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  1. So who would our QBs work with?
  2. I see a battle of the kickers in this game. i believe our defense can stop them and force FGs and our offense can get us in position to kick FGs as well....i will take our kicker over theirs any day! 15-12 AU!
  3. 33 - 27 AU!
  4. This seems awfully familiar.....i'm sure he will not play based off of precaution
  5. 24-20 LSU
  6. MMW: Rhett will only be a cheerleader in this game. Pettway will have more yds that Fournette SW throws 2 30+ yd TDs
  7. AU 35 ASU 20
  8. 27-24 AUBURN!!!
  9. SW throws WR screen pass to M. Davis for 5 yrds