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  1. Tre Smith also. Very good punt returner/RB for Auburn and the game against Alabama in 2002 as a Freshman endeared him to me....
  2. One of my favorites was Brent Fullwood..... Drafted the same Year as Bo, Jessie and Tommie Aggie, sometimes i think he is forgotten. His speed was not far behind Bo's. He was tough as nails.
  3. Please do. Report it. Because i never called you a name
  4. So a site administrator has the liberty to sling the private insults like any other i see. Let me ask Red what he thinks.
  5. That is the typical comment of the typical liberal. I really do not care what a troll thinks on this site. I do care what real people think. So when real people come over here and want a real anwer i will be glad to give reason( as Paul said to Agrippa) for my statements
  6. None of those do i consider to be Christian, sorry I consider them to be part of the one world church
  7. Then i guess i need to leave. I am not going to flag you and i am not going to get in a mud flinging. that is stupid and immature.
  8. Let's go back to liturgical worship. Names the Christian churches that use it. Leave out the baptists, pentecostals, non denomonational, and such.. You will have to go to those now that are accepting homosexuality and such-- those christian ( the one i said are not truly Christian )
  9. Were the baptists the only churches?
  10. Evidently Not-- Again the liberals hate the baptists and call them their worst enemies... And an idiom a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g., rain cats and dogs, see the light ).
  11. When you suggest the baptists are the problem you made yourself the idiot not me. And when you speak the "idioms" of the liberal-- such as calling the baptists the problem then i call you a liberal.
  12. One more time for Elle I voted for Trump and so did so many thousands who had not voted in years--- because hillary was going to be elected president if we did not. That same party who offered hillary, illegaly swept a socialist under the rug who might have won the vote, because some of the democrats also voted for trump to keep hillary out. It was not because we thought Trump was a godly man. We knew his failures, but we hoped he would stop the direction this company was going in. The riots, the racial tension, the one world govt push. And we hoped he could repeal obama care and give the insurance back to the insurance companies and make it affordable. So The idea that we thought him any godlier is funny, but he did not have a trail of bodies behind him and he did not sweep bernie under the rug to get the nomination either.
  13. Read what a Christian is. Not what the world says it is but what the Bible says. Become one and you will see we do not follow any Jewish customs in true Christian Worship. In some denominations that call themselves Christian they do liturgical worship... But true Christian worship is without such
  14. No it is the typical god hater answer. I saw it every day on the al.com site from them
  15. So i guess Jesus did too? He never spoke against slavery, neither did the Disciples. Neither did the early Church. In fact you just condemned the God you serve for nowhere in the Bible does it attack any slavery, In fact it was dominant in every society and never was addressed or taken to task. I think you need to separate your liberal party ideas from your supposed Christianity.