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  1. Yeah. Just because you can run up the score in one or two states doesn't mean you're a viable candidate with broad appeal. It's one of the things the EC was designed to avoid - one or two huge states in population essentially deciding every election. It would be one thing if she won by 3 million votes and it was spread across a great number of states. But when one state accounts for the entire difference in popular vote (CA), it doesn't really have the same impact as an argument.
  2. Yeah, by padding the stats in California and New York. Her problem is, the vacuum she was in the states she needed and that the Dems had won the last several elections. You have to have broader appeal than that. There was simply zero excuse to lose this election. None. If the Dems field a competent candidate that doesn't alienate anyone toward the middle of the other side, they win in a walk.
  3. http://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2017/june/judge-halts-deportations-iraqi-christians-detroit-chaldeans.html
  4. You sort of skirted mine first. There is a certain percentage of people, diehards on each side, who are never going to vote for the other party no matter who is running. They'll gripe about their candidate all the way, but in the end hold their nose and go with party loyalty anyway. I've seen it almost every election in my life. But this one was different. There were a lot of people who normally vote Republican who were actually up for grabs. Not enough to create some kind of Reagan Democrat landslide for the Dems or anything, but enough to swing the key states that gave Trump the victory for sure. But the Dems fumbled the ball at every turn. From the appearance of a thumb on the scales to quash the Sanders uprising to the entitled, overconfident smugness that they would easily win, to Hillary choosing to go hard left and give no center-right person disturbed by Trump a reason to see her as a viable alternative, they are the main ones to blame for Trump being in the WH. Yes, people voted for the a**hole. But it wouldn't have mattered if the Dems didn't fritter away an easy win. No matter what contortions folks went through to justify a vote for a terrible man, this election was way more squandered by the Dems than won by the GOP.
  5. There were enough votes in play out there to swing this election the other way if the Democrats hadn't squandered perhaps the easiest election to win in my lifetime. They didn't give anyone on the fence a reason to vote for them. "Not as bad as the other guy" isn't a campaign strategy. Neither is deliberately snubbing anyone in the other camp who was on the fence by going even harder left on controversial issues. The Dems blew this election way more than Trump won it.
  6. The thing the Democrats have to really come to terms with is that Trump didn't become possible because America's latent racists and xenophobes suddenly came to life. Trump was possible because the Democrats failed to be a viable alternative at the national level to such a boor. Think about how terrible Trump was and is and how inept, oblivious and compromised you have to be as an opposing force not to beat him. Despite the skewed electoral college numbers, this was a close election. A few votes here and there in a few states changes the election. But they couldn't convince tons of people who voted for Obama to 1) vote for Hillary, 2) not vote for Trump or 3) vote for anyone at all. This election should have been a lay up. The reason it wasn't was not Trump's brilliance or campaign prowess. It was the vacuum on the other side of the ballot.
  7. If I chastised you for saying truthful things about Obama it was because you were willfully ignoring that the side you normally defend had done the same or very similar things with nary a peep of discomfort about it from you. I call out hypocrisy, not truth telling.
  8. PT, this is sort of a cop out response. Elle gave very specific examples of documented behavior by Trump that angers her. This isn't just blind hate because she doesn't like his political views or he's not a Democrat. He has said and done things both as a candidate and as president that make anger and frustration warranted yet you just wave it all off as if it's just her being irrational.
  9. My problem with Trump is that he uses a blunt instrument where a precision one is needed. It's like discovering that your house has roaches in the kitchen so you lob a grenade in the room to kill it. The dude is a walking exhibit to the Law of Unintended Consequences because he doesn't think through how his tweets, executive orders and other blather on this subject affects real people. And it mostly seems designed to look like he's doing something rather than really trying to implement a truly effective policy. It isn't making the country any safer or saving jobs, but it lets him talk tough and his acolytes point to it and praise him to high heaven.
  10. I don't really remember the broader reaction to the Singapore incident so I couldn't say. I will say however, I wish NK had chosen to merely cane Otto for a relatively minor infraction.
  11. I don't think either reaction would be correct. There are plenty of college-aged, fairly well off white kids that would go to NK and be careful and cause nary a problem. To assume this is about some larger narrative of white privilege rather than perhaps just the results of an entitled upbringing by this particular family, or just a moment of stupidity on the part of an otherwise good kid is reaching.
  12. I think my issue with at least one of the reports was shoehorning the behavior of this one guy to some hobby horse the writer has on white privilege. I'm betting this same writer would recoil if someone tried to attribute the actions of one black guy or one Muslim guy to something endemic to the culture they were brought up in, or part of the cultural conditioning of black or Muslim people.
  13. Well, he's actually quibbling over 147 million vs 198 million. And he's tossing out various other red herrings to cast doubt on it even though the damn company in charge of IT security for the RNC already admitted to the entire thing.
  14. I'll also note, Upguard handled this responsibly: When it was discovered, they informed the people who needed to know so it could be secured - which it was shortly thereafter.