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  1. Noticed too. Know it won't happen but would love for the staying fans to request an encore from the Akron players and give them a big cheer.
  2. Still sipping on my 2nd beer and whiskey. Nuff said.
  3. Yes. My whiskey intake is going to get in control.
  4. They(we) never saw it coming.🤣
  5. I got my 2nd moderna shot Friday. I'm now free to roam the country. I have a little arm soreness that isn't as bad as first shot. One problem tho. Since this one activates the chip from first shot I am getting some major feedback from guitar amp. I was telling friend this and he is having an issue when he walks by TV. It goes fuzzy and he can see a skeletal outline of himself on it. Can we get another shot to change frequency?
  6. Standing O for both teams. I thought(thought) UCLA could be tough but thought they would fade. Talent from top to bottom for both teams. Great game!
  7. Whew! This game wearing me out so far. Got a good one going.
  8. Hawgs down 8 at half. Down 10-5 in turnovers. They still look confident. Get the tos down. Got a chance. Heck of a game.
  9. Baylor putting on a clinic of smart quickness.
  10. I watched DVR basketball games today, Was there a football game?
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