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  1. Must have ex New England patriot staff on their team. Probably need to check the air pressure in the footballs too.
  2. This is info on the USS McCain and the collision caused by lack of a sound automated steering system, training , and leadership.
  3. Saban great asset is his system that includes pregame preparation and game plan. Once in the game he can be out coached. That last illegal substitution penalty is proof. The whining he did about Auburn’s formation not being fair is just sad.
  4. MooState maybe short at least 8 players tonight. Mostly on defense.
  5. It’s on the SEC channel at 11:00 am CDT on Tuesday sept 24th. It runs 2 hours so there’s some editing for time.
  7. The famous showme state’s Missouri mule. Not even the school mascot.
  8. This is University of Missouri's official school logo. Do you see anything interesting about it? There's an animal's head hiding in it.
  9. Odds were in AU favor on this one, it's tough to beat a team three times in a season.
  10. I'm glad that person is not anywhere near Auburn and that Auburn University is not paying his contract buyout anymore!!!!! .
  11. More likely to get fouled that way for 2 shots at the free throw line
  12. I finally picked up an ESPN FM station outside Nashville that carries AU basketball and football, but not every game. They pick and choose among several schools they broadcast for. They carried the Auburn broadcast of UNC AU game, then flipped to the UK broadcast of the UK AU game ☹️
  13. There are many ways to win, but the best way is to play the best and beat the great teams game after game. WAR EAGLE!
  14. What happened to the Auburn Radio Network broadcast of this game. Did the NCAA sell out to Westwood One???