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  1. Over/under 4.6 seconds on Cam's forty time at the combine? This is a prop bet on some websites and although not interested in betting on it, I still find it interesting.
  2. When clicking the jersey at it says "Order today, receive no later than Thursday, January 6th" so you should be good. If you already have a jersey maybe you could see if you could just find the patch and save yourself some money.
  3. I could be wrong but wasn't Haloti Ngata a run stuffer rather than a great pass rusher? Nick Fairley is a great run stuffer but a guy who gets 10.5 sacks as a DT, who is the focus of the entire offensive line is very impressive. Either way, both teams have talented players. I have an extreme Auburn bias but I was much more concerned about beating Bama than I am about Oregon. Could we lose, sure but I don't think we will. I feel about as confident as when we played LSU or Arkansas at home. Let's hope we get a similar results.
  4. I can honestly say I had never heard of Stephen Pa'ea until his name has been thrown around by Oregon fans. He obviously is a good player if he is an all-american but I haven't seen anything like NF before and I doubt Oregon has either. Names that come to mind when I think of NF are Glen Dorsey, Warren Sapp, not Stephen Pa'ea. I can see why Oregon fans would think comparing one all-american to another would be a good comparison but NF was dominant in the SEC, SP in the PAC-10.
  5. We have injured almost every quarterback we have played. I never hope for injuries but our opponents offensive lines haven't been able to block us. My QB injury list includes: 1.) Parker (Clemson) 2.) Garcia (South Carolina) 3.) Mallet (Arkansas) 4.) Lee (LSU) - not 100% on this one but think I remember one of their QB's being hurt. 5.) Murry (UGA) - I don't think the Dawg fans will ever let us forget this one. 6.) Mcelroy (Bama) 7.) While I don't want to add DT as #7, I am hoping we hit him like he has never been hit before (legally).
  6. I grew up in Big 10 country and the excuses for why the Big 10 doesn't play well in bowl games are hilarious. A few examples are: 1.) "They are basically home games for the SEC teams." They seem to think the bowl games are 1 hour drives for SEC teams. It's not our fault our fans support our teams. 2.) "Big 10 teams are built to play in bad weather. It's not fair the bowl games are played in nice weather." Again, it is not our fault that people enjoy traveling to warm weather cities and that they chose to live in a part of the county where no one would want to visit in January. 3.) "The Big 10 teams are always getting bad match-ups where they are playing higher ranked teams." They need to look at who the SEC gets matched up with. Generally the SEC team is ranked lower within the conference than their opponent they are playing. Anyone else have any favorite Big 10 excuses?
  7. He is gone. His buy-out went from 4 million to 2.5 million today. I would expect he will be fired tonight/tomorrow.
  8. I actually enjoy watching Auburn's kick coverage this year. I generally just watch Craig Sanders the entire time and he usually is the first one down there. Sanders and Mcneal have made such a big difference on kick coverage this year.
  9. I haven't read the entire thread but seems like a few people have made comments about Auburn being a better school than Oregon and that can explain why we may have players ineligible and Oregon will not. I am willing to bet that both schools make it extremely easy for football players to pass classes and really has nothing to do with how the school is ranked. My memory may be a little hazy but didn't David Irons have trouble graduating from high school, scored an all time low of a 4 on the Wonderlic test at the NFL combine, but graduated from Auburn? Not to say that he didn't work hard and deserve to graduate but I am just using this as an example that Auburn may assist there football players significantly. I think you have to throw out school rankings for the most part when talking about athletics. I find the academic rankings a little silly anyway but especially when throwing football in the mix. If any Auburn player is ineligible I will hate it but will only blame the player because I am sure they had plenty of opportunities and assistance. Let's hope we don't have to worry about this. War Eagle!
  10. I don't think think it makes sense for an NFL DB to take a PI penalty in the end zone unless they are already inside the 10 or 15 and a TD is certain on the play which they decide to interfere on. Sounds like this was just some bad timing for you to have the discussion with your father in law.
  11. Going to high school in the Atlanta I have heard that Caleb transferred from Parkview High School to Greater Atlanta Christian because he could not pass the Georgia High School Graduation Test. Private schools students did not have to take the test and therefore he transferred for his senior year. My sources come from people who went to Parkview and Greater Atlanta Christian. Who knows if this is true but needless to say I am not shocked by hearing he is ineligible. This is also the guy who had his house raded or whatever a couple months ago by the Athens cops. I don't think he was involved but hanging out with questionable characters. Hopefully Mark Richt continues to lose control of his program as it is impacting them on and off the field.
  12. I am really hoping they go a different direction than the "War Eagle" commercials. I enjoy getting a war eagle as much as the next guy when I at the airport etc., however I don't it is something you understand until you have experienced it. Before I went to Auburn I found the war eagle a little silly and I don't think the commercial is good for attracting propsective students. Yes, the alumni like the commercials so I guess it could be good in that respect but I just feel like Auburn has a whole lot more to display than everyone saying "war eagle." However, war eagle to the AU family and hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
  13. I have been extremely discouraged in the cost of getting from Atlanta to Glendale. Direct flights have been around $1000, flights connecting in 2 cities and require a red eye back were $600, frequent flyer mile cost to PHX was 60,000 miles. However, I wanted to share another option in hopes of getting as many tiger fans out in Glendale as possible. I now and getting out there for $370 and here is how. I had 19,000 Delta frequent flyer miles. After searching a ton of cities somewhat near Phx I finally found a Delta skymile trip to Orange County for 25,000. My parents had some extra frequent flyer miles so I had them transfer me 6,000 at a cost from Delta of $90. I then booked a flight from Orange County to Phx through Southwest for $280 (roundtrip). I looked into a lot of cities that Southwest flies into (El Paso, Alb New Mexico, many others) but the flight times did not make it possible. Generally the flights from Phx to whatever city I was trying to fly to were not early enough to catch my Delta return flight to Atlanta but the OC flight did work. With respect to tickets, a friend and I are getting tickets for $750 each through a friend. Won't be the cheapest trip I have taken but the more I thought about it the more I knew I couldn't miss it. While I know this isn't an ingenious plan and there may have been an even cheaper way to get out there, I just wanted to share in case this would help someone else get out to Glendale. wDe
  14. Despite Florida possibly leaking negative information about Cam Newton while at Florida, trying to upstage Cam's Heisman accomplishment by announcing a coaching hire as Cam is giving his speach, are they partially responsible for Gus Malzahn staying? While it might be a stretch, they did givea coach with no head coaching experience an opportunity to lead a top 5 program. Is it at all possible that Gus was considering taking the Vandy job but once he saw Muschamp getting the Florida job he thought "if I stick around for another year or two I may be able to land a top job as well...with no head coaching experience?" I think it is possible that Gus really thought his only opportunity to land a major job was to be successful (or even unsuccessful as Chizik proved)at a mid-level school before moving on to a major job. Once he saw Florida giving a successful assistant an opportunity he wanted to stay at Auburn.