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  1. Sorry, Stat. The rule referenced in the OP doesn't apply here. The ball was never "batted" at all and impetus doesn't apply. In that play referenced above Team B recovered it. It never said anything about the ball being dead when it crossed the goal line or what the result would be if Team A (the kicking team) had recovered it. Had the official ruled Shivers touched the ball, it will ABSOLUTELY remain a live ball after it gets to the endzone and would absolutely be a touchdown for Ole Miss had they recovered it. It also doesn't matter at all whether it was touched inadvertently or inte
  2. That is all true, in high school its referred to as FORCE instead of Impetus. I didn't ask, I already know. Also you didn't quote the entire rule. However, it doesn't apply here. The entire rule reads: It is a touchback when: b. A kick becomes dead by rule behind the defending team’s goal line and the attacking team is responsible for the ball being there. If the kick was touched in the field of play by R the ball is not dead by rule, so that negates your rule reference. Sorry. It's really splitting hairs at this point but IF Shivers touched it (only he real
  3. No its not an automatic touchback when it gets to the endzone in college football if its touched in the field of play. Initial trajectory is nowhere in the rule book and doesn't matter one bit. If its UNTOUCHED by R and goes into the endzone then yes its an automatic touchback. Rule 6-1-7a If its muffed in the field of play it remains a live ball even if it gets to the endzone and either team can recover it. In high school football all kicks that go into the endzone are touchbacks. Punt is really no different in college except that K cannot legally recover and maintain possession u
  4. well, you are wrong.. A free kick is just that. It means that after the ball goes 10 yards or a player on the recieving team touches it, the kicking team can legally recover it and gain possession. This provision applies from K's free kick line to the goal line that R is defending. The reason the touching matters is rule 6-1-7: Ball Dead in End Zone ARTICLE 7. a. When a free kick untouched by Team B touches the ground on or behind Team B’s goal line, the ball becomes dead and belongs to Team B. So a free kick untouched by B (actually should be R (receiving team)) is blown de
  5. Well, you have to consider how all of it happened and exactly what happened. Shivers didn't stop pursuing the ball when the official blew his whistle. He stopped pursing the ball when he saw it was going into the endzone. Then you have to remember also that theres no definition for "Immediate recovery" in the rule book. That means its solely dependent on the crew and replay official if they feel like the recovery of the ball was immediate "enough". This opens the door to a very gray area because if they determine the recovery was immediate enough then its a touchdown for Ole Miss. If th
  6. In high school the clock stops when the ball carrier goes out of bounds and restarts at the next snap. I sort of expect this to change in the coming years with the Federation going to the 40 second play clock. In college the clock stops when the ball carrier goes out of bounds, but restarts a few seconds later (typically with the 40 second play clock). The NFL, I haven't a clue. I haven't watched the nfl in over 15 years.
  7. On a freekick, the Line judge and Headlinesman are both on the goal lines on their respective sides of the field. The Referee is usually between the hashmarks also on the goal line. The official at the goal line on the side where Shivers "MAY" have touched it was still 20-30 yards away. There's little doubt in my mind that even that official wouldn't be able to see that. This would leave it entirely up to replay to get a closer look to make that call. There is also NO DOUBT at all the replay booth should have stopped it for a longer look. I believe we got away with another one.
  8. Starting a thread for this seems extremely counter-productive. Also, it wasn't a fumble, it was technically a muff. There's a difference.
  9. Play #1 This is entirely related to player safety. No officiating crew anywhere is going to allow a snap in that situation. I hate the assumption mentioned here all the time about a fake injury. There's no way anybody would/could know that. The game will always be stopped if any of the officials suspect a player injury regardless of when it is recognized. The play clock will be reset to the appropriate time. The play clock is set to 25 seconds for an injury time out for an offensive player, and its set to 40 seconds for an injury time out for a defensive player. This is a change t
  10. Well, we dodged a bullet in the game tonight with Arkansas with the grounding of the ball to stop the clock at the end. Breaking this down, we all know the QB can legally take the snap and throw the ball into the ground to stop the clock. But, what some may not know (until tonight) is that if the QB muffs the snap, he can no longer intentionally ground the ball to stop the clock. He must control the snap to be able to do this legally. Here's the rule on it: Illegal Forward Pass ARTICLE 2. A forward pass is illegal if: f. The passer to conserve time throws the ball directly
  11. That bridge was fine. It was just the wrong combination of things that took it down. I would image without the barges there that were clearly not achored properly the damage to that bridge would have been minimal. This all lays at the feet of whomever was responsible for making sure those barges were properly secured. A friend of mine is an inspector and working that bridge construction. He said it will likely be closed for 3 -6 months. Still no power at my house. Lost it wednesday morning around 8. We are getting by though.
  12. We took a pretty big hit here in pensacola. I have some minor roof damage, oak tree landed on the garage but didnt penetrate the roof. Power is still out at my house for the 3rd day. Hoping it gets restored today or tomorrow. It could have been a lot worse for sure.
  13. That is correct. It would be a touchback once it gets in the endzone.
  14. Not really sure what you are asking here. The ball was already live, but do you mean for the Receiver to be able to advance it or possibly the kicking team recovering it? If that's what you are asking, then let me answer it this way. The ball is dead the instant it touches the goal line because by federation rules any kick into the endzone is an automatic touchback. The ball is blown dead when it gets into the endzone, and it doesn't matter where the player is or even if he touches it. If he doesn't secure possession, and it goes into the endzone, its a touchback because the kick doesn't en
  15. I mentioned in the final standings last year that it would be the last year I would be doing it. Working 50+ hours a week and officiating football (takes up 3 nights a week after work), adding the management of this was just taking up too much time that I really didn't have. But, given what we've gone through so far this year, I might reconsider and do it this year (if enough want me to do it again) since its an abbreviated season. If you want me to do it one more year, let me know and I'll see if I can get it set up and ready.
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