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  1. Mikey, stop it. You do this crap every time. You make dumb proclamations, people go into excruciating detail to show that you're wrong, then you start straining gnats and going hyperliteral to try and claim a "win." We're over it. And calling bird a liar isn't helping your cause either. Move on.
  2. It’s total idiocy. The very people who bitched and moaned about lockdowns, masks, and limited capacity at events the most are the very ones most likely to usher some or all of it back in. All the while blathering like morons about gubment control and muh freedumb.
  3. If you want to take an issue with a poll, that's reasonable to do. Just point out the specific flaws in it - be it the polling sample, the polling statistical model, the wording of the questions, the order of the questions, etc. But if you just want to constantly dismiss "polling," particularly when the poll results say things you don't like, then you don't belong on a forum where grown ups discuss weighty matters. There's a difference.
  4. Over 90% of the new cases right now are from unvaccinated people. Over 97% of those hospitalized are unvaccinated and almost 100% of those who are dying of COVID right now are unvaccinated. It's essentially a pandemic of the unvaccinated right now, though them giving the virus fertile ground and time to continue spreading and mutating may eventually allow it to mutate in a way that evades the vaccines more effectively. I'm sure she pissed off a bunch of people but all she's doing is relaying the data. The numbers don't lie. If you wanna be mad, I guess you can be mad at math. Fol
  5. He was just grilled this past weekend by the NY AG's office on the sexual harassment claims: https://nypost.com/2021/07/17/gov-cuomo-to-be-grilled-by-lawyers-in-sexual-harassment-probe/ https://nypost.com/2021/07/21/cuomo-lays-low-after-apparent-questioning-in-ags-sex-harassment-probe/ https://abcnews.go.com/US/gov-andrew-cuomo-questioned-sexual-harassment-investigation-reports/story?id=78882556
  6. I appreciate the civil response. I think without retracing all of the things I said in response, my words at the end summarize where I'm at on this tempest in a teapot: And I find it ironic and funny that the same people who can't seem to admit that you can take a secular theory or framework and utilize only the parts that comport with Scripture and discard the rest are so eager to follow the lead and accept the arguments from an avowed atheist without batting an eye. I mean, if you can find some if not all of what he has to say on spiritual and biblical matters related to CRT and race
  7. It's part of a larger picture. He's an unqualified, unserious, uneducated (on the subject matter) and unChristian person being used as a primary resource for how Christians ought to think about how to engage society on cultural and social issues through a biblical lens. Let's deal with the totality what it says rather than cherry picking things to argue against. Here is the entirety of Resolution 9 from last years SBC annual meeting: https://pastorjonbeck.files.wordpress.com/2019/06/sbc-resolution-9-critical-race-theory.pdf They aren't "endorsing" any of it
  8. I'm opening this back up. Please guys, speak to one another with respect and tread lightly on the more controversial aspects of this. If you really want to dig into the racial aspects of it, I suggest starting a new thread in the politics forum for it.
  9. I disagree, so long as the doctor doesn't prevent or hinder the person from pursuing those procedures or courses of treatment elsewhere. They should refer them to another doctor or facility that can accommodate them or something. For instance, an OBGYN should not be forced to perform abortions, either personally or within their private practice. They can make the patient aware of other options where that can be done. If a family comes in that wants to eschew proven medical treatment for deadly and debilitating conditions in favor of "natural" remedies only, and the doctor believes that it
  10. cole, we've had a lot of good conversations behind the scenes and I believe you know me better than that. It got locked to give people a day to cool off, with a plan to open it back up today after people took into consideration what I said on it and how these kinds of topics should be handled in the sports forums. So don't take passive-aggressive shots at me like this because that was not my motive and I think - or at least hope - you know that. As moderators and admins we have to take a lot of things into consideration as to how the board is run, how to handle subjects that generate
  11. OAN and Newsmax were where all the wack jobs that thought Fox was lurching left bailed for after Trump lost. They would post any and every peabrained rumor and conspiracy theory that Trump and his merry band of idiots called a legal team came up with.
  12. If he runs again, the GQP deserves to live in political oblivion for the next decade. They will have burned their own house down while chaining themselves to the fridge.
  13. Stop falling for the grift. https://religionnews.com/2021/05/18/james-lindsay-southern-baptists-crt-al-mohler-hoax-new-discourses-beth-moorerace-ofallon/
  14. If OAN told me it was sunny and clear outside, I'd grab my umbrella and rainboots. Get better sources. I hate to attack the messenger but you couldn't get to a triple digit IQ if you combined the brain power of them and Newsmax together.
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