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  1. Just look at my profile picture and you’ll find the answers you seek.
  2. Watching my dad’s eyes light up listening to the radio in 93. His passion for his (now my) tigers was second to none in my opinion. I was 10. He’s passed on now and these days, I do my best to teach my youngest nephews their first words: War Eagle. Their parents are die hard turds but there’s still hope for those twin boys. Dad’s passion lives on thru me and I’ll hopefully pass it on after I’m gone. I believe in Auburn and love it. Always.
  3. I said it earlier. Our pre snap is too predictable.
  4. The old “had a good practice” quote. I was waiting for it.
  5. It’s going to be ok. We had a good practice.
  6. Clear agenda to help Bama.
  7. Really just a quarter at a time.
  8. With no AU this week, it’s a good time to get some work done. I pulled the dash out of my 07 Prius and fixed the display finally. Saved myself $700 and I’m about to settle in for some football. Throwing in some pics for those interested.
  9. When you go with a true freshman at QB, you have to accept all the mistakes and growing pains that he will bring to the team. It doesn’t matter if he’s all pro talent.
  10. Playing like a true freshman. It’s that simple.