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  1. Took my family to their first track meet this weekend. Got to see both of our speedsters run the 100. What a treat!! We walked over from the baseball field and Kam Martin was walking from the dorms. So I told my boys that he was from Texas too. He was class talking to them he asked them as many questions as they asked him. I was impressed!! Back to Worm. Oh my goodness. He is an absolute freak!! There is no way a kid that big should be able to run that fast!!
  2. The title of this thread is spot on. I went to bed last night thinking I would get up this morning and think about how great of a run it was. Unfortunately, it just still hurts.
  3. This is petty, but if it is just so easy that we make one more 3. How about going back and and look at UVA’s last 3 before the half. The offensive rebound shouldnt have ever happened. The guy who got the rebound came from out of bounds and never established himself back in bounds. To think I spent half time yelling at the tv about that call or non call. Like I said I know its petty, but it was just the first thing I thought if when I read your post. Anyways, I agree with you that it was a great year!! What a great run this team had!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!
  4. Interesting. Thought the offense looked much better with JVon in. Although Harper did have some nice finishes. I like Birds idea!!
  5. Isn’t Chad Morris considered part of Malzahn’s coaching tree, and Jeff Grimes was hired as BYU’s OC with his time in Gus’s offense being mentioned. Just playing devil’s advocate. Don’t kill the messenger!
  6. The MAJOR problem with the offense. The O-Line plays better everything around the offense does better. Running game, QB, and time for the recievers to get open. All we have to do is look at the line olay in the bowl game!! On a side note, am I the only one that is bothered by the fact that Braden Smith is a starting tackle in the NFL? From the limited games I’ve watched of the Colts he looks to be a damn good one too. It is almost mind blowing to me that we had that kid at AU and nobody tried him at Tackle.
  7. I will be there with my family!!! That is all I know about the game. So glad to have the Tigers playing so close to home.
  8. Saban maybe acted like he didn’t want it, but I remember years ago him saying football needed an early signing period. Matter of fact, I chuckled when it came to fruition thinking about his previous comments.
  9. I’m hoping its Jeff Grimes for no other reason than he can recruit!! More specifically he can recruit linemen. Untill that issue is resolved it doesn’t matter who is OC.
  10. I remember when these dudes got flushed. My bad wrong site.
  11. Just made me think about Trent Richardson. Remember when he went pro and his mom was quoted in the paper saying Something along the lines of she didn't know what she was gonna do now. They had got her this job of house sitting while he was in school, and she didn't know what she was supposed to do now that he wasn't going to school there anymore. Anyways, I'm sure Tua's parents could acquire a job house sitting if they needed it. Honestly, I bet nobody in the country had any doubts they would be living in bama after they told the story about his parents in the nat. Championship game. For me it wasn't a question of if, but a question of when. Kind of surprised it took that long, but I guess the natty game was kind of his coming out party. On on a personal note, I moved my daughter in to school at AU for her freshman year a couple weeks ago, and ever since then I have been trying to figure out when we are gonna move there. So if any of you know of any house sitting jobs in or around the loveliest village hit me up. Lol
  12. From what I heard Gus wanted to wear white and use the visiting locker room. Not that he is superstitious or anything, but he was not trying to repeat the last two trips to that stadium. Now as as far as if we are considered the home team or not I don't think Gus can make that call.
  13. Definitely not in the know here, but did read somewhere that Troxell has been performing really well. Also that the move on the depth chart was benefitting both the players involved.
  14. As far as I'm concerned, I hope they never forget he won the natty. Without that there is no way that dude still has a job.
  15. I am gonna go with Number 3. Chip Brown is notorious for starting stuff like this then pointing the finger.