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  1. Mic Man was just given a $2.5 million dollar extension!
  2. If anybody wants to talk to Steele, just go hang out in the chip and popcorn aisle of the Moore’s Mill Publix. He will engage with any fan. One of the nicest, most humble guys in the business.
  3. Steele has/had no intention of being head coach, and the last convo I had with him (around LSU week during the season), he was strongly considering retiring at year end. (Wanted to retire to the Beach he told me...grandkids?) As WDE mentioned, they threw the $$ contract at him. He deserves it.
  4. That team had so many internal issues starting in 2011. (Dyer, Reed etc) Can’t take Chiz’ natty away from him, but he almost won it despite himself. But to the OP’s point, look at the direction of the two programs since that point. Now, if we played in the ACC, we probably aren’t losing 4 games a year either, so... good post tho. Interesting to look back.
  5. Breaking News: Wade Christopher hired as new OL coach. Bio: Christopher built the hospital he was born in, located in Jupiter, Florida. Known for his incredible time management, he doesn’t wear a watch, instead choosing what time it is. Christopher has never flushed a toilet, instead he scares the crap out of it. When crossing the street, cars look both ways. Christopher has received legendary status as an Auburn player, holding every major record, and now he joins the coaching ranks. Christopher has commented saying, “I plan on taking our rag-tag group of OLinemen and building them up into a lethal crime-fighting team, like the Power Rangers or A-Team.” Coach Gus Malzahn added, “We’re really excited about Wade joining us. He’s got talent, no doubt. He’s promised me that we are gonna have good weeks of practice now. We are gonna go up (motions with right hand as if climbing a roller coaster) from here.”
  6. Appreciate that. There are some whispers about the NCAA spanking us in BBall...but that’s all I know. Nothing specific or credible yet.
  7. From the PTB facts: Gus is here to stay. Love it or hate it. PTB are aware of discontent, but just look at it as fans being fans. They have the opinion that we played 6 teams in the top 10, and the bowl loss was because it was Minn’s super bowl and we weren’t as motivated. They think that once Burrow (sp?) is gone that LSU will come back down to earth and that the chance of a great season once out of 5 years is worth the 4 years of mediocrity. They see us as graduating players and playing clean with the NCAA (something they fear is looming for our BB program btw.) Greene is a peace-keeper.
  8. Totally unrelated: I want someone to gather data about what number commits the most total infractions (not penalty yards, just number of infractions) across FBS NCAA football for the year. ex: if player “X” is #65 and he commits a hold, then #65 gets a “1.” Which number is the to speak...err write.
  9. Classic case of both sides being right. But one side is more right... Both the offense and defense can be blamed, and both sides performed poorly. However, for me at least, the difference is this: the offense has a pattern of behavior over the course of the year and once again stunk up the place, while the defense has been a bright spot all season and gets the grace on this particular performance. Particularly remembering that we have three draft picks on that defense that just needed to escape healthy to make millions of dollars. One could project that each played hard but also smart.
  10. Too stubborn to change. All great coaches change according to what works. The man literally thinks that all that doesn’t work is due to execution. Now while we had atrocious play up front that cannot be ignored, most great coaches will scheme accordingly. “Hey my line can’t hold a block for more than 3 seconds...maybe I can get rid of the ball quickly...” for instance. We are running the same dumb plays with all the “eye candy” for years with no changes.
  11. War Bloody Eagle. Being an Auburn fan is the dog’s bollocks.
  12. Rest In Peace to a great man with an amazing legacy. A lesson to all of us to live for God and give others the best of what we have.
  13. First, I don’t believe that PM has any valid connections left with the program. Even if he did, there is/was enough pressure by those in the know that if Gus were to lose (and look bad doing it), we were prepared with a replacement. That’s all I know. You’re right tho that nobody refuted him. I assumed it was because no one considers PM as an insider any more. oh well. I’m moving on. War Eagle to all! Let’s go Citrusing!