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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the AUFamily ! Safe travels to all.
  2. Malik Willis TD run vs. Miss. State

    Thanks for posting this RiR. Very exciting future !
  3. Prayers Please

    Prayers lifted up for you and your family.
  4. Closest SEC school to every county

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting !
  5. Thanks for the updates, RiR.
  6. 2017 Fall Camp - Wed, Aug 2 (Day 3)

    Thanks for posting all the videos and photos.
  7. Thanks for all the updates, Guys.
  8. 2017 Football Rules and Interpretations

    Great info, WarTiger !
  9. Haven't heard anything from Mizzou. Seems they would benefit from reduced travel costs and gain adjacent state rivals. If they got on board, then I think the move to the East would pick up steam.
  10. Good article on RPO offense (with visuals!)

    Interesting article. Thanks for posting.
  11. OT: health update - good news

    Great news Lionheart. Prayers lifted up.
  12. Al Borges new Offensive Analyst

    Welcome home Mr. Borges and War Eagle.
  13. OT: Prayers needed

    Prayers lifted up for your grandfather and family.
  14. Auburn fans: Lets Unite Against al.com

    Bias ? Once there was a race between the mascots of the two two largest schools in the state. Of course the Tiger blew away the pachyderm. The next day headlines on al.com were: Alabama comes in second, Auburn finishes next to last.
  15. Thanks for the info, Stat.