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  1. If this results in a 2 and 5 record at the bye week next fall, we’ll need to pick an interim head coach.
  2. Some nations are rather small. Auburn’s campus must be a nation now.
  3. That was the norm a few years ago. Still is for many agreements. We are seeing some head coaches get contracts with payouts that aren’t contingent on looking for a job or having an offsetting salary. Hansin has one and so did Mahlzan. Those deals have guaranteed amounts that decrease each year a coach stays, buy upon leaving early they get a series of large payment. This is how Malzahn’s payout worked. Auburn gave Malzahn a 7 year, $49 million contract at the end of 2017, with 75 percent of the deal’s value fully guaranteed. At the time of his firing buyout it was down to $21,450,000, half of which was due within 30 days. Auburn made a $10,725,000 payment to Malzahn the month after he was fired, with the remaining money due in four equal annual installments.
  4. Now Harsin needs to halt the transfer bleeding, find players who want to transfer here and hire assistants that can successfully coach in the SEC. None of that is easy and Harsin will need support to accomplish any of this.
  5. What has Harsin's relationship with the Auburn student body been? I feel like he's distant from them. Pearl has worked to always communicate with the students and supports all the teams at Auburn. Pearl is probably the best cheerleader the school has ever had. Yes I know he gets a bonus for game attendance, but he's been that way since the day he arrived on the Auburn jet and meet fans at the airport.
  6. I cannot and will not be for UAT. I dislike UGA too. The best case is for UAT to lose and UGA to be disqualified a week later.
  7. They see Harsin is working hard to get them and the team better. I also think they see that Harsin will bench even a star if he’s not performing. And perhaps he treats them all like men.
  8. Or he’s not the right fit. He was brought in under Gus’s offense, and now is playing in a different one. He may think his last year of playing will be better elsewhere.
  9. It's his business whether he got the shots. HIPAA. If he talked about his religious beliefs, the press would through a fit about that.
  10. Will this kid even be held accountable by the automobile insurance industry? If there's no official public record of his actions and conviction, can he apply for insurance in 3 years and get the same rates as any other 21 year old?
  11. UCF only pays a salary, Malzahn gets his contract money from Auburn whether he works or not and has already gotten half of it.
  12. UCF is in the American Conference along with Univ South Florida who is their main rival.
  13. Probably the worst TV sports announcers I’ve ever listened too. This is why the Skycam games in college football are becoming popular especially when they sync audio in with the college network announcers. Basketball needs something like Skycam.
  14. The portal can be almost a death penalty for teams like UT. They just had an internal investigation with HC and other coaches fired. The rest of the staff is soon to go. Players will leave via the portal and recruits will not commit. The ncaa will drag out its investigation and announcement of penalties.
  15. So player transfers form UT to Auburn now? Could get interesting.
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