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  1. I picked Arky to win by 10. I am here to happily eat crow and raise a glass to our team. Best we’ve played all year on both sides of the ball. Well done!
  2. There’s a saying in Medicine to explain the complexity of disease that goes: ” it’s usually not just one thing.” Sums up our problems at the moment. It would be nice to be able to fix just one thing, but reality is…it’s everything.
  3. Like Aaron Burr says: “Pass less…Run More. Let them know what Hunter’s legs are for!”
  4. I think we lose badly to Arky. We just don’t have the horses to win against good teams. (LSU is not a good team.)
  5. Under Armor is the absolute worst! Every doc/trainer involved with the program wants a change!
  6. 1000% this! Love me some AU, but don’t care how it looks on TV, Orange is terrible to wear as a stand alone color.
  7. He wasn’t picking, but he was clearly expelling from the nostril.
  8. I had 22 tickets to the Alabama State game in the lower bowl and couldn’t give away 8 of them as I circled the stadium before going in. I think we need better opponents to sell the place out.
  9. Bo’s arm strength is suspect. Am I alone in that assessment? OLine not too shabby. D secondary not good. sticking to my preseason assessment of this team…hard-nosed and physical, will keep us in every game, lots of “moral victory” games, but not enough high end talent and/or at crucial positions (WR) to get the Ws. playcalling was bad at times, but I have faith that we are moving in the right direction. give penn state and that environment some credit.
  10. Akron isn’t the worst team, but if the worst team quits, they are in trouble. That said (written), we looked polished and coordinated. We are coming off of seasons where we take Jax State to OT or piddle with Mercer. So, I’m cautiously optimistic that we can at least hold our own with the big dogs. We don’t have the talent right now (sans Tank and the front 7 on D) to make a run, IM0, but still, so nice to see route trees, check downs, red zone schemes and solid tackling.
  11. Many of the same team physicians are still in place thanks to early immobilization and treatment on that day. Pretty amazing stuff all around.
  12. I respect a person’s right to make decisions for oneself (with a doctors’ input as well). I understand the pushback to the idea that the government mandates or coerces us into anything. I also understand the hesitancy regarding the vaccine’s safety. I am keenly aware of the talking points and the uncertainties inevitable to these kinds of issues. However, there are some things that are clear at this point: 1) Covid is real, and despite it being 99% survivable, it causes long term complications in many. And that 1% that have succumbed to the illness are real people. Fathers,
  13. If she doesn’t become the Sunny D spokesperson, I quit.
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