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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sorry to hear E. Im praying for your family
  3. Showing your age with that reference.
  4. Was there any news about how well his visit went?
  5. We will probably give him an offer at HB
  6. My wife is 5'9", so here is the proof
  7. I would pick Auburn's Agriculture program over Stanford's any day
  8. Auburn OL commit Nick Brahms wins prestigious award at Army All-American Bowl https://www.seccountry.com/auburn/nick-brahms-award-army-american-bowl One of the Auburn Tigers’ incoming commits received a huge honor at the Army All-American Bowl awards banquet on Friday night. Auburn offensive line commit Nick Brahms received the Felix “Doc” Blanchard Award, which is given to the member of the East team that exhibits excellence in the classroom as well as on the field. Missouri quarterback Drew Lock won the award in 2015. View image on Twitter Brahms will enroll early at Auburn and according to SEC Country’s Benjamin Wolk, will study aviation. Brahms is a 4-star guard and the No. 146 ranked player in the 2017 class. The Navarre, Fla., native is the No. 8 ranked offensive guard. He is one of the top ranked prospects in Auburn’s 2017 class, which ranks eighth in the country.
  9. How do you know we tried to hire KB? You and some others have said that, but where did you hear this?
  10. Question I have is when was the last time we had great QB development and who was the coach in charge of it? Is this person available to hire or come in as a consultant?
  11. I would hope a coaches job would never depend on the commit from a high school kid. People would be fired left and right
  12. Punt/Kick-off Returns?
  13. so your tree burner is this guy ----> https://www.facebook.com/jochen.wiest
  14. I approve this message