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  1. Offensive line play! I dont mean that a good way.
  2. If I remember correctly. At the beginning of the game it was said Siposs hit the jumbotron during practice before. Wondering if this weighed on his mind? Either way STs needs to get better.
  3. Heard it for first time last week. Like you. I love it. This could be very interesting.
  4. 57 Male Born raised and graduated HS in Montgomery, Al. Live in Gulf Breeze,Fl. I work with animals......I'm a butcher for Publix. Been at it since 1984. Sidewalk alum.
  5. I had read about this earlier in the year. I was also watching Live PD a few months ago and a young lady caught with a vape in Texas. She told him it was CBD oil and he told her he knew the smell and it was not. He pulled out a so called field test and arrested her for possession of parphernalia. Wonder if this changed her case? She did however admit to it not being CBD after the test. Sure she got fined. Lesson of the day. Deny it! Deny it! Deny it!
  6. His vision was remarkable. He followed those second level blocks like no other. If they weren't there he made his own gap. Go crazy!
  7. I remember being 6 years old in Montgomery and the YMCA wouldn't let me play football until I was 7. My mother talked them into letting me play. Got home from school and she let me know I would get to play for the Seth Johnson Bees. Fell on the floor squalling. "I dont want to play for them. I want to play for the Green Bay Packers ". He and daddy Ben have left a lasting impression on me and on the city of Montgomery. I actually got to play ball with him when I was 7 as many in my neighborhood did. RIP Bart!
  8. I thought lsu would have at least waited until he testified in court.
  9. Great game by all. No disappointment here. War Damn Eagle!
  10. Did it in Gulf Breeze. Sorry we Breezers are funny that way.😆 I work next door and have fellow workers on watch for him. I expect he'll be at tourney and back for rehab. WDE!
  11. Got mine ordered. 6 bucks less than any other site and a 20% off code.😁