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  1. I'm old so I'm going to pick way back in the past with Micky Zofko and Wallace Clark
  2. Just no words right now. All i can think of is the memories from the time he was the coach. Good memories. Rest in peace coach Dye, and God speed.
  3. Prayers for your mom and family E.
  4. I can very well see your point on that. I think I am one of the few that really like the traditional uni's just as they are, but I also like the orange jerseys that were worn in 79-80 on occasion and would not mind if they were worn in a game or two each year. I just don't care for the Oregon type flash. Maybe because i'm old and more an traditionalist...LOL!
  5. Definitely! Hopefully one day soon we will have another like Coach Dye!
  6. Sparty is running out of options fast for a top tier coach. Lot of trouble in East L right now.
  7. Should be an interesting season in the state of Missisip this year. The Lane and Leach Show!
  8. Cleo, maybe not to you, but I wouldn't have asked if I could have remembered. And the answer matters to me like I said, if not, I would not have asked.
  9. by Sullivan, Jackson, and McDonald, during the last HC search besides Malzhan? I can't remember, but there had to be a better option other than Gus.
  10. Garner and Williams are the 2 best coaches on the whole staff. The question is, would a replacement for Gus keep them? Bring in a new HC, let him hire the staff he feels most comfortable with that will do their job coaching. Steele has had exceptional talent to work with and has a couple of real good assistants in Garner and Williams. To me, that has been Steeles 3 success's on the D side. Seems like Gus will only hire coaches on the O side that will not get in his way or are just simply filling a spot and say yes sir coach. Gus has had exceptional talent to work with too, and I will just leave it at that. What has Gus Malzhan, as a HC, proven himself to be over the last 7 years? Is he just someone who has beaten saban more than any other coach, is that his forte?
  11. Ahh, a friend needed a job. the pay isn't coming out of ole Gus's pay. Malzhan needed Matt Luke a whole lot more than he needs Morris! Morris is only going to be a figure head as far as the guru Gus is concerned. Stubborn Gus is not going to change his O play-calling, strategy, or philosophy at all. That has already been proven. Morris will not make a difference in that area of Gus's coaching. My question is: When will the AD, the PTB, come to the conclusion that Gus needs to be replaced?! Imho we are just 2 years too far form that being a reality.
  12. Goodnight all. I'll leave on this note; GUS IS PATHETIC! I could say more, but what the use, just wasted words. What a way to spend an afternoon watching Auburn Football on new years day. Why did I expect more than what Gus showed today? I guess because I love Auburn, and Auburn football. So much longing for the days of a REAL COACH like Coach Pat Dye!
  13. Yep. And I would love to see the who lay at least 80 on the oakies!