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  1. I haven't given it much thought to be honest. Off the cuff, I would say that even though both rights are among our most important, voting rights are of the highest order. To take that away from someone based on inability to pay for a required ID is to take away their ability to participate in our democratic system.
  2. Good. I'm glad we're on the same page there. But just realize that in the context of *this* election, when people start carping about voting irregularities, they are typically suggesting (or in some cases saying flat out) that the outcome would have been different if only "legitimate votes" were counted. But they weren't, no matter what "some" say. ...that weren't all that suspicious, just misconstrued and a narrative built around them to create FUD. The GA votes have been counted and recounted and even some counties had signature verifications done. Every ti
  3. The similarities in their campaigns were fleeting and ephemeral at best.
  4. During a pandemic, he chose not to do in person campaign early on. Later he did so but kept them distanced and outdoors and with everyone in masks. Like a ******* adult. But again: - One participated in two debates and was signed on for a third. The other refused to debate his opponent at all. - One had detailed policy proposals on his site for over a year for people to comb through and pick apart. The other just made sure you knew he'd be a rubber stamp for Trump and little else of consequence. - One sat for dozens of interviews from various news outlets. I'm not sure the
  5. You mean like debating his opponent twice and being willing to do a third? Or the part with multiple interviews on major press outlets? Or putting detailed policy proposals on his website for public scrutiny? Wait, Tubs didn't do any of those things. He just stuck an 'R" behind his name, kissed Trump's ass in a series of ads, and let the chips fall where they may.
  6. We Knew To claim ‘no one knew it could go this far’ is to willfully ignore and erase the history of everyone who warned it would. “I certainly did not believe, or have any anticipation, that [Trump] would take matters to the extent that have become clear over the last few weeks,” Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, told The Atlantic shortly after the January 6 riot and attempted terrorist attack at the U.S. Capitol. Mohler’s explanation is illustrative of the response of many conservatives who had previously supported Trump. We supported him for his
  7. My future book purchases will include Powell's as a first stop.
  8. When I first heard Tuberville's name come up a few years ago in terms of politics, my initial thought was, "He's got some politicking skills - we saw it in operation at Auburn. He'd probably do ok in that role." I had no idea back then that he'd go full tilt, turn-off-your-brain, lickspittle, Trump boot-licker. Nor did I realize how truly uneducated and ill-informed about basics of the Constitution and government he was.
  9. Ok, first let's establish something we all should agree on: There are fraudulent votes (non-residents, dead people, ballots filled out for other people, etc.) cast every single election and more than likely have been in every single election all the way back to the first one with George Washington. Human beings are fallen, sinful creatures who do wrong, dishonest, and sinful things and elections would be no exception. If there is money, power, or influence to be gained, there you will find dishonest means to obtain it. What we're really arguing about with these claims of election fraud
  10. But again, no one and no private company should HAVE TO give anyone else free space to say whatever they want. And in this instance with the President especially it's a "censorship" that lacks real teeth. The man could literally call a press conference and broadcast his thoughts on anything and major news outlets everywhere would cover it both live on TV and in articles for their various websites. He has the home page of the White House website. He has the money and means to set up his own website and promote it where he can share his unvarnished thoughts. He has a network of compliant co
  11. In all seriousness, they finally identified and arrested this guy.
  12. I guess what I'm saying is, to watch this braying jackass for the last four years and then especially to hear his rhetoric surrounding the election for the last couple of months, and to be aware of how he amps up these wackos from militia groups, white nationalists, and so on until it finally boils over with what we saw on January 6th and put the onus for bringing about unity and peace on others is a special sort of blindness. I believe we can and will have peace again. But you don't get there by continuing to enable and wink at bad behavior. It has to be confronted and those actions ha
  13. I think you're misplacing that blame. Trump and his excusers and enablers have only themselves to blame.
  14. But in this case it's not the left saying one thing and the right saying another and you choose between them. People from all across the political spectrum are saying the same things here. Jonah Goldberg is not on the left. Only a fringe group of the true believers still are giving this man the benefit of the doubt.
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