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  1. PLEASE READ IN ITS ENTIRETY. Well, here we are again. It’s August 11th and time to officially begin the 2018 Edition of The TOUCHDOWN AUBURN BOWL. This is our 16th year of the TDA Bowl. I was not the person that started this pick ‘em contest, so I don’t have any winners prior to 2005. But, I do have a list of the winners from 2005 through last year and we have yet to have a person win the TDA bowl a 2nd time. Is 2018 the year for that? Here are the previous winners from the information that I have: 2005 Carolina Tiger 2006 Scottie4AU 2007 TheDrewYouKnew 2008 TigerInBham 2009 WarEagle71 2010 DadyBoyAU 2011 TigerRag229 2012 tigersauburn217 2013 Ravad 2014 eagle76 2015 ValleyTiger 2016 AuTiger_1998 2017 AUbritt Since we have some new posters this year, let me explain what the Touchdown Auburn Bowl is. Each week during the season there will be a group of games to pick the winners from. All SEC games each week will be used in addition to other games across the country. The games all carry point values ranging from 3 points up to 10 points. We begin every year in august by making our picks for the order of finish in each division in the SEC, who we think will win the conference championship, and who we think will win the National title. We also do a tie breaker/ bonus points. This year the tie breaker/bonus points will be: “how many TOTAL POINTS will auburn score this season”? I wish we could do prizes at the end of the year (if anybody has any ideas or would like to volunteer anything let me know) but so far its just for bragging rights and a little fun during the season. We will pick games every week, and then pick every bowl game. There will be a post listing that current week results and the current overall leader. When the weekly winners are announced there will be two totals posted in a single row. First will be the totals from that week. Underneath that will be the cumulative season totals. We will also have beneath that, the weekly power rankings. The power rankings are the percentage of the total games to date that each user has picked correctly. After the championship game, I’ll announce the winner. If anybody has any questions about the game, please don’t hesitate to pm me or start a thread with the question. I don’t want any questions asked in the selection threads. Last year we had approximately 90 players participating at one point or another. We have had some new faces join us this year, and hope they will jump right in and play along with us. This is open to anybody that is a member at AUFAMILY, so everybody PLEASE jump in and join us. Now, here is some extremely important information and rules regarding TDA Bowl 2018. This is all done on a very extensive excel spreadsheet so all results are kept in one excel workbook. I have developed a pretty sophisticated spread sheet to keep up with this for the entire season. I have it currently set up to accommodate 110 players. HOWEVER, there were several last year that either never made any picks (after entering pre-season picks) or only picked in the first week or 2. So, my point in making this known, is that if you don’t intend to play consistently every week please don’t take a slot from someone that will want to play every week. There are a limited number of slots for players. Like last season, the game will be closed to any new players after week 3 of the regular season. Hopefully this will encourage you to get a spot NOW in the pre-season predictions thread and continue to pick throughout the season. Now, let me address the point system. First, the preseason: The points for the preseason picks will be as follows. 1.) Picking each division in order of finish will be rewarded like this: 7 points for 1st place, 6 points for 2nd, 5 points for 3rd, 4 points for 4th, 3 points for 5th, and 2 points for 6th and1 point for 7th. That means predicting the order of finish for both divisions will be worth 56 points (28 points per division). Picking the SEC Champion will be worth 25 points, and picking the National Champion will be worth 50 points. Our tie-breaker/bonus points will be the number of POINTS auburn will score in the entire season. In the event that we have a tie at the end of the season the tiebreaker/bonus points will be used to determine a winner and decided by whoever is closer without going over. If anyone picks this exactly right, they will receive 20 bonus points. (this alone could change who wins or loses). The Bonus points will be awarded regardless of whether it is needed to break a tie, provided someone has picked this total correctly. This makes the Pre-Season picks worth a total of 151 points. Now, these are the posting rules. This game takes a lot of time to run and I need for you, the player, to make it as easy on me as possible. Therefore, we are going to use these rules for posting your weekly picks. Each game picked will carry a point value of anywhere between 3 and 10 points. 1.) post ONLY the team you pick to win the game (do not include the point total for the game, or any editorials about the game. If you want to discuss picks, start another thread.) 2.) DO NOT use nicknames such as tigers, rebels, elephants, dawgs, etc. or to identify teams. The ONLY acceptable form of entry for our conference teams, are as follows: Auburn, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Kentucky, Vanderbilt. Using anything other than the list above will make your selection wrong and it will NOT be corrected and as a result it will NOT count. 3.) Post the team EXACLY how I type it out in the initial game list. DO NOT abbreviate on your own, and please find the caps lock key and turn it off. DO NOT CHANGE THE ORDER of the teams. 4.) Do NOT double space your picks. One single line down the thread is how it needs to be. I copy and paste from the thread and having them double spaced, makes me have to go in and manually enter those picks. I WILL NOT DO THIS. NOTE: Shift/Enter will space you down one space instead of the stupid default double space currently in place. However, it’s easier to copy/paste to your post then edit to make your selections. 5.) If you change your mind and want to change a selection before the game starts, DO NOT edit your post. PM me with the change. I enter picks throughout the week, and I will not be going back through the thread to check for any changes once I have recorded your picks. I don’t always go back in the thread to make the changes that are PM’d to me either. It just takes too much time. If you PM me a change, it will be changed on my spreadsheet. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POSTS 6.) The standings will be posted sometime late Saturday night after the last game. In the event there is a game we are picking on Sunday or Monday, then the results will be posted as soon as possible following that game. 7.) The next weeks picks will be put up sometime on Sunday afternoon each week and the threads will be locked on Friday night at 10:00. In the event there is a Thursday game and you don’t get your picks in until Friday, the games that have not been played for that week will all count. The game that was played before your picks were submitted will not count. IF for some reason you don’t get your picks in before the thread is locked, you can PM me your picks (in the correct format) before the games begin on Saturday. The cutoff time for this will be 11:00 AM. As long as I have them in my inbox by 11:00 that day, they will count. Even if I don’t check it until late Saturday. 8.) In addition to posting the weekly standings, I will also be posting weekly power rankings as well. This will show the rankings in the order of who had the higher percentage correct. Keep in mind this may be different than the weekly point winners. 9.) We will be picking every game involving an SEC member as well as select games across the country. There is no such team as USCw or USCe. The ONLY team referred to as USC will be Southern Cal. Using USCw or USCe will make your entry incorrect and it will NOT be corrected. It will be considered WRONG. It’s imperative that everyone follow these rules. Failure to follow these simple rules will result in your picks NOT being counted for that week. Because of my work schedule and officiating, I do not have the time to make corrections for 100 or more players every week. I WILL NOT CORRECT ANY ENTRIES. IF you want them to count, enter them correctly. So, let’s get started making picks for the predicted order of finish of each division, conference champion, National Champion and # of Auburn POINTS.. When posting your predicted order of finish, post in the following order East, West, Conference Champion, National Champion, and number of POINTS auburn will score. (See example below) Just a reminder since we are using POINTS scored this year: 2006 Total Points 322 2007 Total Points 315 2008 Total Points 208 2009 Total Points 433 2010 Total Points 577 2011 Total Points 334 2012 Total Points 224 2013 Total Points 553 2014 Total Points 461 2015 Total Points 357 2016 Total Points 406 NOTE: The easiest way to submit entries and avoid errors is to copy/paste from the game list and then just remove one of the teams. If you choose to enter them manually, you will need to hold down the SHIFT key when pressing enter to get them to single space. If they are double spaced they will not count and will not be corrected. Example of posting order East 1 East 2 East 3 East 4 East 5 East 6 East 7 West 1 West 2 West 3 West 4 West 5 West 6 West 7 SEC Champion National Champion # of POINTS auburn will score (Please note there are NO BLANK LINES BETWEEN SELECTIONS) Failure to post in the proper order will result in your picks not counting. This thread will be locked on Tuesday, August 28 at 5:00 PM. Good Luck everyone and let’s have a great 2018 season. WAR EAGLE!!!
  2. WarTiger

