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  1. He only threw 25 ish times. Russ is still super efficient. It’s not like they let him throw it all over the yard. and...they almost lost. Wonder if Pete will go back to running the ball and clock control if they had let that game slip away.
  2. I’ve seen hundreds of these...the Count from Sesame Street has to be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. 😂❤️😂
  3. It’s Labor Day weekend. Here in Auburn, the humidity is lower, there’s a cool breeze in the air, and there’s a sense that something is coming... Children throw the football to each other and tumble into scattered orange leaves on the freshly-mowed quad as they relive victories past. They dream of securing the winning touchdown with a second left on the clock. Coeds sip lemonade on the front porches that lead to downtown. The smell of barbecue ribs and smokey grills wafts over the campus. Students walk casually up and down Magnolia and College with boots instead of sandals. In the
  4. Tuesday. There’s talk of easing the protocols for those with no symptoms...17 days is steep.
  5. Correct. Much better treatment protocols (plasma, steroids, prone positioning and don’t intubate, etc) and better tracing. Still steady ER numbers and about 4 admissions per day, but manageable. college students do not appear to be getting very sick.
  6. No. There are two common fast tests used and both get up into your frontal lobe.
  7. Let’s gooooooooo! (Camera fades as the viewer sees PTB’s outline in the Sheetrock of the Wall through which he has run.)
  8. Prayers from our family tonight. Unimaginable.
  9. Agree, Bird. Doing the swab test as well (Sofia antigen) which gives results in 15 minutes. It has proven reasonably reliable (a few false negatives.) The NBA bubble uses the spit test, and while it is certainly less invasive, I have some doubts about it’s accuracy. If we could manage the spit test on a weekly basis, it could prove effective to keep our players on the field with some degree of reassurance. I just don’t think it’s wise for Gus to share any of this data with the public. I’m surprised he did, actually. We are going to see increased positives on campus. It’s ho
  10. Correct. Pretty silly to even include that info in the count, imo.
  11. Oh and 33 positive Covid tests. Why Gus, why!!!?!?! Why tell anyone that information?
  12. Well then, let’s keep it Hamilton style. I have the honor to be your obedient servant, B dot Hamm. Give me some Brod. Hamm!!! Let’s go!!!!! (Runs through wall)
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