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  1. TitanTiger

    Obama Touts Universal Income

    I really don't want what has been a good conversation to veer off into arguments over immigration. What I'd really like to hear is what some who have objections to this think of as an alternative solution. Put aside for a second whether you're yet convinced that automation, AI and machine learning will encroach this far and this wide into the job market. Assuming that this does come to pass - 30-40% or higher unemployment due to automation and nothing comes in to a significant degree to offset the jobs lost. If we don't have some sort of UBI apparatus put in place, what do you do instead? Do you favor legal means to prevent more than a certain percentage of jobs being automated? Do you have another idea we haven't discussed?
  2. TitanTiger

    Obama Touts Universal Income

    I think there may be some artisan products like that out there no matter how much automation there is. For people who can afford to buy such things. We have that now. You can buy furniture, leather goods, soaps, foods that are handcrafted and non-processed and non-factory made. They tend to be more expensive, sometimes significantly so, but people who want something that's higher quality, non-cookie cutter will pay for it. But the problem being looked at here is that there won't be very many customers left for such people. And it's not that 30+% of the people don't want to work, it's that automation, AI and machine learning will render them jobless no matter what. And those lucky enough to have jobs will either fight for the dwindling few remaining in their industry, or they will take whatever few scraps of jobs that are left that won't pay much.
  3. TitanTiger

    SF Now Registering Illegals to Vote

    I don't think it's even going beyond the city/county level. It's just for SF school board elections.
  4. TitanTiger

    Obama Touts Universal Income

    Probably whatever level would keep the economy sustainable. Because, again, this isn't about people being unwilling to work, it's about automation literally killing off a huge swath of jobs. If you don't have enough people in an economy with the disposable income to purchase your products, you go out of business. Businesses have got to have customers. So how do you maintain some sort of workable equilibrium? But again, what would you propose as an alternative?
  5. TitanTiger

    Obama Touts Universal Income

    I'm not sure to be honest. More than likely it would be in the form of some kind of tax on the machinery and automation employed, but I can't give a detailed analysis of it yet. But even if you don't like the idea, you will still most likely have to deal with the implications of why some are talking about it - the potential for historically high unemployment rates, not due to a failing economy or massive depression, but because automation, AI and machine learning have simply made taken over too many industries and career fields. Even ones that were previously believed to be immune to such things. When you have 30-50% unemployment where the jobs simply no longer exist for human beings, a deadly spiral develops. Broke people can't buy goods and services, thus companies start failing for lack of sales (they don't have enough customers with the money to buy things), which puts more people out of work, and so on. What do you do to resolve this problem? We've mentioned a few approaches - legal restrictions on how much of a given industry or field can be run by non-human means is one. You basically say that efficiency for efficiency's sake runs into the Law of Diminishing Returns and must be curtailed after a certain point. A certain level of employment is essential to the survival of human society and so you're not going to permit it to be taken over by automation to that degree. Another is that you permit the automation but through a system of taxes, generate money that is doled out as universal income and then people use that income to purchase the goods and services provided by automation thus continuing the cycle. Are there other approaches I'm not thinking of? Probably. What do you think?
  6. TitanTiger

    Obama Touts Universal Income

    I don't think anyone is saying this needs to happen now. They are saying that the advances in AI, machine learning and robotics likely will make such an idea something we have to consider in the future. And not the far off future.
  7. TitanTiger

    Why is Manafort in Prison Isolation"

    Something tells me it's about information to and/or from him of a sensitive nature. It's obviously not like he's Hannibal Lector.
  8. This a direct rebuke of the notion that only people who are oppressed for some reason—because of their race, gender, sexuality, disability status, size, etc.—should be allowed to speak on issues relating to said difficulties. It's not surprising that Obama would say this. The 44th president has consistently touted norms of speech consistent with Enlightenment liberalism. In his 2016 commencement address at Rutgers University, he implored students to engage speakers with whom they disagree, not to shut them down. https://reason.com/blog/2018/07/17/obama-nelson-mandela-lecture
  9. TitanTiger

    Obama Touts Universal Income

    I think the issue is that automation in the 80s is a horse and plow compared to where AI, machine learning and robotics will soon be. I just don't think you and my experience in the 80s and 90s really translates this time.
  10. TitanTiger

    NRA infiltrated by Russia, too?

    So, nothing to be concerned about? We should just go on as if nothing is happening and blithely ignore it?
  11. TitanTiger

    Obama Touts Universal Income

    This is an interesting article (and accompanying video) on the subject. And it makes an interesting point....you don't have to see unemployment numbers as high as 50% or more for the tipping point to occur. It could be as low as 30% before it creates a cascade of economic trouble leading to collapse.
  12. TitanTiger

    President chickens out in front of his daddy

    Me neither. Guess it's why I feel no compulsion to defend either of them.
  13. TitanTiger

    NRA infiltrated by Russia, too?

    Well actually the subject was Russians in the NRA, but ok.
  14. TitanTiger

    NRA infiltrated by Russia, too?

    No they don't. They just allow you to avoid actually dealing with the subject at hand and shift the attention elsewhere.