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  1. WarTiger

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    Removed the video from the reply to make it shorter. Answer: NO that wasn't even remotely close to a targeting violation. Virtually no contact at all above the shoulders. I would have a hard time even calling that roughing the passer (even though it was completely unnecessary), but targeting? Not even close. No idea what they saw that resulted in the flag being thrown to begin with, much less having it upheld by replay. That just boggles the mind. I will say its the first time I've seen it. I have absolutely no problem with a covering official throwing the flag for targeting (in most any situation) because its all going to be reviewed and replay can reverse it (like we had happen saturday). But this was pretty clear to not be remotely close to a targeting penalty, so I'm not sure what they saw or thought they saw and for replay to uphold the call? Wow. Now, as far as the unsportsmanlike conduct is concerned, NO that is NOT under any circumstances lumped as one foul. Naturally the TV video doesn't show us what happened with those two players called for the Unsportsmanlike penalties, but they are absolutely separate penalties and should be enforced exactly as they did it. All unsportsmanlike conduct penalties are administered separately and in the order in which they occurred. Last year I had a game where on a punt return we had a personal foul (unnecessary hit 10+ yards behind the ball) and then an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the player that delivered the hit (taunting)... Then the coach is on the field and we have an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the coach. The play resulted in a Touchdown on the return. But, we can back to the spot where the kick ended and marked off 15 for the personal foul from the opponents 45 yard line, back 15 to their own 40, then 15 on the taunting penalty to the 25, then half the distance to the 12 1/2 yard line for the unsportsmanlike conduct on the coach. So instead of getting a touchdown they started 1st and 10 from their own 12 1/2 yard line.
  2. PLEASE READ ENTIRELY BEFORE MAKING PICKS. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN YOUR PICKS NOT COUNTING Week 9 picks. Remember to list the teams EXACTLY as I have them below. Do not change the order of the games, or abbreviate on your own. Turn off your caps lock and do NOT double space your picks. Easiest way is copy and paste the games listed below and then delete one of the teams. The only acceptable form of entry is how they are typed below. Anything different will make that selection wrong. I will not correct them. DO NOT edit your picks. Once you make the post, if you want to make a change, PM me and I’ll make the change. I enter games onto the spreadsheet throughout the week and do not go back through the thread, so if you make a change on your own, the changes will be IGNORED. PM me any changes. This thread will lock at 10 PM Friday evening. In the event that there are games on Thursday night and you don't enter your picks here until Friday, only the Thursday games will not count (provided everything else is entered correctly). So if you forget until Friday, its ok to enter picks as the Saturday games will still be counted for you. If you don’t get your picks in before the thread is locked, you may PM me your picks. I must have them in my inbox before 11AM on Saturday morning in the proper format. The results of this week’s picks will be posted Sunday. Each game is worth 3 points unless otherwise noted. The games this week are worth 37 points (does not include bonus points). The tiebreaker/bonus points are worth 20 points and will be picking the COMBINED score in a selected game each week. This week’s tie breaker/bonus point game is Florida vs. Georgia. The tiebreaker/bonus is optional. Remember no editorials on the games, just make the picks. Take any discussion to another thread. Week 9 games are below. I need a little help here from the players: When copying/pasting your selections and deleting one of the teams, PLEASE make sure there are