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  1. Man that was fun to watch.
  2. I want an official or someone higher up to make a statement and admit they messed it up.
  3. Should have got 3 shots from the line for that too.
  4. Spring football has been boring since Wade Christopher graduated.
  5. That one commentator was pulling for Kansas HARD...
  6. I honestly enjoyed watching that.
  7. Gus laughing at that one for sure!
  8. You are awesome and I get excited every time he’s in the game.
  9. My opinion is this. If gus was taking over as OC then it would have already happened. I see no benefits in keeping that under wraps this long. We are doing one of two things: 1. We are waiting on a currently employed coach to be available or time the official announcement with their bowl game. 2. Gus really wants to hire a currently available coach but is being hindered/negotiating terms.
  10. Sorry. I thought I had yellow on.