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  1. To he honest I wouldn't want it to be family related as it pertains to mom. Because you can get out of the dog house but you can't replace mom.
  2. Peace out. Good luck. God's blessings
  3. So...how is Joey feeling about the new OC hite?
  4. My conspiracy theories on CTR. Kirby fired he because they got into a heated debate about doing things the "Bammer way" and CTR walked away because Auburn men have integrity. So to save face, Kirby said CTR was relieved of his duties. Just my .02
  5. Off the wall question but could he possible qualify for the Olympics
  6. Can he coach ST/TE's??
  7. Duke was a bad problem that should have went pro his JR season. I think we would have won 1 or 2 more games if we didn't have to go through all that drama throughout the first half of the season. With Robinson I think we would have won against Clemson and Ga. I don't think we would've had to run a 3 qb system, IMO and would have been able to run down their throats....but woulda, coulda, shoulda won't win ball games.
  8. Didn't Auburn practically do the same thing last year?I know we didn't "Fire" him but we didn't exactly try to keep him either.
  9. T-Will had great WM and KS to learn from, Kodi had Rhett.....
  10. There is a certain LB coach that is cutting his teeth that seems to be orking out pretty well. I think KB will work out very well also under the direction of our new OC. War Eagle. IGTBAAT! Very happy with this class by the way!!
  11. Mr Gonzalez where are you?
  12. Would you rather..... hire a OC while turning every stone to get the right one or rush hire and replace the whole staff (AGAIN!?!?). I don't see any problem taking time in hiring the right guy for our system/players. Most coaches are looking for stability and right now there is no guarantee at Auburn. So, no worries from me....yet. As always, War Eagle! And IGTBAAT!
  13. After settling down from the Sugar Bowl beat down I still feel that we are a QB away from being an upper tier team (top 10). I was impressed by the improvement of our defense this season. Our offense left our defense out to dry way too often. This is solely my opinion but the 130 something colleges, There may be 20 something with QBs that live up to the hype. Since CGM arrived we've had 2 that met or exceeded expectations. The fact of the matter is that not all 3,4 or 5*qbs pan out, can't make the transition from high school to college. Shoot, I and most everybody in the nation thought JJ was a can't miss but he couldn't handle it mentally, cant put that on coaching. After reflecting on this season, the injury bug really put a bugaboo on this season, SW is a very gritty QB but very fragile, JJ really set us back from last season and JFIII is not a good qb option. We shall see this next season what CGM can do with a Quality QB. I am optimistically believing that QB play will make a huge difference between 10-2 and 8-5. One more thing, who saw Bubba being Jerome Bettis 2.0? Again this is my observation from Charlotte NC. War Eagle! And as always IGTBAAT!
  14. Hate the yellow font, hurts my eye's! Blah, blah, blah...
  15. I think OK is in for a rude awakening early and often on both sides of the ball. They will not stop the run game, their defense is more like Arkansas than LSU'S or uat. Their offense is strong but our front 7, IMO is stronger and faster than anything they've played against. They will try to dink and donk with short passes to try to offset our front 7 but our corners will be up for the task. Auburn 38 Oklahoma 20 Final answer! WAR EAGLE! IGTBAAT!