    ** Nip Watch 2018 **

    Getting closer. Officiating a scrimmage tomorrow night. Kick off classics (games that don't count in the standings) are next friday. It's definitely getting close.
  3. WarTiger

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    Here's one from several years ago that some may remember and its one I know for a fact the officials screwed up and screwed up BAD.... Play 6: Vanderbilt/Tennesse from 2011. My memory on the specifics has faded, but basically the game was in OT. Vanderbilt had the ball. Down and distance don't matter in this situation. Vanderbilt runs the play and Tennessee intercepted (I think) the pass. The official on the sideline was screened by several players and thought the Tennessee players knee was down. He clearly blew the whistle and video footage shows him stepping in and stopping the clock. UT players apparently didn't hear the whistle and kept running... Well, Tennessee scored on the play. They reviewed the play to see if he was down and he clearly wasn't down. Where they screwed up is they completely ignored the whistle had blown. This is called an Inadvertent Whistle. Once a whistle blows the play is dead. If its in a players possession its dead there. There are rule provisions to cover this. When its blown, the team in possession has the option to accept the results of the play OR replay the down. Clearly Tennessee would have accepted the results of the play to keep the ball. It should have been 1st and 10 for Tennessee at Vanderbilts 25 yard line (normal overtime possession). Vanderbilt was screwed because they didn't get a chance to stop Tennessee on their OT Possession. It's extremely obvious in the video footage that the covering official blew the whistle. They SCREWED THIS UP BAD and it cost Vanderbilt.
  4. WarTiger

