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  1. 7-5 I think at best. Losses to bammer, uga, Lsu, and probably 2 more defeats either by Oregon, Florida, Texas A&M, Miss.St.
  2. Masters, so sorry for your loss. Prayers you and your family. May The Lord's blessings of peace and comfort be upon you.
  3. C. Quality skill recruits, but miserably lacking OL's especially OT's and a solid center. A good solid OL is the very heart of an effective O. 2020 is looking bad folks as far as the OL goes.
  4. Seems like there has been a lot of that in the past few years(espically in regards to the OL). Sounds like Gus needs to get a new evaluator of talent.
  5. Could also buy out someone's contract. Just saying.....😀
  6. More like peanut butter and sardines.
  7. I agree. Gus needs to go with those who he has recruited instead of always searching for transfer. Why waste a scolly on a QB if he is always going to be looking for a transfer. Develop the ones that you recruit Gus!
  8. Prayers for comfort, peace, and healing for your wife and family this morning. God's will be done.
  9. A rat jumping what he thinks is a sinking ship?
  10. Probably goes to Maryland with Locksley.
  11. Because he grew up a Tech fan being from Atlanta, and this is the only way he could ever get there?
  12. I guess little Nicky now knows how Napoleon felt at Waterloo.
  13. LOL! New Mexico State bad...
  14. ok I'll bite. What or who is a flavor flav?