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  1. Only if you believe the "media" reports. He had permission from the BOT of the University to use the university plane. This is yet another example of believing everything being printed without researching it.
  2. Didn't stay up to watch it because, well, i HATE duke. Was thrilled to see the results this morning even if an sec team was the one that knocked them out. Lesser of two evils in my book. Really wish Wichita State had hung on at the end to beat kentucky. Hopefully, Butler, Baylor, WIsconsin and UCLA all win next friday.
  3. But I didn't say it that way. I said no hitter followed by perfect game because they are NOT the same thing. You can have a no hitter and not have a perfect game if your defense commits any errors or you walk or hit a batter. Sorry Jared, you are just wrong here. I figured you of all people would know the difference here. Apparently not. OH, for the record, Auburn pitchers had SEVERAL no hitters last year, but NONE were perfect games and its been noted that this was only the 2nd perfect game pitched in Auburn softball history. Unlike a perfect game, in which no batters reach base, in regular no-hitters batters can reach base in other ways, such as a walk, an error, or a hit batsman, thus it is possible for the team pitching the no-hitter to lose. Do you honestly believe that those pitchers that threw no hitters where their teams lost the game were also perfect games? Oh, I'll admit when I'm wrong but this isn't one of those.
  4. AUBURN SWEEPS Florida. What a terrific weekend for Auburn baseball. First sweep of Florida since 1987. WAR EAGLE!!!!
  5. Todd drops a bunt down, throw goes to 3rd, ball gets away shaffer scores and AUBURN WINS... 6-5... AUBURN WINS....
  6. OK. Auburn. Let's get this game right here...
  7. Holland squares around and pushes a bunt to the first base side and it is out in no mans land and there is NO PLAY at 1st. Nobody covered the base. Runners on 1st and 2nd with NO OUTS. Shaffer is to pinch run at 2nd. Jonah Todd coming up.
  8. Logan singles up the middle to lead off the 9th. Let's go Tigers!!!
  9. Bottom 9th, game tied 5-5. Let's walk it off here TIGERS!!
  10. Anthony grounds it up the middle cut off and toss to 2nd to end the 8th. After 8 complete, game is tied 5-5
  11. Josh Anthony up with runners on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs.
  12. Daniel Robert singles to center with 1 out in the 8th. Yet another pitching change for florida
  13. Davis grounds sharply to short and florida turns 2 to end the 7th. Game is tied 5-5
  14. Looks like Conor Davis will pinch hit for McGuffin here after a pitching change by the lizards.
  15. Todd flies to left center and deep enough for Logan to tag and score. Game is tied 5-5