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  1. NCAA issues aside, I wouldn't have ever even considered Freeze to be my head coach. Cutcliffe is better as a coach than Freeze will ever be. Now, NCAA issues included and it makes it even easier to pick one over the other. Cutcliffe also had a winning conference record while at Ole Miss, Freeze did NOT. Of course, with this information now, it may be a LONG time before Freeze gets an opportunity to be a head coach, unless he drops to a lower division or perhaps even high school like Dubose did. Going to be interesting to watch the rest of this unfold.
  2. Ok. Here's another one for everybody to digest. This happened in my spring scrimmage back in May. For the record, we (as a crew) got this enforcement wrong during the game, but fortunately for us, it happened in a spring game and we now know what we should have done. 2nd and 10 from the opponents 20 yard line. QB drops back to pass, he scrambles under heavy rush and continues to run backwards to avoid defenders. While blocking, the helmet comes off offensive player #58 at the 30 yard line. The offensive player, picks up his helmet, puts it back on and executes a block at the 35 yard line, then the ball carrier is tackled back at the 41. What is the penalty (if there is one) and where would the ball be spotted? ANSWER: ILLEGAL PARTICIPATION on #58. Even though he put his helmet back on he is prohibited from participating in the play. He MUST stop participating once he loses his helmet. Now, where is the penalty enforced from? I will have to look up the college enforcement spot for this, but High School enforcement is NOT from the spot of the foul, but from the end of the run. Since the run ended at the 41, we penalize 15 yards from the 41, so the Offensive would face 3rd and 46 from their own 44 yard line. In high school the unwritten way to remember this is whatever hurts the offended team the most.
  3. I think this one has run its course.
  4. This is awesome. http://www.auburntigers.com/genrel/071917aad.html
  5. New play. 2 years ago Auburn vs. Alabama. we kicked off to Alabama and the Alabama player touched it in the field of play and it went into the endzone. Saw one comment that it would have been a safety had we tackled him in the endzone. Well, let me break it down a bit and explain why that would NOT have been a safety and thus we benefited from him taking it out of the endzone. While the ball was touched by Alabama in the field of play and then went into the endzone, it's still a kicked ball. Had we knocked him out of bounds in the back of the endzone OR tackled him in the endzone it would have been a TOUCHBACK and come out to the 25. It would NOT have been a safety there. The reason the white hat was giving the deflection signal was to indicate it was touched and still a live ball. Had Auburn recovered it in the endzone it would have been a touchdown for Auburn. Had it gone out of the back of the endzone, it would have been a TOUCHBACK. The reason it wasn't blown dead was because it was touched in the field of play. Had Alabama not touched it in the field of play it would have been blown dead when it reached the endzone and be an automatic touchback. Here's the rule on it: c. Any free kick or scrimmage kick continues to be a kick until it is caught or recovered by a player or becomes dead. Ball Dead in End Zone ARTICLE 7. a. When a free kick untouched by Team B touches the ground on or behind Team B’s goal line, the ball becomes dead and belongs to Team B. Initial Impetus ARTICLE 2. a. The impetus imparted by a player who kicks, passes, snaps or fumbles the ball shall be considered responsible for the ball’s progress in any direction even though its course is deflected or reversed after striking the ground or after touching an official or a player of either team. (No possession = still a kick) SECTION 6. Touchback When Declared ARTICLE 1. It is a touchback when: a. The ball becomes dead out of bounds behind a goal line, except from an incomplete forward pass, or becomes dead in the possession of a player on, above or behind his own goal line and the attacking team is responsible for the ball being there (Rules 7-2-4-c) (A.R. 7-2-4-I, A.R. 8-6-1-I-III). b. A kick becomes dead by rule behind the defending team’s goal line and the attacking team is responsible for the ball being there
  6. That part isn't accurate. The defender can leap in or beyond the neutral zone. It is not a foul if the player leaps from in or behind (this probably should say BEYOND since behind would be the offensive side of the ball) the neutral zone.
  7. It is just for high school. That's why the rule changes were separated in the original post. It is still legal in college, but the receiving team can also call for a fair catch on those types of kicks with totally ends the chance of the kicking team recovering it legally. Since they can call for a fair catch, the kicking team can't interfere with his opportunity to catch the ball. Therefore, why do that type of kick at all?
  8. I disagree and I still contend this was covered under the hurdling penalty and there isn't really a need for a specific article in the book to make this illegal. Here's the rule on leaping. No defensive player who runs forward from beyond the neutral zone and leaps from beyond the neutral zone in an obvious attempt to block a field goal or try may land on any player(s). Notice in that rule above it says absolutely nothing about leaping/hurdling over a player, only that they cannot land on a player. First the definition of Hurdling. NO a player laying on the ground is not being hurdled. SECTION 15. Hurdling ARTICLE 1. a. Hurdling is an attempt by a player to jump with one or both feet or knees foremost over an opponent who is still on his feet (Rule 9-1-13). b. “On his feet’’ means that no part of the opponent’s body other than one or both feet is in contact with the ground. Now the penalty: Hurdling ARTICLE 13. There shall be no hurdling (Exception: The ball carrier may hurdle an opponent). My contention all along is that once the snapper snapped the ball, no part of his body was touching the ground other than his feet. As a result the player that jumped over the offensive line, was either off sides or he HURDLED the center. I'm not understanding why they don't see this the same way. I totally get it was an incredibly athletic play, but I'm glad they have specified that its illegal. As far as I'm concerned it was already illegal because he hurdled the center. He didn't jump the gap between the guard and center. See my comments above. I still don't get why they had to specifically outline this as illegal when the hurdling definition and penalty cover it already. That's something I would love to ask Steve Shaw about myself.
  9. what a shock...didn't read the article at all...
  10. It's great to be talking football again with the season approaching...
  11. I tend to agree. Several years ago they allowed the receiving team to actually call for a fair catch on those pop up kicks. That pretty much ended any chance of the kicking team having equal access to the ball in those situations. Now the kicks are actually illegal.
  12. squib kicks along the ground are still completely legal. The kick driving the ball immediately into the ground so it pops up is now illegal. This is all going back to player safety. I can't recall in all my years officiating, very many getting injured from fielding these types of kicks, but it is what it is.
  13. One of the questions that gets asked a lot over the course of the season is who is eligible to catch a forward pass. I put together a chart with some formations to illustrate who is eligible in each formation. The eligible numbers are 1-49 and 80-99. Numbers 50-79 are PERMANENTLY INELIGIBLE to catch a forward pass. If they do catch a forward pass its a penalty for illegal touching. Hopefully the chart below will help make some sense of it.
  14. Nope. Not how it works here. for the record, I don't trust anybody when they start rambling off stuff with no proof. There's absolutely nothing supporting what Rodgers said in that article. NOTHING. Until someone provides proof from a CREDIBLE source, this is a completely BS article written for web hits and nothing more.
  15. Going to need proof for the first part of that if you don't mind. 2nd, having access to premium forums at scout, rivals and 24/7 sports as well as the insiders here, and there's been ZERO mention, even in passing, of this to be remotely accurate. See Dag's post above for further illustrations on the BS of this.