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  1. Except that wasn't really in your control. This was in Woody's control. There isn't some coaches conspiracy to keep Woody down. Woody is his own biggest impediment.
  2. Woody has been given every chance to step forward and lock down his position on the depth chart. He hasn't chosen to do so. He's been passed by a true freshman who has only been at Auburn for 4 months. Woody had a redshirt year last year. That should tell you something. Sometimes all potential means is that you haven't done jack.
  3. I could end up being wrong, but I'm with alexeva. At some point the number of accusations just adds to too much to believe they're all just making it up to take him down. He makes enough money to easily pay lawyers and Fox would have picked up some of the tab too -- if he was innocent. There's no damn way I'd settle with someone who was bold-faced lying about me sexually harassing them. Doubly so if I had his resources to fight it. Which to me, comes off as there being at least some truth to the stories or that at least not all of them are golddigging bitches who are part of some orchestrated attempt to take him down by evil libruls.
  4. Well I certainly don't venerate Sagan. And his vitriol for those he disagrees with is a definite knock on his character in my book. I guess the difference to me in him and Tyson is, at least Sagan had the actual scientific work to his credit. Tyson is just middling in that regard but is every bit if not more arrogant.
  5. Sagan and I would have some deep disagreements on some matters, but I respect him as a scientist. We'd get at odds when he moves on to what certain scientific findings might mean in terms how ontology, epistemology, etc. But he was a brilliant man. I tend to see Tyson as smug and Nye as insufferable.
  6. I'm not wading into this endless climate debate, but I will note agreement on Tyson and Nye being overhyped in their own fields and absolute jokes anytime they venture outside of them.
  7. Jay Tate reported on his podcast that it was one of the girls' residence.
  8. I'm certainly saddened. But I'm not necessarily surprised.
  9. Wrong. People were up in arms over Obama's Vatican ambassador as well. We were literally just talking about this a couple of posts before with a link to the discussion back in 2009. The Vatican appointment is seen as a symbolic indicator of the respect and seriousness an administration is going to afford the Catholic church (and by extension, the moral and political views it is seen as supporting, which align significantly with Evangelicals and other social conservatives). Just because it's not on the same geopolitical level as the ambassador to China or Russia doesn't mean it's meaningless or that people noticing a president's actions and decisions on the matter are just "derangement."
  10. I don't disagree that there are women who make false accusations. But the vast majority of these cases are not false accusations. I just find it curious that you have a hard time believing he's a pervert in private. If various televangelists such as Jimmy Swaggart can secretly be perverts while publicly proclaiming something else, I don't find it the least bit hard to believe some political/social pundit on a cable news channel would be as well.
  11. I just don't understand where this faith in his character comes from. You don't know him personally, do you? What you know of him is through a show on TV.
  12. I dealt with that back then: https://www.aufamily.com/forums/topic/57478-obama-tone-deaf-on-matters-of-faith/ This thread is about Trump. "But Obama..." isn't a rebuttal.
  13. I think you're forcing it to fit into a "liberal media" narrative when it really fits more into a "powerful people have ways of avoiding consequences" one. The President is more powerful than Bill O'Reilly. Bill O'Reilly (or anyone with such a media platform who makes gobs of money for powerful people) is more powerful than me and you. Roger Ailes was more powerful than him. Thus, people assist them in avoiding the consequences of their actions because they have a vested interest of some sort in keeping the powerful person in place.