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  1. Lol. Well I guess I wasn’t alone in thinking that he would be a good hire. Excuse my ignorance!! Now I will look to see what happened to their OLine coach. I guess the Morris hire wasn’t the only thing to sneak up on me. Smh!!
  2. What do y’all think about the other recent ex coach from the SEC West? The Morris hire snuck up on me, but when Matt Luke got fired my ears did perk up and mind started wondering. If I’m being honest I didn’t know one thing about him before he got the ole Miss job, but since then every time I have heard him speak I have been impressed. Which means he is probably a good recruiter. Plus I think having head coaching experience is a good quality to have, and may be exactly what Gus needs.
  3. Having been to Lubbock numerous times. I love our chances!!
  4. Man coverage against WR’s in this conference. That is no small task. Proud of these guys!!
  5. I hope JG makes a name for himself there at UK!!! I will always be pulling for that young man.
  6. They wouldn’t dare name it the “The Tua game”.
  7. I get what you saying about blowing the first half, but that is not the first time I’ve seen something like that with the clock and replay. Overall, that crew called a fair game, and it was nice to see for a change!!
  8. The guy that’s behind Derrick is a ridiculous!! Actually they both are, but he is behind him pulling him back. Notice where the number 5 is. In his hand. Shirt pulled out!! Geez!! SMH!!! To think we have struggled on the O-Line the past couple years. CJB has been teaching how to block all wrong. I guess the refs didn’t send AU the e-mail that said we’re not calling holding anymore. I’m convinced that when LSU watched tape on that UF game and saw that the refs were letting a lot go. That the topic was brought up that if your getting beat just grab them. Let’s make them make sure the refs are gonna call it before we change. The biggest slap in the face to me was the next week. First play of the game DB gets an illegal hands to the face. Which was a horrible call, Because he was strong arming the guy and was pushing his shoulder pad. Regardless for the refs to call that they had to been looking at DB. I just took it as ya were watching you, but we’re still not gonna call a holding against you.
  9. In fairness, the 80’s episode was for the most part all Auburn.
  10. I’m sure CBS/Danielson are receiving the same check that the officials are to not call out those blatant callsor non calls. Like how in the world was their only one camera angle shown on the Seth Williams catch. Why did they show a replay of the Face mask on Nix, but only show the end after the face mask. I spend most of the games on CBS rewinding the missed holding calls because if there is a blatant holding. They won’t show the play again. Yet let one of our db’s touch somebody and they will show five different angles and Danielson will make his definitive comment. Heck on our second td against uga he called it a pick three different times. I could be wrong but it’s not a pick if the ball is passed behind the line of scrimmage. Which it was. Not only that it was a block because he did not touch the defender until our guy had the ball. Yet he still insisted on calling it a pick, and pretty much announce that we got away with something. Which was just flat out wrong!! Heck he even made the comment on the LSU game that our D-line was complaining that we were being held. He said he went back and watched the last play and their was no holding. Well I went back and watched most every play, and that certain play was the only play that we weren’t being held!! It was obvious that LSU knew they weren’t gonna get called for holding in that game. I keep thinking that we should have picked up on that and held every play just like them. Ha, made myself laugh. No way we get away with it.
  11. Hard to believe he implemented that in one week. Hats off to a coach that realizes his players strengths and utilizes them. He had Jamien Sherwood stacked right behind whomever was playing MLB and at first I thought he was a spy on Burrow. Then I realized he was responsible for any RB coming out to the flats. He may have been responsible for both. idk. Would love to hear Birds thoughts on that. Anyways, Sherwood was having to cover some ground. I thought his play and Roger McCreary’s coverage skills really stood out in that D. I kept waiting for the great Gary Danials to notice that D. Just so the camera angle would show a better view of what all was going on. Of course he didn’t, he was too busy watching AU’s d-line not get held. His words no mine. I did notice when they got their 1st first down we were in our base D. Anyways, every defensive player bought in and it looked like they had been running it for years!!
  12. Did the article ever say who was back up now? I’m guessing Cord, buuuttt Gus is still the coach. No telling what that offensive genius may have in mind.
  13. Has anybody asked Gus why he kept Joey from going in on his package?? I hope Joey comes to DFW. I have been waiting so long to watch him play. I would pay to see a SMU game. My gut tells me he ends up at UF. Mullen with that kind of athlete would be scary!!
  14. Took my family to their first track meet this weekend. Got to see both of our speedsters run the 100. What a treat!! We walked over from the baseball field and Kam Martin was walking from the dorms. So I told my boys that he was from Texas too. He was class talking to them he asked them as many questions as they asked him. I was impressed!! Back to Worm. Oh my goodness. He is an absolute freak!! There is no way a kid that big should be able to run that fast!!
  15. The title of this thread is spot on. I went to bed last night thinking I would get up this morning and think about how great of a run it was. Unfortunately, it just still hurts.