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  1. JMO. Most uncomfortable shoes made, but they look cool. Haven’t bought a pair of Nikes in 10+ years. My feet have been thanking me ever since!!…not sure what that has to do with the OP, but I had to chime in. Lol
  2. Dang right, he’s gonna kill it on the trail. Those quotes got me believing!!
  3. Yes, Bo got hurt!! 😢 Remember every detail of that one. Grandpa came from B’ham and went with us. Great weekend even despite the lose. Man I thought we were gonna pull that one out!! It May be the reason I have such destain for Longhorn fan base. Lol We got them back in I think ‘92 ish though when I was in high school. By that time me and my brother had friends that went to school there. I will never forget walking thru a UT dorm shaking our orange and blue shakers.
  4. First game was @ TCU 1980. I was 6 and we won. That’s about all I remember about that game. Pretty much any game played in the state of Texas since, I got covered. With better details!!
  5. @tgrogan21 Outstanding job on the play by play!! I Almost feel guilty because I didn’t watch one single pitch, but feel like I was at all all 3 games. Great job!!
  6. Wow!! Maybe my memory is not as bad as thought. Major had some kind CoEd drama, but have no idea the details on that. So probably should have kept that under my hat. Did Major have a stint at bama?
  7. Major Applewhite. I know I could look this up, but nah. Now did he and Harsin work together at Texas? Memory is not what it used to be, but I feel like they were both there around the same time. Now I’m curious. Maybe, I WILL Look it up.
  8. So was junior day, The weekend of the UK game? If so, I would have been more concerned if we didn’t have a big weekend scheduled for then. With the thought that if we miss. We can have another event for one of the other weekend basketball games. This past weekend with game day here would have been a good one. But instead we are having meetings about if we should keep current coach or not. So just a previous poster stated. Nothing changes until we all pull in the same direction!! I’ll never forget reading about when Saban was hired at bama. Although I can’t remember the name of the book that I read it in. Lol. It was about college football. Like the good, bad, and ugly of College football. Regardless, in said book, when Saban and the athletic director arrived in Tuscaloosa. Before the A.D. stepped off the plane he told Saban that he didn’t think they would let him back in Tuscaloosa unless he had Saban on the plane with him. Saban’s reply was “now just go get me some players!!!” That quote has always stuck with me. Like why would Saban tell his a.d. to go get him some players. Well, now that quote is starting to make more sense!! And until AU has everybody pulling in the same direction nothing will change. The only thing that will change is who gets the blame.
  9. This team is legit!! Enjoy the ride fam!!
  10. Thinking it may not be real. 🤷‍♂️ Disappointing if not, as I had told the kids we would be getting a copy of that….That’s just my guess from the comments above.
  11. These are also the same boosters that were getting dragged thru the mud last year about this time.
  12. Figured it was me, but I had read that Wooten was coming back on here. There was a thread labeled Wooten and stated glad he was coming back. Someone cleared it up later in the thread it was Wooden that was coming back…. Now I’m so confused I’m starting to question everything. Lol Regardless. Glad we got This kid!! Don’t see anyway I can get his name mixed up with someone else.
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