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  1. According to Auburn Undercover Newton has put his announcement on hold.
  2. Fresno State Rutgers Southern Miss BYU Utah Nevada Marshall North Carolina USC Clemson Georgia Temple Miami Bowling Green Nebraska Houston Oklahoma Missouri Iowa State Virginia Tech Auburn Penn State West Virginia Oregon Florida South Florida Connecticut Oklahoma State Arkansas Texas Tech TCU Georgia Tech Troy Texas
  3. tad4au ("4au" NOT) you are a poor execuse for a "Auburn fan", which I doubt you are with this kind of attitude. Auburn would be better off without fans like you so go dish some other team and play like you are their fan like you are doing here.
  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with your dad, you and your family. Also with the Doctors and nurses that are tending to your dad. God Bless
  5. My wife and I are leaving Saturday so we can make the drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway and see some other sites along the way. Here's looking forward to an Offensive turn around! War Eagle!!!
  6. Well it was Jan. 1962, I was 11, and UAT had won the MNC. I got so fed up with my uncle talking about them winning the MNC that I started looking for another team to pull for and my Mother, being the intelligent woman that she is, suggested Auburn and the rest is history. At that time I was the only Auburn fan in my family but eventually my Mom, Dad and brother all became Auburn fans. WAR EAGLE!!!