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  1. We actually do play Tennessee in Columbia, TN on March 14. It's just a single game but I'm not sure if it will count in the conference standings or not. I don't think it does.
  2. That's not what I was talking about. My comments are concerning the SEC Tournament not the NCAA tournament.
  3. http://www.oanow.com/sports/college/auburn/basketball/women/terri-williams-flournoy-s-contract-extended-through/article_91b73b5e-f918-11e6-95ea-2fab7160ceda.html
  4. Rivera singles through the right side and Podany scores and Auburn wins it 8-0 in 6 innings. WAR EAGLE!!! Double header tomorrow, NO TV.
  5. Podany in to pinch run at 3rd for Haley Fagan.
  6. Greenwood bloops one to shallow center. 2nd baseman goes back and calls off the center fielder and the ball drops. Bases loaded with 1 out for Alyssa Rivera.
  7. Shea flies to right throw comes in and its cut off and Cooper scores. 7-0 Auburn. Runners on 1st and 2nd. Carmyn Greenwood up. 1 more run ends the game
  8. Pitch to Veach goes behind her and to the wall. it's ball 4, so a run scores and bases remain loaded. 6-0 Auburn. still no outs. Courtney Shea coming up.
  9. Well, my question on twitter got read about the video tomorrow but he didn't answer it. Chopper up the middle, gloved at 2nd and toss short stop covering the bag and she drops the ball. Fagan chops it to short, under the glove of the 3rd baseman and fielded by the short stop and she runs towards 3rd but no play. Bases loaded and no outs for Kendall Veach
  10. Bree Fornis in to pinch run for Wallace at 1st.
  11. Wallace walks on 4 pitches. Cooper up.
  12. swinging bunt gives North Dakota a base runner but nothing else. Going to the bottom 6th, Auburn leads 5-0. Top of the order due up for Auburn. Wallace, Cooper and Fagan
  13. Perry lines up the middle, off the glove of the pitcher and shortstop fields it and throw to 1st in time. Announcer says the run scores but no it doesn't. After 5 complete, Auburn leads 5-0
  14. McCrackin singles up the middle, throw home not on target. 2 runs score, Rivera moves to 3rd, throw there in time but not fielded cleanly. McCrackin takes 2nd on the throw as well. 5-0 Auburn. Justus Perry pinch hitting for Draper. Big hit for McCrackin there with 2 outs.
  15. Rivera walks and the bases are loaded for Casey McCrackin. Pitching change for North Dakota.