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  1. Love the idea though and Quentin riggins is as good as they come.
  2. Hate to be Debbie Downer but-- Having Harbert speak is ironic...guy inherited his money and was sued by his own siblings. and yes, while this is cool, Gus has to win games. I mean, Chiz was a good guy who taught em how to be good men, but nobody talks about that when you only win 3 I makin sense?
  3. Out of all the Markavis out there, Bryant is the Markaviest. terrible name jokes aside, I think Bryant is going to be great for us this year.
  4. I'll be there!
  5. And in this age and time, most guys that were elite in HS and strongly recruited think that they are going to be millionaire NFL players. If, once they start at the school they are recruited to, they find that they are behind someone else on the depth chart (or in this case 3 qbs behind), they are not going to wait around. They will find another school at which to compete. It might not be what we want or even what we'd do in the similar circumstance, but it is what they are doing. Happened to a guy named Corey Grant just a few years ago and turned out well.
  6. No break for Cooper. FYI.
  7. More scholarship and high end donor seating is a must. Ex: new braves stadium.
  8. Welcome back, although does this mean you'll get a new profile name?
  9. I'm told that the team will get back and then the issue will be addressed. For now looks like lengthy suspension for all involved. Tifwiw: From very reliable source.
  10. Word on the street is that a big meeting today with AD and Softball brass just wrapped...should start hearing some things shortly.
  11. Completely agree, and it's in all sports on every campus.
  12. Aweful. Can't keep these kids off this stuff.
  13. Mea culpa.
  14. I'm not gonna say "no chance..." but
  15. Was told from source that it was to try to bulk up. Tifwiw. Still, can't imagine what it's like to have your very livelihood on making a job and taking a ped may help...not saying it's right, just saying it ain't that easy to make that decision. Would hope that this helps develop NMs character and he uses the lesson for good.