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  1. Mea culpa. That makes sense. However, my sentiment is the same. We never do know what's coming and wouldn't have believed this for a minute. What a beautiful couple taken away in the mere blink of an eye! My Auburn heart is sad, but my human heart is just so broken over those children's loss of their parents. Just hard to wrap my brain around! Thank you for the clarification!
  2. The part that killed me was seeing Chris Davis' name on the list of pall bearers. It occurred to me that if you had told us what his role would be today for the caller of his play that November night, not a one of us could imagine such a tragedy. That is when I lost it! It was a lovely tribute to two people who were such great examples for us all!
  3. I'm only watching our bowl game. I do not care who wins any of the other games. I hope to read that the turdies were skull drug up and down the field; though I honestly believe we should just give them the trophy today, as the rest is just a formality. They're probably working to vacate our IB win as I type. I feel like screaming.
  4. Arizona was like an Auburn home game in the desert. It was something to behold!
  5. But you have to listen to Paul to do that. Not worth it IMHO!
  6. Thanks! Not what I would like to hear, but I pray that this year they're on the outside looking in, especially at the Tigers playing for all the marbles!
  7. What is the scenario that must happen for ua NOT to sneak in? I, like most in this state, am ready for that fanbase to be knocked back down to reality!
  8. So glad the Mobile media market dropped him nearly 2 years ago. My BP hardly ever goes up any more! I don't like that jerk and his hate-mongering!
  9. I admit that I am bitter so that would make me giddy!
  10. That is where my sadness about this lies; I want AU to have the clean program that it's had with CTT. Winning is good, don't get me wrong, but having a clean program about which I can be proud made me very, very happy! I like the idea of CTT as AD, but I honestly don't know if that's going to happen! Curious to see what direction our program is headed!
  11. Niiiiiiiice and quite funny! to whoever did that!
  12. Actually, this game reminds me of the 2002 game. Nobody is giving us a chance and your coach is about to bolt for TAMU. If they want him. Frankly, I hope you're right. Auburn beat Bama 17-7 in 2002 and Bama's coach left them high and dry after gaining the Bama Nation's support after all sorts of promises for re-gained past glory.
  13. Auburn is the largest University in the state anyway. In terms of student body. That used to be the case for years, but it's no true; they're bigger now. They're actively growing their enrollment to grow to about 28k. Auburn has growth plans, but no where near UA's. I think our future cap is about 25k. One of the schools has a much higher set of acceptance standards. You know, the one that's not currently trying to grow its enrollment to 28k!
  14. Or at least the "most valuable." Well, duh! Perhaps the most valuable AND the best!
  15. I note 8 SEC teams. Woot! Who says it's not the best conference in the nation?