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  1. He wouldn't start for half of the teams in our league ..... THAT IS TROLL TALK, or talk of one who knows nothing of basketball. Why do they let you get by with your mess on here? I would spend a whole lot more time in here but you make it too much like . One more time, we are all AU fans and i could expect the trolling mess from other fan bases, but we are all supposed to be Tiger Fans. Does that mean we agree on everything? No, but it does mean we don't dog each other. We have the courtesy to agree to disagree and not troll each other. Come on Cole, show some class. Stop the arguing and trolling up and down our threads
  2. If we can shut down their 3 point shooting, we win. They are weak at the rim.
  3. I would like to wash that bad taste out of my mouth tonight with a sound win. We need to continue the momentum and confidence heading to Baton Rouge. LSU presents a great challenge also.
  4. Weather the storm, establish yourselves-- take over the game
  5. Bad timing to need a win on the road to State who also needs a win. Meanwhile Ky. has grown up to a full grown final 4 team probably
  6. Also You need to tell Sonny Smith there is no conspiracy... 🙂 He's convinced. just kidding about Sonny though he is convinced about the refs and Pearl
  7. I quoted you. You said we have disparity IN EVERY GAME so i quoted you. And i asked a question that your smart tail couldn't answer decently
  8. So we are the only team that does not attack the rim. Gotcha
  9. I did not get to watch it. Disparity in free throws due to home court ( and the Bruce Pearl hate there seems to be by the refs)or inside presence and lack of aggressive Also Purifoy, did he play at all again or not? And if not, i wonder if now we have a problem with him and Bruce.
  10. Maybe here i will get ridiculed for saying this but i think we are still just a good team. I remember when experts thought we had a chance to compete with the ACC and the best. It is apparent now we are not there yet. Either other teams have gotten better and exposed us or we have regressed because of lack of team chemistry or some other factors. Or maybe it was a mirage to began with? But our guard play is not good enough to get us very far in either tournament to be honest. And down low it is the same. The inconsistency of this team right now is a mystery in some areas. I notice now that we can't even press like we did at the 1st of the year as effectively... I will continue here in my pity party and say we finish 3rd or 4th in the SEC unless we can figure things out offensively and get better chemistry.
  11. Plenty of time... Can they show the courage of a Top team and come back here and close it out? We will see
  13. If he could move his feet correctly he would have made the jam. But instead he flailed away because he was not in position to finish