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  1. Released by NCAA Softball committee today: Top 10 ranking (record through games played by April 20): 1. Florida (41-3) 2. Arizona (43-3) 3. Texas A&M (37-5) 4. Florida St. (41-3-1) 5. Auburn (37-7) 6. Washington (32-10) 7. Oregon (37-4) 8. Minnesota (40-3) 9. Tennessee (39-5) 10. UCLA (30-12) Rest of article here: http://www.ncaa.com/news/softball/article/2017-04-22/ncaa-softball-championship-committee-announces-first-top-10-ranking?cid=ncaasoftballsocial_tw_sf72550200
  2. My comment wasn't referencing anything in the game thread, but the other thread discussing the players suspension.
  3. Carlson gets the strikeout swinging to end it. FINAL AUBURN WINS 2-0. lots of people were saying 2 runs wouldn't be enough to win today. It was apparently enough. WAR EAGLE!!! Swindle pitched terrific today.
  4. fly ball to right... 2 outs.
  5. ground ball to short, 1 out.
  6. Rivera bounces to 3rd to end the top 7th. Auburn leads 2-0
  7. Wallace pops it up on the infield, caught at 2nd. 2 outs.
  8. it was either McCrackin or Whitney Jordan, not sure which one they charged it too.
  9. Cooper grounds to short. 1 out. Carlee Wallace up.
  10. Auburn gets out of it after the error puts a runner in scoring position. After 6 complete, Auburn leads 2-0. Cooper, Wallace and Rivera up.
  11. south carolina with runners on 1st and 3rd with 1 out. gotta make that play.
  12. hit batter with 1 out in 6th. pitching change here as Kaylee Carlson comes in.
  13. Draper strikes out looking to end the top 6th. Auburn leads 2-0
  14. Podany loops one to the right side, caught in foul territory by the 1st baseman. 2 outs. Draper up.
  15. wild pitch moves the runners up to 2nd and 3rd.