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  1. Meh… I guess it is officially quiet season
  2. I don't want to set myself up for disappointment so I will not predict our win total. All I want to see is a big improvement from last season in all phases of the team. War Eagle and IGTBAAT!
  3. Our recruiters have stepped up its game in our area of need. About time! Let's close the deal on as many as possible!
  4. I laugh at some of y'all who follow recruiting and every tweet these recruits tweet. Let the domino's fall in place. I don't get too high or too low on any recruit until they sign on the line. (thanks R Evans) even if they get a tatoo (thanks R Foster)
  5. Prayers up for a complete healing quickly!
  6. I see now why we went after so many DB's again this year!
  7. Transfer portal= bidding wars. This is the downside to the transfer portal.
  8. It's up to 68,000+. What's up with the tip though?
  9. They see the writing on the wall.... they want to be part of the foundation the current coaches are building. They believe in hard work and love it. War Eagle and IGTBAAT!
  10. You, sir, are one of the ones with whom is spoke of. I rarely see anything positive from you. You are what is called a fair weather fan.
  11. We all see the same things. What those who harp on every blunder, bad play call fail to do is show any patience whatsoever when it comes to what is called a complete overhaul. IT TAKES TIME PEOPLE! For the love of God, IT IS FREAKING YEAR ONE!! Greatness takes time unless you like the flash in the pan roller coaster ride of inconsistency that we have had over the last 12 years?? Every single time I open this forum up the same group of people dominate with so much negativity. I purposely stayed off the game thread for this reason. We are not Alabama . GA A&M or Ohio St, but I think we will be but keep in mind: before they were who they are THEY STRUGGLED ALSO!!! It's past time to give it a rest already!! I am so close to just leaving this site because of the low football IQ and impatience as to what it takes to rebuild a program.
  12. 37-20 Auburn wins. We have a chip on our shoulder. Look forward to seeing Davis.
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