no spaces before or after your selection. Please make sure you delete any blank spaces before and after your picks. To help you understand what I’m referring too, if you highlight your picks like you are going to copy them and the blue highlight box goes past the team name, you have extra spaces in the name and those need to be removed. GAME IS NOW CLOSED TO ANY NEW PLAYERS!!! Several players double spaced their picks last week and as a result they did NOT count. PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE SPACE your selections. Easiest thing is copying and paste then removing one of the teams. If you choose to type them manually, hold shift key down then press Enter to single space to the next line. Week 9 Games Vanderbilt Arkansas Florida Georgia 4 Texas A&M Mississippi State Kentucky Missouri Tennessee South Carolina Clemson Florida State Wake Forest Louisville North Carolina Virginia Texas Oklahoma State Iowa Penn State 5 Washington State Stanford 4 XX
  3. Week 8 results are ready. 35 points were possible. No perfect scores this week. Totals below. As always if anybody thinks there's an error in your score, shoot me a PM and I'll check it. If its my error I'll get it corrected. Week 8 results WarTiger 51 AU4life23 32 around4ever 31 aublaise 31 Aubritt 31 Auburn06 31 Auburnfan91 31 aucanucktiger 31 Ausome Jete 31 Charleston Tiger 31 DaddyBoyAU 31 dilligas 31 djg0017 31 mickeyspano 31 sly13 31 Sully to Beasley 31 TeBoneAU 31 TigerinBham 31 ValleyTiger 31 vatz22au 31 WarEagle71 31 ALTiger 28 AubTigers 28 AUBwins 28 doverstutts 28 NorthGATiger 28 Oracle79 28 ScubaSteve 28 SouthGATiger 28 subterranean_jack 28 TigerinSC 28 tomtomwde 28 Zeek 28 GBAU83 27 Keoson7 27 provibe 27 Ravad 27 VicTree 27 weathergeakal 27 AuMarine 27 FUZZYAUFAN 24 sanders81 24 wde1968 24 Vhsco88 23 kd4au 20 SumterAubie 20 Leaderboard - 322 points possible + bonuses 1 tomtomwde 283 2 weathergeakal 270 3 WarTiger 264 4 around4ever 262 5 TigerinSC 260 6 Ausome Jete 258 7 ScubaSteve 258 8 subterranean_jack 255 9 DaddyBoyAU 253 10 sly13 252 11 Aubritt 251 12 SouthGATiger 250 13 TeBoneAU 249 14 ValleyTiger 249 15 SumterAubie 247 16 vatz22au 247 17 Auburnfan91 246 18 aucanucktiger 246 19 dilligas 245 20 FUZZYAUFAN 245 21 mickeyspano 245 22 aublaise 244 23 djg0017 243 24 doverstutts 243 25 Auburn06 241 26 ALTiger 240 27 WarEagle71 240 28 GBAU83 239 29 provibe 238 30 AubTigers 237 31 Charleston Tiger 237 32 Oracle79 237 33 Sully to Beasley 236 34 VicTree 236 35 wde1968 236 36 AUBwins 234 37 Vhsco88 234 38 NorthGATiger 232 39 AU4life23 231 40 Keoson7 230 41 kd4au 225 42 sanders81 223 43 War Eagle Carol 221 44 eulessau 211 45 Ravad 211 46 TigerinBham 202 47 AuMarine 200 48 Sir Isaac 192 49 Auctoritas 191 50 Zeek 188 51 McFU 185 52 AUBURNJAC 153 53 CullmanTiger 150 54 19au48 135 55 War Cav Eagle 88 56 The Plainsman 56 57 jptiger 43 58 Barnacle 42 59 WarEagle1983 42 60 autigeremt 41 61 BornAU76 28 Power Rankings 1 around4ever 81.82% 2 subterranean_jack 79.80% 3 weathergeakal 79.80% 4 Aubritt 78.79% 5 DaddyBoyAU 78.79% 6 sly13 78.79% 7 tomtomwde 78.79% 8 aucanucktiger 77.78% 9 SouthGATiger 77.78% 10 TeBoneAU 77.78% 11 ValleyTiger 77.78% 12 vatz22au 77.78% 13 WarTiger 77.78% 14 Auburnfan91 76.77% 15 dilligas 76.77% 16 FUZZYAUFAN 76.77% 17 mickeyspano 76.77% 18 TigerinSC 76.77% 19 aublaise 75.76% 20 Auburn06 75.76% 21 Ausome Jete 75.76% 22 djg0017 75.76% 23 doverstutts 75.76% 24 Oracle79 75.76% 25 ScubaSteve 75.76% 26 ALTiger 74.75% 27 AubTigers 74.75% 28 Charleston Tiger 74.75% 29 GBAU83 74.75% 30 provibe 74.75% 31 VicTree 74.75% 32 WarEagle71 74.75% 33 NorthGATiger 73.74% 34 Sully to Beasley 73.74% 35 Vhsco88 73.74% 36 wde1968 73.74% 37 AUBwins 72.73% 38 Keoson7 72.73% 39 AU4life23 71.72% 40 kd4au 71.72% 41 SumterAubie 71.72% 42 sanders81 70.71% 43 War Eagle Carol 69.70% 44 eulessau 66.67% 45 TigerinBham 64.65% 46 Ravad 61.62% 47 Auctoritas 60.61% 48 Sir Isaac 60.61% 49 Zeek 59.60% 50 AuMarine 58.59% 51 McFU 57.58% 52 AUBURNJAC 48.48% 53 CullmanTiger 47.47% 54 19au48 43.43% 55 War Cav Eagle 21.21% 56 The Plainsman 17.17% 57 autigeremt 12.12% 58 Barnacle 12.12% 59 jptiger 12.12% 60 WarEagle1983 12.12% 61 BornAU76 9.09%
  4. WarTiger

