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  1. You may be right. What I have seen to be true is that when the University needs big money, they go to the big 5-6 men and their companies. The only thing that would affect something equally is if all those 89k made the same decision at the same time. Case in point, this year the University lost tons of $ by those 89k not being at games for a full schedule. Did that change things? Nope. Just reinforced the issues. anyway, just my opinion.
  2. Honestly, the trouble is that our voices and $ are a drop in the bucket when compared to the influence these few people have. I truly believe that the only true way we, as Auburn fans, can really affect change would be to pull our support from attending, merchandise, Etc., and even then, it may not be enough. The trouble with that action is that it also negatively affects the very thing that we are trying to change...i e recruiting, excitement, wins on the field, etc. Not to mention the considerable impact of not supporting our players on the field. My personal feeling is
  3. But you acknowledge that there was a risk...so it’s his decision to play. Honestly, if you’re a frontline worker, I have to question your perception of reality. I would be happy to discuss these issues with you sometime, as I clearly have watched the worst of the worst of this pandemic on the daily. Ultimately, I am so angry about your take that I can’t see straight. ‘72 is fighting for his life. KG just lost his. Read the room. This isn’t the topic to be discussing now, anyway.
  4. One of the greats. Rest In Peace. Prayers for his family.
  5. ^couldnt say it better. Please let your family know that we are ALL family, and we support them too. your courage is awe-inspiring. Seriously. Prayers for peace that passes all understanding. prayers from Auburn.
  6. To summarize... apparently something was written alluding to influential people at AU, some of which on the bot, working to both get rid of Gus and set up Steele as heir apparent...and it pissed the influential people off.
  7. Holy carp, RIR! What did you do? My phone is ringing nonstop! 😂🤣 You aren’t wrong, my brother...and you have some massive cojones. Respect.
  8. I don’t understand the freak out over a committee. It’s just a cover and it’s quite common.
  9. Sunday AM: I’m still hearing no change this year. TIFWIW
  10. Wed AM: No new news on my end. Some big dogs say the plan is to look at the situation after Miss State. Still not hearing it from the biggest players at AU though. So...for now...I’m still in the crowd that thinks he’s ours for another year. Also, Big Ten is changing rules on the fly to allow OSU to play in championship game, presumably at 6-0, to cash their ticket to the playoff. This furthers the idea that some have, that this year is so crazy (a team making it to the playoffs with only 6 games played) that 2020 shouldn’t matter at all. Others within the athletic department are min
  11. Not so much wins and losses, but no spring practice, disrupted practice weeks and multiple players out. 2020 being crazy coupled with the payout in a year with such loss in revenue...no movement. there are some good sources saying something is happening, I’m just not hearing it on my end. y’all asked...so...
  12. The last i heard is that there’s legit buzz to replace, but there are a couple of key pegs that still think 2020 is an outlier and nothing will happen. The fact that people are even considering it is a big change.
  13. Things we know: 1) Wearing a mask absolutely helps limit transmission of what is mostly a virus spread by respiratory droplets. Limiting close contact is also important. Staying 6 feet away from someone is a good way to limit spread. 2) The vast majority of people under the age of 70 recover after a few days of illness that resembles the flu. During that time, those people should be cautious to stay away from others and notify close contacts so that they can also quarantine to help limit spread. Testing to know whether or not you indeed have the virus is now recommended to trace cont
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