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  1. ^this. Also when you don't practice throwing the ball...I don't know...maybe when you're up by 20 in games where the other team is overmatched (msu, ole miss), then you can't just turn the switch on like you're a passing team when you suddenly find yourself behind with 2 minutes to go.
  2. Anyone talk to Gus

    I think the real estate quote was in jest. There's no for sale signs on Gus' front yard. As for the ex coach, all you gotta do is be hungry for some chicken fingers to see him around town.
  3. Anyone talk to Gus

    Supposedly Gus has some friends from Arky, but he doesn't really run close in any local circles. I know some people (not name dropping promise) but none know Gus. If you hear of anyone that has his ear let me know. I think he is pretty private.
  4. I Love Auburn

    I also don't want to keep people from venting. We are all terribly confused and disappointed. however, there was a terrible tragedy in Auburn tonight, as a precious 3 year-old girl drowned in a pit at an ice cream shop. An ice cream shop. My point is this: be upset. Use sports as the outlet it is meant to be. Then hug your family and tell them that they are more important than football will ever be. go to church in the morning and praise God with the zeal that you shake your fists at the tv when auburn runs it up the middle on first down. and for goodness sake, never forget that this university that you love so much and the game that you wake up for on Saturday mornings will still be here. Auburn forever!
  5. 3 injured players expected to practice

    1. Questionable. Personally think he will be held out but this is position coach/player decision. 2. Out 3. Probable 4. Probable 5. Questionable. May involve playing with a little pain. WAY more optimistic right now than I was earlier in the week.
  6. 3 injured players expected to practice

    Don't think so. I think coaches are moving on to healthier options.
  7. 3 injured players expected to practice

    Just to reiterate here, I expect everyone back in the secondary. Horton 50:50 at this point with my personal feeling that he will be out this week. T Williams wants to play and could play, but I'm going to put his return as 70% favorable as of today (upgrade from 50/50 yesterday.) tomorrow is usual decision day though, so we shall see.
  8. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    A few thoughts: 1) typical ESPN OTL. 1 part soft scandal with no substance, then mix with previously published info as if new story. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 2) I want a job with the law firm. I'd be rich. 3) I know most if not all of the mentors personally and this has trash all over it. Particularly given the rather direct opposition to the story publicly, this doesn't worry me. Compare this reaction to the Person or even softball story. 4) Bama being bama. I'm not a total conspiracist but it's too often to ignore. 5) Jacobs still needs to go. Time to get a new face if for nothing else just to wash the windows. in other news, I'm upgrading Hortons status for the weekend to questionable at 50/50 and T Williams to questionable at 70% chance of return this week. We shall see. Expecting our secondary to be back in full strength.
  9. AU vs. LSU - Weekly Presser

    Whispers say: Ankle rolled up on a little bit. Low grade sprain.
  10. AU vs. LSU - Weekly Presser

    As of today, I would expect J Davis to play and Dean to play. I think Horton will be held out this week. T Williams...getting more opinions about his injury. I'm skeptical that he will be available for another week or three. More info when made available.
  11. Score Prediction- LSU (merged threads)

    Hastings Heros : 31, Babineuax and Boudreaux: 13
  12. Score Prediction- Ole Miss

    Steele curtain: 34, Coldy toldy: 13
  13. Injuries?

    KP still not 100% and it shows. This is the meat of the schedule though, and I don't think sitting out would help this injury too much. Kudos to both he and KJ for playing through pain for the good of the team. Whispers say: Williams, T. Has a shoulder sprain and will be a week to week evaluation. Stove rolled up on an ankle and will be a bit hobbled. I would expect him back soon. May see #4 in the speed sweep spot during practice this week.
  14. Score Prediction - Mississippi State

    Bus drivers: 24, Maroon Cartoons: 21
  15. Anbody have any info on Pettway?

    Johnson is still receiving therapy for his hammy, but remains active for Saturday. May be nagging injury but expected to play and I would expect him to start.