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  1. It's actually a lot simpler than that. She's a Democrat. Therefore anything she does will get picked apart and condemned. Trump is a Republican (in theory). He can do practically anything he wants and they'd either swallow their tongues or defend it. Being a woman really isn't part of the equation for most.
  2. Who's gonna tell DJT about Financial Peace University?
  3. This is ridiculous. Without leaking information, we don't find out about Watergate. There's nothing inherently wrong about the press getting information that we the American people have the right to know from leaks or unnamed sources.
  4. They could wonder, but again, even if there was a quid pro quo understanding...how would the president hold her to it? Once she's on the bench, he has zero power to do anything about it. She could "double-cross" him so to speak and there's not a damn thing he could do.
  5. Well this is just being dense. It doesn't really matter if you think the joke was a good one or not. Just to act like you don't realize it was a joke and that the audience of soldiers took it as such is grasping at straws.
  6. Also, it's not whataboutism. He meant to say Biden's son, not Trump's. It was a typo.
  7. This tweet didn't age well:
  8. I think what it really shows is that the US tax system is constructed for the benefit of very rich people. It allows them a virtually bottomless vat of complicated ways to avoid taxes and leaves the rest of us paying the bills. The Dems should be beating this drum like crazy. Honest conservatives should join them.
  9. So it appears that another user whose account dates back to 2005 already had the name BigBlue. Your account was started in 2009. I'm guessing that when AUFamily and AuburnEagle merged, if two members ended up having the same name, the older account kept the name and the other one had some sort of numeric thing appended to it. So I can't change your name to BigBlue. Do you have another name you'd like to change it to?
  10. I mean, on a surface level I can see that. But one of the things about the SCOTUS is, once a judge is confirmed, there's nothing that any President or Senator can really do that has any power or leverage over them. The second they are sworn in, they could literally tell everyone that got them in, "**** off, suckers!" and there's not a damn thing anyone could do about it. The best you could say is that they just internally *feel* some kind of loyalty to those who got them confirmed and nominated, but there's nothing that could be done to remove them if they immediately screwed over every sin
  11. Perhaps the best breakdown of what happened, the warrants, the evidence and so on.
  12. You’re not dense, Grumps. Don’t act like i am either.
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