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  1. Just kicking the can down the road. I fear we are getting close to no football this fall. Hope I’m wrong.
  2. I think all these responses are great. You guys are great. I think it just shows how much we don’t know and can’t expect. I have no idea how it is going to turn out. I met with local schools here in Auburn recently and told them as much. Crazy times.
  3. Let’s do an informal poll: If the season started this Saturday, A) would you attend the game in stadium? Would you only attend if it’s not crowded? Wear a mask? (Hint: you should wear a mask!) B ) if your son was a starter on our football team, would you encourage him to play? What about ride on the full bus to an out of town game? Does your opinion change if he’s a blue-chip player with a chance of going pro and making millions for himself and your family in 6 months?
  4. Exactly. And with potential complications of Covid being unknown and so widely variable, unless there’s a blanket law that absolves the responsibilities of a University if a fan/player/student/band member/coach gets the disease and in any capacity is hurt by his or her inability to opt out of playing, then I just don’t see it.
  5. All but done. replace with Tennessee is the word on the street.
  6. I’m behind. Just seeing this. prayers for your fam, Bird.
  7. So SEC office is a hot mess right now. They’re waiting it out. I think at the very least gotta just do in conference only. I’m hearing they want 10-team schedule...we are in talks with Tenn. I know that they need football ($$$$) but it is gonna be a public relations nightmare given the hoops that will need to be cleared to have a chance. I dunno. I’m just really pessimistic that it will get off the ground at all. I’d say 20% chance of a season at this point.
  8. Lots of people assuming there’s gonna be football.
  9. We’ll see that’s the rub...can’t make everybody happy on this one. it will come down to the best deal for the University and for those responsible for making the decision. I fully expect UA to want a “return on investment” in the near future. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them either fold or just redirect their efforts with a Nike or Adidas or similar company to brand their under the uniform technology and leave the rest to the bigger dogs. just my opinion...don’t hate.
  10. I’d be ok with Adidas. They make good cleats. The cleats And BBall shoes for UA are atrocious (my opinion only.) Only trouble with Adidas is their backstory...ole Adolph and Rudolph were quite active in the Nazi party. Course they did give cleats to Jesse Owens in the Olympics, and that turned out well for him. Little known fact: They bought the 3-stripe look with some whiskey.
  11. ^E hit the bullseye. UA undervalued sportswear as everyday wear and invested in performance...which interestingly, they make an inferior product in many cases. The board likes them not only for their former lucrative contract (and depending on who you ask, perhaps a few bells and whistles) but also for their catering to the program and belief in AU as one of their bell cows for the company. Makes ‘Em feel special.
  12. The plan is to renegotiate in 2023-2024. B-ball (especially) and most of the athletic dept favors a switch to 1)Adidas or 2)Nike. The board still favors UA. We shall see. Those of us within earshot of the medical/training end of the contract desperately support a switch away from UA.
  13. Joe Frazier (#5) was an absolute handful on the edge blocking. All those T Bowden pitch outs were devastating to the edge of defenses, and Frazier was awesome at it! Wde
  14. Honorable mention: Jeremy Johnson-30 yard line (passing from the 48 of course) We all know the real answer is: Wade Christopher-Wade Christopher
  15. Nick freakin Marshall. Watch how many times he makes a man miss. Underrated passer also. Arm strength for days. CAP had more speed back then. I think he got a little too top heavy. He’s still got a job in the NFL tho....just won’t be with Brady this year. Coates had all the talent in the world... but those hands. We needed some superglue. No wonder our D struggled for the rest of the year. Most of the time we got nothing up front. This was a case of extremely poor qb play from LSU imo. This shows what a CGM offense can do when the qb is mobile. It sets everything up when the qb runs. Doesn’t have to do it lots, but the D has to respect the possibility. Fave thing about this game: the LSU fans at halftime were the nicest I’ve ever seen them. They knew their biscuits were burnt.
  16. Bumping this topic on up the page. continuing to pray daily for you, bud.
  17. Truly a legend. May we all live with our legacy in mind.
  18. I make Rocker my girlfriend. I dump Fairly...he’s just not worth risking my heart over. And I marry Brown. He’s reliable—won’t leave me over spilled beer. wait...did I do this right?
  19. Ditto. From a med professional. prayers for coach.
  20. I’m in the claim em all crowd. It doesn’t really matter, and after a certain amount of time, it becomes the legend.
  21. Well...I mean, I get it. But it’s dumb. Lots of things in life get tagged with military imagery...the battle against Cancer, the war on drugs’s a fine balance. Words have meaning, but to put too much value into words is also fool-hearted. I for one never say the “go to h— Alabama” chant, because even tho I despise the little turds, to me, “go to h—“ would go against my morality. Now, it’s just a phrase, it doesn’t hurt anybody, but it’s just not my philosophy. sounds like this guy just needs to let things go—as do we.
  22. They are absolute garbagio. No serious runner uses UA. as for cleats, there’s function (Adidas makes a great cleat with lots of support), and there’s style. Nike has the ear of most of today’s it or not.