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  1. Could Freeze be in play at Bammer? Since they courted him and got turned down, but now he is available. With Tua being his QB....ughhh...say it aint so!
  2. What are the chances that we have changed our offensive philosophy (play to JS's strengths) over the BYE week? Do you think it would happen?
  3. OM 27 AU 13...i have lost faith in Gus
  4. In the second half towards the end they were going tempo with quick slants...and it was working...why can't we do this to start the game?!
  5. This! His fiance's Father is the CEO of the Houston Rockets....JS is going through the motions at the moment. I mean I have seen no fire from him at all, especially if scouts were projecting him in the 1st round! One would think he would be rallying the troops or lighting a fire underneath them!
  6. ALTiger

    Missing OL

    If we know the OL is lacking and not doing a good job, why not implement short/quick passes? Slants, etc...? Isn't that in Stidham's wheelhouse anyways? We keep running these deep curls and long routes and we know our OL is not giving Stidham that much time. Just doesn't seem that difficult to implement. And I am saying routes other than those throws to the flat.