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  1. InfernoOrangeSS

    men vs. North Florida - game thread

    What channel is it on?
  2. InfernoOrangeSS

    AU adds JuCo PG J’Von McCormick

    This was most welcome news to my ears. Good work by CBP and his assts. WDE!!!
  3. InfernoOrangeSS

    Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    It was just announced that AU won’t field a team next year. Start your melt downs early. /sarcasm I have full faith in Coach Pearl and what we will accomplish next year. If you feel the need to jump off the AUBB train, please do.
  4. InfernoOrangeSS

    Pearl Assistants

    I totally agree. I was just poking fun.
  5. InfernoOrangeSS

    Pearl Assistants

    Do you still think that?
  6. InfernoOrangeSS

    Tony Barbee

    Shows what a scumbag he truly is.
  7. InfernoOrangeSS

    Was that CBP last game?

    Doubt it, but I can say that if so, I’ll never watch another AU BB game. I’ve been a fan since the mid 80’s. Something like that without due cause would make me not want to ever see the sport at AU again.
  8. InfernoOrangeSS

    Who’s Excited?

    THANK YOU! AU People have lost their damned minds this year. Before the season started there is not a single BB fan who would not have been overjoyed with a 16 seed...just to make the NCAAs. I am looking forward to where we end up. I am hoping for a 3 seed, but I could see a 4. I would hate to be a 5 as that seed seems to always host an upset. WDE!!!
  9. InfernoOrangeSS

    Men's Roster Breakdown Through 2020.

    Good thread. Thank you for your breakdown and those who added info.
  10. InfernoOrangeSS

    If we share the title

    So proud of our guys and Coach Pearl!! WDE!!!
  11. InfernoOrangeSS

    If we share the title

    Same here. WDE!!
  12. InfernoOrangeSS

    Scarbinsky leaving

    Same here. He was the AU writer for a while, but I think he is mostly known for after that. I think he was mostly going for the Finebaum scenario. He wanted to create a lot of controversy to get responses. This was especially true once the internet became the prime mover in sports reporting. I have no ill will towards him. He showed AU fans the underside that they didn't want to see, but probably needed to see. I wish him well. I just wish he had not tried to fill the Finebaum void once PF left Birmingham. He is a talented writer.
  13. InfernoOrangeSS

    If we share the title

    If the AU president or AD gets rid of him without definitive proof that he did something wrong, I can honestly say I am done with AUBB after following it religiously for 36 years. Bruce Pearl is the greatest thing to happen to AU since Bo...and the best thing to ever happen to AUBB.
  14. InfernoOrangeSS

    If we share the title

    I totally disagree with this. If you had told me at the beginning of the season that AU without Purifoy and Wiley, that we would be in the NCAA tourney...I would have thought you were drinking. I don't know about everyone else. I have been watching AUBB since Sonny Smith and almost every year since Cliff Ellis, it has been wondering who I would pull for in the Tourney since my AU team would not be there. I am ecstatic that we have done what we have done. I am overjoyed we have one of, if not THE, best backcourts in basketball. If we exit in the first round of the tourney, I will be sad....However, I will be happy that our wonderful AUBB team has overcome the hump of getting to the big show. This is HUGE for AU. Bruce Pearl has worked some sort of voodoo to get us where we are. This season is me on that. If you don't think so, then you just recently jumped on board with the team winning like it has.
  15. InfernoOrangeSS

    Jox Roundtable taking over 6-10 am slot.

    I hate that the Roundtable will be on so early now. They are my mid-afternoon entertainment. I don't mourn losing the OD. It was a bad show. Jay could never say a bad thing about UA to the point that he would defend any and all criticisms of the program. Al always seemed like he had something better to do, but I did like him. Tony was such a character and I liked what he brought to the show. He had to make the other 2 seem like they had a personality. I will miss Tony, and I hope he gets another gig in Birmingham. I think he is excellent on the radio. I hated when they cancelled MASS on Jox. Those guys were awesome in that time slot. What replaced them...Well, to be generous, it sounds like a bad college radio show with talent that doesn't know what to do. I can't even listen to it. One thing that really seems bad is that Jox doesn't let their cancelled shows at least finish the week. MASS and OD both got the ax that day. I know you have to worry that they may say something you can not control, but it would have been nice to have at least had them say good bye.