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  1. Interesting article. Thanks for posting.
  2. Great news Lionheart. Prayers lifted up.
  3. Welcome home Mr. Borges and War Eagle.
  4. Prayers lifted up for your grandfather and family.
  5. Bias ? Once there was a race between the mascots of the two two largest schools in the state. Of course the Tiger blew away the pachyderm. The next day headlines on al.com were: Alabama comes in second, Auburn finishes next to last.
  6. Thanks for the info, Stat.
  7. If arrogance was physical matter with mass and weight, Tuscaloosa would tilt the world off it's axis. I rest my case.
  8. What a weapon he is for us !
  9. Great write up .Thanks.
  10. Great info. Thanks.
  11. Pied Piper of the Plains .
  12. Prayers lifted up for the Tuberville family.
  13. The worst part of the season is waiting for basketball season to start. Sometimes our offense is like a South American dance: 1, 2. 3. kick.
  14. Thanks for the videos, RiR,
  15. Thanks for posting, RiR.