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  1. not sure the point of this article. It's all OLD NEWS...
  2. strike out ends the top 1st. Harris put herself in trouble walking the bases loaded then a gapper that scores 3. Can't give them free base runners.
  3. only in relief. Chardonnay Harris is in the circle
  4. I wouldn't put too much stock in anything Marcello says. Certainly I wish Harper great success (and selfishly) hope he decides to return. There's no way he or anybody else knows what Harper is thinking or will be thinking if the draft doesn't go the way he thinks/hopes it will.
  5. Harris strikes out the side. Tigers lead 2-0
  6. tennessee gets a runner on 1st, pitch gets away and she takes 2nd with 1 out. Next batter drives one to the gap in left center, runner at 2nd took off and rounded 3rd only for the ball to be caught on the warning track and thrown back in to 2nd for the double play to end the inning.
  7. Veach sends one HIGH and DEEP to left center and its GONE. Off the scoreboard and the Tigers lead 2-0
  8. Tannon Snow rips one to left and its GONE. 1-0 Auburn. Snow's 3rd home run in the series after hitting 2 yesterday
  9. Idiot announcer says Martin is out with an undisclosed injury. Really? what part of having a broken bone in your hand is undisclosed? Wow. They actually pay these people and they didn't know that? wow.
  10. Unbelievable. That's just a horrible way to lose a game. 63-62 #@$%@#$
  11. unbelievable it comes down to this. 62-62
  12. CRAP. It was a 3pt shot too. unbelievable.
  13. Actually we don't have a foul to give. next foul puts them on the line.
  14. timeout Virginia. Tigers lead 62-60 1.5 seconds left. Tigers still have a foul to give.
  15. Harper to the line for 1 and 1. FT good 2nd no good. 62-60 tigers. 5.4 seconds to play