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  1. 9-3 lswhoo, Ga and uat are our losses. We may best Ga though so I'll go with 10-2. War Eagle! IGTBAAT!
  2. Competition is totally different from teams like Liberty and Ole Miss to GA, Clemson and uat. CGM needs to learn to adapt when the other team stops your 1st, 2nd and 3rd options. Easier said then done. Only a few coaches have this ability, CGM isn't there just yet
  3. To each their own. To me, I was pumped! From beginning to end, even if it didn't have sound, it was tops. War Eagle. So ready for the new season to start!
  4. Ok. But its still the hypest I've seen.
  5. Did he let the cat out of the bag with the Webb quote?!?
  6. I love recruiting season. The highs and the lows, the impatience, the letdowns, the anticipation, the woe is me, the back and forth of why we are not getting these recruits, the BOOM'S when we land one, the signing day surprises, CRG ALWAYS getting good recruits, and the breakdown. Thanks for the fun read and keeping this Auburn junkie fixed up during the off season. Less than 2 months until kick off!! War Eagle!
  7. When I hear breakout I think Joey Gatewood. We have to have good to great QB play to be successful.
  8. Nope. Can't name him but he didn't sign with us.
  9. July ain't starting out too shabby either! War Eagle!
  10. Way to kill the buzz of anticipation e! 🙄☹😁 Thanks for the info.