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  1. Down to 5. Pressure is building
  2. What I described was not a tug of war. How did you get that out of that post? Maybe you are just stating your doubts. Gus as head coach will always be in full control. But there is no use to not combine to parts that come from the same whole
  3. I have seen those post who want Morris in full control of this offense. I disagree. Let me explain. Malzhan is the one who took Morris under his tutelage. But along the way Morris has went to more of a pass oriented rpo, where Gus is run. Both were successful. Now you have 2 who know this system who can feed off the strengths of both with the Mastermind still present. So the hope is suddenly you see the tight ends become a major weapon and more imagination in the passing game with strengths being utilized. Still you have the Gus eye candy going on and much more happening in the backfield beside a single back set
  4. I am surprised no one has started a topic on them. They have to be the most interesting school we will face. They are a Jesuit University which is not so strange in itself because there are 27 of them in the United States. But what makes them stand out is there mascot. The Billiken. It is a charm doll created by an art teacher who saw the figure in a dream. The name came from the poem,Mr Moon: A song of the little people.( Wilkpedia) It is supposed to be a good luck charm, representing "Things as they ought to be". There are other stories how the billiken came to be also but i won't go into all those. As far s the team goes they have been somewhat successful since 2010 as they have been in the NCAA tournament 4 times. Last year they got knocked out in the 1st round.Their coach is Travis Ford, who played in the movie 6th Man( as Danny O'Grady) and played his collegiate ball at Missou and of course Kentucky where he was known for his sharpshooting and guard play. He was named most outstanding played in the NCAA tournament (1993). Their last game they broke their team record for 3's when they hit 17 3's. They are 8-1. I will let someone more skilled in understanding explain their strengths and weaknesses. But they will be a handful and i expect a close game
  5. Little new info with Luke leaving that knocks ole miss out of the picture. Jackson real upset on the change. Looks like Bama is the team to beat?
  6. Doggone Big Bird--- You kicked the bucket
  7. We remember those nights when he would heat up and the 3’s would start falling. No doubt he is somewhat streaky, but what a stroke!
  8. I see ESPN has us at #10 now on their power ranking
  9. As i have mentioned, i am a baseball player--so my observations are made as an observer who played intramural. 1. Defense is our strength and will carry us as far as we can go. 2. Free throw shooting is our weakness and unless improved will cost us more than one or two games. 3. Wiley never needs to put the ball on the floor. His hands are getting better but he is still losing the battle underneath power wise going up with the ball. It seems He has problems finishing at the Rim and seldom gets the basket if impeded. 4. Doughty is attitude ! But he might get us a technical before the year is over. He also needs to quit celebrating his accomplishments at the goal and get back on defense. 5. Bruce mentioned the bench and it's improvement. The quicker the better and the stronger this team will be. 6. 3 point shooting is somewhere between last night and previous games, but we do not need to heave up as many. If we find favorable matchups drive that ball!! We have the men to do it. Furman may not be a tournament team, but they are a solid team. Good excellent defense with some pure shooters and good coach.
  10. I know my post count is nowhere high as many others here. But I have been reading AUfamily since it's conception. I followed Rednilla over here 10 years ago..... I have been a member of 24/7 and a few others and it is my opinion this is the most tech friendly and has the best staff. I stay busy as a Pastor,Grandfather and Father and Husband but i love to get on as much as i can.
  11. I know i am not the life of any party, but if i want to party it won't be on a forum with a bunch of people i have no idea of who they are. But since WHEN did this forum become a troll fest and a clique "torch and lantern" chase? I am like the above poster. Not even a couple days down the road and it's back to the same ol, same ol crap. Maybe the O.P. MEANT the thread as sarcasm or humor, but it looks to be stuff better meant for alcom instead of here.
  12. Maybe Rednilla there needs to be a thread on why Gus effects "You" as he does and let everyone get it finally out of their Every thread seems to turn into a Gus lashing. I thought this was about the two seasons? I wrestled with the question, the highs and lows of 2017 and the possibilities of 2019 and I am going to say 2019. You somehow believe that if everyone plays in the bowl game that AU will defeat whoever their opponent is. Going into the bowl game against UCF you could smell trouble and see two teams headed into two different directions. So considering the strength of schedule and the team you had 10-3 is a very successful season. I would like to mention something here in Gus's defense. Regardless to the coach, all the praise or criticism will fall back on him when discussing the season. So after 7 years it is natural some have built up quite a distaste for their coach, while some have grown affectionate. I do not believe like some that he sought to get the huge contract. I believe that was Jacobs and a reaction to saban and what he was/is doing and trying to match him. Ii believe that just gave Sexton all the leeway he needed to get a huge contract that he profited from greatly too. Course Gus was not going to refuse it.
  13. Gus Bus- Wonder who invented the phrase and was it meant to be a negative or positive phrase? Over the years though it has turned into a mockery. I explained my feelings. As long as he is coach, and we are competitive and still got $$ ( lots) committed to him and others salary wise I say ride THAT BUS. And my answer to those who somehow NOW DEDUCE that Bama was a weak team( Gus hatred magnified) I say get a life. That team offensively especially at the skilled positions is like none before them and it will probably be a while before you see anything like them again. There is a reason they averaged almost 50 points a game and it was not an easy schedule.. I think once again you have to be frustrated at what Gus can do, and why it does not happen consistently. He is a winner. He does it right and is an asset to any program. He is just so cottonpickin hardheaded!!
  14. lost

    A Schwartz

    According to Keith He will be ready to go for the bowl game