have gotten the 8th ranked crew, or a high school crew since their regular seasons are over. Frustrating for the team/staff, I could notice.
  2. Love it that “Bobby Barrels” as this guy is calling him is having another great day after the bat flip incident. Did you see him set the bat down on the HR? That’s how you answer those conceited arrogant yet very sensitive hillbillies.
  3. Please! Coach would get tossed first if I was ump. He led the anger on the bat flip. Haven’t been a fan of his for a while.
  4. Bad coaching error. Never ask a kid if he is OK to go. Of course he is going to say yes. Should have saw that one coming. But crap these guys have to locate a ball better. When you are up in the count, you can’t miss way too much, but worse you can’t miss way too close. We are missing to close when up. So frustrating!
  5. Final score 19-4. Not a good day for the pitching staff. Could have had the pitching screen out there, looked like BP for Vandy after the 3rd. Here’s the pathetic line 19-23-1 4-8-0 Hate is for the boys, as they have been stringing together a few good games and scrappy wins prior to day. But, if we win tomorrow we still win the series against another ranked team. Let’s go guys, bring the W home in the rubber game tomorrow. War Eagle!
  6. Well damn, three run shot by a bench player. I’ll just post the end score.
  7. Same, just hate it was at Plainsmen Park! But we can still take 2 out of three tomorrow. That would be awesome.
  8. Auburn with 2 on 2 outs. Dyal at the plate. Passed ball scores a run. Dyal draws the Walk. Aaaannnnddddd a weak check swing groundout to end the 8th.
  9. Out. Fly to center. Bottom 8 coming up. 4-5-6 batters due up. We have 6 outs left to score 10 runs. Let’s go Auburn!
  10. Vandy goes down 1-2-…double. Runner on second 2 out. That’s 10 doubles folks.
  11. Top three guys go down in order. Now to the top of the 8th.
  12. Sheehan in for the intentional walk. Why not give that to the guy you just took out. Then Sheehan gets the SO to end the inning. 1-2-3 due up down 13-3.
  13. Another double, third for that guy Keegan. Nine total doubles on the day Two and a half hours in and we are not to the stretch yet. Hudson to the mound for a visit.
  14. Ground ball to first and Sonny throws home for the tag out. Clearly out but they will review for the 5th time today. Still out but is was close. Nice quick tag by Dyal.
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