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  1. Injuries from Sat

    Confirmed that C Davis was held out due to concerns for concussion. KJ obviously played hurt and typical of ribs started ok I thought and then pain too much to bear...not his best game, obviously. I’ve heard lots of folks talk about how he shouldn’t have been playing unless he was healthy. I understand and agree to some extent, but I would propose that if he had carried us to a victory the narrative would be much different, and if that’s the case, then it might mean that he did his best under bad circumstances. I reiterate that although his injury was painful, there wasn’t a true medical reason why he couldn’t play. Ok moving on... I believe that Marlon got rolled up on and was a little sore but things looked ok with him. I think we can get everyone healthy for the bowl game, and that might be real nice. Betting still that we won’t see KP though.
  2. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Initial injury as he jumped toward the goal line was to the left shoulder. As he came down to the turf he impacted the right shoulder. He likes to hold the ball in the left arm, and did so without major concern. Later in the game he had a sudden and sharp pain near the mid to lower rib area on the right, hence his reaction on the play. Rib strains/contusions hurt like heck.
  3. SECCG - Pregame Sights & Sounds

    Are we in whites or blues for this one? I’m pretty sure that the east and west take turns being home teams. I’m being lazy not googling for answer.
  4. SECCG - Pregame Sights & Sounds

    ^ditto. It’s why I could never root for the falcons. Fun fact, the original uniforms had a gold and white trim that was a shout out to the yellow jackets. It’s also why i don’t think we can ever have a pro team in Alabama. Think of it, what color would we make the jerseys to make everyone happy.
  5. Kerryon Johnson updates

    What gets frustrating is that the initial information is exactly what happened, yet for some reason, many folks have to have exact details and rehash the info over and over. Truth; he pulled something during the play in question and it hurt a lot. We don’t know what exactly it was. It was not a shoulder dislocation or any broken bones. Therefore, it will be sore and take some time to heal but looks like he will be able to play. Thank goodness! Let’s move on. Would that be ok?
  6. Kerryon Johnson updates

    ^Which still surprises me by what I’ve heard.
  7. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Ok here ya go: As far as what happened in game, no idea. Something started hurting all of a sudden. Around the upper ribs and shoulder area. He played two or three series after the lick on the goal line. I think everyone thought it was a shoulder dislocation on the play in question. Something hurt suddenly and sharply. on the good side, i THINK that he will be medically cleared and will take things easy in practice this week. I expect him to play Saturday. I cannot at this point guarantee that and i would be careful not to listen to any unsubstantiated reports. Also remember that private medical info is just that. Whispers say that there were no major injuries, hence the pictures and tweets etc. this is all i will be posting about this. Throw things at me if you want. Wde!
  8. Bama Injury Update

    Not the best place for this, admittedly. So move as needed mods: gruesome fracture dislocation injury to qb Fitzpatrick for MSU tonight. He will be fortunate to play football again at the level he was after tonight. Awful. prayers for him. In all seriousness, we have to consider that each of these players that we love or love to hate in the case of the bammers, is someone’s son. They practice and work to play hard and play well. I think both teams are better when everyone is healthy and plays. Wde
  9. Gameday Signs - Iron Bowl Edition

    Saban is from the upside down.
  10. Bama Injury Update

    No way to tell. Just like with our team we won’t get much info in the ways of an official report. We have to depend on the whispers instead. No changes I’m hearing from the report earlier in the week.
  11. Ulm injuries

    Holland looks good to go. Whispers say cutting on the ankle no big deal.
  12. Ulm injuries

    Kind of a concussion vs stinger situation. Got his bell rung and had a twinge of numbness when he was first coming back around. Usual protocol is 24 hours without symptoms to go again .
  13. Ulm injuries

    Update tues night: think chances dinson plays much higher now.
  14. Ulm injuries

    Wouldn’t expect much from him, but this will come down to how well/much he can tolerate pain. Still great to see such heart to want to play.
  15. Gameday Signs - Iron Bowl Edition

    “Saban touched my butt in the 80s!”