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  1. The writing is on the wall. He has been tested and proved faulty.
  2. Have already done that. And now Arky is hollering "sooooeee"
  3. If the money is there, what is the holdup? What are the AD's thoughts on what's going on? Is Green being silent or being muffled? I've read a few posts where he has Pis..d off some of the money men. I would like to know (as a lot of us would) just what position the AD holds right now and where he stands on our HC, and his plans for the future of Auburn Football. Does he feel like he's maybe Custer at the Little Big Horn, or is the Cavalry on the way?
  4. I'll just say that I have little to no hope for our Tigers in Oxford this weekend.
  5. o yes, I remember them well, memories that have been hard to forget. He did have a few discipline problems. Gus is beginning to have a few also.
  6. "I mean, you know, waffle house was closed this week. They said for maintenance, but I'm pretty sure it was because of Covid. I just can't think without waffle house. That's were I go to retreat, to think and reflect on each weeks games. I didn't have that this week, and it has threw me off quite a bit this week. I tried Huddle House, but fellows, it's just not the same. I need waffle...(sobs),I just need time at waffle house to clear my head to think who in the world I can use outside of Bo and Seth. I didn't have that this week. We will rebound with a good week of practice and I can just hav
  7. Yep, another Auburn football Saturday up in smoke!
  8. What difference would it make? Still have the same coach...so...
  9. My very opinion when he was hired. Never thought he would ever lead Auburn Football to a good future. A "Barfield class" coach.
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