    Trey Wingenter

  5. I don't watch MLB and haven't for about 15 years, but I do love to see former Auburn players reach their ultimate goal
  6. espnW #-60 Lauren Hansen (5-8 PG East Setauket, NY/Ward Melville 2019) is an Auburn Tiger. War Eagle!
  7. WarTiger

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    Boise State vs. Virginia Tech: VT QB scrambles to avoid a sack. As a result during his scrambling, he uses a hand to maintain his balance. Well. after that, he uses the hand that is holding the ball to maintain his balance. Should this play be blown dead at this point?? Answer NO. The Ball is declared Dead when: Rule 4-1-3b b. When any part of the ball carrier’s body, except his hand or foot, touches the ground or when the ball carrier is tackled or otherwise falls and loses possession of the ball as he contacts the ground with any part of his body, except his hand or foot [Exception: The ball remains alive when an offensive player has simulated a kick or is in position to kick the ball held for a place kick by a teammate. The ball may be kicked, passed or advanced by rule] (A.R. 4-1-3-I). The player with the ball, can actually touch the ball to the field of play to maintain his balance provided he maintains possession. If in the process of putting his hand on the field, he loses possession, this is a FUMBLE. This destroys the myth that the ground cannot cause a fumble. The player is NOT down by rule, so the ground clearly caused the ball to become loose. It’s a free ball.
  8. WarTiger

    Can Kam Martin be "The Guy" in 2018?

    Each of the last 3 years we've had 6 players with 30 carries or more on the season. Isn't that considered running back by committee? One of those was Sean White where sacks are recorded as running plays. Also each of the last 3 years we've had one or 2 primary backs that have gotten the bulk of the carries. I fully expect someone to emerge and get a significant number of carries. So basically, pretty much like the last 3 years. Last year Georgia also had 6 players with 30 carries or more. I imagine its pretty similiar for most teams in the SEC. It's clear you don't like Kam Martin as a full time back, but you've offered zero concrete evidence that suggests he can't be the go to back for this offense.
  9. WarTiger

    Can Kam Martin be "The Guy" in 2018?

    Not to mention sharing carries with Pettway and Johnson (among others that year).
  10. WarTiger

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    Here's a little tidbit some may not fully know. TOUCHDOWN VS. SAFETY We all know what a touchdown is. When the ball breaks the front edge of the goal line it's a touchdown. So, in the image below we can see the ball resting on the goal line which would be a touchdown. Now, let's say the line of scrimmage was the offensive teams 2 yard line, ball is snapped and QB is in endzone under pressure. He dives forward to prevent getting tackled in the endzone and the ball comes to rest as we see in the same picture above. Did the QB successfully get the ball out of the endzone and avoid the safety? Answer: NO. This is a safety. Why? Because when coming from the endzone to the field of play, the ENTIRE BALL has to get out of the endzone. If a portion of the ball remains on or touching the goal line, it would be a safety. It does not matter where the player is. The only thing that matters is where the ball is. If the ball is entirely out of the endzone, then its not a safety. If even a portion of the ball is on the goal line, it is a safety. How Scored ARTICLE 1. It is a safety when: The ball becomes dead out of bounds behind a goal line, except from an incomplete forward pass, or becomes dead in the possession of a player on, above or behind his own goal line, or becomes dead by rule, and the defending team is responsible for the ball being there
  11. WarTiger

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    Hernandez situation is totally different and has little (well nothing really) to do with Meyer. As much as I hate urban meyer and think he's a douchebag, he's not at all responsible for that.
  12. WarTiger

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    Yep. He's probably done before the weekend. Couldn't happen to a better person...
  13. WarTiger

    10 wins this year?

    How patently ridiculous you are. So you were as unhappy in 2017 (you know, when we beat TWO #1 teams in the country and won 10 games) as you were in 2012 when we won a TOTAL of 3 games? You are an idiot and complete clueless. 10 wins felt like a losing season? What a troll.