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  1. I don’t remember if I already posted. It seems like I bought this T-shirt on this site. I lost it. Are these still available?
  2. Pretty sure this T-shirt came from this site several years ago. Am I right? Are they still available?
  3. That one might be tough for the team to get up for?
  4. Oooh. Ooh! I know, because if he wins out and we don’t do anything TN, AR, FL and others can swoop in?
  5. No doubt about it. With 6:40 left in the first quarter, Sony Michelle got met at the line by Carlton Davis. Looked like he ran into a wall. Aaaand .... GA swag gone...poof.
  6. Well I have Comcast in atlanta and i've got it on espn2 and it's the 1st q of the Arky game and ours is on in 15 minutes?????!
  7. Why is the Mizzou game in the first quarter on the SEC network when our game is supposed to start in 14 minutes?
  8. I'm in. I've always thought it was such bs that we are so conservative about this and the turds just claim it all.
  9. Olympic standard bars have been 45lb forever. I've never seen any such thing as a 90lb bar.
  10. You say that when the first FSU fan asks you what Auburn's mascot is in Pasadena. Sorry you're so offended by people being offended. Are you tired of yourself?
  11. It's coming....soon you will be quizzed by an uninformed dim-witted FSU fan that will ask, "so what are they, the war eagles, plainsman, or tigers? Why can't Auburn decide what they are?" Then the stupid smirk and pregnant pause. I leave it to you to be prepared with Auburn history and tradition. But what about FSU? First of all, we played football for more than 50 years while their school was still for girls only. The FSU mascot caricature of chief Osceola was just "created" in the late 70s. Osceola was never a chief. Never wore war paint and never rode a horse. He would have used a hammer or a rifle or a knife, but tomahawks would have been an ancient curiosity to him. I don't care to get into the larger discussion of the demeaning nature of the Native American caricature as a savage, unable to live in parallel with white Americans...but the depiction is no different from black Americans as lawn jockeys and Jews as greedy misers.
  12. Fsu's fans on the 247 boards are exstatic over um getting blown out?? Saying um's season was over when duke? went down?
  13. 10-4 didn't Marshall beat an acc team too .