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  1. Seems like something minor and we honestly didn't need him in this game so it made sense to just let him rest and give other guys some PT.
  2. If they were pressured into this by Obama, and now are not under that pressure (even perhaps pressured toward the opposite conclusion under Trump), then why would they continue to have this posted on their site? Now that our hero Donald Trump has freed them from politically motivated biases on climate science, shouldn't NASA be joyfully and swiftly coming out and expressing their doubts?
  3. Omar didn't say anything on Sept 11th.
  4. Tightening asylum rules isn’t being conservative.
  5. Your posts are a waste of keystrokes and the time people spend reading them. I'm fine talking about it because I am not defending any of it. But what I'm not fine with is you dodging the subject at hand with your "Bbbbbut, what about the libs?" bull****. If you want to start a thread about the Left calling anyone who criticizes Democrat people of color racists, do so. No one's stopping you. But if you want to go off on some tangent accusing homer of anti-Christian bashing simply because he criticized the actions of a man who professes to be a Christian, then further that tangent with this Obama/Omar/Talib stuff, then you will get called out for it. That is not the subject of this thread. Stick to the subject or just go taint some other political forum on the interwebs.
  6. You should pay attention more and post less. Actually I'm just going to stay on the subject at hand and any of your future posts that want to avoid that subject in this thread to bring up another one will just go poof. If you want to discuss what "leftists" say about criticizing Democrats of color, start your own thread. Quit mucking this one up with your rabbit trails.
  7. When have I ever said or even implied that all criticism of Obama, Omar, Talib it any other liberal “of color” is racism? Are you capable of simply dealing with an argument on its own terms without always comparing it to some straw man thing about how the libs are treated?
  8. I'm pretty sure TT clarified that he specifically is NOT seeking to punish everyone, just crack down on abuses. Did you not read the whole thread before posting?
  9. It's at least within the realm of reasonable doubt. He gives a lot of ammo to the idea that his real gods are himself and his political commitments.
  10. Ok. It was kinda vague and didn't really have any qualifiers so it could be interpreted as wishing to remove tax exempt status from religious organizations. And there is a movement afoot by some to do that very thing. So I thought that's where you were going with it. If not, we're good.
  11. I'm not sure exactly, but taxing regular church property shouldn't be up for consideration. I think a lot of folks see a handful of abuses and overreact though. Most churches are simply going about their business and taxing them like a regular business would cripple them. Many would shut down. Others would be severely hampered in their ability to do work in their communities. For every jackleg like Joel Osteen or Creflo Dollar, there are thousands of regular churches doing good work in their communities and properly stewarding their resources. Now, buying a shopping center or a fitness facility wouldn't fall under that to me so a lot of the crap Falwell is pulling here should be. That's why I say that any efforts in this need to be targeted, not just some wholesale removal of tax exemptions. Not to mention, churches fall under the same non-profit status as a whole host of other organizations and charities. Any changes to this would affect far more than churches and would hurt more than you'd help. It's like seeing a roach in the kitchen and breaking out a flame thrower to kill it.
  12. Non sequitur. It's not Christian bashing to point out that someone is alleged to be behaving unethically and/or illegally and abusing their power simply because the person happens to profess to be a Christian.
  13. Despite Falwell's abuses which can be addressed in a more targeted way, the solution to the problem is not to give the government power to tax religious institutions. Taxation is a coercive power. You tax things you want to see less of. You tax things to move people in a desired direction or to produce a desired behavior. You remove taxes on things you wish to have more of or to move people in a desired direction or behavior. That is not a power we need to give government over religion. If you believe in the separation of church and state, this is part of that separation - not just preventing high schools from having public prayers over the loudspeakers at football games or having the IRS prevent political endorsements from the pulpit on Sunday mornings.