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  1. 20 minutes ago, JBiGGiE said:

    I feel like with Gus it's kinda our president Donald Trump... Are you gonna get Good Gus today? Or Bad Gus Today? 2010 Iron Bowl Gus? Or 2016 Clemson-game Gus?

    Hopefully this bowl game was the shot in the arm needed to make strides in the off season.

    I just think 2019 will be a completely different year.. I have confidence in Gus and think he will not only prove the critics wrong, but, will also, show CFB, Auburn is a threat, yet again!!  WDE!!!!  

  2. I am an optimistic type fan, but, I just do not think MW is a SEC QB,  I personally feel that Joey Gatewood(who reminds me of Cam) will start as the OD QB in 2019.. Cord, I admit, I do not know much about and Bo might would be better to sit and learn, but, get some GT experience. Just my thoughts.  WDE!!!

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