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  1. Mine was Cam’s A-Day game. Me and my dad were excited to see him for the first time. When he was only in for a handful of junk plays and replaced, my dad leaned over and said “that’s our next QB. They just don’t want the other teams to know how good he is.” I’d say he was right. Sure love that memory and that I got to share those times with one of the biggest auburn fans to ever live.
  2. I just don’t see it happening after a W no matter how ugly it was. Maybe after the season/bowl game but it doesn’t feel like now is the time. Should it be? Absolutely. Just don’t see it. Hopefully I’m wrong though.
  3. So what gets loaded on the truck first? Couch or loveseat??
  4. We saved that play for then?? All the opportunities before and now? Pathetic playcalling period.
  5. Looks like we gave up already as far as playcalling goes.
  6. I’m burning a stump in the backyard. It’s more exciting than our play calling.
  7. Sad play calls. Looks like we give up after 2nd down.
  8. How is that any different than a player diving for the pylon and fumbling it out of bounds after touching it? foot down and possession thru touching the pylon nullifies everything after that point or at least I thought it did.
  9. I logged in earlier to sigh. Now I’m logged back in to SMOOOOOOOOOKE!
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