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  1. Might be a good idea to research a bit before you make posts like this. Ole Miss is FOURTH in the league in Rushing, not first. Also, in the individual Rushing numbers, Hunter is 7th and Bigsby is 8th in the league. The first ole miss player in the rankings is at 11th and its not either of the players you mentioned. It's Henry Parrish. Coral and Conner are 19th and 20th and Ealy is 28th. Nothing in the data to support that those players are better than Hunter or Bigsby. They aren't.
  2. Works fine for me on my iphone and on my ipad. What browser are you using?
  3. Holy run on sentence. Do you not know how to use punctuation and actually form a complete sentence? That's bad.
  4. ah, more conspiracy theories. Those teams have gone as often as they have because they WIN GAMES. Sure there are some occasions where a team goes and we all believe perhaps they shouldn't have gone over another team, but the bottom line is they are WINNING GAMES and often doing it convincingly. The end of college football? Absolutely NOT. That's completely ludicrous. It's still going to be football and its never going away. It's changing, but its been changing incrementally since it started. Conference realignment has been going on for decades. It didn't signify the end of college
  5. We don't need 2 threads discussing the same thing.
  6. So, so glad Oklahoma got the win in game 3. I detest all things fsu.
  7. We have gotten a transfer guard from Mississippi State. It was announced several weeks ago.
  8. Holy run on sentence. Do you ever use punctuation? Geez. This is the 2nd time you have said Lexi is leaving yet you never provide anything to support it. We are waiting. Samantha has pitched TEN total innings all year. It's not a terrible year when other players are just better and are ahead of her in the rotation. If Penta, Dismukes and Lowe all return next year, we won't need any pitching transfers. We also have another pitcher coming on board in the next class.
  9. The obvious thing to shorten the games here would be to eliminate 50% of the commercials. I'm not at all a fan of the proposed overtime rule change. 2 point conversions isn't very exciting. If they want to tweak it the team with first possession should start on their own 25 and they trade possessions (whether they score or punt) until one team runs out of downs. So, team A with first possession scores a TD, then Team B would have to score a TD to keep the game going or its over. Extra point/2 pt. conversion is teams choice.
  10. leave it at 4 or get rid of it entirely. No expansion...EVER
  11. Baseball game last night was on SECN+ not ESPN+. You don't need ESPN+ to watch content on SECN+.
  12. Rigby is a terrific basketball coach. She was at Pensacola State (Used to be pensacola junior college) and took that program to the final 4 in her last 2 years there. She was 35-1 in 2010-11 and 32-6 in 2011-12. Overall she was 153-64 in 7 years at Pensacola State. I would love to have her at Auburn leading this program.
  13. Masferful performance from Madi Penta picking up the no hitter. Too bad the 2 walks ruined the perfect game.
  14. 12th strikeout for Shelby Lowe and that's the game. 1-0. Murray State with 1 hit.
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