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  1. He can be excited about his announcement today, tomorrow, heck, I've been excited for weeks
  2. dabrasco

    CorchJay's Top 8 RB (available/possible)

    i guess she told you and you and you and errbody
  3. dabrasco

    2019 5* WR Jadon Haselwood (UGA)

    I would suggest SEC Country to you fine sir
  4. dabrasco

    2019 4* WR John Dunmore (Penn St)

    Yep, after Wiltfong dropped his CB, everyone is trying to get in to get some points.
  5. dabrasco

    2019 4* LB Kalen Deloach (FSU)

    yes, back in February
  6. dabrasco

    2018 4* OT Dylan Wonnum (USCe)

    Official, Gamecock
  7. If anyone was curious as to whom the notorious bagman was; here's a hint
  8. dabrasco

    2018 3* TE Matt Alaimo

    Kid looks great from his highlights.
  9. dabrasco

    All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    Schwartz Goss Franklin Gouraige Ford
  10. dabrasco

    2019 4* DE Kayode Oladele

  11. dabrasco

    2018 4* TE Luke Ford

    Did MS Paint not let you take those clippings? Snag-it is another tool you can use which I think Microsoft stole the Snipit idea from.
  12. dabrasco

    2018 NR P Arryn Siposs Commits to AU!!!

    Welcome aboard mate
  13. dabrasco

    2018 4* TE Luke Ford

    The brother, Noah I believe, did say he thought our offer was more sincere