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  1. Auburn needs a power running back, not a worm(but, I love the worm we have)… WDE!
  2. if JS is calling the plays, it should have been stopped the first game against Wash..
  3. Daniel just got cut, so whats your point
  4. Auburn turns a corner when auburn can beat LSU!!
  5. booo> offense looks terrible> nice td Jarrett
  6. auburn's not gonna take him period...why even be talking about this kid ......thread needs to be muted
  7. I think that is exactly what the statement means he's gonna do what loronzo balls sons did leave school and go play overseas for a year or two..Sad but true it seems...
  8. just thinking its really not the goes a lot more deeper than that....could be rule violation being a yrs suspension, who knows funny its being keep so quiet..Now, being his senior yr coming up why turn pro when you've been injured a whole yr...if it was me i'd come back...just thinking its something a lot more serious especially if he entrs the nfl undrafted free agent...
  9. myself I could careless what Georgia is doing and worry more about what auburn is doing and that is recruiting our needs and I honestly think the job is being done quite nicely
  10. never seen a halfway decent RB come out of mountain brook high school since major olgilvie back in the 70's and he went to the turds..drafted by san fran and never panned out...would not waiste time or my breathe on this kid either..
  11. ok whatever, so he followed his buddy Fields to Georgia something we all knew deep down he was gonna do from the start.. Time to kill this thread and suck it up and move on!!!
  12. did the Georgia players look worn out? hell, the have played the same amount of games
  13. so fisher is getting a talented team but the coaching just sucked..kinda like what kiffin is doing this year for fla ant..just need a good coach to teach the talent correct
  14. I seriously do not give a s*** about next years sched right now focus is the present not future
  15. you are so right.. never gives younger RB's a chance to be lets say Georgia they have not just 2 but a 3rd auburn can say with speed tonight that scored a TD and 2 more 5* next year coming in..and Auburn just 1 star RB that totally sucks!!!
  16. if it was me first choice Lane Kiffin/// second Mike Leach
  17. ok heard it here first........ gus wants to be fish(n) so he can get paid like the boat jimbo was on
  18. ourtime ended with the first and last loss..... can not start nor finish strong just finish as a loser like malzahn did tonight...! I say goodbye leave go to Arky end auburn a loser start arky a loser and end there as a loser!!!
  19. ya need to go look at the dictionary and understand the dif of shoals