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  1. To make him more envious. I stole this. I ordered a used P1 with laminate back and sides at a good discount. They took the money out of my account before ready to ship. Got a call 2 days later saying they had already sold what I ordered but....... I can have this brand new upgrade at the same price. He asked if I wanted to think about it. I just kind of chuckled knowing exactly what this was. Just said wrap it up I'm done thinking.😆
  2. She's here! It was a 3 month shopping journey and a 3 week shipping nightmare. Time to get busy.
  3. Blackberry Smoke, Jimmy Hall and The Black Bettys rocking it again! Just released a 6 song EP with a portion of proceeds going going to Covid-19 relief. Dang I wish I could sing like this.
  4. Well, finally pulled the trigger. Time to get serious about playing again. What you think @aubiefifty ?
  5. While I have golf attention. Since I saw the last I have gotten back into Wet Willie and Jimmy Hall. Holy smokes. This man was almost 70 doing this. With Jeff Beck. When this pandemic mess is over with I'm going to make sure I see him live again.
  6. My number 1 fan Mag Pie. Her momma and daddy like the break they get when I play and she comes sit with me. Moved outside and didn't notice she sneaked out while playing. Looking at me like what are you doing. Start back. We were up till 3 am. She's partial to Jason Isbell and Blackberry Smoke.
  7. Looks like enough clearance to do some fly fishing.
  8. I'm diabetic and a meat cutter for Publix.(shameless plug). Working tonight and will make a small list of things and pm you.
  9. Man! Taking a beating at (as all) 57 years old and only in plan for 2 years. My age is what worries me. I've usually done well on my own but wondering if I should hire a pro now. I'm still up 0.81%. My T.Rowe Price(high risk) value is down 13.78%. My S&P +15% and State Street aggressive at+5%. Also have a plus in my company owned stock that is employee owned(Publix). Not looking for free investment advice. Just wondering if I should hire a pro now or move some around and count on my own dumb luck? Probably just answered my own question lol. Just looking for some positive at my age.
  10. I dont think I could take as good a picture while running with the camera held behind me.😃
  11. Love my YouTubeTv but for sports. Going to let it go because everything else is cheaper. No problems with stream here in NW Florida. Just can get my local channels and add ins cheaper for now.