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  1. So Cal is pure and clean as a whistle at Kentucky , because they are Kentucky. We have to cheat to get players (pay) but their kids PAY THEM to play.. Right. That is why the Kansas's and the Duke's and Kentucky's get away with murder. If we had to pay, that meant we had to uppppppp, to try to reach what they are getting going to these schools. The blue bloods are not the only schools where kids are being drafted and being seen every week now. Again, the hypocrisy accepted in defense against Pearl is just maddening.
  2. both real and believed. ? What did Bruce Pearl ever do to a fellow coach? Bruce Pearls problem as I see it and I am trying my best not to show Auburn bias, was his disdain to the NCAA. The fact they chose to crucify the small fish and continue to turn their hypocritical heads at the blue bloods caused him to spit in their face. So he told his players to lie about a bbq. That had nothing to do with any other coach. It gave him no advantage. There is no reason for a SEC coach to dislike him. Name a coach who does not have ways that rub folks wrong? Frank Martin is a great example, Rick Barnes, and the devil himself Cal... No, I don't understand
  3. I am sure it has been said already but i will say it again. Auburn has 4 25 year wins in the history of it's basketball program. Bruce Pearl has the last 3 in a row and has not received any reward yet for his accomplishment. This year he took a team from last year that overachieved to the max. They went 22-9 in the regular season, then went 8-0 till they were robbed in the final four game. From that team he lost most of his scoring and almost all of his starters. He defied the odds again, starting the season undefeated becoming one of the last two teams. His star freshman forward got hurt and took the winds out of his squad and cost him, but he still wound up 25-6. How do you not give Bruce Pearl COY, and how does Cal get it with 6 5stars and 4 4stars? I could win 3/4 of the games he won. He gets COY for the other .25%? Sad, the KY bias . I know he is a good coach, but i am sick of seeing the Bruce Pearl attacks, while Cal is lifted up as a Choir boy
  4. It sounded good when it left my fingers.... lol I looked on the stats when we played them to prove myself ....right 44-27 , haha but how did they have 12 steals on us? that was a weird stat
  5. Agree but they can rebound and have size. If Georgia had a big man they could have been much better ( well as good as that coach would allow them to be)
  6. Thought I would look at the whole tournament. We know who the best two teams are and who should meet at the end. Auburn and Kentucky have been a step ahead for most of the year despite similar sec records for some with Auburn. But who are the teams who have the make up to win it all? Well you need a big man, and Ms State has that with Perry, and enough around him. They are the top rebounding team i believe. You need a guard who can take over a game, and Arkansas and LSU both have one in Mayes and Mason. Both are good offensive clubs at at times have been most effective. You need toughness, and i hesitated on this one but I guess you never turn your back on a Frank Martin S carolina team who have won 18 games this year but sputtered at the end. That said, you still have to think the two best coaches and talent will be there slugging it out so Go Tigers, and skin the Cats. My Alumni, the Pearl River JC WILDCATS finished 28-0 and are ranked #1 at Hutch MACCJC. We also were #1 in Baseball in 2019.
  7. Against Kentucky I want to see our bench bust loose again.
  8. I hadn't looked back to see all the comments so if i repeat or rehash, forgive. This was a mess. What i am going to say is all opinion, but makes more sense than anything else, judging by the TEAM PERFORMANCE. Mc's statement was used by Oates to fire up his kids and the bama crazies. But that ain't what did us in. The Lindsey Black twitter war with Purifoy is. She and her cohorts stirred enough anger and hit the right buttons that Bruce could not control and direct the emotions. I was afraid it would get ugly last night, and I believe the refs were told to keep Au IN CHECK and every moment make sure they did not cross any point of being too physical. I believe they warned Bruce, or he would have easily have gotten a T there when they jumped him about being out of the box and he was maybe two steps away. But that team was out of sorts last night. The SRS played like freshman, completely out of control. Only Wiley seemed to be himself. Doughty and McCormick looked angry from the start and when the bench come in it was chaos then. I hope Bruce sits down with them this morning and says the way to overcome is to win it all. That shuts up the hate. In my opinion, the best chance AU had was Bruce to sit Purifoy and tell his team we will not let this turn into a feud. We will play basketball and we will compete
  9. Might be a very very physical game if Oates has been encouraging the rivalry point
  10. You can tell by all the talk that our toughness Will be what will be tested most tonight at T-town. Oates referred to Anthony’s comments made at the beginning of the year of he got most pleasure of beating Bama. He said “ we will see”. I am sure that he has used that to pump up his players. So it will be can Au get past Bama emotionally 1st then wear them down
  11. Slow Dancing.....Only kind I could ever do..... But who needed other?
  12. 90% of the posters on here I would hate to have on any team i played on or coached. And for the naysayers, yes I did both . I played semi professional baseball and coached in high schools. The whining and crying , non endless, is sickening. I can understand disappointment as only a win was acceptable to me as a player. But to not see that we WERE NOT the best team in the SEC this year is to be blind. To not see the problems why we were not is to be blind. To whine is to be -- I don't know what-- but it ain't acceptable in individuals who are mature and accept reality. Gus Gus Gus..... Yes Gus is a problem, but so was a freshman QB, a line that never lived up to it's billing, and mistakes that plagued us at the worse times. Injuries at certain positions , in certain games.... You call them excuses- but i call them reality. Great teams overcome such. We were not a great team. We were a good team that did not get the breaks we needed to go all the way. There comes a time you either grow and heal, or you back up and you keep festered in the problems of the past....
  13. What a strange game. How many times did Ms State drive to the right side of the basket without opposition and lay it in? Yet great defense is what won the game. How did the bench play that long and only score two and we win by 12? Again our 2 guards show they can carry us, a different way than Bryce and Harper, but still put us on their shoulders. And we still rebound right with those towers 46-44.