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  1. This team and program deserves to be picked higher than 6th. I know the SEC is one of the toughest conferences in the country for softball [if not the toughest] but we have proven to be a top tier team over the last 4 years and the coaching change shouldn't have that much of an impact on how we are ranked. We lost a few key players, but the roster is LOADED with talent and I don't think we took a step down at all at head coach. This should provide some really good motivation for the players/coaches. Let's get it going.
  2. Men vs. uat

    crap. Auburn falls 76-71. A game we really didn't play that well but we couldn't finish this one. On to Georgia and still the best record in the league.
  3. Men vs. uat

    Brown stepped out of bounds. But he traveled anyway. down. 74-71 2.1 seconds to play
  4. Men vs. uat

    We have a shot here. Let's get a good shot.
  5. Men vs. uat

    Mitchell called for the foul. The uat player pushed him to the floor.... Missed that one. 5.5 seconds to play
  6. Men vs. uat

    Brown gets a friendly bound and gets a THREE. great shot... timeout Auburn. 73-71. 5.2 seconds to play.
  7. Men vs. uat

    Heron shooting 2 1st no good. 2nd good. 72-68 17.6 seconds to play
  8. Men vs. uat

    Let's go Tigers. find a way.
  9. Men vs. uat

    Harper at the line. 1st good. 2nd good. 70-67
  10. Men vs. uat

    Murray with an offensive rebound, fouled on the shot. 1st good. 2nd no good. 68-65
  11. Men vs. uat

    Let's go Auburn.
  12. Men vs. uat

    foul on uat trying to get offensive rebound. Okeke at the line. 1st no good. 2nd good. 68-64
  13. Men vs. uat

    Harper at the line for 2. 1st no good. 2nd no good. Rebound Okeke and he shoots 2. 1st no good. 2nd good. 63-68
  14. Men vs. uat

    Harper to the basket and scores. 68-62
  15. Men vs. uat

    Murray inside 65-60 Let's go TIGERS