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  1. jw 4 au

    All Things NFL Thread

    Couldn’t happen for a worse franchise! Kind of feels like bama winning.
  2. jw 4 au

    All Things NFL Thread

    Pa-Leeze! Brady don’t need s***. The Patriots are probably the dirtiest team in the history of the NFL. Well, there is probably no probably about it. For years, cheating, lying, steroids, dirty play, etc., etc, etc, from players to coaches to front office to all of them!!! Remind you if anyone?!? I would rather see a Chiefs-Rams Super Bowl. Bring in some new blood!
  3. jw 4 au

    Feel so bad for Cody Parkey

    I love Cody Parkey, great Auburn man, but 23 of 30 is bottom 5 of the league. He just had a bad year. Hope he bounces back, or at least is given the opportunity somewhere. On a side note, isn’t it great to see Daniel Carlson finish top 4 in the league!?! And on top of that, nothing against Dan Bailey, but good to see the Minnesota replacement finish so bad. They really jump the gun by cutting a kicker after one game THAT THEY DRAFTED! Too bad they didn’t lose the season on a kick last week.
  4. jw 4 au

    Feel so bad for Cody Parkey

    Some a-hole has already updated his wiki page. There are some miserable people in this world.
  5. jw 4 au

    Feel so bad for Cody Parkey

    Yup! That was heart breaking for the kid. Makes the iced shot but just barely misses the game winner. Wow. War Eagle Cody, keep your head up!
  6. jw 4 au

    Dillingham already having an effect?

    Plus Hawaii and American Somoa I heard. Makes sense with Tua playing how he is.
  7. jw 4 au

    Sugar Bowl

    Idiot thUGA guy positioned the little bulldog right in front of Bevo for a photo opportunity.... and almost got him horned by a ton and a half longhorn!!!!
  8. jw 4 au

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

  9. jw 4 au

    Citrus Bowl - Penn St/Ky

    How has the officiating been in the game?😁
  10. jw 4 au

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    Oh wow! Gonna be a good year for me maybe, 2019 here I come. This may be the first rule discussion I have argued and won with WT. 😜
  11. jw 4 au

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    I thought they changed that a couple of years ago. The “Kenny Bell rule”. From the NCAA rule book: The defenseless player definitions are included in the NCAA rule book under section 2-27-14. However, a rule change has been implemented this season to include the following amongst the "defenseless player" definitions: 2-27-14g - "a player who receives a blind-side block".
  12. jw 4 au

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    And it wasn’t called on the field right? Called in the booth? Where are these officials from?
  13. jw 4 au

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    Wow, another illegal hit on Burrows. Right in front of the head official too. He must have pissed in someone’s cornflakes.
  14. jw 4 au

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    I RARELY root for LSU. But I don’t like UCF for some reason. Outside of our loss to them last year. It was obvious the team did not care to be in tat bowl game last year. But WT, is a blind side crack back block on the QB like that on Burrows earlier illegal? It wasn’t really behind the play, but still blind and very high. Opinion?
  15. jw 4 au

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    Is it me or does there seem to be a significant anti-SEC bias by officials this year??? Seen it in a few games, including MSU on the other channel. Probably no bias against Saban and bama where it should be, but man there are some bad calls. Major obvious hold on UCFs offensive touchdown, then a crack back block.