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  1. This may be a StatTiger question but when is the last time Alabama has actually been called for holding against Auburn? I was chatting with a few other Alum and we couldn’t remember.
  2. Thank you Stat for the information. I always look for your topics post game. Once KF settles down into the qb spot more I think we will be fine on offense. Everyone will mesh and they will be something to content with. I just hope BVG can guide our D to a slightly better state in fundamentals. If these things happen it will be an entertaining season. The future is still quite bright. War eagle!
  3. I'm still waiting on my tickets to be mailed to me but I'm taking my whole family to see this one. Gonna be a great time I think!
  4. I'm going to guess over on that number. Least that's what I'm hoping.
  5. Local news (North Alabama) reported Martinez as hired tonight, they didn't cite an exact source so TIFWIW.
  6. I selected auburn based on the electrical engineering program, some family history, and the fact I've been a life long Auburn fan. Now I'm an alumni. War Eagle!
  7. Another random thought. What was with the guy they had playing the piano throughout the show?? I didn't recognize him and was rather confused as why that was in there.
  8. Yeah, I was expecting more of a history lesson but that would have taken longer than an hour. It was skewed toward the Updykes and Updyke but at least Cam finally got to talk about some of the stuff that happened IE the "take the money and run" thing. I wonder when we'll here that as an excuse they lost now that he said it was motivating to him.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. I hated they showed it twice.
  10. I was surprised at the lack of coverage of some of Auburn's coaches and I really wished Fbam hadn't been so involved in it... Not a bad showing all things considered. Love the quotes from the Auburn folks though.
  11. I believe they had a ceremony over the summer (2011) in it. I do know there will be two ceremonies this fall in the arena because I'll be at the 10:00 one.
  12. Haley Center is sinking slowly so they will have to do something sooner or later. On a side note, I can almost see my house in that picture! lol
  13. Agreed the Dyer/Frazier combo will be deadly next year/later this year. I agree with the conservative play calling. It helped us a lot.
  14. I was at that rally last year... It was awesome and anyone who can get there should go. I don't believe I will get to be there due to some commitments but I will make every effort to.
  15. Student section somewhere!
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