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  1. Trump Soon to Resign?

    Just by floating that out there, he's made Dolt 45 dig in his heels.
  2. Doug Jones

    Write in.
  3. Doug Jones

    Well first of all, he couldn't even think of one way in which is departs from the national party on any matter that would make him more palatable to conservatives. So that's not all the reasons why he doesn't have a chance. Alabama is just the inverse reflection of more liberal states. If you are a Republican running for statewide office in California, you may as well save your money if you're going to run carrying the same social views as a Republican from Alabama, Georgia or South Carolina. It's just common sense. Being pro-life from conception to natural death would be a complete non-starter to win a race in CA, even if you supported a single-payer universal health care system, wanted to return tax brackets to the rates of the Clinton years, believe in man-made climate change, and had no intention of trying to reverse the gay marriage decisions. You have to know the electorate. You have to be able to detect the temperature of the room. So yes, it's a fool's errand for the Democrats in Alabama to run a candidate who expresses zero departures from the national Democratic party, particularly on social issues. They may as well call a news conference, set up a bonfire in front of their headquarters and toss every bit of money spent on Doug Jones' candidacy into it for all the world to see.
  4. Doug Jones

    On social issues, he's pretty much just boilerplate national Democrat. Indistinguishable from Nancy Pelosi. In a couple of local interviews he's highlighted his support for the contraceptive mandate with zero caveats about organizations like Little Sisters of the Poor or religious non-profits. Slate interviewed him and even lobbed him an easy softball to make some sort of distinction between himself and the party at large. They basically asked him what issues he would take a more conservative stance on to distinguish himself from the national Democratic party brand to win in Alabama. He couldn't come up with one. The closest thing on his site is something about streamlining regulations on small businesses. I'm not rolling the dice on a guy like that. To me, that says he's either avoiding the subject because he knows he's not in step with the electorate on those things, or he's clueless about how out of step he is to attempt to win in Alabama. I'd say the same thing about an arch-conservative running for Senate in a place like Connecticut, California or Massachusetts. You have to know the temperature of the room.
  5. Doug Jones

    Then you're a unique individual. Because I would venture to bet that if most are honest on both sides of the various big social and moral issues, they won't support a candidate who doesn't pretty much align with them on those matters important to them, no matter how good they think they are on economics. For instance, you bring up abortion a lot in this thread as if I and others are single issue voters, when I'll bet you anything you'll find that there are just as many people on the other side of that issue who are 'single-issue' voters. They'd vote in a complete bumbling idiot so long as they were right on that issue for them. Lament it if you wish, but it's the truth and it's not just an indictment on one side's voting patterns. In fact, the Alabama Democratic Party is perfect evidence of it. They'll cut off their nose to spite their face by offering up socially liberal candidates more in step with the Northeast or Left Coast to get slaughtered in general elections over and over again rather than concede that they might need to find an at least somewhat socially conservative Democratic candidate who might give them half a chance. Ideological purity on a few hot buttons outweighs any other consideration.
  6. Doug Jones

    Again, we aren't talking about one issue though. So you'd sellout your pro-choice beliefs over economic ones. Surely there are social/moral issues that you would find difficult to vote against in favor of some economic issues that would be to your benefit. Or are you saying you have no principles on social matters that you wouldn't compromise if it puts money in your pocket?
  7. Doug Jones

    Ok. So would you vote for a candidate whose economic views you considered to be more beneficial to your interests that held such views over one whose economic policies were noticeably less beneficial but whose views on the above issue were more in line with yours? Would you find such a choice difficult to make?
  8. Doug Jones

    That's only honest to you. And at various times in our history we've thought many things were settled, until they weren't. Plessy v. Ferguson was the settled law of the land for almost 60 years until views changed and we better recognized the full humanity of black people. There's nothing to say that eventually we won't wake up to the idea that human dignity extends to the preborn as well. Again, abortion isn't the only issue and it does affect someone other than the mother. But I'm not going to get this sidetracked onto an abortion debate.
  9. Doug Jones

    Going with the idea that this is only about abortion, I'm not stupid. I know that some use it in that way. The problem is, what do the Democrats offer me as an alternative? Also, you didn't answer the question.
  10. Doug Jones

    I don't have to be specific. I wasn't specific the other way either. Just think of some social views that you could not in good conscience support. I'm not talking about extreme stuff like voting for a KKK Grand Dragon. Just things that you consider very important. Whatever it is. Can you imagine supporting a candidate whose economic policies might not be as beneficial to your interests to avoid supporting someone whose social views you cannot go along with?
  11. Doug Jones

    Ok, let's flip it. If you had a choice between a candidate who advocated social views you find abhorrent, but his or her economic policies were far more beneficial to you, would it be an easy choice for you to pull the lever for them? Or would you feel like a sellout for ditching your convictions for economic gain?
  12. Doug Jones

    Economic interests. But there's a solution to that...give those voters an option where they can vote in their economic interests without asking them to utterly abandon their social and moral convictions.
  13. Doug Jones

    If Doug were running as a Republican, but held the exact same views he does now, I wouldn't vote for him. The state Democratic party here is delusional. They keep putting up candidates that are in-line with the national party on social issues in a state where that is basically an automatic loser. Doug Jones may be a nice man and competent. But he doesn't reflect the vast majority of Alabamamians' views on such things. That might make the handful of Dem diehards happy, but in terms of ever making a dent in the political landscape or having a prayer in a statewide election, it's like pissing in the wind.
  14. And yet, no one from his council of Evangelicals has resigned or even uttered a peep about it to my knowledge. I am ashamed.
  15. Mothball the Confederate Monuments

    That's what these towns are trying to do. Aside from a few instances like what happened in Durham, the cities in question are working through their city councils and such to remove them legally and in order. What made it "noisy" and dangerous were the hateful imbeciles coming to protest it.