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  1. I thought lsu would have at least waited until he testified in court.
  2. Great game by all. No disappointment here. War Damn Eagle!
  3. Did it in Gulf Breeze. Sorry we Breezers are funny that way.😆 I work next door and have fellow workers on watch for him. I expect he'll be at tourney and back for rehab. WDE!
  4. Got mine ordered. 6 bucks less than any other site and a 20% off code.😁
  5. I probably just missed it earlier in the season but since this run started he's been hitting that little short lob/floater over defenders more often. Seems they were getting blocked earlier.
  6. War Eagle! Tears of joy but my fur baby is whining and licking me trying get in my lap wondering what's wrong. Roommates just came in with a bottle of Bulliet. Put it and a glass in front of me and said, " Go for it! Well make sure you get to bed okay". I love them.
  7. I work at 6 am. Sipping wine. War Eagle!
  8. Howdy! We could go in the house and watch but got fire pit heated up grilling sausage and having cocktails. Of course my Florida fan roomie is cussing me too.😆
  9. Love watching these guys react to music! They definitely keep it real.
  10. Okay off topic but... Damien Fishback doing a great job not being a homer.
  11. Hope this is Doughtys break out game. The team will need this at LSU.