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  1. Johnson shooting 2. 1st good. 2nd no good. Johsnon with the rebound and he dribbles it out. FINAL. Auburn wins 78-74.
  2. Brown rebounds LONG pass ahead to Spencer and he JAMS it home. 77-71...77-74. Johnson fouled and will shoot 2. 6.7 seconds to play.
  3. Dunans with a jumper 75-71
  4. 1:18 to play. 73-68
  5. Johnson to the basket, GOOD and he's fouled FT good. 73-65
  6. Spencer fouled and will shoot 2. 1st good. 2nd good. 70-65
  7. Johnson with a layup high off the glass. 68-63.
  8. McLemore inside, scores and he's fouled. FT good. 66-61 Auburn.
  9. McLemore with a nice shot. 63-59
  10. Dunans gets Auburn a much needed basket. 61-57 Auburn.
  11. 59-54 Auburn. Gotta get the shots to start falling again.
  12. Wiley inside and he's fouled. 1st good. 2nd good. 59-48
  13. Come on Auburn., Take care of the ball.
  14. Brown with a THREE. 57-42
  15. Brown with a THREE. 54-40. I wish they would get rid of the box and put the game full screen. We don't need to see Barkley while they talk to him.