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  1. I just think 2019 will be a completely different year.. I have confidence in Gus and think he will not only prove the critics wrong, but, will also, show CFB, Auburn is a threat, yet again!! WDE!!!!
  2. There is a big line between Rep and Dem, Democrats like to party too much and not pay attention to National Security, Republicans take care of America first!!
  3. I am an optimistic type fan, but, I just do not think MW is a SEC QB, I personally feel that Joey Gatewood(who reminds me of Cam) will start as the OD QB in 2019.. Cord, I admit, I do not know much about and Bo might would be better to sit and learn, but, get some GT experience. Just my thoughts. WDE!!!
  4. Don't post much, but, Auburn 10/11 wins in 2019 season(Gus saves his job) and Joey Gatewood will be the OD starter in 2019.... WDE!! mark it
  5. OK, changed my mind, as I look at this game, FIRE everyone associated with the OFFENSE...I am serious
  6. quit running the obvious, up the damn middle with Kam
  7. They are feasting on a ONE dimensional team in Auburn, only passing, with no running game..told you earlier> easy team too defend against
  8. Defense feeds off the offense, no offense leads to no defense
  9. AGAIN!! they are playing a soft defense/same defense that cost them the LSU game
  10. Only reason why the pass game is sucking is obvious, it's because,(again) we have no power RB.. Way to damn obvious....
  11. Ok, Once again,, Auburn will score 3 more TD's to their Nil.. Auburn by 30, if not, my scorer is off ystem
  12. ok changed my mind/./Miller and Martin combo w/ a lot of Shiver on the side