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  1. Last week get out to a quick 14-0 lead, don't score again in regulation, luck into a win. This week, get out to 17-0 lead early in the 2nd, don't score the rest of the game and lose. Do you detect a pattern here?
  2. We're more or less in a holding pattern while other things get lined up. President Roberts is zeroing in on a permanent AD and that AD is going to be the one making the next hire. Meanwhile we have a bye week coming after the LSU and Georgia games. If he thinks he'll have an AD in place by that off week, he may let him decide on the timing of letting Harsin go. If not, the Interim AD McGlynn will be the hatchet man. But I just don't see anything happening sooner than the off week unless LSU just embarrasses us Saturday or something. Until then, it's gonna be rather quiet I think.
  3. I'm going to take a slightly different angle on this. I don't think she should suffer any repercussions for what she said on her Facebook page. She has rights as a private citizen to express her thoughts and ideas, even if some find them offensive or disagreeable or out of step with where they feel society is or want society to be and the college should stand up for that principle even if they find her views and tone offensive. I'm far more concerned about her overt political ranting in the history class than her opinions on a gay pride parade or wanting to show up to protest it in some way. If the college needs to reprimand her for anything, reprimand her for that. Teachers should, to whatever extent possible, teach their subjects in an evenhanded way without introducing personal opinions and biases into it. No one will do it perfectly because we're human, but it should be the goal. The classroom is not your bully pulpit to ramrod your beliefs down a captive audience's throat.
  4. Brent Venables Mario Cristobal Billy Napier ...among others Venables straight up said the lack of "alignment" amongst the power brokers at Auburn changed his mind about coming here. Numerous folks said Cristobal was all but done but when Oregon backed into the Pac12 title game and it gave him a week to think about things, he got unnerved by the perception that all the PTB weren't on the same page. Napier had concerns about how meddlesome the PTB would be in terms of who he hired (he also had some high demands for salary, but nothing we couldn't have done).
  5. He said "the admin here" which often/usually tends to mean the "moderators and administrators." I don't think splitting hairs to make a point at someone you don't like is all that helpful.
  6. You’re talking to a guy that’s been on this board for going on 25 years. If you think I can’t handle critique of my opinion you’re out of your gourd.
  7. I’ve participated in discussions about football and basketball with you plenty of times that didn’t involve coming to you about complaints. Whatever issues you may have with some folks here (or they with you), if you’re coming away with the take that somehow I’m an enemy, that’s flat out amazing. By admins? Mods? And who cares anyway? It’s a public message board and opinions will get critiqued. That’s literally the point of a message board. Maybe folks didn’t think it was a good idea when you first said it but circumstances have changed. They value the immediate impact he’d make on recruiting more than they did several months ago. I mean - you’ve been somewhat validated. Why not just enjoy it rather than publicly lament that people didn’t recognize your obvious prophetic genius earlier? Sheesh.
  8. Man, I gotta say, he's not my first choice but I'd be lying if I didn't admit it would be really interesting to see what happens.
  9. In what way has the administration here at AUF denied you the credit you so richly deserve for liking Deion for the Auburn HC job? Who called you stupid for saying it?
  10. Good point. Someone should look into this.
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