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  1. lost

    Freshmen could contribute

    We will need the added depth at WR with the injuries. Also you can never have too much depth at DL... Have we ever had more interest at Seeing a New punter? Speed galore at the WR position....
  2. lost

    Post a picture

    Wife and I celebrated 35 years of marriage ON Aug 21, 2017. I am now retired from Pastoring , but this is the cake my Church i was Pastor at gave us on our 34th when we were still there in Service. I miss being behind the Pulpit terribly, but most of all i miss being heavily involved in individuals lives as their Shepherd. The picture is from when we 1st got married in a simple Church ceremony at my home Church in West Mobile ( Whistler ) Al.
  3. lost

    Davion Mitchell Transferring

    I think you have it. MITCHELL was ranked like #43( wild guess without looking it up) at his position. He was a high 4 star. He expects to play. They all come in "as the best" and can't understand team play. In every sport it has become ME. Maybe i am not giving him a fair shake here, but most kids have that mindset.....
  4. lost

    Rhett comments on his departure

    Gus no doubt has become one of the more controversial coaches AU has ever had. Tub has been eclipsed. And Little Terry has been left behind in his shadow. But in the middle of the craziness of Gus i think something has plagued us that is not being addressed or is being forgotten. INJURIES and DRAMA. It seems ol man injury jumps up and bites us in the butt every spring, and at the most inappropriate moment and position every year during the regular season. Then there is the DRAMA. Now all teams have problems with the drugs and wrong actions of players but it seems Gus has been plagued with a revolving door...... Always reading of someone leaving the program In other words to me it is the total lack of consistency or ORDER this program has lacked with Him that has made him so controversial. Maybe i am trying to overlook the obvious, that he is stubborn to the core and has cost us games--- ( but we have said that is a trait of Saban, but he is much wiser with his moves?)--- But what has bothered me most in his tenure is the BUZZ constantly around our program, always a negative it seems. And his attitude does not help at all in dispelling it. But i am AU through and through. Since 1966------ So I wish Him to become the best coach AU has ever had. W A R E A G L E
  5. lost


    Stanton goes deep twice ( marlins are sick...lol ) and Nick hits a walkoff 3 run homer for the Braves!!!
  6. lost

    Sad news -- Zach Gilbert

    Prayers to His family-- AND AS A Pastor and Minister of almost 35 years--- If you are hurting, find someone to talk to. Don't try to handle it by yourself. There is always a way out, regardless of what it looks like..... I will be glad to talk with anyone, totally confidential...... God bless Zac's family and give them comfort.
  7. lost

    Davion Mitchell Transferring

    He was impressive as a freshman on the defensive side. I don't think he would ever been a scoring point guard? I just think he saw the door closing to playing time, which was peculiar with the way Pearl substitutes. But i guess he wants to start. But he needs to be somewhere where he can play more i suppose and that is more important than to be on a part of something big next year.
  8. lost

    Score Prediction- LSU (merged threads)

    Let's see. Down in the Bayou----- Ed fighting for his life and the Tigers who have all the talent in the world fighting for pride and believing they have AU's # ? Auburn outlasts the emotional push, and wins 24 to 16
  9. lost

    Score Prediction- Ole Miss

    Ole Miss rallies the troops after the mugging from the cheaters last week and fight valiantly. 31-17 Auburn
  10. lost

    ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Momentum is all Clemson. Need a big special teams play to kick things off and take the pressure off Stidham and the defense.
  11. lost

    Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    I hope i am wrong. Clemson 24 Auburn 13
  12. I thought you could see the nervousness of Stidham in his unwillingness to let go of the football. I was displeased with the amount of pressure G Southern was able to get and the lack of progress in the middle of the line again. It was the same problem with little push up front on many of the runs. The offense looked out of sync the whole game, regardless for the reason. I thought the Stidham to Hastings pass in the corner of the endzone was what shows his special ability as a passer and this is what HE WILL DO if he gets time and gets comfortable. My biggest worry was not the game but the way we started the season with the suspensions of people who should know better AGAIN. I was hoping we could not see the drama and a committed club this year. Maybe the problems happened earlier and were just now enforced? and we will come together and make a run. This has been the problem i believe of this team. Too many undisciplined players and not enough commitment.
  13. lost

    Prayers Please

    I send my prayers and condolences. I lost my Dad almost 9 years ago. He was a Bama fan, but not the 85%... He was a hard working man and cared more for his family and providing than sports. Lost Mom about 5 years ago and i miss them both terribly. I have Dad's Bama hat hanging right over me here at the computer... in memory. I won't wear it, lol.... But i will hang it on the wall. Bless you and your family.. War Eagle to you and to His memory!!!
  14. Auburn Tigers 44 GA Southern 17
  15. lost

    ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    I have been quiet on this issue. I did not know who to believe. I did not want to believe the horrid details. I do now. Jay Jacobs knew, and so did many others. The cover up has been going on for a while. Many of the regulars on 24/7 who follow softball knew, but could not speak because every attempt to discuss the details were either deleted or locked by Auburn mods. They knew, or had orders to keep it quiet... This stinks to high heaven. I have been an Auburn fan since 1966, and some things have happened i have not been proud of, but this really gets me. With Carlee leaving and the dismissal of young Myers then, the abrupt retirement , and the other incidents--- the bread trail is too long. Jacobs knew. He needs to go. Not because of anything else, but because of this.