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  1. lost

    2018 Maui Invitational

    So excited!! Have not been this excited since Doc Robinson ,Fishback,Porter,Mamadou,Bryant Smith were tearing it up!
  2. lost

    2018 Maui Invitational

    I watched the highlights of the Wisconsin/xavier game . What stood out to me was the opportunity to shoot 3's for Wisky and the one big man for Xavier. To me Size will be the biggest thing for AU in the tournament. I listened to Pearl's postgame last night and he mentioned that no doubt Gonzaga and Duke will be #1 seeds, so it is not so important to win the tournament but to get a couple of good wins for the resume and grow...
  3. I was not able to be here and post. Just some thoughts. I thought it was pretty easy to see AU was looking ahead. But Horace Spencer inspired them tonight. It was good to see him take center stage. He is always hustling, giving his all. He like Mc, has some great leaping ability and is a great shot blocker and rebounder. But they play like this against the top talent and it will be a loss, but i do not expect that. Hard to take what we saw from Ms college seriously. They had a couple of guys and that was about it.
  4. lost

    Mississippi College Preview/Review

    I hope if Okeke is sore that they let him sit. No need to hurt that hip and not have him available for the Maui tournament.
  5. Let's wait till after the Maui tournament. We do the unthinkable and we might leave this tournament #1
  6. lost

    Heron Transferring to St. John's

    Actually Shamorie Ponds is the leader of this team and Preseason Player of the year. But i read a piece where he and Heron have jelled and are a wicked one/two punch. They are speaking high praises of this team but i wonder just high they can go.
  7. Works for me... I looked around and did not see anything new so thought i would post an update! Interesting to drop KY on a loss to Duke on their 1st game?
  8. Auburn #9, Tennessee #5 Kentucky #10
  9. lost

    South Alabama (Preview/Review)

    May i join in on the hyped train!!!! READY!!! I hope the guys will not be too amped up tonight and will be relaxed... I would like to Anthony comfortable underneath and leaping with that authority he had last year...... He will be an important part with Wiley and Horace... Also what a thrill it must be for McCormick to come from Lee College and be playing at AU.... Being a COG man (I went to the COGOP school there at Cleveland years ago in 1978) i know he will be nervous to step in the big time...
  10. For those who insist on blaming the team-- Please stop. They did enough to win. Could they have performed better, of course. But LSU, who had no turnovers-- who played over their heads-- had to have "help" to get in a position to win the game. That is the problem tonight. I am as bias as a man can be, but i am also fair .. The lack of P.I. called and the P.I. called when AU had stopped LSU was a killer. It changed the whole game. Don't blame this game on Gus or the team. They did enough to win.
  11. lost


    IF---- You are near enough TICKETS ARE DOWN TO 40+ DOLLARS AND GOOD SEATS ARE 80+ For today"s game. If it was not so hot today i would make the 3 hour drive down and grab me and the Uncle a seat... B-U-T..... Gonna enjoy this one in front of the big screen tv
  12. lost

    Dixie 1860 Passes Away

    Oh No!!! Wow..... This is terrible..... My prayers sent to the family.
  13. lost

    Crepea leaving al.com - Merged

    I think he had worn out his welcome -- just the feeling i had-- in and around the AU program. Not only that his journalism suffered as badly as his appearance-----(no offense) He made Marcello look like an Angel at his worse when he was working at Al.com and was writing for clickbait....
  14. I believe we are a complete team. It was good to get the fumbles out of our system last week. If we can remain in control of the emotions and play like winners Saturday i think we win convincingly. I am looking for Siposs to kick with more freedom and distance when we need to punt. Laid back and all out, and with an attitude ( we are their ADVERSITY) WE WIN 31- 13
  15. lost

    this is suicide prevention week

    IF WE---You and I--- rule out suicide as a "way out" , then we can avoid ever falling into it's eternal trap. No one escapes from it's grasp once the deed has been done. Regardless of our Religious belief we can agree on the sanctity of life and agree it is something much too big for us to be in charge of. Greater forces than us are at work in this world we live in. Remember you might feel alone and without hope, but LIFE in itself is HOPE....... As long as life is there, HOPE is there. Life represents more than problems, but it represents the solutions to those problems. We are never alone. Life is always there. God bless, and in this LIFE I AM ALWAYS HERE for anyone who needs an ear, a voice, a friend.... And i believe there are many more here JUST LIKE ME......