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  1. The writer is an accountant who has actually read the bill. This is the kind of crap that ticks me off. You try to ram a bill through before people can read it fully (anyone remember the ACA?) so people can't figure out the tricks you're trying to pull.
  2. Hmm. I thought Seattle was supposed to show everything that's wrong with a minimum wage that's too high and that businesses would flee this communism and small business would be ground into powder under the onerous government inference with the invisible hand of the free market.
  3. All you Republicans need to remember this

    What I'd do to have a "Liar, Liar" style spell happen to the FCC chairman when he does the presser on this one. I imagine his forced truthful answer to the question of why they did this would be something along the lines of, "Because f*** you, that's why." *drops mic, walks off stage*
  4. All you Republicans need to remember this

    It's stuff like this that pisses me off with Republicans the most (aside from the rash of knowingly supporting awful people as candidates lately). This blind belief that government should have no role whatsoever in the marketplace, this belief that whatever's good for large corporations must be good for consumers too, this business first and everyone else last outlook on economics. The marriage of sensible conservatism with Ayn Rand style economic libertarianism to create the bastardized thing called "Republican" now is the worst thing to happen to a party since the social wackos took over the Democratic party in the late 60s
  5. Moore or Jones?

    Does anyone know whether Alabama ever tabulates and releases specific voting totals for write-ins in elections like this? In other words, I'm wondering if we'll know how many write-ins were for Luther Strange, Nick Saban, Gus Malzahn, etc or will it just remain an aggregate total that's unspecified? I would think that maybe when the write-in totals aren't within the margin of victory they don't bother. But Jones won by about 21,000 and there were almost 23,000 write-ins, so it would seem like they should have to to certify the vote officially.
  6. Moore or Jones?

    The deplorables are looking for someone to blame. Apparently they live in a house with no mirrors.
  7. Kansas State to keep Snyder (father)

    Not really. FSU in the 30 years prior to Bowden was ok (FSU didn't play football until 1947). Not great, but ok on average. Only two winless seasons. Another two one-win seasons. But also, 14 seasons of six wins or more including four with 8-9 wins and an undefeated season. Several more were at the 5 win mark. FSU was just middlin'. KSU was a dumpster fire. There may come a point where you lean on him to move on. And I missed that he submarined the Leavitt deal, so the admin may have to put its foot down on this successor stuff. He should be able to retire on his own terms unless it tanks, but he doesn't get to pick who coaches after him.
  8. How can a Christian Support Trump?

    Yeah, I can't get on board with that. I don't love Big Luther as a candidate, but i would have voted for him last night.
  9. Moore or Jones?

    Holy frick that entire Twitter account is a riot:
  10. Kansas State to keep Snyder (father)

    We have this:
  11. Kansas State to keep Snyder (father)

    The problem with "he's not the only one capable..." is that no one else has proved they can get it done there. The program was an utter dumpster fire before him. In fact, Dumpster Fire Tech was ahead in the rankings. And it was a below .500 pool of mediocrity when he retired the first time. Just for a more specific breakdown, from 1935-1988 (the year before Synder became HC at KSU), Kansas State's win totals looked like this: 0: 7 seasons 1: 11 seasons 2: 10 seasons 3: 10 seasons 4: 8 seasons They had four seasons in that stretch where they won 5, 6 or 7 games. No season did they have more than 7 wins. So for 50 years prior to Bill Synder being there, they were an absolute doormat. Vanderbilt had a better win total in that time frame even with all their futility since the 1950s. In those 50 years KSU had a total of 117 wins. Synder has almost double that total (209) in only 25 seasons at the school. He has averaged 8.4 wins a season in his tenure while before him they averaged 2.34 for the previous 50 seasons. Regardless of him wanting his son to take over, or Jim Leavitt to take over or his pet dog to take over, for now, you keep the one good thing you've had until/unless it really falls off big time.
  12. Kansas State to keep Snyder (father)

    You must be kidding. KSU had almost nothing but 0 to 4 win seasons for 60 years until Bill Synder got there in 1989. He took them to multiple 10-11 win seasons (7 to be exact, plus 3 more seasons of 9 wins) until retiring in 2005. Ron Prince takes over and promptly goes between 5-7 and 7-6 for three years. Synder comes out of retirement in 2009 and takes them to 4 more seasons of 9-11 wins. They were 7-5 this year with a shot at 8-5. KSU isn't FSU and Synder is the best thing ever to happen to that program, and he's still moderately successful. He can retire when he's damn well good and ready and KSU should thank him for every season they get out of him.
  13. Moore or Jones?

    The map looks the same as the presidential election, but the degree of support in all the red districts was significantly lower.