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  1. I imagine if the internet had existed in 1980, a poll would have overwhelmingly favored Vince Dooley to become Auburn's next head coach and the results for Pat Dye would have been "Pat who?" That's not to say Steele is or would be the second coming of Dye. It's to say that fan polls on head football coaches don't mean s***.
  2. It's not rocket science for a guy with Steele's years of experience. He's seen it done (including under Saban). Let's not act like this is some impossible task.
  3. More or less, yeah. He can be the head coach, but he'd just have more input on the defensive side of the ball when needed so T-Will isn't having to totally sink or swim on his own right out the gate.
  4. The FSU and Auburn situations have basically zero similarities.
  5. Neither of those had to take a doormat in a strong P5 conference and make them into a winner. It’s far easier to get FIU to win the Sunbelt than it was to get Baylor to jump Nebraska, Texas, OU, et al for a Big XII title. Look I get wanting to see him do well there, but it’s not a full picture, especially 20 years later.
  6. The Saban link didn’t hurt. Neither did being an alum. But being a longtime highly successful coordinator was the number one reason. You can’t worry about the PTB at Auburn. If they are going to frick something up it won’t matter who the coach is.
  7. Which is pretty much what I said when I said I’d need a hard “no” from Cristobal and Bob Stoops before he’d come into play for me. But the point still stands with Coach O. Sometimes it’s about fit and overall vision than just resume or a flashy upset win here and there.
  8. I’d say what he has over some of the guys you mention is that he’s been a highly successful coordinator for many years at multiple big Power 5 programs including rebuilding the dumpster fire our defense was here at Auburn. It’s the same reason UGA would hire Smart over any of those guys for instance.
  9. Not because the defense sucked. In fact we never had to worry about that side of the ball really. And he had a pretty good run here. It was our offensive struggles and recruiting taking a downturn towards the end that did him in.
  10. Help me understand what makes you so certain he would be a bad hire. Note: I don’t take issue with having a few other coaches higher on the list. I just don’t get the doom and gloom.
  11. Tubs also had a ton of input on the defensive side of the ball when he was head coach.
  12. That is not what I said or described. Travis Williams would run the defense. But Steele would still be around and could offer input or be a resource. That’s not “running the defense” or having to be Clark Kent.
  13. He's been the OC the entire time, even when someone else had the title. Don't kid yourself. And it's been almost a decade since that natty. I think what people see is that T-Will is on his way to being an DC very soon. Now normally you'd say he'd get that shot at a smaller school before getting a job like Auburn. But in this scenario, he could move into that role now, keeping the defensive staff intact, but get his first few years in the job with Steele there as a backstop and mentor.
  14. I'll also say, the situation on defense Steele came into was a lot tougher than the one on offense that Gus came into. The 2012 offensive debacle was more an issue of Chizik trying to take players recruited to Gus's 2009-11 offense and making them run some bastardized shitstorm of a pro-style offense by Loeffler. The players outside of Nick Marshall were in place, just misused. Auburn's defense had been a mess since Tuberville left. Muschamp made some strides in 2015 but it's Steele who has crafted that unit and his coaching staff on that side of the ball into a masterpiece.
  15. Well, he's a better defensive coordinator than Gus has been an offensive coordinator, so there's that.