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  1. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    AU-17 Mizz - 13
  2. Who Do You Want?

    I didn't go through the whole thread but would Muschamp come back? I think he is really turning South Carolina around. Everybody always throws out these wild picks.. At least think someone reasonable. At least in my head I've decided that shark humper isn't a good coach and only won because of Muschamp's players. We can all agree that Auburn's defensive turn around started with Muschamp.
  3. Our own worst enemy

    We are going on three years of the exact same horrifying thing. I have lost all hope in this season. This team is extremely talented and the offensiveness philosophy is just broken. Do we only have three running plays? Up the middle, stupid WR sweep (that never works), and the super long draw play? It was so frustrating seeing on third and long seeing passing routes only going 3 to 4 yards. You have to be able to coach the situation. I'm just disgusted...
  4. Can we go ahead and get a true WR coach?

    From former Gus coached AU WR Emory Blake: I have hard believing it is Kodi's fault. I don't think it matters who the WR coach is with this playbook.
  5. Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Jay Jacob's thought process: The north endzone renovations that were proposed looked really nice. I think I know what the fans really want though! MORE VIDEOBOARDS! (Or cowbell)
  6. Good stuff! I am excited to see what changes will happen on the offense. I will be happy to see more passing on first down.
  7. What the defense needs in 2017

    Looking at this just makes me angry that we finally had a great defense again and our offense was so lackluster....
  8. He knows the future transfers!?!?
  9. A look at Stidham vs Oklahoma 2015

    Was I the only one who was not impressed with the play calling from Baylor VS Oklahoma? There a point in the fourth quarter where they ran the same play multiple times in a row for a loss... I understand he was a freshman but some of that was bad. Sorry, a little off topic haha.
  10. Will Hastings

    I like him but we have some VERY talented receivers especially if Kyle Davis returns.
  11. Men's Postseason chatter thread (Merged)

    What do you want Jay Jacobs to do? We have a very nice arena, the best possible coach we could currently have (IMO), and we are recruiting at the highest level in program history. I say have some patience...It takes a while to build up a program.
  12. Vs MSU Postgame W[98-92]

    I'll take this win any day over a loss. At times, this team is pretty amazing to watch and at others times very frustrating. We have to be happy with the direction though. We are in the RPI top 60.
  13. Biggest needs

    I think we need to sure up every position with the best available players in the country
  14. NSD 2017 discussion thread

    So strange this cycle. It feels like such a lackluster finish.
  15. predict number of wins in the dead season

    So 9-3 won't cut it....