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  1. Bo's problem is not only arm strength or accuracy. It's also his decision making. The last TD against ole Miss he threw into double coverage. That long pass that Seth pulled out of the air was a desperation heave across his body to Swartz that was grossly underthrown. If we are going to get better then Bo has to make better decisions. The game plan is decent. If ole miss had better DB's then we would have lost that game.
  2. I agree with the article. Bo has been groomed since high school. It's in his head, his demeanor, that he thinks he is a superior athletic QB. He probably tells himself in his failures that he was "so close to making that play" instead of maybe thinking I dont have to be a human highlight playmaker on every play, he may turn into a good QB. I think he brought into the hype of being a 5* an and it's in his head to prove it every play. I am pulling for the kid but unless his demeanor changes he will fail.
  3. This is actually a good article and great advice from a former Auburn and NFL starting QB. The advice seems authentic and full of wisdom from past experiences. I hope Bo can turn the corner, slow down and let the game come to him instead of trying to force his will all the time.
  4. Here's the catch 22. Everyone is saying run, run, run. But then you got the ones saying you running our RB into the ground. How much is too much. Should he get 15-20 carries a game or should he get 25-30 and be worn out by the end of the season?
  5. Can't say I disagree. I really like all other aspects of the football program. CGM is an awesome person and runs a clean program but he is not good enough as a head coach. I wish him well, good luck in your next experiment
  6. There may be a few fans who never wanted CGM and has been wanting him to fail. I believe everyone else has wanted complete success for him. Jboy said it best in his podcast, it seems like we are always starting over year after year with no identity. We are in year 8 of what seems to be a different experiment every year. So, after time it wears us as fans out. Our players on offense are under developed consistently. Some shine in spite of this but for the most part none of our highly rated players never developed to their potential. We hoped CGM would succeed but he has not and it's ti
  7. "He was open coach!"
  8. Bo was trying to make something out of nothing. You cannot force something that isn't there. He is too quick to give up on the pocket. He has a gunslinger (Brett Farve) mentality. Wish he would just relax and let the game flow come to him
  9. I've been on and off but I'm done. I dont know why our QB's cannot produce. Morris is supposed to be the QB guru but....
  10. Y'all are tripping hard. I am a known pessimist. Here's the thing that baffles me about bashing CGM. You demand he gets the defense right, hires W Muschamp. Then hires K Steele and everyone's happy. On offense you want him to give up the reins of the offense to R Lashlee and he does but it doesn't go as planned. He hires 3 up and coming OC's because we demand some new blood but that's does not work because of trust issues with CGM. Then you demand he hire a proven OC. Enter Chad Morris, QB guru . Proven OC. Now 3 games in and everyone is loosing it. 3 games in?!?! Now I do have a lot o
  11. I disagree with more than half of this post. I think Bo is his own worse enemy. I think he is trying way too hard. He gives up on the play way too early. He leaves the pocket slot when it's not necessary. Chad Morris is a good QB coach. This is not the same offense. Bo is not reading the defense nor getting past the first read often before bailing on the play. Bo needs to get out of his own head and stop worring about living up to the hype. JMO
  12. The Achilles heal for CGM since 2014 has been the oline. For the life of me I don't understand why this hasn't been fixed. I get the star rating and all but there are plenty of teams that have a 3* avg oline that can plow open running lanes and pass block. I like CGM alot but this past weekend was by far one of the least prepared teams I have seen since 2011. I dont pretend to think I know the answer. This was the first time in a long time I stopped watching a Auburn football game at halftime in 9 years. 😠😡🤬
  13. I don't know what to say. We were outplayed big time on offense and defense. Their oline and dline dominated. We had no answer. Oh well, we will get better. 6 wins or less. I didn't even think we would have a season.
  14. There is a saying that is.."the time you see the most improvement is between weeks 1 & 2". I think we get our tight ends more involved. I think our oline and dline gets better and I think we win... AU -37 GA-27
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