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  1. Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Several college have built new or rebuilt their existing stadiums. A&M TCU, and Stanford rebuilt. Baylor, and Minnesota built new. Building a new stadium in a location with sufficient parking and access to the Interatate would be great, but will never happen. Expanding Auburn's stadium looks doubtful too. A school with the most expensive tickets in the SEC doesn't need more seats to sell.
  2. Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Guess what can be done with another large video board? More ads can be displayed to bring in more revenue. The south end zone screen almost constantly displays ads that can be changed as needed.
  3. Texas A&M -- Sumlin -- Hot Seat

    Sumlin's got a better winning percentage than most coaches at TAM for the last 100 years, including the Bryant guy. Only RC slocun is better. Mike Sherman who Sumlin replaced at TAN also had a problem with building large leads and blowing them in the 4th quarter. Winning at TAM isn't easy.
  4. Florida State 2013 allegations

    It's past time to start really treating star student athletes like other student athletes and students. They need to meet the same college admission standards and ongoing academic standards as everyone else. There are students who would like to get into some good schools but lack the ACT or GPA ranking to get accepted. If they are star athletes and meet some minimum, no problem.
  5. Trump pardons fellow racist

    All it takes to be Hispanic is to say you are one. Anglo Saxon Scots Irish women who take the Spanish last name of their husbands are considered Hispanic. I've met people in South America who are of English, Italian, Polish, Scandinavia, etc descent and do not have Spanish last names, but would be considered Hispanic in the US because they speak Spanish as their first or only language.
  6. Alabama DL Raekwon Davis Suffers Gunshot Wound

    There was no description of the extend of his wound. Grazed by a bullet vs hit in a major muscle makes a big difference on recovery. Not that it means much but he's 20 years old. Is Bar17 a rough place?
  7. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    Correct. It floors me how stupid people are using their company official cellphones for personnel activities. Normally occasional use maybe permitted, but the messages and all activity are subject to review by the owner/ company that pays the bills. Taking pictures, sending text and emails have gotten lots of people fired. Many businesses put specialized software on the phone to control the phones use and know where it's at. Which is why certain politicians setup their own email servers and phones, but they still get caught conducting official business on personally owned phones. The privileged few evade punishment.
  8. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    Too many players names being mentioned for this to be nothing. What did Jay Jacobs know and when did he know it?
  9. Clint Myers Resigns

    No, but Tech got knight and his son later took over. Who knows what UAT agreed to. The board even wanted to keep Price until the President threatened to resign. True desperation Auburn allowed myer to hire his sons, but I also doubt they agreed upfront to allow a son to succeed him. Not coming to an agreement on that over the years could be part of this. More likely it's health related or a scandal
  10. Clint Myers Resigns

    Schools allow coaches to hire family members when the schools are desperate for a hire. Aka Tech Tech for Bobby Knight and UAT for Mike Price.
  11. Even ESPN will have a $5 per month streaming service. I might pay $6 for a games only package with no sports talk and analysis shows.
  12. Clint Myers Resigns

    Perhaps Coach Myers found out why his son Casey really left Auburn? Or wasn't allowed to bring him back? Illness? Very strange.
  13. The terrorist have won

    I know what it states, I asked you if you were still on active duty and were concerned, remember?
  14. The terrorist have won

    I asked if you were concerned. Obviously you never were. I would never want to be sea lawyer, whatever the navy thinks that is. Maybe a Martime attorney, a lot more money.
  15. The terrorist have won

    Ok. I was wondering why you weren't concerned about article 88.