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  1. I hadn't looked back to see all the comments so if i repeat or rehash, forgive. This was a mess. What i am going to say is all opinion, but makes more sense than anything else, judging by the TEAM PERFORMANCE. Mc's statement was used by Oates to fire up his kids and the bama crazies. But that ain't what did us in. The Lindsey Black twitter war with Purifoy is. She and her cohorts stirred enough anger and hit the right buttons that Bruce could not control and direct the emotions. I was afraid it would get ugly last night, and I believe the refs were told to keep Au IN CHECK and every moment make sure they did not cross any point of being too physical. I believe they warned Bruce, or he would have easily have gotten a T there when they jumped him about being out of the box and he was maybe two steps away. But that team was out of sorts last night. The SRS played like freshman, completely out of control. Only Wiley seemed to be himself. Doughty and McCormick looked angry from the start and when the bench come in it was chaos then. I hope Bruce sits down with them this morning and says the way to overcome is to win it all. That shuts up the hate. In my opinion, the best chance AU had was Bruce to sit Purifoy and tell his team we will not let this turn into a feud. We will play basketball and we will compete
  2. Might be a very very physical game if Oates has been encouraging the rivalry point
  3. You can tell by all the talk that our toughness Will be what will be tested most tonight at T-town. Oates referred to Anthony’s comments made at the beginning of the year of he got most pleasure of beating Bama. He said “ we will see”. I am sure that he has used that to pump up his players. So it will be can Au get past Bama emotionally 1st then wear them down
  4. Slow Dancing.....Only kind I could ever do..... But who needed other?
  5. 90% of the posters on here I would hate to have on any team i played on or coached. And for the naysayers, yes I did both . I played semi professional baseball and coached in high schools. The whining and crying , non endless, is sickening. I can understand disappointment as only a win was acceptable to me as a player. But to not see that we WERE NOT the best team in the SEC this year is to be blind. To not see the problems why we were not is to be blind. To whine is to be -- I don't know what-- but it ain't acceptable in individuals who are mature and accept reality. Gus Gus Gus..... Yes Gus is a problem, but so was a freshman QB, a line that never lived up to it's billing, and mistakes that plagued us at the worse times. Injuries at certain positions , in certain games.... You call them excuses- but i call them reality. Great teams overcome such. We were not a great team. We were a good team that did not get the breaks we needed to go all the way. There comes a time you either grow and heal, or you back up and you keep festered in the problems of the past....
  6. What a strange game. How many times did Ms State drive to the right side of the basket without opposition and lay it in? Yet great defense is what won the game. How did the bench play that long and only score two and we win by 12? Again our 2 guards show they can carry us, a different way than Bryce and Harper, but still put us on their shoulders. And we still rebound right with those towers 46-44.
  7. This is my last comment about football till this fall, Lord willing. I just can't UNDERSTAND the AU fan base! Any loss soon becomes a self imploding fistfight among themselves. Why is there no middle ground? ( Don't you dare blame it on a man,on Gus). Have guts enough to look at yourselves!!!! To me--- I can listen to what is being said, or I can trust my eyes. What I saw against the Gophers, despite all the reports coming out of Tampa, was an uninspired, whipped team from the beginning. I don't know what has occurred since the Bama win, but that was not a team who looked like they were ready to finish in style. From the beginning, their was no fire, there was no answers when they were hit in the mouth-- just zombies. I saw nothing on the sideline or on the field of SRS who said I am n ot GOING TO LOSE THIS GAME. It seemed to me something occurred, something bad--- that for all the SRS did to remain and be there---- killed and this team just wanted to finish the year and get out of there. That is what my eyes saw and that is what I believe. I refuse to squabble and fight and diminish the individual efforts and accomplishments had by this team and these kids. And if this shoe fits, YOU WEAR IT-- BUT NO WONDER kids want to leave AUBURN ... i WOULD TOO... Their ability to be appreciated and given their DUE, will never happen at his school as long as ANY COACH IS THERE THIS FAN BASE DOES NOT WANT
  8. I was not blaming. Just observing
  9. I had already mentioned this and his desire to be an Olympian. Football slows him down and has cost him already. Go run Ant. Auburn will be fine. We love you man!!!!
  10. I am relieved to get this season over with. If I have been at odds, offended you, forgive me. Couple of questions-And thoughts 💭 Nick Cole.... I believe there is more to the story being told That defense today looked uninspired and like their energy or spark had been stolen from them Just stone tired. The offensive usage of players seemed to also be out of sorts like something also had occurred to shake things up . it also looked dead. Am I way off? Troubles within again? Even Brown never smiled today and #3 also looked troubled from the beginning
  11. Larry Blakney, was from Gordo AL. From 1970-1975 we lived in Palmetto, a little community just to the NW of Gordo.. I went to Pickens County High School, and my sister later married a guy from Gordo who was a Classmate of Larry's. Gordo has been a bama town for a long time. I would love to know Larry's story. Ben Davis was the last i think to travel the pipeline to bammer
  12. Got My Coffee here in Metter, Georgia , My Tiger shirt on! 1st Gopher trap has gone off...... Ready to Finish Em off!!!