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  1. My main doubt is not the abilities of our RBs but rather the inability of our oline to create lanes. Pass protection has vastly improved. My main reason for doubt is that in spite of how well Bo and our receivers played and against one of the worse run defenses in the SEC , Tank and Hunter combined did not crack 100 yards!?. This is now the most disappointing to me now that Bo and the receivers are playing better.
  2. If someone claims not to see improvement week to week, on offensive and defense, then you are choosing to only see what makes that statement true. Just chill and enjoy the blossoming of what I see as a very good beginning of a very, very good football program.
  3. Hit the h right beside the g but you know who it was. Bodies yes we have them. Talent appears to be a little barren in the corners and safety positions and I dont know if you watched how we played against Ga St but the LB without our 2 starters... well I'll leave it at that. I am a CGM fan but even I can see the lack of talent on the defense and oline. The decline of the defense started before last season but I was making the point that our defense hasn't been really good before this season because the person I was replying to seemed to make that assumption.
  4. Hey!! Rational thinking is not allowed!!
  5. You do realize that we gave up an avg of over 400 yards last season right? With K Steele's defense. Many of you say how bare the cupboard is from CGM but yet you want this current staff to make a gourmet meal out of bologna. Let's be patient and give this staff time. https://auburntigers.com/sports/football/stats/2020
  6. Its poor not pour. You do know we won the game, only gave up 23 points to a high scoring offense in their stadium for their homecoming. Are you a bammer fan posing in here?
  7. They made some very good catches. Bo, for the most part, had great touch and ball placements. No letdowns now that we see they are capable of this. If this happens again the next game then the opponents defense cannot just concentrate on the run. Consistancy is a game changer
  8. That soft defense just ended all hope for Ark. Huge win. War Eagle and IGTBAAT!
  9. Big game for Bo and the receivers. Whatever they did in practice last week please continue, please!
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