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  1. Quit taking the three. Take a step in and take the top of key or elbow shot. Make the D take a step up. If they step up drive it in. JMO.
  2. Makes me miss the old school Rebok high tops. Most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. I will check these out.
  3. Only reliable player I had on my team. Missed playoffs for first time in 10 years.
  4. Just watched DVRed game. All I got is...WOW!
  5. Anyone been to The Jammer in Montogomery circa 1985-89?
  6. Just because....Lior Berman...I like the name.
  7. Noticed too. Know it won't happen but would love for the staying fans to request an encore from the Akron players and give them a big cheer.
  8. Still sipping on my 2nd beer and whiskey. Nuff said.
  9. Yes. My whiskey intake is going to get in control.
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