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  1. Wow... I had no idea I would spark such a firestorm. Look, like I said, $ moves things. All these things are aligning. Watch the moves that are being made. Our athletics department is finally on sure footing—AG is legit awesome. The $ is moving away from one prominent guy who loved Leath. Now we’ve got Leath gone. The next shoe to drop is this football season. If Gus thrives, then great for us, right? Nobody in their right mind is going to say a name right now before the season starts. All I’m saying is that I know without a shadow of a doubt that we almost had a move to another coach last winter, but the logistics broke down late. As a result, there was a legitimate move to guarantee that we have a name of a coach that (barring unforeseen changes on his end ($) after this year), will be available to us at the end of this year. All this to say, that these things are already in motion (as evidenced by Leath’s departure and changes coming in the law offices for the University), that signal that what I say is true. And since it is true, we are moving forward with the football only facility. We must replace the president’s office with someone who will wholeheartedly embrace the importance of our million dollar industry (athletics) as a way to support the University that we love. As far as a name, I’ve left plenty of hints, so don’t make me say it. Maybe we can just sit back and watch it happen. ( or not—and we go to the natty and that’s awesome!) That’s all I got until the season starts! War Eagle, everyone!
  2. Jay Jacobs isn’t a bad dude. He actually is a very kind fella who really does love Auburn. He got his job through working his way to the top. If you ever meet him, though, you’ll ask yourself, “really?” He’s just a simple guy. He didn’t look at Auburn through the lens of a million/billion $ company. He often depended on BOT to tell him the next direction. He wasn’t really a “vision” guy. Specific example: JJ at meeting: “We are gonna be the preemptive ADept in college athletics.” BOT: “How?” JJ: “We are going to put a plan in place.” That kind of thing. He had a bloated support staff of folks he was too weak to fire, but made sure that if you crossed him or threatened his job by being too good that you were moved to another department. We have to give him credit for Bruce, tho...and in my book, that at least tempers many years of bad decisions. In conclusion: As bad as Satan? No. More like Mr. Roper. (If you get the reference.)
  3. The future coach is already selected. It’s just a matter of time. The only thing that would muck it up is if Gus somehow pulls a rabbit out of his hat and gets 10 wins. The football-only complex is a go (finally). The $ will come in slowly at first and then once the season ends it will go full blast with the announcement of changes. The huge $ in Auburn is tied up now in the hands of one dude. The local GPAC has taken a lot of the art-supporters $, so there will be a lull before the uptick in revenue. You read it here first.
  4. Whispers say: scans ok. Concussion protocol. Wde
  5. I want to point out that this wasn’t a simple patella dislocation. This athlete had total dislocation of BOTH knees with tibial fractures. This would be a devastating injury on one knee alone. In addition, with total knee dislocation, there is disruption of the blood flow to the leg. The staff on scene from AU and LSU were amazing, and in effect saved this athlete’s legs from possible amputation (if things had gone unrelieved for too long) with their quick and thorough work on scene through her hospital care. Prayers for her and WDE. Kudos to LSU.
  6. No words. Prayers for peace that passes all understanding sent from my family this morning.
  7. There was dissension, primarily around the idea that Stidham was already going pro and knew that coming into the season. Some of the players didn’t think he was fully invested. We had one player that felt that coaches were oblivious to his participation on the offense (turns out he was right). Then after our poor offensive showing in many weeks, some of our players on D were particularly vocal about their reciprocal “checked out” attitude. They would come into the locker room, sometimes after being ejected from the game, and had no indication of being affected by the outcome of the game. That got under the skin of some of the leadership on D. Sorry—this is truth. Now were we were sold hyperbole and exaggeration? Maybe. But this didn’t come out of thin air. Winning is good, losses stir dissension. Cubelic wanted everything to stay internal, and that’s probably a good thing. If your job is to report what’s going on, then I guess it’s up to the writer to stir his/her ethical ego to come up with the best plan as to what/how much to report.
  8. No, to be clear, I'm not judging; I am merely intrigued by the irony. The AD at Liberty is also the former AD at Baylor. Just not where I would have thought he lands first. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Doesn't Liberty seem like an unusual fit for Freeze, given his most recent history? Anybody?
  10. Sorry, Gaines Lanier. Not sure how my brain is working this morning
  11. Spencer is the biggest dog in this. Harbert is next.
  12. I truly believe you will have a much improved (but not perfected) outlook in the next 24 hours... If im wrong then I will need to find a new forum handle! 😂 Disclaimer for others: I've been right before--and things have changed before very quickly and I've been wrong. Either way don't forget to tune into the Days of Our Auburn drama.
  13. He was told to shop himself with both tech schools--but alas...
  14. 1 more thing: the heart of the OP is correct, as I think Abw and doc4aday mentioned also...we all can give our 2 cents all day and be upset with our current situation, but at the very least we can be civil with each other, respectful of our different viewpoints, and ultimately life-giving in our speech/writing on this forum. War Eagle.