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  1. Have to get a point of care test and an antibody Test and then we are cookin.
  2. I expect we will peak here in Alabama somewhere around April 25, with the end of the bell curve late June. I think we will try football, and hopefully an antibody test will be available by fall that can show us who is still susceptible. Now, do we want 87K folks sitting on top of each other with the virus still out there, particularly when it gets a second spike in the late fall? That’s when it will get interesting.
  3. PSS...Thank you Aufamily for this board. This has been a welcome release for me during these stressful times.
  4. PS I’ve held the hand of a couple of people dying in front of me from this and they don’t blame anyone. They have bigger more eternal struggles to go through.
  5. So I’m apolitical...truly...don’t give a flyin rip. But what about a virus is political? I just don’t get it. This thing eats people...because we are people. It doesn’t care the capital letter beside the President’s name or on what side of the aisle you sit. For that matter, the countries that have done the best at containment have violated personal freedoms, commanded isolation or in some cases flat out lied to make it look better. My opinion, but right now we need to be Americans and quit pointing fingers and start pulling together for humanity.
  6. guys got me excited And hopeful now!
  7. Short answer is probably too early to tell. Most experts (not me) are suggesting that there will be long term damage a lot like fibrosis (interstitial Lung dx). So far, there’s a wide range of outcomes with this thing. hope that helps.
  8. Cool. We can agree that flu is bad news too. Thanks for clarifying your position. wde
  9. If I can add one more thing: I suspect that this situation is going to get worse. But let’s presume that it does not. A job well done would mean that many would say that we overreacted or over-prepared. I would be willing to take that result.
  10. It’s clear that you have steadfast views. However, I don’t think medically/scientifically that you have the whole picture. Maybe you do, and I’m completely wrong. I would strongly encourage us both to take a look at the data to see if it would change our minds. One thing that strikes me is the amount of people that have died in the US is even with some semblance of social distancing. Can you imagine if we didn’t take any of those precautions? All I can tell you is that I’ve been working ER for 10+ years. I’ve been through flu seasons. This is something terrible and new. It’s unreal. We haven’t seen the worst of it. Those of us on the front lines appreciate any efforts made to keep it at bay.
  11. Locally we were told it would be 24-48 hours, but our in-hospital tests were taking 5-6 days. Now we have a “slow test” 4-5 days and a fast test 24 hours, depending on availability tested through the ER. The clinic I oversee gets tests back in 2 days.
  12. Not trolling, promise. What do you guys see here besides the orbit motion of the back that looks promising for our offense? I understand the potential to throw to the that it?
  13. I hope I’m alone in this, but when I see his offense, it doesn’t give me confidence.
  14. I predict that by early May we will be back at it..including figuring out Practice schedules. If students/athletes get back by, say, the second week of July, the season can go on like normal. Any later than that, I predict that the season would be delayed by a week or two. There WILL be a second spike in cases tho around October. When that happens, I wonder if we will repeat some of this.
  15. Happy to help. Hey, in the 10+ years I’ve been on this site, I have very little expertise when it comes to offensive formations or blitz packages. But in times like these, I’m actually useful! Passthebiscuits, “although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can serve a purpose.” -Dumb and Dumber