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    Yes that is all correct. For benefit of everybody reading this thread that doesn't know what we are talking about, PSK is an abbreviation for POST SCRIMMAGE KICK. It's a special enforcement procedure that if R fouls during the down, prior to gaining possession (and will be the team next to put the ball in play) the penalty committed by R is enforced from the previous spot (where the ball was snapped prior to the scrimmage kick).
  5. WarTiger

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    This stuff can get very confusing at times. Hard to keep it all straight sometimes.
  6. WarTiger

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    Reminder: political references of any kind do NOT belong here. If you want to post them go to the politics forum or risk being suspended.
  7. WarTiger

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    SPOT ON. "Elite" teams don't constantly lay an egg in games they should win comfortably.
  8. WarTiger

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    Once a fair catch is signaled by ANY player on the field, the recieving team forfeits their right to advance the ball. It doesn't matter at all if the kick is caught, grounded or muffed. Once the fair catch is called for the ball will be blown dead when in possession of the receiving team. If the kick is untouched but grounded the fair catch still negates the receiving teams ability to advance the ball Advancing the ball after signaling for a fair catch is a delay of game penalty. Easy call last week. Today, if he catches the kick cleanly the fair catch would bring it out to the 25 yard line. However, because he muffed it (not fumbled), the ball remains live and the kicking team can still recover it and retain possession (they cannot advance it there), so if the receiving team is able to recover it, it will remain at the spot of recovery. Note that I mentioned he MUFFED it then put (NOT FUMBLED) there. Why does it matter? Because the muff means no possession. The kick doesn't end until its possessed by either the receiving team or legally recovered by the kicking team. They cannot award a fair catch on a muff because the kick didn't end until we recovered it further back. For the record, the new rule doesn't change any of this. These situations last week and today would result in the exact same ruling in previous years before this rule change on the fair catch on free kicks. Does this help? or lead to more questions?
  9. WarTiger

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Tigers win 31-16.
  10. WarTiger

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    couple of runs up the middle will put this one to a close. Auburn wins but the same issues are still there.
  11. WarTiger

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    onside kick coming I'm sure
  12. WarTiger

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Interesting. All players not being set before the snap isn't a false start. It's an illegal shift. Not sure why they blew that one dead there.
  13. WarTiger

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    How about the defense force a turnover and score here?
  14. WarTiger

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    No it wasn't. It was thrown right after Miller went through the hole that was created because of the hold.
  15. WarTiger

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    now an unsportsmanlike conduct on someone on the Auburn sideline. Not sure whether that was on Malzahn or not.