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  1. passthebiscuits

    safety CJ Harris ineligible

    Perfect post.
  2. passthebiscuits

    safety CJ Harris ineligible

    Trouble for the NCAA is that the oil makes it virtually impossible to pick up true cannabis in a drug screen. What is surprising to me is that so many of the drug screens are school-specific anyway. As for the seizures, once under control he could play with precautions. (Just like the snow girl in softball.) the oil either needs cleared for everybody--and then whoa watch out to see lots of players be prescribed the med to "cover" or player needs to find another way to control the seizure like traditional meds if possible until the rule is changed or marijuana is legalized in sports for recreational use, which also seems relatively reasonable.
  3. passthebiscuits

    Prince Tega Wanogho a rising star

    Ellitor is right. RT for Driscoll. Comes down to center and left tackle, decides a lot of our season IMO.
  4. passthebiscuits

    Prince Tega Wanogho a rising star

    Hearing from those in the know that he will not change driscolls position.
  5. passthebiscuits

    Prince Tega Wanogho a rising star

    Grimes is a breath of fresh air compared to Hand. Holy cow...fundamentals!
  6. passthebiscuits

    Tigers are Stronger than Cancer

    Behind you, AU1H1! Hang in there!
  7. passthebiscuits

    A-Day thread

    Yes I expect both centers ready to go by fall. I think Kim obviously will have the major advantage as Brahms injury will take some time.
  8. passthebiscuits

    A-Day thread

    No major injuries as I'm aware. Day to day stuff. nasty weather plus how we ended the season set up for less than spectacular optimism. That coupled with the 7-on-7 stuff, injuries, and the drops and poor passing gave the appearance of a not-so-wonderful A-day. No the sky is not falling and we can still be good, but it is not incorrect to be a little concerned. In the end though it is a glorified scrimmage, and it was extra vanilla. We shouldn't be Debbie downers about it. my opinion, we will win a lot of games with our front 7. We will some games with Stidham. The three or four that could go either way will be decided on how well our O Line can get it together. Here's hoping! War Eagle!
  9. passthebiscuits

    A-Day thread

    Gonna be a while to get anything verifiable but no major injuries. Day to day stuff. Got until fall to get some warm bodies at center.
  10. passthebiscuits

    A-Day thread

    Broussard has played well.
  11. passthebiscuits

    A-Day thread

    I suppose we could wait a while but we can tell based on mechanism of injury, initial movement, clinical symptoms etc. But you are right!
  12. passthebiscuits

    A-Day thread

    Bigger stronger athletes with higher mechanism injuries. Happening everywhere not just us. But we do seem snakebit this Spring i agree.
  13. passthebiscuits

    A-Day thread

  14. passthebiscuits

    A-Day thread

    Anders Carlson.
  15. passthebiscuits

    A-Day thread

    nick coe is ready for the season!