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  1. Prayers that whenever the baby comes that he/she is happy, healthy and full of joy
  2. War Eagle! Welcome home young man!! (I still want to say B@@m!)
  3. My brother, I am praying for peace and your psychological health. I cannot begin to understand what you and your family are going through. I pray that God wraps his arms around y'all and you find the comfort that you need to continue to hold on.
  4. I really hate this news. I know we all have the same end just different ways of getting there. I am so grateful to have known Nathan, if only for a brief moment in time. He showed to me unshakable faith, hope and humbleness. He inspired so many of us even as we tried to encourage him. I am comforted by knowing I will meet him in spirit one day and we will greet each other with a huge War Eagle and Hallelujah. Praying for his immediate family as well as his Auburn family. Well done faithful servant!
  5. Does Rodney Garner to Tennessee make a difference here??
  6. I know. I hope for the best though!! Keep praying!
  7. Praying. I hate cancer. I hate that greed is preventing actual cures. I hate that good people have to suffer. Lord, please have mercy. I know that there is a rhyme and reason... praying for comfort and peace for Nathan and his family. Sorry for rambling...
  8. AUsome that AD Greene is getting good recognition for the works he is doing!! Also, great recognition, in a good way, for Auburn. I am so glad that Auburn chose Allen Greene to be the AD. One of the best moves we have made in a long, ling time! War Eagle Mr. Greene!
  9. Why rehash this? Why is it so difficult that someone may have taken that for a statement when it was written the form of a statement? Is it that serious?
  10. Yeah, okay bud. If I would have known it was supposed to be a joke I would have just laughed at it. You really overreacted to my response. All you had to do was say it was a joke and that would have been the end if the story. Its water under the bridge and my apologies for mistaking your joke as a statement..
  11. Where did I miss the joke? Again, chill. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill. I am not your enemy....
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