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  1. Tigers are Stronger than Cancer

    I’m five years cancer-free. I don’t deserve it, but I’m blessed beyond measure. Cancer is an emotional and spiritual disease as much as a physical one. To every person who has faced the battle, I salute you! great to hear lionheart, keep us up to date with this great news.
  2. 2018 NFL Combine

  3. Any former Auburn players here

    I believe that I am aware of 3 former players that (at least on occasion) post/read here. 1 during Dye’s tenure, 1 from TBowden’s days, and 1 that is a former Tubs Guy that still plays on Sundays. I’ll let them “out” themselves if they so choose. I know of several parents of players that keep up with the message boards during their kids’ careers with Auburn too.
  4. Carlton explains illness that kept him out

    Momma always said, If you can’t say something nice...
  5. Gus's update on spring practice

    By the way, I think we will see more and more Achilles tendon ruptures due to the increase in size of athletes (particularly the strength of their thighs) and the emphasis on quick-burst and push-off in drills. Just my opinion, though.
  6. Gus's update on spring practice

    He had knee surgery and is still nursing it a bit. He’s not fully cleared this Spring. He is another one that will likely be good to go by Fall.
  7. 2018 Spring Practice Schedule

    He should be good to go by fall. Maybe not 100%, but able to compete. Obviously not having him for spring is a huge deterrent to playing time.
  8. McLemore's Surgery

    I was originally told that surgery would be Monday. I know what he tweeted yest. contradicted that report. I’m sure he’s in great hands.
  9. Pettway is a mess

    To be fair, Lion has apologized personally and that takes some guts. We good. Moving on, point of this story is Pett has some major issues: It’s sad, disappointing, and frustrating. Why some of these guys can’t just keep things straight for their own long term success is maddening...but that’s what happens...the “thing” has more power over the person than it should. We can’t throw stones, or at least we shouldn’t. Whatever the “thing” is in our own lives often owns us to the point of self-sabotage. I know that I wish that I could take back all the stupid mistakes I made when I was younger. Another issue at hand, and one that has indirectly been pointed out, is how Gus uses a medical concern to cover over a personal struggle. Is that right/wrong/indifferent? I think that’s a worthy debate. For example, and let’s use a hypothetical here, if a guy has...I don’t know an injury to the AC joint and may be out for a few weeks, then the med staff clears him, and then the coach says that he’s not going to be able to play because the player has a “shoulder fracture” (which, I’m sorry, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense)...should the coach be more forthcoming? Is the coach just protecting his player? Is it important to know the details of the player’s personal struggles? Is it even the coach’s right to tell the press about such things. I honestly don’t know the answer to these questions, and frankly, I’m glad i don’t have to make them. It’s complicated and likely a decision that comes with quite a bit of prayer and consideration.
  10. Pettway is a mess

    Yep. Just you.
  11. Bryce Brown to give it a go tonight!

    Right shoulder. MRI negative. No major structural damage. Probably out this weekend but ready for next week if i has to guess. We will see how well he practices next day or two.
  12. Daniel Carlson missed PAT

    Holder was a bammer so...
  13. Daniel Carlson missed PAT

    Missed one nfl-pat and one 30 yardish fg. Not a great day. Have to show consistency. Had a good week of practice tho. Seemed to rush a couple of kicks.
  14. Teammates: Davis made decision to sit out

    This makes sense. There was no indication that Carlton was held out for concussion. We can argue all day whether or not it’s selfish or smart for a high draft pick to forgo putting his body on the line for an exhibition game. But this drives home the point (yet again) that Gus has a tendency to not be forthcoming on these issues. I know it drives the med team crazy because it makes them look so silly holding a player out, when in fact it’s a coach/player situation. Id like to see an injury report each week like the pros to protect player/coach/staff.
  15. Jarrett Stidham has surgery!!!

    Was told it was arthroscopic surgery to clean up some cartilage in the non throwing shoulder. It bothered him a little through the year and was an accumulation of tackles/hits and not one play.