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  1. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    16-3-Plainsmen. Faith in the D, but the O..........?
  2. Good the bad and the ugly

    The Good: We Won. The Bad: You seen it. The Ugly: That was one UGLY performance.
  3. Who Do You Want?

    Butch Davis(wanted him before the Gus-Bus(t) hire, Bill Clark or maybe Venables. Top 2: Davis, Clark.
  4. Malzahn's radio show tonight

    Did Gus co-author that book?
  5. Guess who is coming to Cal-Berkely this weekend...

    OM would be penalized 15 yards for a sideline infraction at the start of each quarter and after each Cali score......
  6. Rate your disdain

    2. I will watch other SEC games, but I will listen to the Plainsmen on the radio.
  7. Who here still likes Gus as the head coach?

    You are so right-on! There were a lot better options out there at the time of his hiring. I've never made no bones about it, Gus should have never been given THIS job! Never had the experience to start with. Now the price is being paid. He's a second-rate coach.
  8. I wonder if he thinks there's Pirates on other planets?
  9. Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    Plainsmen-25, dabos-24.
  10. Alabama DL Raekwon Davis Suffers Gunshot Wound

    Very interesting......but sounds about right.
  11. If Michigan can do it

    They are going to look like a bunch French's mustard bottles running on the field! smh
  12. Plainsmen-48 Southern-12
  13. Caption This

    Hey, when you come in tonight bring me a patty melt! - If you get any closer, i'll slap you with this flipper!
  14. Wallace Clark, and Freddie Weygand.
  15. bama fans hissing

    snakes in the grass..........