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  1. Here's a print most here will like. It's just a single color print. Took a little over 10 hours to print. Hoping in the near future to be able to make this a multicolor model.
  2. We just won a baseball game 14-7 to advance to the college world series, and that's what you come up with? There hasn't been a more ignorant statement ever posted here. You are completely clueless. Instead of complaing constantly about the officiating like you do every single game (without really knowing anything), why don't you join a local association and help us make the game better? I guess for some its easier to sit on the couch and complain. I've been officiating football for nearly 30 years and I did basketball for 22 years and I work a full time job 40+ hours a week. I'm extremely proud of what I've accomplished in officiating and I absolutely LOVE what I do. You have no idea what you are talking about and its fans like you with completely uninformed statements like this that are the problem.
  3. Howell coming up with runner on 1st and 2 outs.
  4. Williams singles through the left side. Scheffler coming up.
  5. Going to the bottom 9th. Let's walk this off right here TIGERS!!!!
  6. Eaton slid directly to the base and was already in his slide when the fielder stepped into his sliding path. That was NOT even close to interference. He's supposed to slide directly to the base and that's exactly what he did. They blew that call BAD...
  7. Well, that could have been much worse. Got out of it with only 2 runs scoring. Now, let's go to work at the plate.
  8. 1 win away from the world series. Great post season run. Let's keep it going today. Looks like Bailey Horn is feeling well enough to get the start today. Lineup today: Ward Bliss Davis Holland Julien Woley Williams Scheffler Howell Horn pitching
  9. line drive to Bliss at wnd and its caught. Auburn advances to SUPER REGIONALS....
  10. Woley lines one to the gap in right center and to the wall. Slides in safely at 2nd. 2 outs. Steven Williams coming up.
  11. Davis grounds to 2nd for the double play to end the top 1st.