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  1. Well, I will disagree to a certain extent. The younger players don't adjust to hitting Division 1 pitching in practice. IMO, It takes game action to see different styles of pitchers and learn how to handle those styles. Alyssa Rivera is a great example of that. She didn't even make the trip to Gainesville when we played Florida but ended up being the starter in right and batted over .300. She (like a lot of others) just need to work on consistency. The only way you do that is facing different styles of pitchers and that is only accomplished during the season. Casey McCrackin ended the season hitting fairly well (including the HR today). She's getting there and it wouldn't surprise me (if she's in the lineup next year) if her average is significantly higher in 2018.
  2. This team under Clint Myers has NEVER once "fallen apart towards the end. NOT EVEN CLOSE. We lost to an ELITE team in the final step to Oklahoma City. That's not even remotely close to falling apart. That's just asinine to even think that if you ever even watched a game (which I doubt).
  3. Draper grounds to 2nd, throw in time and that's the game. Auburn falls 5-2 and the season ends for Auburn with a 49-12 record. WAR EAGLE!!! Let's get ready for next year.
  4. wild pitch sends Fornis to 2nd,
  5. McCrackin flies to right center. 2 outs. runner on 1st. Victoria Draper up. Come on Victoria. Get on base for Cooper
  6. Jordan strikes out swinging. Casey McCrackin up.
  7. Shea singles to left to lead off the 7th. Bree Fornis in to pinch run for Shea at 1st. Jordan up.
  8. After 6, Auburn trailing 5-2 after giving up 2 in the 6th. We definitely didn't need that. Shea, Jordan and McCrackin due up. I expect one or more pinch hitters here.
  9. exactly right. We have one of the top recruiting classes in the country coming in next year. I believe one of the sites actually ranked us with the #1 class. 1. what some call passive, others call disciplined. Being disciplined at the plate is a VERY good thing. 3. pinch hitting is never done for the sake of pinch hitting. It's situational and most often (as jared said above) with a slapper due up and runners in scoring position.
  10. miscommunication in the outfield and oklahoma has a runner in scoring position. Got to keep her from scoring.
  11. Veach hard liner to 3rd to end the top 6th. Auburn trailing 3-2 with one more at bat
  12. Rivera grounds to short. 2 outs. Kendall Veach up
  13. Fagan pops it up to 1st in foul territory on the 1st pitch. 1 out. Rivera up.
  14. After 5 complete, Auburn trailing 3-2. Fagan, Rivera and Veach coming up.
  15. Wallace guns down the baserunner trying to steal 2nd. 2 outs.