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  1. Praying for The Lord's peace and comfort to this family during this time and in the future.
  2. Well,whoever it is I will still be tuning in on my trusty radio like I have been since 1962. Auburn football Saturdays are just not the same without the ole radio.
  3. Check out the Ara Parseghian era and before.
  4. 'One Toke Over The Line' ruined a few of my friends....
  5. We have been fractured over coaches ever since Tiny-Tot came to the Plains. Think about it....
  6. Agreed. The OL is the heart of the O. Do not really expect to see a whole lot of improvement from last year, not because lack of heart, but lack of talent due to lack of OL recruiting. Losses to Bama, Ga, LSU, and probably 2 more losses somewhere between Oregon, A&M, Fla, Miss.St. Between them 4, Gus will more than likely(as seen in the past)have a couple of brain farts and give 2 of those away. 7-5. Don't even want to think about the bowl. Folks, I so hope that I am wrong and that this season turns out to be one of the best yet. War Eagle!
  7. Goodness, back in the day our old High School coach told us to watch what we eat and to lay off the coca-colas and smokes during the summer.. Mighty hard back then to stay away from mama's fried taters and cornbread! First day of fall practice he would make us run 2 miles first thing and would be right behind us yelling "sweat out them cokes and smokes!"...LOL!
  8. I would be over joyed to see a couple of our OL have a breakout year!
  9. If I recall correctly, Mike Kolen got fired from the booth for criticizing Barfield's play calling late in his coaching career on the plains one Saturday. I believe Kolen said: " That's the stupidest play calling that I've ever seen". Kolen was not a fan of Barfield.
  10. I have been listening to Auburn football since 1962. Jim Fyffe to me was the best and I thought that no one could ever replace him, his excitement and voice as the voice of The Auburn Tigers. Well, then came Rod Bramblett. To me he took up right where Jim left off in his love ,zeal, and excitement for our Tigers. I tried to never miss a broadcast because I simply loved listening to his calls, and the fact that I grew up listening to my Tigers on the radio. That my friends is an Auburn football Saturday to this old man. Rod will be sorely missed by me, the entire Auburn family .
  11. Prayers sent up for the Bramblett family.