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  1. Nope Marshall's completion percentage went up from 59.4% in 2013 to 60.8% in 2014. While Marshall's rushing numbers were down in 2014, he still accounted for 11 rushing touchdowns in 2014 compared to 12 in 2013. Also, he had 19 fewer carries in 2014. Total yards for Marshall 2013 - 3044. Total yards in 2014 - 3330. That's doesn't even remotely illustrate a regression of any kind. Stidham's completion percentage dropped from 66.5% in 2017 to 60.7% in 2018. Total yards in 2017 was 3301 compared to 2794 in 2018. Rushing in 2018 wasn't good but sacks are taken off that total.
  2. Here we go Cooper on the floor. Let's go TIGERS!!!!
  3. I wish ESPN would quit putting on the screen that the game is on the ESPN APP or SEC ALT. It was absolutely nowhere to be found on the ESPN APP and most cable/satellite providers don't use the SEC ALT (unless the game is originally scheduled to air there (usually football).
  4. I think you misinterpretted my last post. I meant the PLAYER didn't do that. He clearly recovered the ball in the field of play NOT in the endzone. By rule that is never going to be a touchback. It's not the first time Lemonier has butchered that momentum rule when asked about it as a "rules expert".
  5. exactly. ONE box was bad enough showing one coach. It absolutely infuriates me watching a game now. I can't for the life of me figure out why they think showing us coaches or anything other than the game is a good thing. I want the game FULL SCREEN all the time. I hate this crap. Game is almost unwatchable.
  6. IF....but he didn't do that, which was my point in the original post.
  7. that call on A&M was spot on.
  8. I swear espn can make a game completely unwatchable at times. Does anybody else here hate it when they put a box up on the screen showing something other than the game? I swear this drives me up the wall. I'm not tuning in to see a coach or someone else not on the floor. I want to see the game on my FULL screen.
  9. It wouldnt have been a touchback either and he said touchdown multiple times
  10. Cincinnati vs. Georgia in the bowl game a few minutes ago. Georgia on the Cincinnati 12 yard line, throws a pass to the endzone, its intercepted by the defense, in the process of attempting to return the interception (still in the endzone) ball is fumbled and goes forward into the field of play. The defense recovers the fumble at the 1 yard line and his momentum took him back into the endzone. Ruling: Since it was fumbled into the field of play and his momentum took him into the endzone the ball is brought out to the spot of the recovery and its first and 10 for Cincinnati at their own 1 y
  11. this looks to be a high scoring game the way its started.
  12. I know Arkansas is off to a good start but I haven't looked at their schedule. Have they played anybody of importance?
  13. They've been televising softball games for years. Thank you SEC Network. Not all games are on tv or even streamed online, but most are.
  14. wrong. Muschamp took the South Carolina job after a year as DC under Gus. Gus did NOT fire Muschamp.
  15. If you base a hire on the outcome of ONE game nobody would ever be hired to do anything. It's completely foolish to use the results of ONE game to say you don't want him.
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