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  1. The communists are celebrating their ballot stuffing to prop up a guy that can barely form a sentence. Same state that elected a dead guy. If you try to get through to them they’ll just mumble “muh democracy”
  2. And just like that, his skirt felt more airy and free
  3. It’s funny to me how one side stuffs ballot boxes while mumbling “muh democracy”, then collaborated with msm to start up the omb chant……….and there are people simple enough to repeat it
  4. Sure, inflation rampant, interest rates at record levels, open border, unnecessary war getting funded, record level crime, lowest approval rating in years……….what more could you clowns want?
  5. Hey - you bragged that your social security is higher than it’s ever been (which has nothing to do with Biden). So it wasn’t a blind dig. You vote for benefits, but keep calling people that are footing the bill garbage. The rest of your post reveals the damage that medical pot is doing to your brain. You throw out all of these crazy accusations and lump anyone you see into this crazed, right wing group. Truth is, there’s a lot of people that aren’t blindly loyal to anything left or right. And there’s a lot of stuff that you envision that just doesn’t exist. But keep pecking away at your keyboard spouting your blind hate, I’m sure it makes your days very rewarding.
  6. Man, you gotta quit huffing msm. R is about to get 50 seats in the senate, plus we always have our wildcard (manchin). R is about to get the house majority too. bad news - not as much of that sweet, sweet govt money headed your way over the next two years. good news - there’s a chance you’ll continue to get you govt benefits checks because there are now people in place to check potato in chief’s shopping sprees
  7. A man that masquerades as a preacher but compromises on anything remotely biblical, he’s the worst of the worst
  8. If you diddle, just get it off your chest. Confession is good for the soul…..
  9. Weird deflection - you said the left wasn’t pushing for violence. That was a lie, I shared an example contradicting your lie. then you send me a weird article about diddling. Is this a weird admission that you diddle? I’m confused?
  10. Don’t know enough about 3rd party candidates in that race. Warnock is pure evil, I don’t trust Herschel, ……is there a libertarian on the ballot?🤣
  11. Yeah, I saw he’s a pastor in Columbus. I’m thinking he’s more of a leftist than a pastor. MSM is fanning the ole embers against Christian’s right now, don’t get caught up in the hype
  12. Where do you find crap like this🤣 I get it man, you hate Christians. I’m sorry you have to be a coward about it and call us Christian nationalists. No, we’re Christians and you hate us. There, do you feel better now?
  13. There’s two main factors: 1) our collective IQ has dropped significantly. We’re literally a nation of fat morons 2) half the population is voting to affect their govt assisted income. To summarize, people are dumb and done of them are just voting to increase the size of their Uncle Sam check. Of course this war is about to go hot
  14. I posted an example of a leftist leader encouraging violence and it’s met with lefty silence. There is no point in trying to educate them, they are all worked up about “muh democracy”
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