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  1. Rest In Peace to a great man with an amazing legacy. A lesson to all of us to live for God and give others the best of what we have.
  2. First, I don’t believe that PM has any valid connections left with the program. Even if he did, there is/was enough pressure by those in the know that if Gus were to lose (and look bad doing it), we were prepared with a replacement. That’s all I know. You’re right tho that nobody refuted him. I assumed it was because no one considers PM as an insider any more. oh well. I’m moving on. War Eagle to all! Let’s go Citrusing!
  3. It all hinged on Gus losing in the Iron Bowl. Steele wasn’t interested in being HC anyway. Nevertheless, here we are.
  4. Sorry, but I have to Respectfully disagree. Gus still hasn’t beaten a rival away from JH, he beat a bad Bama defense by a FG at home without their starting QB, and this was our year to do it, yet we have 3 losses. One game neither makes nor breaks a coach, but we have one that is consistently mediocre. I’ll take the win and be happy, but to suggest that we “meddle“ is absurd. We are stuck here, for better or for worse. Some of us are just not as excited about it.
  5. So you don’t reference “Punt, Bama Punt” then because of the rednecks beating their punter? I get it though. I vote “Unfair in Jordan-Hare” so we can troll Saban and lean into it a bit.
  6. Waddle never realized he was the extra man. Furthermore, no one on the bama side was yelling at him to get off the field. They were in total disarray. I’m sure Nick was embarrassed after the game, but once he has time to digest it (i e yell at his staff), he will see that calling it “unfair” was garbagio.
  7. Sorry autocorrect. thanks for the correction.
  8. Yeah banged up and lots of cramps. Field was chewed up after all that rain last week against Samford.
  9. Marlon has played with a bad back for weeks. He’s a stud.
  10. Schwartz sprained his knee. He should be ok. Needs to get ready for track. M Hill banged up, should be ok. lots of cramps tonight. anybody specifically you were thinking of?
  11. McClain with the huge pick six also
  12. Smoke Monday played great.
  13. PS serves Waddle right after all that posing for the camera that he cost them in that moment. pS, what makes Bama think they could hit a game tying field goal at the end of the game anyway? It’s what makes bammers bammers...whiners every one. wde