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  1. We are all Proud !! What a great play.
  2. Merry Christmas to all !
  3. I have to vote for: “Unfair at Jordan Hare”.
  4. This was truly the icing on the cake! The 'greatest' coach of all time out foxed by a high school coach. The bama fans will have to suffer all year!
  5. Welcome to the AU family, Coach Morris.
  6. Morris would be a great addition to the staff and a smooth transition into the bowl game.
  7. I always enjoy your comments about the game. Betters my understanding of what to look for.
  8. Amazing how a 'high school' coach can out fox the 'greatest' coach ever on a 4th down play. Loved it !!!
  9. Played running back and DB in a small high school in northwest Florida and lettered 3 years. All-conf. senior year 1962. Played guard on basketball team for and lettered 2 years. All-conf. senior year 1962. Played outfield on baseball team for 2 years. (If you went out, you made the team). Ran track on our first track team senior year. Our relay team won 4th place at state. After college, helped coach little league baseball team which had a future major league manager on it.
  10. Great writeup. Bring on the dawgs. Let's go Tigers !!!
  11. Prayers lifted up for James for pain relief and healing. Also for strength for you and your family.