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  1. Arkansas Florida Alabama Georgia Clemson Kentucky LSU Tennessee Ole Miss Baylor Kansas State Washington North Carolina Cincinnati Ohio State Oregon USC 45
  2. Well, he does mention Freeze as being a front runner, or at the forefront too for what it's worth.
  3. Oh no, the "Lane Plane" is more likely to crash and burn with more casualties than the train is to derail, when it does, and I don't want to even mention "The Bus" it's already left the station...LOL!
  4. I think that the "Lane Train" as some call it will not be a bit better than the "Gus Bus." I never got a ticket for "The Bus" and believe that "The Train" will not be any better, but about the same. That's just my opinion.
  5. I know exactly what you mean Code. My thoughts have been on a few that I served with during that dam war, and especially one of my very best friends that is laying in the cemetery at the church we both attended as kids about 1/2 mile from my home. I do visit his grave often. He was a very good young man taken way too soon from this life.
  6. He has more experience at a Power 5 University than Deion has. Deion doesn't even have experience at a G5 school.
  7. I would take Caddy over Deion as HC any day of the week.
  8. I would take Grimes as HC in a heartbeat over anybody else whose name that has popped up. But the question was/is, if YOU got the call to be the HC who would you choose to retain on your staff? I think that the OC and DC should have some input on that decision.
  9. Nope, Still Muschamp. He left the Plains for the opportunity to be a HC.
  10. OC~Jeff Grimes DC~Will Muschamp Then set down with them and discuss who they recommend for the rest of the staff, OL,DL,LB,DB,RB,ETC...and go from there.
  11. ET, I have seen his name just mentioned a couple of times, but I don't think that he is a "serious contender" for the position. But then again, who really knows, we have been surprised and shocked in the past before by a couple of choices just like this latest AD hire. Cohen came out of nowhere.
  12. Kelly is from Ozark, Al. Played for Coach Dye, and was the DC or DB coach for Fla.St. when they won the NC in 2013. Just saying, he's from the south. This is not a "plug" for him on my part.
  13. So just based on that alone, it automatically translates or transforms into 10,11, or 12 win seasons? I don't think so. We need a COACH, not a well known "Rock Star" that has only coached 2 years and at a school that is hardly above a division 2 school. He is just not proven at the P5 level, but yet, it's jump on "Prime Time" because he beat out Fla. St. for 1-One top rated recruit in the country? Yet some of you want to take a Junior high coach and give him the HC job at a major university? SMH.
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