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  1. sandyclawedtiger

    A warning about SEC Play

    I dont post much but sipping Bulleit. Thinking this is the perfect game to start A Mac and Dunbar.
  2. sandyclawedtiger

    Josh Marsh

    Dang! Dont scare me like that. My grandparents owned a Dew Drop Inn in Rockford, Al. in the late 60s early 70s. It never got wild in there. (Absolutely no alcohol) Knew you weren't that old or me.
  3. sandyclawedtiger

    Men vs UAB

    Bad juju man. I'm trying to watch the game and drunck roomies fightin. God loves an Auburn Fan!
  4. sandyclawedtiger

    Men Vs. Duke

    From my untrained eye. A lot of not smart shots. Duke played some great d. 11 blocked shots! They looked legit.
  5. sandyclawedtiger

    Men Vs. Duke

    My 2 cents worth. Doook got some good d.
  6. sandyclawedtiger

    Season Long Poll & NET (New RPI ) Thread

    I never waste time. 😉
  7. sandyclawedtiger

    Washington (Preview/Review)

    Everything I'm seeing is SEC network.
  8. sandyclawedtiger

    Election Night 2018 Thread

    Good idea. I did my thing in Florida this afternoon. Think I'm going to forget about it for a few hours and enjoy some opening season basketball. At least now I hope my phone quits blowing up with texts.
  9. sandyclawedtiger

    All Things NFL Thread

    Amen! If I would have played him I would have won by 1 point this week.
  10. sandyclawedtiger

    Hurricane Michael

    Roll call. Here off Pensacola Beach and winds kicking up to 30-40(gusts). How is everyone east. Hunker down.
  11. sandyclawedtiger

    Hurricane Michael

    It's a very selfish feeling. My heart ached seeing the traffic heading west from Ft. Walton on my way to work. Prayers to all affected.
  12. sandyclawedtiger

    Hurricane Michael

    Here in Gulf Breeze just off Pensacola Beach. We're holding our breath on the expected turn. Who know what's going to happen. No rain with gusts just to 30 mph. Everyone stay safe.
  13. sandyclawedtiger

    Hurricane Michael

    Hanging tight in Gulf Breeze. Of course I'm a meat cutter for Publix. If you ride it out we're here. Everyone stay safe.
  14. sandyclawedtiger

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Haven't seen Leon Bridges so siap. Found him flipping channels on Austin City Limit. Going to see him in Mobile in April with 2 nice married ladies. Their husbands refuse to go. Told them that's why I'm going. Theatre full(single) ladies. My man crush actually. Brittni his back up singer is beautiful as well.