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  1. Lost to S. Carolina each if those years, lost to Florida St both of those years. Barely beat LSU. And they went 6-1 in conference. They lost to S. Carolina 5 years straight, their biggest rival, under Dabo. In 2011 they got drubbed 70-33 by West Virginia. Fans wanted to run Coach Dabo off because he could not win the big games as I stated before. He won a couple games against good teams and was able to pile up wins against very weak ACC conference foes and weak( for the most part) OOC schedule. Dabo has become a great coach and a very likable person as well. I am glad to see a good guy win for a change but let's not act as if he was always loved and hasn't had the privilege of playing in a weak conference to learn on the job. But I am done on this topic
  2. Again, was still losing in big games in that time frame. Again, he did not get over the hump until Deshean Warson came on the seen. In the ACC it's easy to win a lot of games. Why do you think Florida St and Miami chose that conference over the SEC.
  3. You may consider this. What if coach Dabo had started his career as a head coach in the sec west, do you believe he would have been as successful as he has been in a much weaker ACC? Do you think he would be recruiting like he is? Even though this is hypothetical I just do not see him as anything more than a Dan Mullen type at best if this were the scenario. Coach Dabo really just got over the hump when Deshaun Watson became his QB. He couldn't win big games, this "Clemsoning" became their catch phrase from the fans. Do I think CGM has deficiencies? Yes, the oline should be better, his RPO needs updating (slants over the middle would be great thank you very much), he is dedicated to his offensive coaching staff to a fault and his adjustments during the game needs improvement. But there are too many positives as to my believing he will get it right. I just think he sees clearly what needs to be done now. This Saturday is huge for me and my belief in CGM being able to go from good to great. War Eagle and IGTBAAT!
  4. War Eagle! Our defense just keeps getting better every year!
  5. We will be 4-0 after we beat A&M Saturday. I honestly believe we will win the next 4 and the true test will be LSU. Especially for our defense! War Eagle and IGTBAAT!
  6. Oline.Even though it was KS timing and assignments were much improved!
  7. Do you really expect Auburn to expose the game plan for this season against inferior opponents if we don't have to? We shall see against A&M just how good or bad this offense is then let the judgements begin. It just never stops......
  8. and 10 of these please !! War Eagle and IGTBAAT!
  9. Or may be it's a discussion that should be brought up? Talked about? Seems like we have been having a very civilized discussion from both sides and now maybe we could see each other's point of view better? 🤔
  10. The OP is self explanatory. Those who support the head coach and those who don't. Those who still support CGM get labeled as " not knowing football" or " don't care about winning" while the other side " continues to bash no matter what" or " continues to take over every topic bashing CGM". My per peeve is if you have an opinion, good or bad, state it and move on. Some say it doesn't affect recruiting or players but I beg to differ. Even if there are a "small portion of the fanbase" on this forum it is still a representation of the entire fanbase and kids hear about it and talk about it and it does cause "issues". To hear a broadcaster on live tv mention the divisiveness and to see my Twitter line lite up afterwards is what prompted me to post.