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  1. I was on a cruise ship in the gulf during the game. I went to the bars to watch it with what I hoped would be a great game atmosphere. The place was 100% bama so I went to the room to watch. After the kick 6 and lots of screaming I rushed back to the bars to celebrate. It was so empty. I went to the pool area and people watched the butt hurt crowds. I still try to watch the replay at least every 2-3 weeks.
  2. Thinking back at all the great memories I have of me and my dad, a bunch of them have Rod’s voice in the background. He was definitely part of our family. WAR EAGLE ROD!
  3. Man that defense was loaded. Coach Will was fun to watch.
  4. I couldn’t watch or even listen to the game. Just saw the score and got the Pearl sweats.
  5. Sign gusto to 10 yr. $100Mil NOW! I can’t find a font yellow enough.
  6. My daughter is in 7th grade and made the high school JV team. Yesterday I caught her watching AU videos on YouTube giving tours of the soccer facilities and dorms. She said she’d love to play for Auburn. I hope one day I get the opportunity to post her pictures and video here.
  7. To sum it up. There’s breaking news about the lack of breaking news.
  8. I never had to build up my crush. Brown was in everyone else’s posts lol.
  9. +10 year club for me as well. I had no idea. I guess time flies when you have fun. Anyone remember the old tent that was set up years ago outside the stadium??? I still have my shirt!
  10. All while being double teamed and held constantly.
  11. We were at the Burrough market just below. Heard the gunshots. Luckily the bomb was a fake. I feel for those families that lost loved ones.
  12. I wish we’d run the wildcat play without qb change after a big play running nascar. No way the d could get lined up to defend it.
  13. We’re visiting our exchange student and her family. Super excited. Lot of pics and I’m making a roughly 20-30 minute video documentary of our trip when I get home. If you haven’t heard, there was a terrorist act in London and we had to be evacuated from the area. I was on the news for 10 seconds during the event as a bystander. Wish I had my AU stuff on at the time. Scary but we made the best of it. Really enjoy your posts.