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  1. Withdrew his name from consideration.
  2. Won't be a done deal until he gets here. Dabo may be loosing one of his OC's, and may talk Morris back to Clempson.
  3. Very interesting. Very bammer also, give'em the treatment, then use'um up.
  4. Alrighty then.....Both very good points.
  5. Could Chad bring about any change in Gus's play-calling and how the O operates? Or just be another body on the sidelines?
  6. Good point. We are in severe need of a OL coach and OL recruiter. I would be happy with either.
  7. Ryan Pugh. Gus is gonna coordinate the O and call the plays anyway.
  8. Will probably change their mascot again to the Ole Miss "fightin freswater landsharks"!
  9. Happy to be at 9-3. Should have beaten Florida, LSU, and the dawgs this year though. My take on 2017-2019....
  10. Arky looking for a new coach.
  11. cctiger

    Egg Bowl

    Acting like a fool in the endzoneā€¦.SMH!
  12. I sincerely hope that you are correct as I have little faith in the game-planning and play-calling of Gus, as well as the utilization of the athletes he has access to.