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  1. Men's basketball Fri 6:30 PM

    We have ‘til Friday to figure it out. Who’s going to San Diego!?! Let’s go!!!
  2. Bama vs Georgia

    Heel was out just barely. Smart got something going at UGA that he copied from bama. Thing is, Saban can’t turn him in because he knows where the skeletons are at bama. REC will get messy. Don’t walk with salad bowls upstairs thUGA...
  3. Bama vs Georgia

    bama not playing well. Didn’t learn anything from the game with us. UGA is making Hurts play and kid can’t pass outside of the pocket. And thier play calling is terrible!
  4. Bama vs Georgia

    thUGA playing tough and dirty still. Hitting bama in the mouth hard. Let’s see if bama responds or curls up.
  5. Bama vs Georgia

    This game is a major hold fest on the o-lines. It’s like they are dancing down there. Refs ignoring it like usual for these two!!!
  6. Spuat or Thuga

    For some reason, your post sounded like something Ron Swanson would say, haha. But agree, that is the only reason I will flip over to it everyonce and a while.
  7. Demographic Curiosity

    45 Male ‘95 grad in Civil Engineering (walked with Bo Jackson!!!) Fayetteville, GA Born and raised an Auburn Tiger, 3rd generation AU alum, married an AU Grad, hope at least one of my kids can go to Auburn but with the Hope Scholarship and possibly Zell Miller, something in Georgia is hard to pass up. Really struggling to stomach this national championship game. Those of us that live here in Georgia will understand, but I may, and I stress may, pull for bama for the first time ever in my entire life!!!
  8. Ball landed in the stands with 3 seconds left. Why is the half over?!?
  9. ******* bubble screen again. My gosh!!! Forget that ******* play for the rest of the day you morons. It is soooo telegraphed and NOT working!
  10. In real time, Cox’s “late” hit was maybe 1/2 a second late with his back to the play. Clean all day long. The hit to Cox’s back in response after the play was dead which wasn’t called certainly was late.
  11. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    Just a thought here, but maybe Coach Steele’s head has been elsewhere this week. Does he bolt??? Maybe same for Coach Lindsey. Not so much on Gus if so. Just a thought.
  12. Bad ******* holding and personal fouls on thUGA all day and the ones called were not critical. Typical for shorty usually. Kirby bringing the bama BS to georgia. This sucks!
  13. Living in Georgia

    I am wondering if I will hear anything from UGA fans about us dancing all second half. I will let them bury themselves then bring up the Soulja Boy crap! They still complain to this day about Nick Fairly over here.
  14. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    More BS from birmingham!!!