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  1. BOOM! as the Guster says at times. Nail on the head!
  2. So sorry to learn of this bird. We will be praying for your son and family as well. WAR EAGLE!
  3. Ok. So I'll just go with 16-11 Plainsmen with a 1 point difference either way....LOL! Just have a bad feeling about this weekend game in hogville. Put my "trust in Gus" 1 time too many times last week in gatorland and he blew it! No more of that. Just have a feeling that the piggies will be up for this game plus the fact that it's in the pig pen and early.
  4. Good times way back when. Sounds a lot like back in my playing days except I played OL for a small 2A school that was surrounded by several 3A powers and a few 1A powers. That good ole bootlegged Bud and Schlitz dulled a whole lot of pain(LOL!) back then along with more afterwards and a BC powder in the mornings after.
  5. I'll add Jimmy Sidle to that mix and have him very close to the top also.
  6. 1-Bo Jackson 2-Tucker Fredrickson 3-Terry Henely- Put him in there because he had guts and was tough as a pineknot. A true 3 yards and a cloud of dust back. He was money for a first down on 3rd and 1..... 4-Mixed bag after that...….we've had some good'uns come through the Plains.
  7. Well, that just sucks! What was wrong with you? Ole Gus had you believing once again didn't he....LOL!
  8. Ouch! Guess Gus should not be surprised to see a moving van at his house Monday if your score is correct! Not so much just a moving van.....but a Yellawood truck! 😄
  9. I fairly well trust the D. It's the O that I just cannot trust completely. Unlike Orgero-n, who some say is a better coach, and even Dabo, Gus has not surrounded himself with quality O coaches like they have. He's a control freak on the O side of the ball. There are quality coaches on the D side, but just from an outsider looking in, how many of the coaches that Gus has on the O are good proven quality coaches? It's CGM's O and I don't think that he wants anybody to dispute him or have too much of an influence on that side of the ball. He has an ego problem when it comes to running the O.His way or no way, his plan or no plan. I feel though he does not want anybody to receive any credit for the success of the O but him. He's afraid to let go and for someone else to implement their plan on whatever position they are coaching. I may be dead wrong, but that's the way I view it just from an outsider looking in. It's his way. and only his way, or the highway. To me, I think we need a better O line coach, receiver coach, and quarterback coach. Jury is still out on running back coach just simply because of the lack of experience. I think that was Gus' problem with Hand. He just wanted Hand to coach the O line and Hand was giving some suggestions and offering his view on how the O could operate better with the personal that they had. And mind you, I was not a fan of coach Hand. Gus is just too predictable with the O, and he's not going to let anybody come in and question him, or try to change a dadgum thing about the way he see's his O operating, or with the play-calling. or even question him about the play-calling.
  10. THIS!^ Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. I don't think that anybody is hoping for a loss. We are 3-0. My major concern is, as it has been all year is the OL and the ground attack. A&M has shown to be stout against the run so far, and with all the seniors on or OL one would think that they would be one of the best o-lines in the SEC. But alas, not so. I believe that it's a just pure lack of talent(which reflects on recruiting) and this game is going to be won or lost by the play of the Tigers OL. Still way too many mistakes being made by a senior laden line, and as I have watched particularity The OL this year, I've also noticed a lack of effort it seems like way to many times. A&M has some depth on their DL unlike Oregon.
  11. 26-20 Aggies. They have a chip to get off their shoulder from last year, and I just don't think our ground game is quite what it should be at the moment. I'm still very suspect of the OL. Prove me wrong Gustav, prove me wrong.
  12. Hey man, that's some good stuff right there.....
  13. Chip Kelly a home run hire? Nope, that ball went way foul down the right field line.