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  1. WarTiger

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Definitely NOT happy. Hopefully Oregon State will get it done.
  2. WarTiger

    Haley Fagan Arrested for Shoplifting

    Can you provide specifics on this statement? The only incidents I recall was what happened at Florida after one of the games (which was a whole lot of nothing and way over blown) and the marijuana arrest (which she tested negative for).
  3. Auburn Athletics extends Head Baseball Coach Butch Thompson’s contract through 2024 season June 21, 2018 Auburn, Ala. — Auburn Athletics has extended the contract of baseball head coach Butch Thompson through the 2024 season, Director of Athletics Allen Greene announced Thursday. In his third year, Thompson led the program this past season to its first NCAA Super Regional appearance in 19 years. “Butch is the epitome of an Auburn man,” Greene said. “He cares deeply about the young men in his program and the Auburn community at large. The recent successes of Auburn Baseball over the past few years indicate that Coach Thompson is one of the best skippers in the country, and we’re fortunate to have him. I’m excited to lock arms with Butch as he continues to build a program that galvanizes the Auburn fan base and captures national acclaim.” Hired in October 2015, Thompson has posted 103 wins in three seasons, leading the program to back-to-back NCAA Tournament appearances in 2017-18 for the first time in 15 years. Thompson has had 17 players drafted, including pitcher Casey Mize, the No. 1 overall pick in 2018. “Auburn is a special place for my family and me,” Thompson said. “I’m very fortunate to have a great group of young men to lead, a tremendous staff and a great fan base and community that support our program. I’m proud of the accomplishments we have made on and off the field, yet there is still much work to be done. I’m appreciative and thankful for the commitment and support from Dr. Steven Leath and Allen Greene and blessed to have the opportunity to lead the Auburn baseball program every day.” Under Thompson’s direction, Auburn has had 37 players named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll and over 30 that have received their degrees.
  4. WarTiger

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Just got home from work and tuned in. Come on Texas Tech. Beat the pigs.
  5. WarTiger

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Arkansas vs. Texas Tech has been postponed till tomorrow morning.
  6. Very consistent and good program for sure, but there are lots of baseball programs across the country with as much if not more tradition than Mississippi State. Many of those actually have National Titles too, something MSU has NEVER done. Maybe this is their year.
  7. WarTiger

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Thank you Texas Tech. Nice to wake up to that result.
  8. WarTiger

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Ripped to right and Arkansas scores 2 more and its 10-2. Runners on 1st and 3rd
  9. WarTiger

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    2 hour 47 minute delay and they are playing again. Pitcher came out for Texas, faced 3 batters and didn't record an out. 2 singles and a hit batter. Still no outs and its 8-2 Porkers and the bases are loaded after the hit batter.
  10. WarTiger

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    I was pulling for the Huskies too, but mainly because they were playing a team from the SEC that wasn't Auburn. I really hate that state won it, but oh well.
  11. WarTiger

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    I'll still keep up with it and maybe watch a little occasionally. I want Oregon State, Texas Tech, Washington or Texas to win it. Prefer Oregon State out of that bunch, but will take any of those four. I would never under any circumstances watch soccer or the US Open. I would rather watch paint dry than to waste time with that. But, like au64 said, to each his own...
  12. Let's continue game 3 discussion here. We're going to win tonight. I can feel it.
  13. WarTiger

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    I noticed all of that too. The color guy Perez is completely clueless. Dari typically doesn't do a bad job, but they are horrible today and basically making stuff up (referencing the sequence you outlined above). This is on the flagship network too. You would think they could have selected a better crew to cover this series. Unfortunately we are going to be getting them tomorrow and Monday, if game is needed.
  14. WarTiger

    greene discusses changes

    That seems a bit of an extreme take this early in his tenure to have already labeled him. It's also extremely unfair to Allen Greene and the job he has stepped into. Sounds like your mind is made up which really discounts any further opinions you have on the topic. The changes he made were necessary changes and I hope we see a lot more of these types of changes. Allen Greene is doing a terrific job as AD and is nothing even remotely close to a Leath yes man.
  15. WarTiger

    2017-2018 NHL Hockey Thread

    I really hate that the capitals won the cup. I can't stand ovechkin and honestly think he's one of the most overrated players in the league. Sure he can score, but that's all he does. He's extremely lazy if he doesn't have the puck on his stick. Might as well play with 4 on the ice if the opponent has the puck, because Ovechkin isn't going to do anything defensively to help anybody. The only bright spot to the Capitals winning the cup (if there is one) is that the Penguins and cry baby Crosby didn't.