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  1. TitanTiger

    Aaron Schlossberg

    The reckoning has been coming for this guy for a while. Hopefully it will drive him to repentance.
  2. TitanTiger

    NYT Revises Trump Story

    Did you read the whole article?
  3. TitanTiger

    The view from China

    That's interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  4. TitanTiger

    Trump Backpedals on ZTE

    Market analysts are not privy to, nor do they give a s*** about, national security concerns. And the concerns are legitimate. This isn't bogeymen and paranoia. ZTE and Huawei aren't to be trusted and they've earned every restriction put on them. Regardless of whether people whose primary concerns are making money think it's great, they aren't qualified to say so.
  5. TitanTiger

    Trump Backpedals on ZTE

    This charge makes no sense. Trump is the frickin' president. It's perfectly normal to continue talking about the person who currently occupies the office. Especially when he, almost daily, says or does things that reinforce every reason you expressed before that he was unfit for a position of such power, influence and responsibility. Opposing a push or even a public suggestion for the US to relax restrictions on ZTE (and Huawei) can't be blown out of proportion. It's monumentally stupid and should be vehemently labeled as such. It reveals either stunning ignorance or stunning hubris in the one who does so. Neither of which are qualities one wants in a president.
  6. TitanTiger

    Trump Backpedals on ZTE

    So when a president says things that are not only ignorant, but even dangerously ignorant we should just not worry about it and not call it out because they're probably lying?
  7. TitanTiger

    Trump Backpedals on ZTE

    Seriously. "Pay attention to the actual words he himself says at your own risk." About the President.
  8. TitanTiger

    Trump Backpedals on ZTE

    I think anger at Trump for pushing to loosen the restrictions on ZTE isn't wasted at all. It's monumentally stupid thing for him to attempt to do and even more stupid to be blabbing about it on Twitter as if any American gives a tinker's damn about Chinese jobs. He'd do well to listen to people who have actual knowledge of such things before running his fat yap online. He 100% deserved to get raked publicly over it.
  9. TitanTiger

    Trump Backpedals on ZTE

    No, they were not "just now" getting concerned about them. And no, it's not just dirty pool being played by their competitors. Our military and intelligence communities have been warning of these problems with ZTE and Huawei for several years now.
  10. TitanTiger

    Crooked Wasserman-Schultz Machine

    No one here is under the impression that Wasserman-Shultz is anything other than an unprincipled pol. It was just a jab at the daily vomiting of Fox News links you post here.
  11. TitanTiger

    More Evidence of No Russian Collusion

    Given that you cannot prove a negative, the thread title is oddly worded.
  12. TitanTiger

    Crooked Wasserman-Schultz Machine

    The only thing as predictable as the sunrise is the daily confirmation that PT lets Fox News do all his thinking for him.
  13. TitanTiger

    A Thread Gone Awry From the OP

    PT has a way of narrowly tailoring the facts to fit some oddball and utterly meaningless point that he’ll turn into a hill to die on. It’s been his MO since Adam walked the earth.
  14. TitanTiger

    A Thread Gone Awry From the OP

    The more you try to talk to him, the more this starts to look like Br'er Rabbit and the tar baby.
  15. So what are you saying? All I'm seeing so far is a suggestion that it's merely a way to take shots at Pruett and that you don't believe the report is being blocked.