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  1. It didn’t end with the moderator’s slanted questioning. It’s a narrative that continued on the network after the debate for days.
  2. Interesting article on tax exemptions for churches and how just looking at a few thousand dollars in tax revenues a city doesn't get misses the bigger picture.
  3. Yeah, we get that Mr. Literal. But don't act like he said something ludicrous. He's averaging close to 5 losses a year.
  4. It's pretty darn close. In seven seasons he's averaging 4.43 losses a year. And since that first year with the magical run, he's averaged 4.83.
  5. There may be good reasons to have taken this guy out. Certainly doesn't look like the world will be worse off without him in it. But don't gaslight everyone. We had our reasons for killing him, but it's not to "stop a war." Give me a break.
  6. Amazing how much flexibility you have to address issues when your brain-dead president isn't signing completely asinine contract extensions with astronomical buyouts.
  7. I'm not so much singling out you and homer. I'm calling out the movement in general. There seems to be an awful lot of time spent belittling people, dismissing their concerns as "slippery slope" thinking or exaggerating, and very little effort spent on dispelling notions like this and condemning them. And from what I can gather, it is one of the primary concerns of climate skeptics - that the climate change banner is being used as cover for a different motive altogether. It's not unlike the way that some dismiss religion completely because of charlatans like Joel Osteen or reject conservative views on practically everything because of the way that certain prominent folks like Jerry Falwell, Jr and Franklin Graham entangle it with Christianity to a sickening degree. But if I want people to see the reasonableness of Christian ideas and thought and want them to come to know Christ, then I have to deal with those errors. I have to push back against them. I don't just remain silent or laugh it off when someone points to them as a stumbling block. I address it. I oppose those "leaders" publicly when appropriate. I counter their wrong ideas with the right ones. Just seems normal to me if the goal is to change people's minds.
  8. I think it's shortsighted to on the one hand gripe that not enough people are getting onboard with the climate change science, and thus we aren't addressing the causes and such - then on the other hand say we have no responsibility to deal with the obstacles to them coming around and just let it fester. Either you want to persuade and effect change or you simply enjoy lording superiority over people. But the two seem fairly mutually exclusive to me.
  9. Never underestimate the power of an AUF Political forum denizen to zero in on something other than the point to avoid the hard realizations.
  10. Until you deal with the politicization of AGW, you will never win over people who see it through this lens. They don't trust the science because they think it's being used and skewed to these kinds of ends like a Trojan horse.
  11. First, I'm not here to really get into the weeds on climate change. I just think that it's articles like this that fuels a lot of the opposition to climate change advocacy. People that are skeptical get that way because they see an ulterior motive behind the movement that they feel has nothing to do with actual concern for the environment and livability on Earth, but rather is about an almost communist impulse to control the decisions and living conditions of everyone. Unless/until the advocates for addressing climate change can purge this impulse from their movement, skeptics will continue to abound.
  12. A good Twitter thread that succinctly explains the divide between the fundamentalists and the evangelicals, Christian Post vs Christianity Today, over Trump:
  13. It appears that Franklin Graham may have been making up what his father felt about Trump and how he voted (or that he voted at all). Days before the election in 2016, he granted an interview with the Charlotte Observer about his dad. His own words seem to contradict what he's saying now. When asked how his father was doing, he said, “Not great. He’s 98.” He also said, “He’s real quiet. Doesn’t say much” and “Can’t see. His mind is clear. … But he speaks in sentences of one word.” Again, this was days before the election Franklin now claims his father voted in and discussed with him. The paper then asked him directly about his father’s political views. The Observer writes: “As for this year’s presidential race, Billy Graham ‘knows who’s running and that kind of stuff,’ his son said, but there are no real conversations with him about it. ‘He’s 98.’”