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  1. Refusing to watch. How’s the officiating been? Let me guess, the guy that missed the call and they guy that made the call are both calling the game tonight?
  2. Which one? they only chose to call slight body contact in the last second of the game. Didn’t call it all night long so it should not have been a foul based on how it was called all game long. That is why the perception of a ref not making calls in the last minute of a game is out there. Do you watch other basketball games at all???
  3. If they don’t call it all game, presidence is set and kids can’t determine then that you will start calling it. BS call at the end of the game. You know it. Refs swallow their whistle all the time in the last minute of games. BS!!!
  4. It is only a foul based on how it was called all game long. Not a foul in that light!!!
  5. Such bull****. Haven’t called it all night long. Then he insets himself into the game.
  6. Haven’t called it all game. No body contact fouls at all until now. Such BS. !!!
  7. Bruce needs to get them straight during the TO. I think Purifoy and Wiley should be in with the three guards switching until we finish. Purifoy needs to sink a three to spread them out. They are playing way high on defense on us.
  8. Travel with happy feet ALL DAY LONG and they call a foul on Auburn. This is bull****!!!
  9. AGREE! But this start shows we miss Chuma BAD.
  10. Need the right lineup in there. Samir was looking good early, swap him and Dunbar this TO. Get the ball to Brown. And Bruce needs to get T’ed up by these refs to make a point and get the fight back in our kids. This is piss poor officiating!!!
  11. Guys just are not motivated. Too business like on the losing end. Need some pep in that step. Arkansas just has more energy and confidence. That’s why their pop off the bats is better. We look lost today.
  12. This idiot calling the game doesn’t know of what he speaks. The kid is allowed to be pissed he got hit for the second time. That s*** hurts. He did nothing wrong. Walked with emotion to first base. That is all. This guy has been against AU since I started watching several hours ago. Several hours?!!🤭
  13. Another ballsy pitch to end the inning. Kid was swinging for the fence right there.