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  1. Let's not go there. If you go there you are saying that the integrity of our medical field, Dr's, nurse's, hospice care workers, etc...and their oath to save lives has been compromised. I refuse to believe that.
  2. Praying for you and your family.
  3. Praying for great results 72!
  4. Rest in Heaven coach. Now you get to be with some other greats talking football. Prayers for his family and the Auburn family.
  5. We are here for you. We pray for your family. We know that God is in complete control. Please keep us updated so we can know what to pray for. Peter 5:7 and Philippians 4: 6-7
  6. Or, maybe there is so.eone higher on the list the the coaching staff likes more?
  7. Prayers of healing for you 72. It has been said the the true character of a man often shine brightest in his darkest moments. You inspire me with your strength, humbleness and courage. Sending much love and positive energy to you and your family!!
  8. Too late. Football guy here. Yall done gone and messed up talking down to us football guy's! Gonna have to post this elitism in the football forums and let all of us mess this pretty little sorority forum up! 💯😎
  9. Yeah. Right. Let's keep politics in the political forums.
  10. 13 yrs old daughter , her teammate and parent so far among fatalities
  11. While I am in wait and see mode I tend to want to believe this may be true. We have NEVER had a OC with the credentials of CCM since...I cannot recall. So again I have hope. But this is the last time, I pinky swear!!
  12. Our seniors want 10 wins. Won't be close after halftime
  13. Good write up and from a different perspective...
  14. Hate on Gus all you want but recruiting has never been better than it is now. The players absolutely love him, you can tell by the way they play for him. To be perfectly honest I don't think we get to this level with the Oregon coach. Oline excluded there is very little you can criticize CGM on recruiting