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  1. Georgia is miles ahead where it counts in talent, the big uglies, especially on the DL. Realistically it looks like offensively we will be much like other teams that have faced them. The one thing though Georgia does not control is atmosphere since the game is at AU. We have seen in the past what the AU faithful can conjure up on a given Saturday!! Still, even deep inside of me I find it hard to see a win. But for Goodness sake, dont pull an Arky on em.
  2. I owe you guys an apology then. I truly am sorry. I do not know the guy. I am not from AU , neither that familiar with some things in the social word. old mans mistake i don’t follow him on Twitter his tweet came up and I did not know any thing bout him
  3. No offense but when the meteorologists say its gonna rain I don’t question whether they push the climate change agenda. I just want to know if the forecast is right. My beef is not with another fan, but with a loudmouth alligator mouth coach
  4. I told y’all that to win or lose really did not effect this season. To get so close hurt, but to see Auburn compete so well was compelling. They for the most part was not intimidated. I expect team and coaching staff to learn from this loss. I hope both see that we have the making of a solid team.
  5. The schedule thingy has been the controversy every year. When the sec points out playing our schedule is to play 3-4 top 12 teams a year, and usually top 1-3 , every one cries bias.
  6. Can’t stand alcommie. Notice again the sickening bias 1. Describing Bo- inconsistent at best, everything is down( negative reporting)while in reality everything is up this year 2. Describing Clifford- veteran qb ,( fails to show he threw more interceptions last year than Bo ) etc on and on i just despise them
  7. Pretty sure one of em is a lot younger than me. Met him on the old al.com forum about 15-18? years ago. In fact I followed him here in 2009, a whiz in math I understand.
  8. Apologies offered sir i did misunderstand
  9. You know if you are complaining about failure and you want a new chapter you should quit writing in the scrips. His name was Gus or Coach Malzhan or you can continue to wallow in the poo poo as you called it and continue the sarcasm and bitterness. Harsin is Harsin and Malzhan is Malzhan. The past is past and now is now
  10. Bruce is picky about who he takes. It will not always be the 5 star stud. It might be one who fits his system and style of playing. Defense is a huge thing with Pearl
  11. Kentucky meanwhile have the top kids in 2022 class lined up . But the one and done method might get spooked if Cal continues to flounder come tournament time
  12. Right They are full out buying. They have not the success to point at to attract. Bruce should have a NC probably except not for a freak injury and a missed call. So Bama is full court pressing with the $$. LSU and others prove you will not have to worry lest you be caught. Bama can’t afford not to keep up.
  13. This is a game Auburn can relax and enjoy. Nobody expects them to win and it will not change their overall season regardless of the outcome. The pressure is all on the Nittany Lions. They want to overtake the Buckeyes, but to lose this game would cripple their chances severely. So AU Can lick their chops and enjoy being the underdawgs and know they are well capable of defeating them. Maybe they watch the highlights of the arky/Texas game and the ending and Harsin says we are the SEC!
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