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  1. I've not dodged for even a millisecond. I want you to go back and read my posts in this thread and see how dumb you sound. I never mentioned a specific policy. I never said I was talking about some unnamed (by me) policy. I said "foreign policy stupidity." Then when you pressed me on it, I told you what stupidity I was talking about and referred to what went down that the original post referred to. I've repeatedly told you this was what I was talking about and why, and now you have the nerve to say I'm dodging? Should have stuck with my earlier instinct on this when I sniffed out your typical thread killing bull**** and said this discussion was over. This time it is. Don't respond to me on this any further.
  2. I said "foreign policy stupidity." I didn't name a policy. I referred to the handling of foreign policy such as what the original post pointed out. Because you keep yammering about something I never brought up and that is your fault, not mine. You type before reading and comprehending what you're responding to. Let me see if I can say this in a way that finally gets through to you: Even if what his staff announced was terrible and wrong, and Trump’s reversal of it was 100% the right call, this entire situation is stupid and it's on him. If he allows his staff to announce things without his approval, it’s stupid. If he’s clueless, not on top of things and doesn’t know what his staff is announcing to the point of having to reverse it a day later, it’s stupid. This stupidity is true regardless of what the actual policy is. Are we clear yet?
  3. You disagree with your advisors in private and then when the policy is announced, the entire administration speaks with a unified voice. You don't disagree, let them announce one thing, then renege on it the very next day. That is stupid with a capital "S." If that's how he operates, it's stupid. If he's clueless or surprised about what they're doing and saying to the public such that he has to contradict them a day later, that's also stupid. Quit trying to move the goalposts again. I'm discussing how he's handling foreign policy.
  4. I believe I used the word "stupidity." And this clown show we've just witnessed is exactly that: foreign policy stupidity. Do you even read the posts you respond to before running off at the keyboard? Also, I'm saying he either doesn't have control of his advisors, doesn't keep up with what his advisors are doing, or is confused on what he wants to do. None of the options are good.
  5. If you say you fully understand what I've been referring to, then the above is completely irrelevant. Presidents who understand how to manage foreign policy don't allow their advisors/staff to announce things until they've fully signed off on them. They understand that an administration has to speak with one voice and that voice is decided by the President. To have your staff announcing sanctions and then a day later you're contradicting them speaks of a President who either doesn't know what his staff is doing, or can't make up his mind and that simply is not an option in this arena.
  6. Yet it's the way almost all political discussions these days go. When you raise objections to one side's take on something, the assumption is never that you simply think their approach goes way too far and you prefer a different approach to the problem. You must be the extreme version of the "other" team. I mean, witness the number of dolts here who see me criticize Trump or a particular GOP initiative and start in with the "liberal" labels and assumptions. It's a sickness.
  7. If this is the case, stop saying dumb s*** like "you can't even name the failed Trump foreign policy." I already explained this: "Let’s start with this move - reversing the sanctions his own administration put in place just one day later. Either he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, doesn’t have a clue what his staff is doing, didn’t think it through the first time, or is out of his depth. It’s a bungle you’d never let a Dem get away with. " It's amateur hour. At best it speaks of miscommunication and confusion between the President and his own administration. Or, it makes him appear wishy-washy and fickle. At worst, it makes him look confused and clueless.
  8. To start with, I said "foreign policy stupidity." And I've said a dozen times now that I'm referring to what was mentioned in the original post. At this point, I have to believe you're just being deliberately annoying. This discussion is over.
  9. Look, I've got other things to do and I'm not going to keep going round and round with you on this.
  10. Well, the accusation happens to stick. And again, I've told you several times what I'm talking about - this wishy washy, back and forth addressed in the original post. Stop wasting my time with your obtuse weirdness in discussions.
  11. Reading is fundamental. I said nothing of the sort. Here’s my quote: “Ok, let’s play. Yes, just like that. Where have you been as Trump pulls his version of foreign policy stupidity?” Nothing plural. Simply asked you about this situation addressed in the original post. I know moving the goalposts is one of your go-to moves, but I’m not here for it.
  12. You didn’t. And this isn’t a contest of how many can we count. You asked, I answered, you dodged.
  13. You asked for an example and I gave you one - the very subject the original post brought up. And you still haven't addressed it.
  14. Total dodging. I made an accusation based on the original post. And what I said was accurate - if Obama had done (or even considered doing) something like this, there would have been no end to the wailing and gnashing of teeth over it here by you and your ilk. You know it, I know it. To even be considering reneging on sanctions his own administration just put in demonstrates a level of incoherence that's inexcusable at this level. The rest is the typical smokescreen bull**** you engage in when someone points out the bleeding obvious.