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  1. Glad to be wrong today. Still was disturbed at 2nd quarter of play after 2 quick tds
  2. I am a baseball player, admitted to it. I played football, but not at the college level. But here is I guess either my bias against Gus, but i feel it is an honest opinion. Gus said he looks for the group to improve. I know i am not the only onlooker through the last 7 years who feels it is Gus who fails to improve. He had begun to use a different package in short yardage situations. It SEEMED TO BE VERY SUCCESSFUL. He abandoned it against Florida, and went back to a 10 man offense vs 11 man defense and we got beat at the line of scrimmage. Yep he kept Bo in, and did not use him in any fashion. A wildcat qb gives you 11 men. on 11 I just don't believe it was the OL
  3. I hope this whole thread is one to laugh at after this game and we go on to have a respectable end of the season. I really do. I want Gus to stay and finish successful I want him to leave when he desires and AU TO REPLACE HIM with no drama or in a needless hurry as the hands of time click on.....
  4. Joey was supposed to be dealing with some shoulder issues due to a hit
  5. How can you say that was not on Gus? Yes Florida made 4 turnovers that gave us the opportunity to win-- but.. He went from a game plan against Ms state where he used all his backs, and QB'S IN NEW formations and blew out ( a weak) yes, i know- but blew out neverthelessMs state...back to Oregon where he put all the responsibility on Bo and Boobie and refused to use his speed and team he had because once again he had no confidence in himself or his players. It cost us the game and Boobie That is my opinion and i am still afraid he has not learned .. I hope i am wrong and he proves me an idiot
  6. Again It ain't Bo. It is Gus. I hope i am plum wrong. It has happened time and time again. We went to Ga and laid an egg. We got beat by Tn. OVER AND OVER i have seen him refuse to make adjustments and continue the foolishness. The foolishness this time is ride Bo and put all the responsibility on him with his play calls and usage of players
  7. Gus is my problem. I can see him riding the Sr RB who is not built for that.... He has got to see that....
  8. I am not calling for an upset. Ii am just saying, look at S Carolina/Ga if you think it will not happen. We are working some kinks out, and Gus is just dadgum hardheaded
  9. All bets are off.. They are getting better. They are at Home.. They are starving for a win. And Bo is still a freshman
  10. I have been down this road before. RB gets hurt, good reports from scrimmage.... disaster. Just can't believe this staff. To be honest I could seen this team having the same problems against a Wounded hog who needs a win desperately...... We are much better than them. We had the magical week off though. AU 34 hogs 17
  11. Hadnt been here in a week or more... Just saw this.. Praying for James,
  12. I try not to live in the past, neither hold the past against one. But i go back to Saturday. I felt we were the better team. I have to give props to the Florida fanbase. They came in force and provided an electric atmosphere like i remember in Auburn when we we beat Ga and Bama at home in 2017, ALSO THE WEEK BEFORE vs Ms state. I understand the season is not over and strange things have happened before, but the injury to Boobie seals the deal in my opinion. We are headed back down the slippery slope of GUSVILLE. It is the schedule, yes, but it is also the preparation and game play calling of one Gus Malzhan. I can easily see 4 losses. There is no way i expected a 5 loss team with all the SRS present on this team. This was the year if anything was to happen..... ALL MY HOPE WAS PINNED ON FLORIDA... 6-0 going to LSU. with a belief we could somehow slow em down enough to win.... Now i am not sure with the injury to Boobie if we win another SEC game.
  13. lost


    It was a beating at every stage. It was not a glitch. Sigh our defense gave up 3 tds Their defense got 3 interceptions
  14. lost


    My opinion Coming into this game it was both teams strengths- Defenses- against both teams weakness- offenses. Most felt our defense would throttle their offense and we would be able to have a short field to work with and would do enough to win it was no where near that. They scored 3 td’s on our defense and totally throttled our offense. We got beat at every phase of the game. We deserved to lose and unless we get someone to coach the secondary we are gonna get torched by LSU Bama Ga and possibly one more
  15. Without reading each post- So probably rehashing some We are playing in the swamp Saturday. It will be two top 10 opponents and the Florida fanatics will be screaming. We cannot discount that. Emotion, as we have seen in JH COUNT. 2. We are playing a very athletic fast defense. So to think just because the level of play has not been there does not mean they can't do it for 4 quarters. But it is not a simulated game. Florida is matched up with another determined fast athletic team, who also is stimulated within to win this game. No doubt we win the battle on the line of scrimmage while they have the ball. Can we come up with some take-aways? Can we withstand the push at the beginning from the crowd and Florida defense and win the corners with our speed. I think so, and that opens up the middle and the passing game as it gives Nix time on play action. So we might see a few sacks, but AUBURN has the better team. If the turnovers are not a factor, AU wins fairly comfortable by 14 or more.