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  1. Owning up to your own failures is one of the hardest things to face. Its always easy to point fingers and blame others for your failurre. Seeing your flaws is huge in order to correct them and becoming successful in life. Pray that BC's dreams and potential come to pass.
  2. tbone4jc


    Amen! We all care about you 72! Thanks for the updates so we all know what to pray for!!
  3. Well, I am an admitted sunshine pumper and not ashamed of it. 2019 depends on the qb. I think our oline will be much improved. Our defense will be stout, or wr and rb positions will be very good to great. Our qb is the big ?. I think the new coaches on offense will pay immediate dividends. Coach Dill will be good for ole Gus. I forcast 10+ wins in O & B shades are doing just fine, thank you very much! War Eagle!
  4. tbone4jc


    Thanks for the updates. Please continue to do so whenever possible so we will know what to pray for you and your family!! You are a walking, typing testimony! I look forward to the day you tepe "all is well"!
  5. Is so oh well, its Pickens choice so bye. We are good. He was the icing on the cake of WR's
  6. My, my, my. People are acting like every University has quality depth at oline. You don't have to have 5 star talent to have quality depth. With that being said, Auburn has NEVER had the talent or depth that uat, georgia, fsu, or even lsu has had. It's not just the current coaching staff but every staff since I can remember(Pat Dye) has had to scratch and fight to get highly rated recruits to commit to Auburn. I never remember a time when Auburn has had top talent at every position with reliable back ups to plug and play. Our dline last season was the exception, but even that was underwhelming. I am not understsnding the point of bickering other than trying to compare the talent of other Universities to ours. Our oline coaches need to get the twenty scholarship 3, 4 and 5 star players to meet or exceed their potential. CTT was, IMO, the best at getting the most out of his players.
  7. I like the youth movement. Experience doesn't mean instant success. It doesnt guarentee wins. I like the hire. Caddy's in the house!!!
  8. Guess y'all going to want to fire Coach Pearl now??🤣🤣🤣🤣😎
  9. What have you seen that says JG isn't?
  10. Joey Gatewood. I think he is ready. He is a true dual-threat qb and I think our new QB guru will get him where he needs to be to start day 1
  11. Man, ya'll are consistant if nothing else. Can't wait for next season . Wish I had a gif for beatin a dead horse
  12. Really don't have a choice. I think we qould have opened it up last season but or oline was our Achilles heal.