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  1. JW was saying less than 15 would help.
  2. Me stuck at work. Not without YouTube tv tho. War Eagle!
  3. Dont believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.
  4. Aaaand he's back to that good heartwarming country. Actually from an older two song recording. Can't find Hey Now. Just needed some old Sturgill after frying my brain with the new stuff.
  5. The movie is on Netflix. I've watched once. You talk about the musical influences. Wait until you see the anime easter eggs. Work tonight so thinking a glass of wine and a little smoke and will listen through headphones this time.
  6. My Fl grad roomie walked away mumbling incoherently in the the middle of 3rd quarter. Could be a good sign.
  7. Tascam studio headphones! Freaking awesome. Normal people won't get it. War Eagle! I do a few of his songs at open mics, Life of Sin and Turtles all the Way. Everyone loves it but no one gets it. And i suck,😂
  8. Came over to post these. I haven't listened yet. Waiting until after the game so roommate can listen with me. She's hooked.
  9. Hope Gus tells him to throw it if he sees it.