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  1. Why would he leave Penn State? He was born and grew up in PA. Blue Blood school that doesn't have to compete for instate kids. Plus gets to hand pick talent from NJ and NY as well.
  2. Texas A&M Alabama Arkansas Tennessee Georgia California Mississippi State Missouri LSU Wisconsin 55
  3. 3rd and 4th string defense getting some good lessons
  4. Time to rest Whitlow, zero reason for him to play anymore tonight
  5. Is it possible that Joey will start against A&M running the Cam offense and nobody would see it coming?
  6. If we go 3 and out the boo birds will happen
  7. Since we are paying them to play us, I want us to run the full offense for 4 quarters, even if we are up by 70 and the walkon's are in I don't want to see just runs up the middle. Offensive players like to score touchdowns. They don't care if they are winning by a ridiculous amount. Keep throwing the ball with JG and then Cole, and then whoever else is listed as a QB. 3rd and 4th string defense will be hungry and want sacks and int's so the offense needs to think the same way.
  8. Our other WR’s stop running routes and jog into the cut.
  9. Hall getting a lot of snaps even saw Newkirk in earlier
  10. He wanted to come out before that play