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  1. So sorry to hear of this sad news. My prayers will be with your wife as well as you and your family.
  2. This all lies on the BOT and Admin. They should have had the balls to just fire Gus if they are "in charge of anything of value or responsibility" such as Auburn University and the football program that rakes in millions of $$$! But they decided to play a game with Gus. Gus called their bluff to remain as the HC. The Admin and BOT must not feel Auburn University is of value then! They are playing a power game just like they did in JetGate. It's ridiculous! If you love Auburn then give it a chance to prosper and grow next season! The elementary mindset here is "I'm in charge of you and you will do what I say because I have the money and power!"
  3. I've been thinking the same thing!
  4. Ridiculous! You either love Auburn or you don't! These power brokers are so power hungry, they can't see past their own ego's and put the well being of our football program and players before themselves! Give CGM the opportunity to secure CHF as OC and see what he can do. If Gus continues being Gus during play calling then he will hang himself. It wouldn't hurt to have CHF in waiting for HC job either.
  5. I was another one of the last few jumping off that scorching bus in the second half of the LSU game! But just as it was with my ex wife a few years back...when I'm done, I'M DONE!
  6. I believe Coach B is supposed to make it back to Tallahassee for the game. Regardless...another classLESS move by bammer to do this on a day like this for AU baseball!
  7. Thanks SC! I am so ready for that W tonight! It's tough living amongst these injuns down here! Glad you had a good time while in town!
  8. SC...I live in Tallahassee and there are loads of restaurants and bars to enjoy! Tennessee Street is full of them if you are staying downtown but they are a little rough at times. Proof Brewery in Railroad Square is a great place. It sits between FSU and FAMU on Railroad Ave. What hotel or area are you staying and I can point you in the right direction.
  9. This post just goes along with today's spoiled attitude in our society (I gotta have it and I gotta have it NOW!) Judas Priest kids give the man time before you judge! WM is coming in to a program following 5 or 6 years of "read and react" defenses being used. We haven't had the best DL and LB recruiting classes the past few years. And the superior talent level on our D is spotty! Champ runs an attacking defense so the mindset as well as skill set of our current players needs to be changed to fit it. Our older defensive players have been in the read and react system so it will take time to change. The younger players are picking up on it and future recruits will be taught the WM way from the beginning. It's going to take 2-3 years before we see His D! Just chill kids!
  10. Great post Trainer! "I believe in Auburn and love it" is something TRUE Auburn men and women say and mean it! So many and fly by night fans...these days take what the media says as gospel! According to them we were supposed to be THE team of the SEC this year! Their giving us the title without even a down of football being played. Knowing a change in DC, D personnel and a totally new scheme would be emplemented. This takes time believe it or not! JJ has had a very unexpected start in all of our expectations! So CGM did the right thing and made the change at qb. I wanted JJ to do well as everyone else did but it didnt work out that way. SW did an AUsome job in his play and taking the reigns of the O. He deserves to continue building what has become more productive under him as qb. Now if all of you whiners want to go jump off a bridge go ahead. That will leave real Auburn men and women here who says they believe in Auburn and love it and we know it will be AUthentic!
  11. Ha! No bag delivery from me! A big reason he committed to Texas is because he has family that works at the University. He likes Auburn too and had an AUsome time during the LSU game weekend. We'll see where he ends up.
  12. I live in Tallahassee and John is actually friends with my son. We went to see the Lincoln vs Leon game last Thursday night (John Burt for Lincoln and De Anfernee McGriff for Leon) and watched John make a beautiful diving catch early on in the game. He may have only caught one or two other passes throughout the game but this Lincoln team is loaded with talent so the ball is spread around. John also took the second half kickoff back for a TD. Man that kid can move! Unfortunately for McGriff (who looked like a man-child on the field) went down with a knee injury early in the 1st half. Lincoln won big that night!