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  1. Good game against the most physical team we have played so far that I have seen.
  2. Agree! The Final Four team spoiled me on the 3. Those guys were automatic.
  3. Totally agree! When is the last time we had such a dominant center? I love this team!
  4. I got Disney+ because of my young daughters, and found out it also gave me ESPN+. I agree, it's a great deal.
  5. That ending was scary. Glad the call went our way. So happy to be in the finals of the SEC Tourney and looking towards the NCAAs! We are blessed to have CBP! WDE!!!
  6. My prediction is that our talent gap widens. Hope the development narrows that somewhat.
  7. This was most welcome news to my ears. Good work by CBP and his assts. WDE!!!
  8. It was just announced that AU won’t field a team next year. Start your melt downs early. /sarcasm I have full faith in Coach Pearl and what we will accomplish next year. If you feel the need to jump off the AUBB train, please do.
  9. I totally agree. I was just poking fun.
  10. Shows what a scumbag he truly is.
  11. Doubt it, but I can say that if so, I’ll never watch another AU BB game. I’ve been a fan since the mid 80’s. Something like that without due cause would make me not want to ever see the sport at AU again.
  12. THANK YOU! AU People have lost their damned minds this year. Before the season started there is not a single BB fan who would not have been overjoyed with a 16 seed...just to make the NCAAs. I am looking forward to where we end up. I am hoping for a 3 seed, but I could see a 4. I would hate to be a 5 as that seed seems to always host an upset. WDE!!!
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