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  1. 2018 4* TE Luke Ford

    Picked UGA
  2. Ole Miss Sanctions

    Does the transfer rule only apply to rising seniors?
  3. UT AD John Currie Fired

    Hearing now that Rush Propst will be announced as the Vols coach at noon.
  4. UT AD John Currie Fired

    Could be Sumlin, Steele, and Martin.
  5. SEC Inside

    Watching the special on Arkansas vs LSU 11/11/17 game....with all the slow motion footage it reveals lots of empty seats in Death Valley in the premium seats. However they claim 98k in attendance? That's BS.
  6. Favorite game day superstition

    Go for a run and then start drinking heavily.
  7. End could be near for Jacobs

    They pay all the "handlers" for the 5 stars. That's how they walk hr straight and narrow. Plus they change the Dodge Chargers oil every 3,000 miles.
  8. Don't jump back on the Bus just yet...Scarbinsky

    We don't have the OL to give our QB time to beat Georgia and Bama. No way we get the miracle catch and kick6 again.
  9. Mark My Word-Gruden to Tennessee

    It's about to happen.....Sunday/Monday news.
  10. Bama v Texas A&M

    Do anyone see the choke hold by 75 on the 3rd down before the blocked punt???
  11. Auburn Arena, Person

    Not soon enough....
  12. FBS Championship Game Thread

    I say again ball game gents
  13. FBS Championship Game Thread

    Ball game gents
  14. FCS Championship Game JSU v NDSU

    All they have is football, I don't even think they have internet in North Dakota.
  15. Alabama will pay strength coach like a head coach

    He has ties to Lance Armstrongs programs.