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  1. Agreed. They have been very good for AE and I'm sure they will continue to excel.
  2. You better get your flip offs in just in case.
  3. Let's refer to him as a blogger. That's more appropriate and being gracious.
  4. I'll fix it Wow. Now that's customer service. BTW, I need a gin and tonic.
  5. Maybe they forgot to pay the IT bill? Somebody dare them to do it. I'm too scared.
  6. By the way, who do I see about getting my $3 donation back from?
  7. jump jump jump jump Well, I made it. Damn azalea bushes.
  8. Goodbye all. I'm going to jump off my porch now. If I live and if not still banned I may see you at aufamily. If I don't make it, it's been a good run. Tell everyone wire grass tiger said war eagle and stuff. Cruel world
  9. Maybe we can't be defeated but we can obviously be bought.
  10. Will miss reading you Jonesy. I plan to lurk some but I never felt at home over there. Good luck to you and all.
  11. I will be disappointed if this happens. Surprised too. I still have hope that we get Cam.
  12. I don't think Frazier will be running a whole lot if we only have one backup....at least I hope they don't run him much If he runs very much, it won't be bacause it was planned! We need him to be able to sit comfortably in a pocket as if he were in a Lazy boy recliner.
  13. yes, all topics and members will be transferred Well, it's been fun guys. I was kicked off over there about 7 or 8 years ago I think. I'm not sure that legally I can go back. There may be a restraining order or something for the prude of a mod that didn't like my typing style.
  14. Personally, I'm not crazy about some of those guys. I got kicked off for running words together in the subject of a thread. And yes, I'm serious. Well mostly because I refused to stop doing it. But if it's good for ST and the AE family, best of luck!
  15. It's almost all coachspeak. And that's not really a bad thing.
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