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  1. sandyclawedtiger

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    Tried all legal means and went to trustworthy bootleg or two. Can't get them there either.
  2. sandyclawedtiger

    Miami v LSU

    Are either real? LSU looked well coached.
  3. sandyclawedtiger

    2018 Auburn vs. Washington Score Prediction

    Right church. Wrong pew!
  4. sandyclawedtiger


    I couldn't get on last night either. Told me I wasn't authorized. Didn't even get a choice for provider. Thought it was just me.
  5. sandyclawedtiger


    I actually understand that๐Ÿ˜†
  6. sandyclawedtiger

    AU reports 22 NCAA secondary violations in 17-18

    You said it. Not me.
  7. sandyclawedtiger

    Know your opponent

    You should look at AU's kicking heritage. Not saying this will happen but..... If Auburn is up by 7 with 3 seconds left in the half. 4th and long with an opportunity for 60 yrd. Fg. Gus kicks! May decide the game. The dome is closed per UWs contract. No breeze.
  8. sandyclawedtiger

    Game Day Meal Plan

    Fresh never frozen wild Coho salmon. Just in this week at your local Publix......(shameless plug for my company).๐Ÿ˜
  9. sandyclawedtiger

    Dye-Gest Auburn and Week One SEC Football

    My stomach is growling!
  10. sandyclawedtiger

    AU reports 22 NCAA secondary violations in 17-18

    You've taught them well, Sensei Golf.
  11. sandyclawedtiger

    1st AU Scrimmage Play vs UW...

    I-right. 24-dive right... On TWO!!
  12. sandyclawedtiger

    ** Nip Watch 2018 ** Called-8/22 2215

    81 degrees. Humidity 280% here in NW Florida. Who cares? Bring it on!
  13. sandyclawedtiger

    Malzahn cuts loose for some summer fun

    I used to drink unsweetened tea. She was pretty hot tho. Then I married her. Then divorced her cheating butt.
  14. sandyclawedtiger

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    I know. It was a joke.
  15. sandyclawedtiger

    This tweet is interesting

    Steel dossier