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  1. We've been assured that "go back to where you came from" isn't racist and is a completely legit way to address people, especially black people.
  2. I think it's because they aren't really on the same level.
  3. I would say that in general, it's because Jews don't own the word "concentration camp" and thus get to dictate its usage. And there have been very large Jewish protests against the detention centers, calling them "concentration camps" as well as employing anti-Holocaust rhetoric such as "Never Again." It doesn't appear to me that the majority of Jews consider the use of the term to be anti-Semitic even if a minority do. But "go back to Africa/you own country/where you came from" is a long standing and well-known racist trope. Most black people are familiar with that rhetoric. Even conservative blacks who voted for Trump are pointing out that it's racially offensive.
  4. The difference is, one side generally believes a black person when they say something is racist. Not every time, but most of the time. The other virtually never believes them.
  5. I never said *every* instance of an “ism” is merely a way to shut down the discussion. I said that frequently it is. But other times, it’s accurate. Everything else you said above flows from this false understanding of what I said.
  6. I'm going to do this anyway, Nola. Look, I really don't think it's that complicated. The general public has a decent idea of what Christians stand for, or at least what they say they stand for. We sure as hell talk about it enough. We talked about it ad nauseam for 8 years of the Clinton Presidency. We talked about it enough as we told everyone how Obama's Christianity was false (and for the record, I do disagree with much of what Barack Obama sees as authentic, orthodox Christian faith). We've told them over and over how the liberals are ruining this country with their sexual immorality, no fault divorce, profanity-laced and vulgar entertainment, and other immoral behavior. They also know what we claim and what our supposed Savior teaches about loving your neighbor and blessing those who persecute you. And when they take all that yapping we've done over the last few decades (at least), and pair it with what they do know about the things the Bible teaches, and then they look at Trump's behavior and how we respond to it - ignoring it, minimizing it, excusing it, cheering it on all for the sake of political power - it utterly cuts the legs off of any witness we have to this culture right at the knees. And the ones old enough to be able to compare it to how many of the same people acting toward Clinton's similar behavior get especially disgusted. So spare me the questions about whether they really have a unified view of what Christianity is or whether I can dig up market research to show it. They may not be theologians. They may get a lot wrong about Christian doctrine and what the Bible teaches. But they know what we have brow-beaten into them since the Moral Majority arose in the late 70s. They know what we've told them and after watching this Trump stuff - they justifiably think we're full of s***.
  7. You ask questions that make the uninitiated think you sound smart. They are meaningless questions meant to turn something that's rather simple into something seemingly complex. It's not. And I'm not here for it. I'm all for engaging genuine questions. You seldom ask them, even if you do so in an intelligent sounding manner to people who don't know better. Keep thinking it's all fine and the damage hasn't been done. But don't waste my time in your inane rabbit trails.
  8. The vast majority of that 'half' is white and has zero idea what constitutes a racist remark to a black person.
  9. How can half the country disagree with how one conservative black man was affected by Trump’s tweets?
  10. You mostly gnat-strain, play semantics games, and "just ask questions" til people just get sick of talking to you. Keep blithely thinking it's all good.
  11. Also for the record, according to US law on asylum, you can apply for asylum even if you came in illegally. Not sure if in the confusion surrounding what's going on, people realize this.
  12. The only reason Obama would be relevant is if you told me that it never bothered you when Obama lied, therefore it doesn't bother you now with Trump. But I think we both know that's not true. I'll also say, one could at least argue that when Obama spoke, it was prior to the ACA going through Congress and getting morphed into something different than what he originally proposed and envisioned. It was way prior to the bill actually passing and it may have been his intention. But if we want to call it a lie, fine. It doesn't make Trump's lies any less wrong. Trump took things these women said and either completely made up words they didn't say, or utterly lied about how they used the term to lie. It's not "in the ballpark accurate," it's a blatant lie.