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  1. passthebiscuits

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

    ^this. He said they're probably gonna fine me.
  2. So I just don't know any other way Greene could have answered the question. Maybe he could have been a bit more obscure. But truth is, Gus probably does get another year. That said, i will never be convinced that HOW we play (and lose) in our last 2 big games won't make any difference in the decision. Now does Gus DESERVE another year? That seems to be what people are debating about in this forum. $$$ is there, so that's not an issue.
  3. You a lawyer or something? Suggest to Relax.
  4. passthebiscuits

    Anyone have info on injury to Boobee

    Whitlow will probably be a gametime decision. If this were the pros, I'd list his participation at this point as "doubtful."
  5. passthebiscuits

    Gus on CBS

    As I've mentioned in passing before, I don't eat biscuits on the regular. Passthebiscuits is a reference to breakfast study sessions while I was in medical school and a parody of the "ptb" moniker for "powers-that-be" that often frequents discussion regarding Auburn sports. If I had to eat a biscuit, it would be from Red Lobster or Jim and Nicks.
  6. passthebiscuits

    Gus on CBS

    No doubt
  7. passthebiscuits

    This may be somewhat random

    This is the best thing I've ever seen.
  8. passthebiscuits

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    David Smith. Qb for bama during the late 80s. Strong Gadsden and Tuscaloosa ties and our head SEC official for two games this year so far. I'll let you do the research for which ones.
  9. passthebiscuits

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    No delay. We got a phantom holding call on Troxall--it was an insanely bad call. Then Gus was out on the field and got the unsportsmanlike penalty. The holding call negated a big gain and potential touchdown. In a season of shoulda-couldas, we have not been fortunate in the officiating side of things this year imo.
  10. passthebiscuits

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    I didn't read through these 7 Pages, but have we talked about how i appropriate it is for an ex Alabama QB to be the head official at any of our games? Doesn't that bother anyone?
  11. passthebiscuits

    Anyone have info on injury to Boobee

    Whispers say: Whitlow still day-to-day. Has shoulder sprain from couple of weeks ago. Has knee sprain also. No major ligament trouble, but maybe have to play through pain. Glad we have a week off to see how the knee progresses. Had a hamstring strain and partial tear as well. Will know more about his status first of next week. d Davis with ankle sprain in boot. m Davidson with ankle sprain in boot. j Dean concussion protocol. Driscoll day to day. Gatewood cleared to practice and participated in scrimmage.
  12. passthebiscuits

    This may be somewhat random

    KJ was the backup for Pettway. Let that sink in for a moment.
  13. passthebiscuits

    Anyone have info on injury to Boobee

    Dean had concussion or stinger like symptoms since last week when he got whipped. Whitlow has a hamstring pull. Little concerned about his knee. Couple others just banged up. thats what i know as of right now.
  14. passthebiscuits

    The first time I worried about Gus as our HC...

    My brain won't allow me to forget--against Georgia 2015! Worst Ga team in quite some time (kinda like UT this year), and we can't move the ball. Unprepared and unmotivated, and we end up in the dang embarassing Bham Bowl. Done-zo