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  1. I got my 2nd moderna shot Friday. I'm now free to roam the country. I have a little arm soreness that isn't as bad as first shot. One problem tho. Since this one activates the chip from first shot I am getting some major feedback from guitar amp. I was telling friend this and he is having an issue when he walks by TV. It goes fuzzy and he can see a skeletal outline of himself on it. Can we get another shot to change frequency?
  2. Standing O for both teams. I thought(thought) UCLA could be tough but thought they would fade. Talent from top to bottom for both teams. Great game!
  3. Whew! This game wearing me out so far. Got a good one going.
  4. Hawgs down 8 at half. Down 10-5 in turnovers. They still look confident. Get the tos down. Got a chance. Heck of a game.
  5. Baylor putting on a clinic of smart quickness.
  6. I watched DVR basketball games today, Was there a football game?
  7. Didn't realize Live From Daryl's House was back. Or is it? What a great rendition. The table talk before music is spot on.
  8. Holy smokes! Can't believe I haven't ever heard this group. Got to dig deeper into them.
  9. This was a new bridge. How safe was it to begin with? Between 2 condos.
  10. Gulf Breeze here. Just got power about 30 minutes ago. Lots of trees down but for most part infrastructure had minimal damage. Worst part , as I kidded WT, was barges used to build new 3 mile bridge broke lose and caused it to be closed indefinitely. Heads gonna roll over that.
  11. Did you get one of the free barges?😆
  12. Gulf Breeze here. Across from Pensacola Beach. Lots of water but infrastructure still pretty much in tact. Besides new 3 mile bridge construction barges. They've broke loose and shut down all bridges to us. At least power companies are getting through.
  13. Good one! I shared REO Speedwagon Ridin the Storm Out last night. Everything I'm hearing is infrastructure is good. New bridge to me and others have been compromised by broke loose barges during construction. Eating and drinking well so far. Been on vacation this week but am an essential worker since way before pandemic. Lot on my plate but will manage.
  14. Beat but not broken in Gulf Breeze, Fl. No power for 25 hours now. Close tho. I got 3 roomies that are incapable. Spent the day helping neighbors. I rent so have no tools. Those I have helped are going to help me. Im good. Just will never get caught without a chainsaw. How did everyone else hold up?
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