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  1. Any grad transfers a possibility?
  2. Did Rudy only do bench press and nothing else? I was curious to see his 40 time.
  3. K for the win!!!! war eagle
  4. Huge k there
  5. Oh great and Bama is in need of a WR coach.
  6. This is the coaching spot that Kevin Greene should take.
  7. Put in the end of the bench guys I bet they can make free throws.
  8. Who coaches free throw for us? They need to stay in Missouri and file for unemployment
  9. Why doesn't Coach Pearl use his timeout in the first half ever? Should have set up a play with the couple of seconds left instead he just loses it.
  10. The hat was good luck the visor is unlucky
  11. Wow Great Video!
  12. Think he got to drive Gus' car?
  13. Transferring from Rutgers, can play immediately and will have 1 year of eligibility. I know we liked him years ago, what about now?
  14. Well when you have 57 Football Analysts on the payroll then of course they can watch endless amounts of film and give a summary to the coaches on what to expect. It's not cheating completely in the rules.