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  1. cctiger

    Would you rather?

    without question, BEAT BAMA!
  2. cctiger

    Iron Bowl-what's your best memory?

    1968 Iron bowl. No. 87 Connie Fredrick in punt position, takes a perfect spiral, tucks it in and scampers for 6! The Tigers had the game won, it was late in the 4th. I loved the piling of the 49th point on the bammers. He caught the ire of Shug, but I believe the fans loved every yard of it all the way to the goal line! I think i'm right on it being the 68 iron bowl. He ran right up the side I was sitting on. It was my first Iron Bowl,I will never forget that moment!
  3. cctiger

    Bowl Game Projection [update]

    If it's a shoot out i'm afraid that Gus will start out using 22 long rifle, but the second half he will have switched to 22 shorts! LOL!
  4. Bingo! + the o-line's pitiful play. They have not progressed as the year has went along. Still lack a of FUNDALMENTALS, and STRENGTH. Way too many missed assignments on the o-line.
  5. cctiger

    If Malzahn returns

    If true,then I would imagine that Coach Dye has been nodding a lot after that UT debacle.😃
  6. cctiger

    Liberty Score Prediction

  7. cctiger

    If Malzahn returns

    Bryant and Freeze combined are not going to be a whole lot of help if the problems on the o-line are not addressed and fixed first. The line is the heart of the O. And the results of the o-line play this year has been abysmal. I am more concerned with o-line play next year than any other positions on the team. You have lack of recruiting there, lack of fundamentals, lack of strength and a lack of carrying out each one's assignment, etc. That all equals out to=COACHING!
  8. cctiger

    If Malzahn returns

    Oregon better bring their OWN lunch, because Miss.St and Tenn. Jap-slapped Gus and took it all. Jawja eat all the dessert and bama is going to lap up all the crumbs, ALL THE CRUMBS! There's nothing left! nada, zilch, zero! Ole Gus's cup-board is bare!
  9. cctiger

    Leath on Malzahn

    Leath on Malzhan. When I first seen this it reminded me of something that I once heard my dad say; "Son, that ain't nothing but stink on sh**!"
  10. cctiger

    Another loss to a rival

    Auburn needs to just stay away from anything even remotely connected to Iowa St.
  11. cctiger

    offense isn’t ‘hurrying enough

    He has become a tad over-confident?, and stubborn. Along with a lack of recruiting O-lineman and big RB's.
  12. cctiger

    Georgia game Score Prediction

    27-10 dawgs. Goodness do I dislike them mutts. But I just don't see Gus's O being consistent, and the D on the field way too long. Georgia's running game has been better the last couple of games, while, well ours has seemed to regress. Hope I am totally wrong. Hoping for a big W for the orange and blue tonight in the pound.
  13. cctiger

    Broken record of Mazahn hits

    Very interesting read. Hard to disagree with most all of what was written.
  14. cctiger

    Would hiring Freeze as oc be a cure

    May have a shot at Mississippi Southern. I think he is an Alum. But seriously. I doubt that he would make that big a difference. He is still going to be stuck with Malzhan's playbook and the atrocious OL that we have now and with what is coming back next season in regards to the OL. Folks, there is just not an SEC caliber line on the Plains as of right now, and I don't think it's going to improve without some drastic help in the near future(coaching wise and recruiting).
  15. cctiger

    Saban Riff Raff

    I completely agree with you Keesler. But I would like to see him take the HC job at Kansas or a similar place to REALLY find out if he is that good. I would just like to know if he could do at Kansas what he did at Mich. St., LSU, and Bammer. He's got a lot of help at West Vance(REC). Had help at LSU too.Don't think he would have that kind of help out there in Kansas.