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  1. Kinda glad he's gone. I hope and pray saban does him like he did Daruis Philon last year.... Show up on NSD without a Letter to sign!!! How funny would that be
  2. Great article JM! I agree Auburn went with a easy hire, instead of going to get a big time name .
  3. 4-8!!! At best, only that because we play weak out of conference teams.
  4. Well well well strike up the band to a losing season again next year!!! It was said that money was no issue on hiring a new HC so why go hire Gus!! I hope Auburn doesn't win a game next year or year after that! This is a pitiful excuse for a so called "search committee"
  5. I think if Auburn isn't worried about money and wants a proven coach, go get Bob Stoops and let win football games
  6. This is the "Likely Replacement " thread, not the name a famous college football coach thread. Malzahn brings a lot to the table. He knows the landscape (AD, competition, recruiting) He knows the players (and who are the troublemakers) He knows the coaches (and who can't chop wood) The players know him and his playbook Offensive recruites love his offense He's very creative and motivated Downside: Limited HC experience Players may be complacent due to familiarity To me the upside outweighs the downside and frankly, I enjoyed watching us score in the 30s more than I have in the teens. All aboard the Gus Bus. There may be times it isn't pretty but it will never be boring. Well excuse me for not being perfect!! I was just simply asking about stoops would there be a chance for him to come to AU!!!
  7. I simply asked a question earlier and it was deleted!! I was just asking what do we do now??? And I think the only way chizik can help us is to resign!!
  8. Well this is the last game i will watch until thug Taylor, cheese stick and predictable lefty is gone !!!!! This is awful.
  9. I refuse to watch another game until this coaching staff is gone!!!! The whole coaching staff is complete garbage and has no coaching ability whatsoever!!!
  10. Also if anyone had any sense at auburn right, they would be gathering the money to get Kirby smart!!!
  11. Fire chizik and the whole retard staff!!!