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    2018 5* QB Justin Fields

  2. aubieclawz

    2018 4* RB Asa Martin Commits to AU!!!

    I am to the point we do not sign a rb this year
  3. aubieclawz

    2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    yes. give our love and commitment to the one who has been committed for yrs not another 1 done maybe this HS kid everyone luvs what type defenses has he gone against? that makes him a 5 star besides he can run and pass against weak D's
  4. aubieclawz

    2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    ya think, been all FSU from the start, So live with it and move on with our future QB's and its not the end of the world!!! ***No Name Calling Recruits*** #3 & 4 below
  5. aubieclawz

    2018 4* RB James Cook

    Reading that you might think they love the Bulldogs right now. They have a visit to Athens scheduled for July 21-23 and are still planning on making their other visits to some of his top schools, but those dates are not yet known. The 5’11”, 181-pound running back is ranked as a five-star prospect and No. 3 running back in the country by Rivals. The race for the Florida State legacy — he is the brother of Dalvin Cook — is believed to be down to just the Seminoles and Dawgs, but it sounds like Burnett and Cook will do their due diligence by taking some of those other visits. Louisville, LSU and Auburn were also mentioned by Burnett as places she wants to visit with her son and could get seriously into the mix if they do the right things on those visits. wow!!
  6. aubieclawz

    2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    thanks thought everyone knew june and july were slow football talk times
  7. aubieclawz

    2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    why would Cam be mad? He won a NC at Blinn won a NC at Auburn point is :: you do not have to throw for 3k to win a NC----when you have a QB that can run.....hence dual threat QB! and if cam is soo mad, why does he keep coming back to Auburn University to help teach them too grow and make a decent and proper life for themselves too make your own decisions whether right or wrong thats how people grow and learn! Thats a true Auburn MAN!!
  8. aubieclawz

    Projected new Rivals ratings

    lol no the next thread what upcoming thread? I am lost
  9. aubieclawz

    2012 4* WR Cayleb Jones (Arizona signee)

    I doubt it. He just started the process. Thanks. Obviously he has talent and if he does come to Auburn, he won't be the first or last troubled player to come to auburn for a fresh start. pass
  10. Roc is all Auburn!!! WDE!
  11. aubieclawz

    2014 4* S/OLB Ronnie Clark (Alabama signee)

    he is Auburn bound!
  12. aubieclawz

    2014 4* C Joshua Casher (Alabama signee)

    whatever I think the bammers are to no good,,, you say they do not cheat BS
  13. who cares he is a Auburn Tiger
  14. aubieclawz

    2014 4* DT Elisha Shaw (Alabama signee)

    why talk about a kid that AU has no chance in signing...makes no sense
  15. aubieclawz

    2014 4* C Joshua Casher (Alabama signee)

    I know they are just 18 yr old kids but stand up be a man to your friends and parents and just say this is the University I would like to attend and by the way just KMA if you do not like it!!
  16. aubieclawz

    2012 4* WR Cayleb Jones (Arizona signee)

    I am the QB at Teas A&M and I am just a 20 year old kid....I do stupid things....I make mistakes,.... But you have to remember I am just a 20 year old kid!!!
  17. He is not paying for a semester. He is waiting to enroll on Scholly next January. Ok are we talking this coming January 2014 or the next 2015? oh E you meant this coming January my bad!
  18. that is true my mind must have been thinking Basketball...LOL
  19. aubieclawz

    2014 4* WR Travis Rudolph (FSU signee)

    This season is our future for bigtime play makers .... That's my thought its a season to remember!! I say 9/10 wins
  20. What is the difference in signing a JUCO and signing a 5* kid that we all know will be 2 yrs and gone? The JUCO player has experienced what it is like at a college level of football unless you have the talents of 5* Clowney which is rare but happens but most 5* stars are 2 and done
  21. aubieclawz

    2014 3* C Andrew Marshall (Georgia Tech signee)

    Only 1 way to find out!!! Do a poll
  22. ok its like this: Roc commits too the turds he is a 5* Auburn a 3* any other school a 4* doesn't matter to me what star he is rated.. In my opinion he will sign with the good guys in Auburn University!!!!