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  1. fixed it for ya' Steele wouldn't have to go "behind the back". Phil "Rat" Fulmer is an expert at that already. Majors had the knife stuck in him and broke off.
  2. Dang Golf, takes me way back to when I would hit Waterloo Rd. in my 58 Chevy on a Saturday evening going to the bootlegger....LOL!!! Lot of flowers wilted since then....
  3. U of Wyoming might be interested. They could even have a ready made mascot in Rane! LOL!!!
  4. No, not a TOTAL white out, just white face masks. (And maybe orange jersey's once or twice a year). Nothing major or earth shattering...
  5. White face mask on the white helmet. Keep the rest as is. Maybe orange jersey's once or twice a year.
  6. I don't think that Mullen would last long with the pro's. Some player would probably jack-slap that smart mouth of his to the back side of his head.
  7. What a crock of bull! Marcello is a loud mouth deadbeat.
  8. He's a big boy and knows what he is doing. He is a "Malzhan Class" coach. Never had a 10 win season, and don't see him doing any better at Texass than he did at So Cal or Washington.
  9. Hummm, that scenario sounds familiar.
  10. If this is true, then maybe Sark is in line to replace the midget after he leaves the crapstone?
  11. mine for them is just a frog hair above bama.
  12. I believe Steele's son got the OL job at South Ala last week
  13. yeah, left out an "m"...LOL! (Gunners Mate on a PBR and Destroyer). One of my best friends was a ST on a Sub at one time. I preferred the surface!!!
  14. I don't know about exercising or exorcise, or reign/rein, its/it's. I'm liking the grammar police posts though. I hated English in school, it was my worst subject. Diagraming a sentence for instance: I once asked my English teacher in high school, what good was diagraming a sentence going to do me in the navy and being a gunner mate, since she knew that's where I was headed after I got out of school(I joined on the 180 day delay way back then). I received a look of stunned silence from her(got some yeah's from a few others in class). I have never diagramed a sentence, not once since I graduate
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