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  1. I agree. If I wasn't such a hardcore Flyers fan I would jump on this in a hurry. I love this nickname and logo. Looks really sharp.
  2. I will certainly be watching since my team is in. But I question why do this and not just prepare for the upcoming season and forget about 2020. Exhibition games are July 28-30. Each team gets one game. Playoffs start on August 1. It's going to interesting to watch for sure to see how everything plays out.
  3. The issue is they don't believe the non power 5 schools have the resources in place to do consistent testing and other necessary measures week to week to ensure they aren't spreading it.
  4. Spoke to Mark Murphy and he checked into and said she went back west to be with her family. Also, said he hears her replacement is lined up already and should be announced sometime this summer.
  5. You do realize the NCAA has already given an extra year of eligibility to those affected from the spring sports right? Doesn't take much research to find the articles on Butch Thompson and Mickey Dean managing his unusually oversized roster for next year. So, if they are doing this for the spring sports, why wouldn't they do this for the fall sports?
  6. I hope this is sarcasm. But if not, WOW. Do you really think there's a rules committee out there to put a rule in place that applies to one school?
  7. No it doesn't. We have signed more 5* players over the last 3-5 years (without nike) than the rest of the history of the program. We have also been in the final group of teams for some of the most recent top players in the country (without nike). Coach matters WAY more than some stupid pair of shoes and we have one of the best coaches and recruiters in the country.
  8. No. e. Starts on the Referee’s Signal. For each of the following reasons, the game clock is stopped on an official’s signal. If the next play begins with a snap, the game clock will start on the referee’s signal: 1. Team A is awarded a first down, either through play or by penalty. 2. A Team A forward fumble goes out of bounds. 3. Other than with fewer than two minutes remaining in a half, a Team A ball carrier, fumble or backward pass is ruled out of bounds. 4. To complete a penalty (Exception: Rule 3-4-4-c). 5. An injury timeout is allowed for one or more players or an official (A.R. 3-3-5-I-V). 6. An inadvertent whistle is sounded. 7. A possible first-down measurement. 8. Both teams cause a delay in making the ball ready for play (A.R. 3-3-1- III). 9. A live ball comes into possession of an official. 10. A head coach requests a conference or challenges an instant-replay decision. 11. The referee grants a media timeout. 12. The referee declares a discretionary timeout. 13. The referee declares a timeout for unfair noise (Rule 9-2-1-b-5 ). RULE 3 / PERIODS, TIME FACTO RS AND SUBSTITUTIONS FR-51 14. An illegal pass is thrown to conserve time (A.R. 7-3-2-II-VII) (Exception: Rule 3-4-4-c). 15. The referee interrupts the 40/25-second count. 16. A player’s helmet comes completely off through play. 17. When either team commits a dead-ball foul. 18. Violation of a rule for mandatory equipment (Rule 1-4-4) or illegal equipment. (Rule 1-4-7) f. Snap Supersedes Referee’s Signal. Whenever one or more incidents that cause the game clock to be started on the referee’s signal (Rule 3-3-2-e) occur in conjunction with any that cause it to be started on the snap (Rules 3-3- 2-c and 3-3-2-d), it shall be started on the snap. [Exception: Rule 3-4-4 (10-second runoff) supersedes this rule. (A.R. 3-3-2-VIII and -IX)]
  9. Where are you seeing this? I don't see anything on it anywhere.
  10. Note: Auburn actually got a commitment from a player this week. JUCO Keya Patton 5'6" guard
  11. Yeah, What's the deal with this? Are we not going to sign anybody at all in this class? If so, that's incredibly stupid and foolish., or nobody wants to play for her. Roster is already decimated with transfers and next year is going to be worse than this past season from the looks of things.
  12. This program is a complete train wreck right now and its beyond time to make a change. We are losing talented players because we haven't made a change. I don't blame any of those ladies for wanting to go. They certainly aren't going to be developed into better players as long as Flournoy is here. I had low expectations for next year since the powers that be (to this point) have decided to not make a change, but now those expectations are even lower with all these players leaving the program. Greene needs to step up here and announce her firing and start a search for a new coach.
  13. They worked a lot of hours on this. I'm so glad its finally gotten this far. I'll be in line to get one of these when they finally come out. I've been following this for quite a while. This is exciting for sure.
  14. my understanding is the baseball and softball world series' are already cancelled.
  15. He fired the first shot and I was doing play by play for YEARS when nobody here cared about baasketball. I'm not the one being the dick here. All he had to do was ignore the post.