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  1. Texas may change their mind about joining the SEC lol...
  2. 3rd and 13 and we run a draw play? After a timeout?
  3. Run clock run. I hate the USC qb got knocked out of the game.
  4. Oh I’m watching...and Fromm just threw another pick. Love it. So sick of these GA fans giving me grief all freaking week.
  5. Thanks! Yeah I’m in Jax so my brother and I are just heading down for the game too.
  6. So according to the Alumni Association’s Facebook post, FL is promoting this as their wear blue game. So they said to wear orange. I’m wearing both lol.
  7. War Eagle everyone. This will be my first time visiting the Swamp for a game. Does anyone have suggestions on where to park or any other tips for getting around? Anyone setting up tailgates? Any tips are appreciated! Mods: if this post isn’t allowed please delete or move. :)
  8. There are two SEC alternate on COMCAST. It’s on 746.
  9. I decided to try SlingTV after I was over Comcast continually increasing my bill and their lack of customer service. I really don’t watch TV except for sports. It takes a while to get used to the format, but I enjoyed. I missed having the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX), so i have recently switched to Hulu. A little lower price, still get all of my sports channels and now get network tv. I could have used an antenna for all my TVs but reception is still not very good at my house, so Hulu is really working well for me. The good thing is...there is no contract, so if you don’t like it, it’s easy to cancel
  10. Wow. WTH is wrong with Daniel this year? This is embarrassing. No emotion, no fire, nothing.
  11. Just saw this on my FB feed... https://www.seccountry.com/auburn/report-auburn-offensive-coordinator-rhett-lashlee-leaving-position-uconn
  12. Dang i think his knee was down....grrr...we have got to get one of these fumbles
  13. Penalties are killing us....adams and lawson
  14. We have got to capitalize...fg's are not gonna cut it
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