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  1. It was mentioned on Sportscall the other day that the kick-off game versus Washington coming up was going to be us and ND but NBC tie-in prevented it from happening.
  2. Yeah, we have a stable of OG, need some OTs badly. Good wing span on this kid; Looks good in the run game but could use a little work with his feet on pass blocks.
  3. Still need to update the list with Jackson as a commit. Thanks
  4. E covered that in the second post
  5. Good placement of the football, pocket presence is good, keeps eyes downfield as he scrambles, gets down instead of taking the hit. Would be a nice get
  6. Will Joiner be more of a priority with LSU getting the commit over the weekend?
  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Sorry to hear E. Im praying for your family
  9. Showing your age with that reference.
  10. Was there any news about how well his visit went?
  11. We will probably give him an offer at HB
  12. My wife is 5'9", so here is the proof