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  1. I'm not just talking about message boards, social media in general. There was an article this week about how the DB Scott that committed to Auburn did so because of the Twitter love he was getting and decided to check the program out. As much as I dislike that playing a part, it is a thing.
  2. No wonder opposing coaching staffs have so easily used negative recruiting against us. "Here son, go read this link, you don't want to play there, they don't like OTs and QBs leave the program in body casts". We know players and parents of those players read message boards and it does influence their decision making. Let's go into 2023 not being a poison pill to the athletic department. I'll return to the shadows now.
  3. Been mentioned on here a few times that it is not a grades issue, it is transferable credits.
  4. No doubt. My comment was strictly based on how Gus used the TE/HB position while at Auburn
  5. It was OK until every defense keyed on the tight end knowing the ball was sure to follow
  6. Are you confusing fans bashing JB Grimes with recruiting? Jeff Grimes= good, JB Grimes= bad
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