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  1. Man, this ^^^ guy. I’m telling you. He is absolutely Killing it!! I LOVE IT!! Kudos, brother. I just get this vibe that everything is going well in your world, @ellitor?? And if it’s not, and you don’t need prayers or anything else. Just let me keep that vibe going. Lol. Regardless, I’ve enjoyed seeing you around here lately!!
  2. Yes, they had some good teams!! The Rockets I believe. In the metroplex Plano did the same thing. Man we hated them!! I grew up in Irving with 3 5A (biggest division then) high schools. We swear we would have some state titles if Irving would have done that. Most recently Allen High School had and maybe still has some ridiculous numbers!! Their individual grade levels were bigger than their DISTRICT opponents whole schools. I can’t remember exactly when they added the 6A division, but now I’m curious if it wasn’t in an effort to curb some of that stuff? 🤷‍♂️ You were coaching when they added it, correct?
  3. I’m confused So are we to believe that he is not ready for SEC play, and cannot benefit from and extra year of eligibility?? Those two statements don’t add up. If he is not ready for SEC play. He would need the extra year. 🤷‍♂️ My point was Pearl stating that he was gonna shut him down the whole time he is praising him didn’t add up to me. I was glad to hear that Pearl is gonna try and red shirt him. That would make sense as a reason to shut him down. Matter of fact, that is the only reason you would shut a player’s season short. Period!! We could be winning or losing by fifty in a game. There would be absolutely no reason to not play a kid in that situation Unless you didn’t want to burn a red shirt!! Edit: after rereading your statement. I agree he won’t be at AU for a 5th year, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be still playing college ball. Look at Flan as an example. 3 yrs ago who would’ve thought he would still be at AU? Flan is actually the reason we have the luxury of Red shirting Chance.
  4. Yes, it was the first time I ever heard of the school. Midlothian just went thru the same thing by having to add another high school. Everyone as so adamant against it becuase of the sports. Which in his sight didn’t make sense. Nobody wanted 2 schools becuase how would we compete in football. We went from one school playing in same district as D’ville, DeSoto, and Cedar Hill. Now 2 smaller high school. Both schools lost in the regionals this year. So I guess these kids are making the adults look like idiots. Lol. Now if we can just figure out how to get past Aledo. Lol Good to hear about the bbq in Belton!! I’ll have to take my dad to check them out. I spent a week working in Lockhart, TX recently. Which its claim is the “bbq capitol of Texas.” I was not impressed. Could be my expectations were too high because of the city’s claim, but regardless it left a lot to be desired!!
  5. As was stated, and your assumption is spot on. Pearl basically said exactly what you assumed. The way Pearl described it was a mutual agreement. At the time he didn’t mention anything about the red shirt, but was decisive that he was basically shutting him down for the season. The injury is fine, but did set him back as far as preparation at the most critical time for it. Now it makes total sense with the red shirt being in play!! Reading the original article and how decisive Pearl was. It just didn’t make sense. I was like what if we are up by 20. Well we’ll make that 30 lol. He could get some pt then. But not worth burning a red shirt!!
  6. Speaking of, we’ll sort of. Lol. Have you seen that WR from Lake Belton?? If you haven’t, do yourself a favor. I went to catch a local high school game this year. Midlothian (shout out to them, lol) was playing Lake Belton. Knew nothing about them our said receiver, but it took all of one play. Just one of those kids you watch every play. He was on a different level, and Midlothian has a WR that is tops in his class. But that kid was just different. Smooth and effortless!!
  7. IIRC, Chiz and staff made that priority #1. Seemed to work well!!
  8. Where the cool kids hangout!! I kid, but I will let @RunInRedFill you in. If possible, I would strongly advise joining!!
  9. Idk, but in hindsight. The Sokolove tweet has peaked my interest lately. With him supposedly being Cohen’s man. I think for sure we knew Kiffin was not our guy by the time it was sent. Now was he ever?? 🤷‍♂️ After watching Freeze from close range these past 2 months. I can’t help but think. If we interviewed him, or definitely if we interviewed both of them. There is no question probably in anybody’s mind who should get the keys to the castle. Freeze does have the negative history that is/was a cause for concern, but heck. If Kiffin was our coach. I would have that stomach in a knot feeling every time he hit send on a tweet!!
  10. That is one position Gus can recruit.
  11. That has always been in play for that school. Matter of fact, that was their standard!! Wait, so high school kids can get NIL in Alabama?? Humm, if so!?!?! Maybe we have someone on our side that is running a successful business that can beat them to the punch. Which may be what you're saying?
  12. Sounds correct. Knew he was filling in for some empty spot. Wait, did he ever end up filling that spot?? NVM, my brain hurts. I spent the last two months deleting that whole era from my mind. Not worth revisiting!!
  13. The two we retained and T Reed were responsible for all recruits we got. I know, I know that is a little bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. Who would've thunk that making T Reed available to recruit. Would be the only move that Harsin did correctly. I don't remember the specifics, and the more I think about it. It was probably done by necessity?
  14. So does how does basketball transfer portal work? Does it have an opening and closing date to enter the portal? Anybody know if or when that is?
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