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  1. The UMC is one of the mainline Protestant denominations in the US. They are 7 denominations also called the 7 sister churches. Unfortunately they are mostly losing members to more conservative churches or people elect to become unchurched. There are a large number of no name churches popping up, some may go there.
  2. I think Saban banned Kiffin from using social media and maybe interacting with the media.
  3. Lots of marginal coaches around and have passed thru the SEC. Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, Vandy, etc. have all had their share.
  4. At this point just give Cadillac the job with a 2 year contract. If it works, extend his contract and give him raises. If it doesn’t, he’ll leave the team stocked with talent. Not like the last 2 coaches.
  5. James Franklin has that sexual assault by his players he left at Vandy. Then took Vandy’s recruit with him to PSU.
  6. They forgot to make it a no stab zone. Stabbing has become a serious problem in the UK were they have restricted the sale of knives. Pocket knives with less than a 3 inch blade are allowed if they do not have lock back blades.
  7. Todd came to Auburn with a bad shoulder I think. He did as well as anyone in that 2008 season. After surgery in 2009 he was better and I remember him being a good long ball thrower too.
  8. It was an all Auburn win. Team, coaches, students, and fans all worked for this one.
  9. I listened to Coach Williams make similar comments on the Auburn Radio Network. We are so lucky to have that man coaching and leading this team. He’s got the spirt, drive, and experience as an Auburn man to start the healing process for those players and the staff. I remember during his Auburn playing days 20 year ago what a sports writer said after an SEC game victory. He said Cadillac Williams had put the team on his back and ran to victory. I don’t know how long he will be here or in what position, but Auburn needs that man on and off the football field.
  10. NBC should have checked to see if one of those dangerous old Chevy pickups was nearby about to explode.
  11. Will TJ be taking his motorcycle with him??
  12. Kiffin and his agent maybe playing the old bump up my salary game. Kiffin makes $7,250,000 a year before bonuses. A visit to Nebraska and talk about him at Auburn can’t hurt his salary negotiations.
  13. Which state does he live in?
  14. Many states issue free voterID cards at county court houses. If you ever think you’ll ever fly on a plane or enter a federal court house, you need a REAL ID card. Most states allow use of other government issued IDs and documents.
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