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  1. Feel free to post any prayer requests, discussions, etc on the COVID19 situation here in the Football Forum. Since it's the most trafficked forum we want to be sure as many eyeballs as possible see prayer requests, questions, needs, concerns and so on. All we ask is that we keep the political aspects of this in the Politics forum. Posts here should be for support, comfort, prayer, helping each other out and so on. Community, not arguments.
  2. My annual answer: Not just no, but hell no.
  3. I really haven't paid close attention to specific positions Pearl is known for. If you'd asked me if he had one, I'd probably have told you he's most known for athletic stretch 4's than anything else.
  4. Why? Simply because he'd have played last year instead of sitting out? How much would he have played with Harper running things? Or do you think Scott Drew is an inferior teacher of point guards compared to Bruce Pearl?
  5. Cribbed from the Bunker, but the stats are publicly available. I was of the mind that as much as a like J'Von, Davion was a clearly better PG and that I wished we would have found a way to hang on to him. And to be sure, it would be nice to have the luxury of having them both. But here's the actual stat comparison so far this season: J’Von McCormick PPG - 11.8 AST - 4.3 TOV - 2.3 STL - 1.1 REB - 4.0 2PT% - 44% 3PT% - 29%. FT% - 58% MP - 31.3 Davion Mitchell PPG - 9.8 AST - 3.9 TOV - 2.2 STL - 1.5 REB - 2.8 2PT% - 47% 3PT% - 30% FT% - 67% MP - 32.0 Davion wins more categories, but other than free throw shooting, there's barely a difference between the two in any other category. And J'Von averages more points, assists and rebounds in slightly fewer minutes. It was enlightening to say the least.
  6. Every time I hear Bernie talk, this is what comes to mind:
  7. Yeah, but the GOP did. There were multiple, good, viable candidates available to support in the GOP primaries, and folks let a bunch of mouthbreathers, white nationalists and other morons choose Trump over all of them. Klobuchar would be better than trump.
  8. This guy is a fart in a hurricane. No one outside Auburn knows his name. The reputation that's on the line here is not his, it's Auburn's. So they are going to make damn sure that everyone knows they take this sort of s*** seriously. I don't expect much more than a hearing to scare him straight and him to issue an apology. He'll probably be banned the rest of the season if that's all there is to it. But in this climate politically when you say s*** like "Go back to where you came from this is America," you sound like a xenophobic white nationalist little s***. And xenophobic, white nationalist little sh**s don't get a pat on the head and an admonition to be a good boy.
  9. It might not be as bad historically as what black Americans have suffered (chattel slavery and Jim Crow), but there has absolutely been/is systematic racism directed toward Hispanics - people from Central and South America, Puerto Rico, Cuba, et al.
  10. There's heckling and then there's xenophobic heckling. Or racist heckling. He's not going to a disciplinary hearing for mere heckling.
  11. I thought it was from "Clueless" with Alicia Silverstone but after Googling I can see it came from another film. I won't spoil it if others want to guess.
  12. I'm still hoping she can make another run before Super Tuesday.
  13. I've read that she can be rough on staffers. Then again, men are rough on staffers all the time too and no one says boo about it. Steve Jobs, as the article mentioned, was a tyrant who could cuss the wallpaper off the walls when he wasn't happy. But I'm not convinced she doesn't have a legitimate beef here.
  14. Then there's this take. I'd need to ask a few women if they felt the same way watching it.