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  1. Along with the Costco info (inside joke) there are some really good recipes that donors have shared. “The Nest” is worth every penny and more. I really wish I could UG to Platinum but the time isn’t right for me😔
  2. This is the last I am saying about HF and his past transgressions. He absolutely did them, he absolutely got fired from Ole Miss and got them a rocks throw away from the death penalty, almost ruined his family all because of his choices he made . People still question him because of the DM recently. Why did he think that was okay? I get it, his family forgave him so why shouldn’t I, right? I don’t have a heaven of hell to put him in but Auburn is special to me, and care about her like family. I want what’s best for Auburn. I think we could have and should have done better. Talk is cheap, believe what you see not hear
  3. Talk is cheap. He said all the right things. I love Auburn so I’ll support Auburn, doesn’t mean I like the stench. I am in wait and see mode. I really hope he is here for 10+ years because that will mean he really did well, coaching and personally.
  4. Caddy is exactly where he should be. Now that he had a taste of being a HBC, he can learn the ins and outs from a pretty good one. This makes me feel a little better about the hiring of HF.
  5. He must hit home runs in recruiting/transfer portal and win quickly. We’ll see but this makes me feel unclean.
  6. Are you really still regurgitating the same nonsense? Never said they didn’t have talent. How many preseason # 1 teams ended the season at #1? That is a weak point to hang your hat on. Every one on this board knows how you feel about LK but you just keep with the same bullet points over and over and over and over. High probability LK will be Auburn’s HBC and I think people way more qualified to make that decision has inquired everything there is to know about all the candidates. Time to put that cow out to pasture
  7. You can put a spin on anything to make a point. You fail to point out how many star players left said team due to graduation or the NFL. Just because you havesaid amount of returning players doesn’t automatically equate to the same type of production by the previous team. Injuries and other factors can lead to a season where expectations are not met. Hell, and to go by what reporters predict is not something to hang your hat in prove a point. Tell me how many SEC teams have had 2 RBs go for over 200 yards in the same game? The only thing I worry about with LK is the defense side of the ball. If he hires the righ DC then Auburn will be very, very good.
  8. Ditto. Especially the second half. IGTBAAT
  9. Even Coach Caddy knows he isn't ready. He is exactly what we need right now. I love and admire what CCW has done since becoming IHC. I really hope he is retained under the new staff so he can learn the skills needed to eventually move up into coordinator positions and eventually a HC somewhere. CCW epitomizes what it is to be an Auburn man! So proud of and grateful for him!!
  10. Is there a rule stating that people have to comment in order to like a statement? What was the purpose of your reply? People are so petty…
  11. If Auburn were AUditioning for a new coach, I think we passed with flying colors. Who wouldn’t want to come coach in front of THAT AUsome atmosphere?!? The recruits at the game had to be impressed also!!
  12. I really love the want to from Ashford but he is just not a very good game manager. He seems to get in his own way too many times. He makes a spectacular play then 2 bonehead plays. The whatever that was to Tank the ended in a turnover was a WTH is he doing moment. Missed badly a wide open Hunter for a definite TD. That’s 10 points we missed out on. I really love the kid and I wish greatness for him. Wishing he could be Marshall 2.0 but he does not make many in good game decisions….
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