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  1. It's so hard. On the one hand, he told the kid to drop the weapon and put his hands up. The kid actually complies. He tosses the weapon as he's raising his hands. On the other hand, the cop sees the gun being raised and makes a split second call...is it being raised to shoot at me? Bang. Decision made. Another second could mean a bullet is headed his way even if he shoots first. If you're armed and you want to surrender and not get shot, your movements have to be slow and deliberate with plenty of communication. I don't think anyone could say that's what the kid did here. But
  2. I don’t believe there are any because I actually believe in the concept of original sin.
  3. Ah yes, the mirror image of the "communism hasn't failed because it's never been tried in its pure form before" argument.
  4. Look, he's is an idiot on this stuff. I totally get that. I think we can separate his intentions in bringing stuff like this up from the rest of the discussion. I agree, the idea that *black lives matter* is one that me and you at least are in complete agreement on, and the actions or hypocrisy of the political organization or certain members therein doesn't change that. The only people arguing against it are people who refuse to listen.
  5. I can't help what people do. I can't decide what the right side of a discussion is by who's going to agree with it. Well, I can't speak for all that. I know I'm not calling your out for anything and any adjacent agreement over a part of this subject matter that happens with meta or any of his ilk is incidental. I'm simply saying - when someone heads up an organization that is fueled by donations from a whole lot of working class folks, and one of the organization's core tenets is a socialist economic worldview but leadership is enriching themselves to the tune of multiple
  6. Sure there are. But the vast majority of the tough on crime folks who want to take away judicial discretion, advocate for three strikes laws and mandatory minimums and all that have a mentality that it's about *those* people. So when it's "one of ours" suddenly the narrative shifts and we need to consider the circumstances and such.
  7. Everybody in the 'tough on crime' segment are all "throw the book at them!" until it's their kid that's gone and done something terrible and stupid.
  8. But you're pushing back against the scrutiny as if it's unwarranted, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It's common to many organizations, but so is the criticism. In other words, when leadership's actions seem to contradict in some way the espoused mission of the organization, then critique is warranted. That's not a race or color issue. In this case, there is an espousing of a socialist "share the wealth" view but then taking the contributions of poor and working class folks to live a life of abundance and privilege. It's "socialism for thee but not for me." OP is gonna OP. We
  9. My take is that Pegues has the athleticism to be a very good to great TE, but I felt like to really maximize his potential in that role, he needed to drop some weight. He's listed at 285, probably was in the 290s or so. I'd want him down around 265-270 at TE. But I really do think he could be a force on the DL. His agility and athleticism for his size could make him a nightmare to block. I like the move.
  10. I think CEOs of for-profit corporations are generally viewed differently than CEOs of non-profit organizations, and rightfully so. And within non-profits, I think that there are degrees as well. Pastors aren't seen the same as the head of the Red Cross for instance. And if you head up an organization that aside from its very worthwhile work for black lives, espouses very clearly a socialist economic belief and mission, and you're buying millions of dollars worth of houses all over the country - you deserve the scrutiny and criticism you get for that. To say that doesn't change the fact
  11. Regardless of the issues with the messenger here, you have to admit it's a tad hypocritical to be a founder and leader of an openly socialist group getting this rich off of contributions from the rank and file. It reminds me of megachurch pastors and televangelists who live in mansions and own private Jetstreams who are always appealing for more donations from the faithful.
  12. In the minds of some here, being a Democrat in American politics is tantamount to Marxism. Nuance or a real understanding of terms isn't really their thing. So they'd probably answer, "yes."
  13. Area 51 exists. I just don't buy all the alien conspiracy nonsense that gets attached to it.
  14. I could affirm all of that. There might be qualifiers for some of it, but I don't see anything I couldn't be on board with.
  15. He very rarely did both because he very rarely went to church.
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