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  1. A lot of good teams use the juco/transfer route. Gonzaga was 2 minutes away from a championship with a handful of transfers. We're not an elite enough program to turn our nose up at good basketball players regardless of how we get em.
  2. tigermac

    Men vs Purdue Postgame

    I know we got our butts kicked but I'm not all that down about it. In no way, shape, or form do I think our team quit. Purdue went on a run, and we started trying to play hero ball to get back in it and it snowballed. Before we knew it the game was out of reach. They are a talented top 15 team with a couple of pro talents inside and good enough guards. Still we did some good things we can be proud of. The defense could use some work but these young guys are adapting to the level of attention to detail it requires night in and night out for 40 minutes. I mean give Purdue credit, they shot a ridiculous percentage from 3 regardless. You give them those same 26 threes in an empty gym and they may not make 17 again. If they'd made 10, which would be closer to an average night, we're looking at a different game. They blew it open because they caught fire. Sometimes you just gotta tip your cap to a team that played awesome.
  3. tigermac

    2017 4* PF Garrison Brooks (Miss St Signee)

    Mississippi State it is
  4. tigermac

    2017 4* PF Garrison Brooks (Miss St Signee)

    Announcing Wednesday morning
  5. tigermac

    franklin gets work with first string

    I think he could be a factor in the second half, especially this game. Arkansas is awful against the run, and anytime Franklin has played we run it very well. A package of zone read could result in some dynamic explosive plays. Also, this is normal stuff that's getting blown out of proportion. The bye week is the best time in the season to allow your 2nd string QB to get quality reps. He needs to be prepared. My mama used to say if you stay ready you ain't gotta get ready.
  6. tigermac

    Men's Scrimmage 10-1-16

    Thanks for the info. I am hoping McLemore can contribute, we will definitely need it. Saw him play in high school and the kid is relentless. Looks like we'll have a really deep team this year
  7. tigermac

    Favorite obscure Auburn Players

    Markeith Cooper
  8. tigermac

    Favorite obscure Auburn Players

    Antwoine Nolan and Brad Ware were two of my favorite players
  9. tigermac

    2017 4* PF Garrison Brooks (Miss St Signee)

    UNC is probably our biggest threat for Brooks. They recently landed a committment from a player very similar to GB, 6'9 230 PF/C Brandon Huffman from Anchorage, Alaska.
  10. tigermac

    KJ hardest running back to tackle in SEC

    I'd love for you to be correct that he could be as good as a guy who will be a top 10 pick in the NFL draft. If Kerryon could duplicate Fournette's 1,953 yards and 22 TDs as a true sophomore, we'd all be pretty ecstatic.
  11. tigermac

    KJ hardest running back to tackle in SEC

    Nice stat, and I love Kerryon's game...but I think this distinction probably should belong to Leonard Fournette
  12. tigermac

    Girl takes the KO in the face!

    So many jokes possible here...
  13. tigermac

    Upon Further Review - Arkansas State

    I don't want to get too excited as it was a game against a far inferior opponent, but that was as close to Auburn football on both sides as I've seen in a long time.
  14. tigermac

    2017 4* PF Garrison Brooks (Miss St Signee)

    Got an offer from UNC today. Going to be tough to beat them out