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  1. passthebiscuits


    Driscoll and Horton are good to go. Brahms will play Center this week. (Surprised not to see him start last week.) Harrell a little banged up with knee strain/contusion, but I expect him to go. Tega is fine as far as I'm aware. Gatewood should still be out 2-3 more weeks.
  2. passthebiscuits

    Attendance ... AU vs. LSU

    Price of the ticket. Also, most of the time people want to sit in the Lower bowl. Not going to pay 130 a ticket to sit in the nosebleeds.
  3. passthebiscuits

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs LSU

    This is always one of my fave posts each week win or lose. Always a fair take on the events of the week with an evenhanded non-fanatical approach. Well done.
  4. passthebiscuits

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    The "Powers that Be" make the best biscuits. Ironically, I don't eat biscuits. Derrick Brown is good to go. All hands on deck for LSU.
  5. passthebiscuits

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    We are it--he also is the team orthopedist for the Washington Redskins.
  6. passthebiscuits

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    One would think so...but you start running out of touches for all the talent we have on the perimeter. All about trust for the new guys, but he's obviously electric with the ball.
  7. passthebiscuits

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    yes autocorrect got me
  8. passthebiscuits

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    Pss: if i was the parent of any recruit, one of my selling points would be that "oh yeah, if something happens to your son, the best ortho surgeon in the world will be the one patching him up. " Incredible.
  9. passthebiscuits

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    Ps: Sorry for being so late to the party on this one. Also, have i mentioned how incredible it is that Eli and Will back this soon. Credits to dr. Andrews who did both surgeries personally.
  10. passthebiscuits

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    I can confirm it is an ankle injury. I can confirm it is a sprain and the boot is splinting measure only. Should be ok to go Saturday. Code Blue all clear. Death com 5 averted. Also whispers say 5-10 plays each for Stove and Herring, with a few "package" plays for Eli.
  11. passthebiscuits

    Stadium noise

    I would venture to say that most of us in this forum are not in the target audience.
  12. passthebiscuits


    I think they were worried about collarbone (AC) for D Will. To my knowledge X-rays negative. Day to day. biggest shock was that they let Hastings and stove see the field! Amazing! Not sure any of us saw that coming this soon!
  13. passthebiscuits

    Stove and Hastings cleared for full practice

    I am amazed at their recovery. I see no reason why they can't get in more playing time if they have another good week of practice.
  14. passthebiscuits

    Any word on how practice went this week?

    That's really not my strong suit. I'm just a fan. I don't think we win that UW game last year, so in that respect, i think we are ahead of last year's pace. We need to improve this week to be on par for week 3.
  15. passthebiscuits

    Any word on how practice went this week?

    Lots of "learning opportunities" across the OLine. We will see lots of running this weekend. Couple of busted coverages in secondary so working on that. Lots of film study for JS. Receivers working on blocking on the edge. LSU prep underway.