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  1. Auburn LSU Alabama Florida Texas A&M Kentucky Notre Dame Oklahoma Clemson 44
  2. yes but Chuma would bail us out more often than not
  3. Not liking our half court offense
  4. Defensive Tackle would have blown up the interior line forcing our QB to scramble to his left and take a 15 yard sack.
  5. LSU Western Kentucky Florida Georgia Tennessee Ole Miss South Carolina Penn State Wisconsin 65
  6. Booing, leaving early, I guess we have become Bama, but without the titles or backing of the corrupt SEC and NCAA.
  7. Can we just keep 18, 5, 33, & 12 on the field with a rb?
  8. So Kim is out and Brahms is in, injury or benched?
  9. Hastings wow maybe he should play wr since he can catch
  10. By the way 2 of the false starts were because Kim didn’t snap the ball. Brahms deserves to play.
  11. Pick 6 coming this drive I can feel it. Nix is not progressing instead is regressing. Can’t throw simple 5 yard passes rushes everything. Blame Gus