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  1. We know more now. It doesn't have anything close to the nutrients an infant needs - that they would typically get from breast milk. Sure, evaporated milk and corn syrup is better than your baby starving, but it's far from a solution. https://www.truthorfiction.com/a-homemade-baby-formula-recipe-from-1960-is-viral-and-dangerous/
  2. Abbott agrees to consent decree with FDA, could restart plant within 2 weeks, pending court approval (CNN) The baby formula manufacturer at the heart of a nationwide formula recall said Monday that it has reached an agreement with the US Food and Drug Administration to enter into a consent decree, a legally binding agreement that would require the company to take certain steps in response to violations found at its Sturgis, Michigan, facility. If a court approves the agreement, the company says, it could restart the site within two weeks. It would first resume the production of its specialty metabolic formulas EleCare and Alimentum, followed by Similac and other formulas. After Abbott restarts the site, it will take six to eight weeks for the products to reach store shelves, it said... https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/16/health/abbott-formula-shortage/index.html
  3. 1. Not a Democrat. 2. None of Biden’s policies or initiatives made COVID worse. I don’t blame him for the deaths any more than I blame Trump for the economic cratering that happened in 2020 due to COVID. 3. What made it worse was every doofus that resisted and refused virtually any lifestyle changes, spread unscientific bull**** and misinformation about bogus treatments, and sowed FUD about the vaccines and refused to get them. That group was mostly MAGA Republicans but also included the pack of antivaxx crazies we’ve had since the 90s because of lies about vaccines and autism.
  4. And a political tribe that opposed them and any other measure to reduce COVID at every turn.
  5. Maybe not. Or maybe he hasn't revealed it. Or maybe he wasn't really mentally ill and was just violent and nuts for a while in his life. Has anything happened like this anytime recently for him? Or is the last incident a decade or more back? TBH, I'd bet whatever anger issues he had it perhaps some mild form of CTE.
  6. He strikes me as pretty much a typical over-Trumped GOP crank that has become standard issue lately for GOP candidates. But I'm not finding anything out there that says he's continued to be a violent or crazy person.
  7. Isn't all of that stuff from a book he wrote 13 years ago about his struggle with mental illness, specifically dissociative identity disorder (formerly multiple personality disorder)? Is there any indication that he's still suffering from the effects of this or that his behavior is still as erratic as it once was?
  8. The student section will absolutely be on his ass in Neville and this team will be motivated to boatrace the hillbillies.
  9. If development matters, then it's Auburn or the G-League. If it's money and development (without having to waste time going to class), then maybe the G-League over Auburn. If it's just money, then I guess he'll go with UT. But there's no way you look at the string of Okeke, Okoro, Sharife, Thor and soon to be Jabari and Kessler and think you're getting better development under Barnes.
  10. If money is the tipping point for this kid, I can honestly say I don't want him. I'm not anti-NIL, but if it's all about money for you, just go to the G-league.
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