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  1. Jeff Long Fired

    I don't know if I would trust JF at all. His HC football hires has not been any better than JJ's....
  2. How bad do you hate UGA

    Come to think of it, the doggie hump fans have come to be worse than the sweat-bee fans. But then again I think if you live in Jawja and are a fan of any school over there you probably don't like anything Alabama.......Heck, if Auburn had played Mercer over there they probably would have thrown bottles, rocks,beer cans as well as nasty insults.....just saying. I imagine that there are a few here that have been to an Auburn, Tech game in the 60's and 70' Etlanna.
  3. Jeff Long Fired

    Well, the bear left Texas A&M because he said;"I heard mama calling".......Gus just might hear mama calling.....
  4. How bad do you hate UGA

    They are at the bammer level in my book. I've even come to like-pause, choke,- Jawja Tech more than the dawgs.....guess things really changed a lot after ole Vince retired.
  5. Score Prediction- Georgia

    27-20 Dogs, and I do mean they are dogs! In Gus I do not trust! thus the reason for the score. But, hoping that I am so wrong Carl.....
  6. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    This game will be won or lost by the decision making and play calling on the sidelines by the 2 HC's. I don't like our chances when it comes down to the Gus. Hope I am wrong, I want a win over the dawgs as much as anyone.
  7. Lindsey has plan for Pettway, Johnson

    LOL! The only wishbone (or option) that Gus knows is the one in a TURKEY!
  8. Bye week lookalikes

    Who is his Uncle Jed?
  9. Caption this photo

    Put in a good word for me before you leave.....
  10. Ranking the Head Coaches

    Coach Dye Coach Tuberville Terry Bowden Gus Malzahn Doug Barfield Gene Chizik. I don't care if Chiz did win a NC, he is still absolutely the worst coach to ever walk the sidelines during my lifetime. And if Barfield had not been so stubborn and devoted to P.W.Underwood and had hired even a half decent DC, his coaching results would have been a lot more productive in terms of wins. Bowden was a pretty good coach, he just didn't keep his mind in the right place and let it drift off to other things and other people......Tubs was good most of the time, he could have been better at times. He had his ups and downs but was fundamentally a good coach, and his zeal for recruiting lacked at times. Malfunctionzahn, I have no comment at this time since I was against his hiring from the start. Shug was the man, along with Coach Dye.
  11. Arkansas score predictions.

    ?7-?7......? who's really calling the plays?
  12. Name your method of protesting

    I'M not protesting, I'm just abstaining. Abstain: (according to Webster's) to do without willingly; hold oneself back......
  13. Name your method of protesting

    11,Just can't do it anymore. I have a daughter who lives in Auburn. I go to see her and the grandkids but just cannot bring myself to attend the games and witness the buffoon play calling. It is bad enough to see it on T.V. and just as bad to listen to on the radio(which I usually do each and every Saturday). That's a long drive for me but my daughter and grandkids are worth it and the drive through downtown. Absolutely a beautiful place. Just cannot go to anymore games as long as Gus is the HC. Have not felt this way since the Barfield years. Been taking a pass on tickets here lately so that others can just go to see Auburn for themselves.
  14. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    Surely the folks in charge down on The Plains are not stupid enough to hire that moron!
  15. Then I hope that Kent or El Paso makes him an offer that he can't refuse! I don't think Troy would give him a second look, or the time of day.