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  1. I am curious as to why you do not feel Pitman is any good, this is the second or third post you have implied he doesn’t know crap. Please explain. I would love to here how you would Program for a college football weight program. I have read countless college weight program manuals, I have never read anything from or by Pittman, but it seems you know, I would like to hear why he sucks. I have a copy of the famous Alabama Fourth Quarter Program laying here on my desk, I can send that to him if you think it will help.
  2. All Auburn pay sites should send out refunds to their paying members. They are 0/10 on AU hires since Gus was fired. They have one coaching spot left, doubt they get it right either.
  3. Could you explain what you mean about his use of Olympic Lifts and their variations? I have never seen or read his program, but I have read several other Power 5 schools weight room manuals, and have studied their use of PC! HC, High Pulls, Split Jerks and Over Head Squats. I am sure everyone who is into football training/lifting has read the Alabama Fourth Quarter Program.
  4. Does anyone have anything new on the search for a coach?
  5. The "spread" is the same old plays that have been run in football since the dawn of time. The biggest difference that between the two styles are 1. Tempo 2.Spread and Stretch the defense across the field with formations 3. Passing game has more high percentage throws mixed in
  6. If Gene is retained for another year of service, my family and I will not darken the doors of Jordan-Hare again until he is gone.
  7. Still doesnt answer my original question.
  8. Its amazing that I asked a descent question about how a coaching search is conducted, and I get 3 pages of stupidity and babbling.
  9. What is the proper way to contact a coach that is currently under contract at another school? Does our athletic department have to contact the other school that they are wanting to contact their coach, is it done through the agents or what?
  10. Who would throw it to him if he came to Auburn? God I hope Jeremy Johnson can sling the rock as a sophmore.
  11. Lets bring him in , coach Yox can put any needed weight that he might need. coach yox is the best at strength and conditioning! Sorry, had to do that before the sunshine pumpers posted it!!!!
  12. I think one of the most glaring things is that we are weak! Yes, I said it! All we hear is he will get Yoxercized in the next year and be ready. It might be time for a different strength and conditioning coach at AU.
  13. im sitting here at work and have been looking at this class and thinking about who we stand a real shot at getting and who might bet a bump after the next round of Rivals rankings. We could very easily end this class with 5- 5* 10 -4* 7- 3* This is an amzing class now, it will be unreal with a little luck come Feb.
  14. AU commit Earnest Robinson made one of the newest Rivals articles. It is about WR's that made great showings this summer and could/should move up the rankings list. Good chance he ends up in the top 10 for Wr's!!!! SIAP Free article. http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1391736
  15. Each team had roughly 20players X 32 teams is 640 players. To be chosen the MVP out of 640 kids is pretty impressive. Rivals will surely give him his 4th Star ranking soon.
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