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  1. Too late. Football guy here. Yall done gone and messed up talking down to us football guy's! Gonna have to post this elitism in the football forums and let all of us mess this pretty little sorority forum up! 💯😎
  2. Yeah. Right. Let's keep politics in the political forums.
  3. 13 yrs old daughter , her teammate and parent so far among fatalities
  4. While I am in wait and see mode I tend to want to believe this may be true. We have NEVER had a OC with the credentials of CCM since...I cannot recall. So again I have hope. But this is the last time, I pinky swear!!
  5. Our seniors want 10 wins. Won't be close after halftime
  6. Good write up and from a different perspective...
  7. Hate on Gus all you want but recruiting has never been better than it is now. The players absolutely love him, you can tell by the way they play for him. To be perfectly honest I don't think we get to this level with the Oregon coach. Oline excluded there is very little you can criticize CGM on recruiting
  8. War Eagle Nick Coe! Thanks for all the hard work and dedication and for putting yourself in the line of fire every play! Wish nothing but the best for you!
  9. You are correct. 2012 was the year I was referring to. I apologize
  10. As much as I respect you E I am not believing that after we were getting an overflow 4 and 5 star recruits on the oline just a few years ago that CGM would handcuff our oline coach from recruiting quality HS olinemen. That just don't make sense.
  11. If that's the case, we will never score. If 25% of the calls are fourth down calls....
  12. My .02. Gus will need to let CCM run the offense. If he fails to do so and runs into the same offensive woes as the past couple of years I think his tenure at Auburn will come to an end. Here's to hope that things turn out as we all believe it should!