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  1. Most recent was Jeremy Johnson. The best my old brain can remember before was Aundrey Bruce.
  2. War Eagle JJ! Makes us old Wolverine alums proud. Not that he already hasn't.
  3. I really think Jeremy may be able to win this. Of course I'm into a bottle now.
  4. It was a perfect through. To the defender.... I kid or I would cry. Come on team!
  5. It was a perfect throw. To the defender.... I kid or I would cry. Come on team!
  6. Got to get that ticked off mean streak back. Now! War Damn Eagle!
  7. Good time for a turnover.
  8. Seem to be going too high on these strong backs.
  9. Thank you.
  10. I hope we all accept it. I'm going to look at it like the football season. Very cautiously optimistic. It may look ugly early but rally after a rough start. Let's stick together. Call a spade a spade if necessary but let's not turn on each other. That's what I feel the establishment wants. We the people can change this.
  11. How about a rain check. Meet on beach at shrimp basket on beach for all you can eat shrimp or catfish day. My treat. Developed a freaking shrimp allergy last year.
  12. Man! I live in Gulf Breeze. Would've fed you. Pan seared chuck eye steaks. Fresh corn on the cob and collards.
  13. Thank goodness this won't hurt my employee company owned stocked.
  14. War Eagle! Now to watch rest of game. My Internet feed still has 7 minutes