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  1. Leaving the game early because it's cold < not going to games because it's not in a budget. I really think you are grasping at straws. If you cannot sit through a game to support a team you are a fan of then give the tickets to a fan who will support them by being present. You can spin it all you want but the fact remains that the players we are supposed to support felt the lack thereof. You trying to make a issue of me stating such things as a issue and then spinning it as me trying to tell you what to do with your money is ludicrous. If you can't fully support the team you are a fan of then why are you a fan?
  2. I live in Charlotte NC. I have been to one game each season except the last 2. I am also a father of 5, have a mortgage, 2 car payments, paying for 2 kids in college. I think my priorities are in order and my OPINION is reasonable. The real question is why are you responding to something that was discussed over a month ago ? Are you even a fan of Auburn? You've been here like what, 2 weeks?
  3. I think we got caught with our pants down looking ahead to GA vs ole miss. We missed opportunities to score way more points than we did. We play better at home against big teams. These kids still believe even if the fans don't. Auburn 31 GA 21 War Eagle and IGTBAAT!
  4. I wasn't replying to your post. I was just posting.
  5. CRG will almost always get his guys'! The proof is in the pudding in the way he gets his DL in the league and recruits see that. Look for some more good news from the DL for sure!
  6. 1. Played football from pee-wee to high school. FB/LB/DT . 2. 1 year Collage at Central State University (1985-1986). Had a bad motorcycle accident that ended my football aspirations in 1986 . 3. No. Never was that good lol. 4 & 5. Never really got into coaching anything really.
  7. I don't think many people are in CGM corner anymore, after LSU I gave up on him. It's the player reactions that concerns me. Especially the first home game in a month? I have never been okay with booing my teams. You can continue to show you displeasure with the coach with emails, sports forums and the such. I certainly hope our next home game is much improved.
  8. We gotta do better. Our players should ABSOLUTELY NEVER FEEL THIS WAY. The negativity has got to stop. We get it that a lot of fans are tired/upset with CGM but there are better ways of dealing with your disappointment/frustration. If you are a fan, especially an Auburn fan, we support our team through thick or thin. We don't boo at games, even if it meant towards the coach.
  9. Yeah, that was way out of line. It's a shame for him that he is not in control of his emotions. Hard lesson for him to learn but he made his bed...
  10. Okay You just don't get it. So let me say it plainly. I DID NOT SAY HOW TO SPEND YOUR MONEY. Chill little fella!
  11. Fella, it's about supporting the team. Clearly you are over reacting. Calm down before you have a stroke. You are a prime example of knee jerk reactors
  12. I get most are mad at CGM and want to vent or show their displeasure but it is totally unacceptable to boo at any home game. I dont give 2 rats behind the excuses or trying to rationalize the reasons. These young men deserve the best we have to offer them. The rhetoric has now gone way too far on these boards, twitter or where ever its is being posted. Those of you who take part in it, shame on you! And I really dont give a damn who disagrees
  13. Then sell your tickets to someone who can stay. Excuses are like buttholes... I dont know what the issue could have been other than a lack of support. We have some fair weather fans layely and it's getting to be nauseating. I bet that really impressed the recruits/commits who were there for visit. Good job! I wish I could take my family to Auburn for a home game and enjoy the atmosphere and the history. To me it doesn't matter how much you disagree with the coach, our kids put it all on the line every game, we could at least support them.
  14. SPEAKS VOLUMES! Let's do better Auburn men and women!