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  1. Love you brother Nathan. Praying for you as always!! God speed!
  2. Doesn't a coach getting fired allow him to transfer and play right away?
  3. I agree with a lot of posters in liking how this coaching staff is coming together. A diverse mix of young, hungry coaches with mature proven coordinators. Who's next? CT-Will please!! I am really looking forward to next season!
  4. The prodigal son has returned home!😁😁 All jokes aside, glad to have him back
  5. I am just asking questions. Not assuming anything. This thing with t will is puzzling. I don't know enough about CBH to distinguish if he is a BSer or not. That is still to be determined.
  6. He still has linebackers on his twitter page and he is still decked out in Auburn gear? It seems to me if he was told to move on he would be interviewing with other teams.. if he is being told to hang on and is then let go, I really don't like the smell of that. T Will is a fam fav and that would definitely start with a sour taste with a lot of fans
  7. I don't get the "don't like to recruit" mantra on COACH Rocker. Why in the heck would he want to coach at a major college where recruiting is such a high priority.? That make absolutely zero sense to me. He has been the dline coach at multiple sec universities, now at Auburn twice. I see no logic that he hates recruiting. .
  8. Like his power. Looks pretty fast to me. That 1 punt return he had like 8 would be tacklers and he escapes?? WHAT!!!
  9. With the schedule I see 7-5. Penn St isn't really good. We beat SC, Miss St and maybe LSU or Ark. 4-0 OOC, 3-5 IC. I want our toughness back. I want to see our young men play with an edge, us against the world mentality. BE ABLE TO ADJUST DURING THE GAME PLEASE!!
  10. He just did some outreach with food and clothing for the less fortunate, which I find amazing!!
  11. This one is a head scratcher because we offered him twice when his grades were not good enough... oh well. Good luck
  12. Yes, he is legit, to legit to quit... that was awful I know...🤭
  13. Even if he did not produce like most people thought he would, he was an Auburn Tiger for 4 years. Kudos Big Kat. Good luck!
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