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  1. Not my call. Not a head coach nor ever will be. This why I said "I think"
  2. I think CGM is too emotionally attracted to how he was given a chance as a high school coach and wants to help others come up the same way. The was his downfall with Lashlee and the provious OC. I think Dilly is a good choice this go round. New season, new hopes! War Eagle
  3. New season , same hopes. Double digit wins, beat Ga, LSU and UAT. IGTBAAT! As always!! War Eagle
  4. Maybe taking the higher road was an option? Why get in a tit-for-tap with a lower level analyst trying to make a name for himself? 30 years in the NFL and nothing more than a glorified scout. Yeah, he is golden...
  5. Wants to commit eatly. Wonder if we have a chance.
  6. Se5h Williams and Hill both impressed as far as routes and catching in traffic.
  7. I think its a battle between Nix and Gatewood.
  8. Props to the WR. Good routes and no drops
  9. tbone4jc


    We need a praying emoji in the list please!
  10. Joey Gatewood? Y'all should open a thread about LR in another forum, right? IJS
  11. Don't underestimated Virginia. They are very good. This may be our toughest game, IMO.
  12. Man! As stated previously, we have one of the best medical staffs in the country! Praying for a quick and full recovery.
  13. Okeke is one of my favorite players. Already had a double-double before the injury. Definately was the best player on the floor tonite! Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery!