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  1. same discussion in other thread. https://www.aufamily.com/forums/topic/184801-ole-miss-pay-sites-saying-kiffin-signed-contract-with-auburn/
  2. Read my reference again. It only applies to kicks directly off the Tee or kicks driven immediately into the ground with the single hop. A few years ago the National Federation (governs high school rules) actually put a rule in place that makes those kicks (National Federation refers to them as POP UP KICKS) illegal. If a team does that, we are flagging it and killing the play and it's a 5 yard penalty for an illegal kick.
  3. The potential roughing/running into the kicker (based on the angle we saw on replay) should have been called one or the other. However, we did only see one replay and the angle of the replay wasn't great. We couldn't see everything that happened there. A different view would have been beneficial to establishing a case for one or the other. The DPI in the OT was awful. The pass on 4th down was extremely close and we are all seeing it through the Auburn lense, but to me it was pretty clear it hit the ground. Another penalty that was called that hasn't been mentioned here was the Blind Side block w/targeting on our Offensive lineman. Well, after replay review they removed the targeting, but that was in no way, shape or form a blind side block. If you watch the Mississippi State player he lowers his head and shoulders just before contact, meaning he saw the guy coming. Out of all of those the blind side block call was the one that angered me the most. As an official we have to see something, process what we saw and make a decision to flag it or not. It happens quickly for sure but the only one debatable was the pass on 4th down. The others were clearly missed (well, the angle of the hit on Carlson didn't tell the entire story).
  4. Call was spot on. Thanks for posting the play. I found the rule reference on it. I knew it was put in several years ago. During a free kick a player of the receiving team in position to receive the ball has the same kick-catch and fair-catch protection whether the ball is kicked directly off the tee or is immediately driven to the ground, strikes the ground once and goes into the air in the manner of the ball kicked directly off the tee.
  5. 1. That is absolutely accurate. Once the punter moves outside the tacklebox his protection goes away. Roughing or Running Into Kicker or Holder ARTICLE 16. a. When it is obvious that a scrimmage kick will be made, no opponent shall run into or rough the kicker or the holder of a place kick (A.R. 9-1-16-I, III and VI). 1. Roughing is a live-ball personal foul that endangers the kicker or holder. 2. Running into the kicker or holder is a live-ball foul that occurs when the kicker or holder is displaced from his kicking or holding position but is not roughed (A.R. 9-1-16-II). 3. Incidental contact with a kicker or holder is not a foul. 4. The kicker’s protection under this rule ends (a)when he has had a reasonable time to regain his balance(A.R. 9-1-16-IV); or (b)when he carries the ball outside the tackle box (Rule 2-34) before kicking. Hope that takes care of it. 2. I would love to see the entire play if you can find it. There was a rule put in place a few years ago allowing the receiving team to call for a fair catch on a grounded kick (think single hop kick) but I can't seem to find it in the book anywhere. I'll keep looking for it. That could have been what was called. Remember its also illegal for the kicking team to block before they can legally recover the kick so it could have been that too, except that would be a personal foul penalty. If you can find the play, let me know. I would love to see it.
  6. Even a uater has to be smarter than that. Wait, maybe not. You are seriously going to blame an officiating crew on that? Uat has gotten the benefit of officiating more in the SEC than all other teams combined and extremely often at very critical times during the games throughout the years. The FACT is, your team was undisciplined and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE penalties were there. Not one of them was made up. How many times was their something questionable that was passed on and not flagged that uat did? I'm guessing quite often, and I'm sure there were some close/questionable ones on UT that were passed on as well. Newsflash, its not the officials job to keep the penalties even. Bottom line is you LOST because Tennessee lit up your defense for 567 yards of offense and they made great plays at the end. Oh, and uat still can't find a kicker. Side note: uat time of possession: 37:29. Tennessee: 22:31 567 yards of offense in only 22 1/2 minutes of possession? That's why you lost, not officiating. The "officials screwed us" mantra is not something uat can EVER use. Try harder.
  7. Crowd is getting larger match by match too. They were really into it. We have a chance here to really push this program over the top the next couple of years. It wouldn't surprise me at all if we actually sell out that arena at some point.
  8. That was a fun match to watch. Had me on edge and those girls just didn't quit.
  9. We already have a thread about new coaching candidates.
  10. rule interpretation from a play in our game last night. I've seen it asked in other places why Koy Moore didn't just throw the ball away to avoid the loss yardage (or interception that happened) Well, the answer to that is he couldn't legally throw the ball away in that situation. If he had thrown it out of bounds it would have been a penalty for intentional grounding. Why? Because only the player that controls the snap can legally throw the ball away. The player that controls the snap also has to maintain possession throughout the down. If he gives up the ball and gets it back he can't legally throw the ball away either. Here's the rule reference for it: Rule 7-3-2 exception [Exception: It is not a foul if the passer is or has been outside the tackle box and throws the ball so that it crosses or lands beyond the neutral zone or neutral zone extended (Rule 2-19-3) (A.R. 7-3-2-VIII-X). This applies only to the player who controls the snap or the resulting backward pass and does not relinquish possession to another player before throwing the forward pass.] PENALTY [f-h]—Loss of down at the spot of the foul [S36 and S9].
  11. It's just a contract dispute. It happens all the time with all cable/satellite providers at one point or another. It's just the nature of the beast. I've had Dish Network for 24 years and I love it. This is just an unfortunate bump in the road.
  12. Unfortunate for that young man, but it was definitely targeting since he led with the crown of the helmet.
  13. would be the biggest mistake in the history of Auburn football (and that says a lot given what we have now)
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