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  1. Oh, Good grief. So a catcher that isn't even on campus isn't getting it done? What a completely stupid take. Post less.
  2. Great to see her returning for another year.
  3. Actually he did fail or he wouldnt have been fired. Recruiting is great but you have to win with them and he didnt. I love it. Most overrated baseball program in the country.
  4. Its awesome that Tennessee is done. I hate the entitled attitude they play with and glad they are done. Hopefully A&M,Arkansas, and Ole Miss go down today too.
  5. This is hilarious. Why would they think he was going to be successful? https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/34070539/florida-state-seminoles-fire-coach-mike-martin-jr-three-seasons Florida State Seminoles fire baseball coach Mike Martin Jr. after three seasons Mike Martin Jr., who succeeded his father, the winningest coach in Division I baseball history as Florida State's head coach, was fired on Friday after three seasons at the helm. FSU went 1-2 in an NCAA regional and ended its season with a 34-25 record and ninth-place finish in the ACC, a disappointing season for a team picked as the preseason favorite by the conference's coaches. Overall under Martin, the Seminoles were 77-54. Martin's first season was shortened due to COVID-19, and the Seminoles were eliminated in the regionals in each of the past two seasons, a rarity at FSU. "Making the change with our baseball coach was not an easy decision, but it is our responsibility to put our student-athletes and our teams in the best position to reach their full potential," Florida State athletic director Michael Alford said in a statement. "Ultimately, the decision came down to whether our baseball program was performing up to the admittedly high standards that we have established through our historic success, and I do not believe we were." Martin played for his father at FSU, serving as the starting catcher from 1993-95, including trips to the College World Series in 1994 and 1995. Mike Martin Sr. coached the Seminoles from 1980 to 2019, passing Augie Garrido's wins record in 2018 and retiring with a record of 2,029-736-4. "We deeply appreciate all Mike has done for the program as head coach, as an assistant coach and as a Seminole student-athlete," Alford said. "His passion for the university and the baseball program is unequaled. I am sure I speak for all Seminole fans when I say we wish him and his family nothing but the best."
  6. I think the focus on the runners left on base is way overblown. It's not like we got 16 walks and only scored 5-6 runs. Every team leaves runners on base. We scored 21 runs and have scored 40 runs in 2 games. I'll take that offensive production every game (not realistic) and couldn't care less how many we leave on base. It just doesn't matter in the games we have played so far because both games weren't close. Let's hope we keep lighting up the scoreboard tonight regardless of who we play.
  7. That first inning was fun to watch last night. The losers bracket game at Auburn is on ESPN2 at NOON. Auburn's matchup with Felony State is set for ESPN2 at 6PM.
  8. Hadn't seen this yet. Thanks for posting.
  9. OU doesn't die at all. They may not "live" by the long ball, but they have hit 138 home runs, and I believe that leads the country. They have 508 hits so 26.5% of their hits are home runs.
  10. You never know what can happen, but I'm not betting against Oklahoma. They have it all. How many run rule victories does Oklahoma get in the CWS? I actually want Oklahoma to win it all, 2nd choice would be Texas. I'll take anybody winning it EXCEPT Florida. Never want them to win in anything.
  11. Mississippi State will host Arizona Stanford will host Oregon State
  12. Mississippi State defeated FSU 5-0 earlier to force deciding game. Mississippi State just defeated FSU AGAIN 4-3 to advance to the super regionals. Florida State is DONE...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. #hatefsu
  13. Oregon State beat Tennessee earlier 8-3 to force a deciding game. They just beat Tennessee 3-1 to advance to supers. Tennessee is DONE.
  14. off the original topic of the thread but note that uat lost again today to Stanford 6-0. Stanford wins the regional in turdville and uat's season is OVER. I LOVE IT. Uat did win the first game today to force a deciding game but then got shut out with only 4 hits (2 of those in the 7th). Mississippi State forced a deciding game against Florida State today too. Hopefully MSU can pull that one out. Arkansas won their regional and Oklahoma DEMOLISHED Texas A&M today putting up 9 in the first inning and winning it 20-0.
  15. Disappointed to see the season come to a close, but this program is primed for a good run in the coming years. Dean has done a great job rebuilding this program and there's another great class coming in. I'm really glad Mickey Dean is leading our program. We clearly had one of the best freshman classes in the country, as evidence by their production through out the season. Can't wait to see how the next class fits in. We are definitely on our way back after that scandal several years ago. Most people forget or don't know how much damage was done in multiple ways to the program. Dean had a lot of work to do. He's done it and gotten us back. Future is very bright.
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