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  1. I'm told that the team will get back and then the issue will be addressed. For now looks like lengthy suspension for all involved. Tifwiw: From very reliable source.
  2. Word on the street is that a big meeting today with AD and Softball brass just wrapped...should start hearing some things shortly.
  3. Completely agree, and it's in all sports on every campus.
  4. Aweful. Can't keep these kids off this stuff.
  5. Mea culpa.
  6. I'm not gonna say "no chance..." but
  7. Was told from source that it was to try to bulk up. Tifwiw. Still, can't imagine what it's like to have your very livelihood on making a job and taking a ped may help...not saying it's right, just saying it ain't that easy to make that decision. Would hope that this helps develop NMs character and he uses the lesson for good.
  8. I've been told that it's the former auburn player on the Tennessee staff, Tommy Thigpen who's the preferred candidate if we can snag him. I don't know how that works with o vs d, or if there is actual mutual interest. With Gus' love for high school coaches and the new rules regarding hires, I would bet he will look long and hard to the hs ranks for an on field coach with "benefits" in recruiting.
  9. Well tackled around the legs and weight back....don't think any amount of tape helps that. I don't think this is any significant injury. But I agree, it does seem like he's got a running style that leads itself to turning the ankles. Some guys have tree trunks for ankles.
  10. Prayers for the peace that passes all understanding. we all must embrace the wonderful memories of our loved ones and cling to the promise that this world is not our home. hang in there, E
  11. Beautiful day...having the game on tv keeps some folks at home. Not seeing a second half worth a dang keeps some folks at home. Being on a beautiful April day on a Saturday keeps some folks doing other things. And finally, I think lots of auburn fans are in a believe it when they see it mentality with Gus, and it might take some time to build the faithful back up.
  12. Oh and we finally ran some slant plays!!! War freakin eagle!
  13. Stidham is the real deal. Location of his throws was something great. I thought NCM had a good day but other than that I did not think the WRs looked very good from where I was. Maybe I will look at the tv replay and think otherwise. I seem to be alone in that opinion. I think our D is very good but thin at DB. Our OLine looked better than I expected. did i mention Stidham!? Holy crap the kid can play. Very exciting times.
  14. ^ugh. Yes. Thanks! KJ
  15. Stidham is the real deal. We are running slants. Are WRs aren't very good. We have the best kicker. We are thin at Dbs. I like chips play calling so far. in other news, KJ came up hobbled after a tackle in 2nd qtr and has leg strain, day to day nothing serious.