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  1. Official Postgame thread

    I don't have the actual stats. But isn't it true when we win the peach bowl we have a losing season the next year
  2. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Anyone know if they will move the fla sc game off cbs
  3. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    You don't try and get cute on 4th and inches. Too many negative things can happen. Worst case scenario there was we didn't get it and they are pinned on the 1.
  4. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    Playcall was fine. Execution was poor. Get off the coaches on that call. A run is a good call there. I'm not saying I'm defending the play calling at times. But that situation that call is just fine. That was on the o line not the coaches
  5. Time to boycott

    You're right it is different. But too many people on here want to boycott auburn football. Which would betray over 100 players because of 1 guy. I'll still with my guys.
  6. Time to boycott

    Not supporting him. Auburn is more important to me than any one person. Auburn is family. I will support this team no matter how good or bad we are. Or no matter who the coach is. You guys just go boycott and I'll stick by my family.
  7. Time to boycott

    I'll take anyone's tickets that is actually Bye
  8. ***Auburn vs. Mississippi State -- Game Thread***

    He was not running full speed but he is healthy. Hamstring injurys are hard to shake especially in your head. Your worried your going to pull it again when your free running
  9. ***Auburn vs. Mississippi State -- Game Thread***

    Kerryon is healthy. He wouldn't be in the pile moving the pike like he is if he wasn't. In the open field he can think about his hammy and how he hurt it before
  10. Roll call Mizzou

    The south end is just a huge parking lot. It will be easy to find them
  11. Roll call Mizzou

    I will be sitting in section A
  12. Roll call Mizzou

    For those coming to the game where are your seats
  13. We doing Mizzou Look-a-likes?

    I played high school ball for Mizzou head coach Odom and ofodile
  14. Roll call Mizzou

    Anyone in Columbia yet
  15. Kerryon Johnson update anyone?

    If Gus said he's not 100% I'll take this to mean he is more than ready to play. He never shoots straight about injuries or suspensions. Why should I believe he is telling the truth now