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  1. That is not the most nightmarish scenario. The wost scenario is if we lose the SECC (God forbid) and Ohio State wins and/or TCU wins, then UGA will go, and bama might/probably will go and we'll be at home having to hear about it. For those of you who don't remember 2004, we got to hear "13 and 0 with nothing to show" from the turds. We HAVE to win the SECC. Everything else is out of our control.
  2. I'm with WarTim, it's not a current player so it's probably not that big a deal. I saw after the Georgia game, the father of one of bama's linebackers (the linebacker is hurt, Christian something?) talking about the Iron Bowl and he said that "Bama ain't Georgia!". He was talking a little smack (not much, but it had about the same feel as Gabe's comment) and I didn't give it too much thought...again, it wasn't a current player. We fans run our mouths all the time, it's what we do. Now, if all the talking heads and all the analysts are saying this stuff, then a team might get a chip on its shoulder, but I can't see where a lone comment from some fan or alumni would be that big a deal. JMO though.
  3. My mom and dad went to Auburn, actually at the time it was APU (Alabama Polytechnic University) and they both graduated in the early 50's. Dad actually graduated in 1950. Back then we had a coach named Earl Brown (I think) and the reason he was hired was that he had a Notre Dame pedigree. Back then, you just HAD to have some one from the Notre Dame line because they were the only people who knew how to coach (they thought). Well, ole Earl went 0-10 one year. Dad said the only reason we didn't lose 11 games is because we didn't play 11 games. He said that we were so bad, other teams scheduled us for their homecoming game. He had a couple of great stories he used to tell me, one was that they were in line to get into a game and someone bumped into his best friend, causing him to drop his liquor. His friend left the line and went home saying that there was no reason to stay and watch the game now. Another time he was at an Auburn game where we were getting the pants beaten off of us by Wofford...yes, Wofford. Obviously, no one was cheering and the stands were pretty quiet. So, during halftime, the AU stands are sitting there, in complete shock over the tail whipping we were getting, when some guy stands up and says, "Wofford?! Wofford?! Who in the HELL is Wofford?!" Dad said the stands fell apart laughing. After Earl Brown came Shug Jordan. When Shug got there, he said that they told him, "We just want to be respectable." Then after a couple of winning seasons, they started saying, "We want to win them all!" I am 51 and grew up in a time when Bear Bryant DOMINATED everybody. You just looked at the schedule and put an "L" in for the bama game, then looked at the rest of the schedule. Coach Dye came in and things changed. Just know this. EVERYTHING is cyclical. Yeah, bama's on top now and we're struggling, but all this will pass. It always does. There will come a day when bama fans are cussing and spitting mad and we're enjoying a nice run. It will happen. It always does. The problem is, we want it sooner than later, but we all have our time in the sun as well as having to do time in the gutter. It doesn't make things easier now, but it won't always be this way. The Earl Browns will give way to the Shug Jordans and the cycle will continue.
  4. OK, if you guys want to feel a little better about this weekend, try this, I just went onto youtube and watched a compilation of AU's offense against Arkansas. Here's the link. Now, a lot of it was KP, but, if you're like me, you can easily get wrapped around the axle of his injury. But watch that video. WOW, do we have some weapons! With SW starting at QB and us getting some injured players back, I feel a lot better after seeing that video.
  5. If history repeats itself (and I believe that it does) the future (long term) might look something like this...Bama continues to win until Saban retires. Actually, toward the very end of his career there, he won't be what he was and his teams will begin to show it. The bama faithful will begin to grumble but no one will want to fire a legend and it'll get ugly. Finally, Saban will retire and bama will have to get a new coach...and here we go. JUST like it was when the Bear retired, bama will try to regain the magic by only hiring someone from the Saban coaching tree...someone who played, coached or (later on) breathed the same air. NO one will be like the teacher and bama will fall back into the mid level tier like everyone else. This will REALLY sit hard for the bama faithful and they'll start the hire/fire campaign again and begin living in the past. They'll trumpet their 106 (or whatever number it is this week) national championships and tell us that we'd better be glad Saban wasn't still there or he'd whip our butts, etc. but, like last time, the transition from dynasty to average will be PAINFUL for the bammers.
  6. Bruce Feldman just tweeted "BREAKING: Charles Kelly to be named AU new defense coordinator, a source confirms" FWIW
  7. I warmed up to Cam pretty early but I did share the same feelings as you about his life after AU. Would he even remember us at all? In fact, I remember that there was a discussion on this board about whether or not AU should retire his jersey and many people were of the "wait and see" frame of mind. How much a part of AU and its legacy would he be after he left. Well, I have to say, he's done a TON to promote AU and its family values and (not to start another discussion), I would feel proud if AU retired #2. Also, like you, I'm a Carolina fan because of him...and that's coming from someone who REALLY couldn't care less about the NFL (until Cam got there)!
  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I have been watching the Carolina Panthers this year and I LOVE the fact that Cam gives the football away when he (they) score a TD. So I went looking for some kind of write up about it and I found this... In the midst of all the DC coaching drama, I thought this might be a nice change of pace and make everyone feel good.
  9. I know what you mean. In my own "Geek-dom", I have always considered them Mordor and we're the last hope of men.
  10. I also agree with Red's post, we need to give CGM some time. For anyone who is wanting to get rid of Malzhan, there is another issue here that needs to be thought about. If we fire CGM after this season, who the heck would possibly want to take the job? What are we saying to any possible candidate? "We aren't going to give you any time to build a program, you come in and win right away (especially against Saban, who is now intrenched and has had his process rolling for a few years now)...and consistantly...or you're fired!" So we keep CGM for a year or two more...what happens? Well, one of two things, he figures things out and we start winning games (this is the outcome I believe will happen) OR, worst case, he can't seem to pull things together and we have to let him go. Now, let's say the second scenario takes place. Any potiential hire will see that we are willing to give someone enough time to put something in place and get things rolling and NOT have a kneejerk reaction and fire them. IMHO, of course.
  11. Eveyone is talking about who's to blame for our bad record this year, coaches, players, etc...well, I guess I need to own up to it. This year's troubles are my fault. In 2013, I had this Auburn football hat that I wore for each game. I made sure I had it on before kick off and I didn't take it off until the clock was at 00:00. It was my good luck charm and it obviously worked cause we did really well that year. Well, I've lost the hat and I haven't been able to wear it this year. I've been desperately trying to find something else that works but, apparently I haven't so...I apologize.
  12. Ole fat Bret said, "I think we all know how much I hate Auburn". I hope this quote is hanging all over the practice field this week!!
  13. Just wanted to bump this topic up so that we don't forget how fun it's going to be when we whip thier tails this weekend. I hope this quote is hanging in the AU locker rooms this week!
  14. SIAP but there is a podcast by a guy named James Crepea ( and he does NOT say what happened, (cause he doesn't know for sure) but he does say what DIDN'T happen (squashing rumors). That's not the part that is interesting to me, he talks about being human in response to this story. It's a pretty good listen if you're interested.
  15. One thing I forgot to mention that I thought was a great statement by coach Dye. He was talking about Bama getting the #1 recruiting class for the past few years and how that really doesn't equate to winning on the field. He had a great quote, "It's not the players on your team, it's the team in your players."