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  1. Things we know: 1) Wearing a mask absolutely helps limit transmission of what is mostly a virus spread by respiratory droplets. Limiting close contact is also important. Staying 6 feet away from someone is a good way to limit spread. 2) The vast majority of people under the age of 70 recover after a few days of illness that resembles the flu. During that time, those people should be cautious to stay away from others and notify close contacts so that they can also quarantine to help limit spread. Testing to know whether or not you indeed have the virus is now recommended to trace cont
  2. We had a good run. Glad MSU beat us to the punch postponing the game just for optics sake.
  3. No immediate updates on these two. Still 2-3 weeks away in Sherwood being 100%. Williams should be nearly in same boat...maybe sooner.
  4. So far looking pretty good. Temper expectations, but the downfield TE passing attack may show up if we can get him back close to 100%.
  5. So...this is still officially “undisclosed” by the student-athlete. The latest whispers are that he could be back in 2 weeks...but at what capacity (if at all) remains to be seen.
  6. Sherwood low ankle sprain. Maybe miss 2-weeks. Britt COULD be back for Bama but more likely for A and M..
  7. So bad call. Went our way. Glad it did. Classic Gus win. Made up for that crapola holding call on the kickoff. Part of the game.
  8. We can all pool together to put down the first million then. Just saying...everybody likes to give away other people’s money. I know some really wealthy people who support Auburn athletics. None are happy. Many are ready to make a change. Few are willing to put the cheddar down right now.
  9. agree with ^post, except... Morris still calling plays.. It will be 80% Tank. Still don’t think we will see much of Shivers. But this is the kind of game that Gustav wins to save face and give just enough hope to take home and stare at in the mirror. So we get it done. If not...well...there will be come-aparts-a-plenty.
  10. THIS!!!!! Guys, we have to move on from the idea that we are just an endless stream of money to throw at these coaches to leave.
  11. Confirmed plane there and bus back. Not sure the exact reasons.
  12. Join me in welcoming Kristi Malzahn to our forum! i kid...i kid.
  13. First, I didn’t call “your” program a dumpster fire. I think I mentioned burnt biscuits. Completely different ways to heat materials. (Also, a little playful ribbing at my own avatar.) But more importantly, this kind of thinking is what has divided our fan base. You see, I am of the opinion that people can have differences of opinion...think critically...one CAN be supportive of our team AND look at objective evidence. I would suggest that through all the “hoping” and “maybes” in your statement above, that you realize that to swing and miss, you must first step up to bat. I hope we g
  14. Woah...I somehow missed this topic. but I’m definitely Wolfpack material. Are there acceptance requirements? Blood tests? Drug screen? Entrance essay? Reference letters? I’ll do anything to join. (Howls to the moon.)
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