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  1. Can confirm. No starters. Previous injury. No new imaging today, (my error) everybody call off the dogs.
  2. Feels that way. I’m holding out hope. MRI today. Say some prayers.
  3. Probably gonna have some bad news today, I’m afraid. OL injury.
  4. So...I had some inside info about two weeks ago that Gus had already approached JG and told him that he was one and Bo was two. Im led to believe that Bo has surpassed expectations and his accuracy, rhythm, arm strength and athleticism is so good that it’s hard to pass him up. As far as time-table, I’m expecting official word at week-end and I think JG will stay if he thinks there will be sufficient least until the end of the year .
  5. Talked with an assistant coach tonight: Bo has impressed with his “ability to improvise and keep technique even under duress, throw with accuracy, and master the offense.” It’s more of a testimony of how good Nix has played than an indictment on JG. Gatewood should and will get “plenty of touches.” Coaches still like JGs leadership and think he is “almost unstoppable inside the 10.” I’m thinking about a 80:20 split for Bo/JG at this point.
  6. Moultry is sprain. Give him a couple days. Early mobilization these days is key.
  7. Defense still very good. Smoke was all over the field. LBs played very well. OLine looked a little better, held blocks especially in passing. Going to be key to get rid of the ball early. Still underwhelming. WRs looked rough today. Not crisp routes. Dropped passes. RBs are tough and fight for everything. Cadillac has them tough and hitting holes in the interior hard, even if there’s not a lot of room. Several backups played well...always tough to gauge. Qbs...all I keep hearing is how Nix is going to start, but still looks like JG is the leader to most I talk who knows!?! No INTs today. What does the QB do when the play breaks down? The QB that handles that better will be the starter IMO. No major injury updates. Lots of sore dudes but came out OK. It was blazing hot! Certainly not Nip-worthy...yet.
  8. Praises! My offer still stands...pick a home game and I’ll get you tix. Just DM me. Awesome news!
  9. I think Joey gives us more live but never know. Unfortunately, I just didn’t think interior line played well at all. Maybe they will improve.
  10. Not good today, friends. OLine was pitiful. Gatewood performed better than Nix but both struggled. Both inaccurate. (To be fair both running for their lives.) To say defense won the day is an understatement. RBs has to get any yards they could. Momma Worm should be proud! That guy hustles!
  11. I still think it’s Gatewood. I think Nix will play early and often tho.
  12. Makes me think of a headache or dizziness type issue (concussion -lite).
  13. Decision was made for surgery in this case to speed up recovery time. I like his chances. I’d like to point out that there’s a difference between the metacarpal bones and the bones of the proximal hand in terms of healing time and dexterity. You are right tho, tough sledding ahead. Overall, I’d take a hand over a knee issue for a speedster any day .
  14. Expect 3-4 weeks for Schwartz, Eli knee sprain day to day, repaired knee. Just doesn’t quite trust it yet.