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  1. Cool back story and way off topic, but Westlake’s coach (Todd Dodge) is the former Southlake coach and father of current Southlake coach (Riley Dodge). So father vs son in state finals. Father taught son a lesson!! Neither of those school’s kids have to worry about anything. Their biggest decision each day is what they want for lunch, and I’m sure Mom brings that to them.
  2. Weren’t they interested in hiring Steele as HC when they hired Pruitt? I seem to remember them having multiple interviews with him.
  3. How many scholly players do we have? Has the NCAA made any adjustments to the 85 limit since they are giving kids an extra year of eligibility?
  4. Jerraud is asking if TWill is moving to outside LBs.
  5. He was pretty silent until then. Not taking anything away from the kid. Denton Ryan’s is loaded with D1/SEC talent. Hal is also his teams punter. If that tells you what kind of athlete he is!! At one point he had his punt blocked, Picked it up, and flung it 40 yards down field, off his back foot. There was a lot wrong with it, but athletically is was pretty impressive!! Anyways, his school which finished 4th place in their district. Reached the state semis, and actually gave Denton Ryan their biggest test of the season. Pretty remarkable run!!
  6. DD plays in State semis today against Austin Westlake. Should be a great game!!
  7. He never disappoints!! I love his post. 😆
  8. What a way to cap off a great week for AU athletics. Lol. I just realized all the news is off field. Ok starting tmrw the statements will be made on the field/floor. Let’s go!!!
  9. Good question, you may be on to something.
  10. Was really hoping he would have kept McGriff. Loved watching his group progress every game!! They were asked to do a ton, and they paid for it some times. For the most part they were the one position group that always developed. I had not idea ZE was even coaching. So glad for him!!!
  11. With the new transfer rule. I don’t see how it could matter. Even if they signed there LOI. They could transfer and not sit out. At least that’s the way I see it.
  12. Maybe he and Harsin well mesh well together. That could be formidable!!
  13. That explains where they got it from then.
  14. Bobo bringing Will Friend with him? Don’t know how to post link, but saw it on Football Scoop. TIFWIW
  15. Let’s rally behind it!! Welcome to the plains Coach Mason.
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