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  1. Perhaps Gus will be in the booth this year? CEO approach...
  2. /images/2019/6/24/Love_Courtney02_BH.JPG?width=80 DIRECTOR OF PLAYER DEVELOPMENT COURTNEY LOVE
  3. Is there anything online that could be setup where it is less work?
  4. I did like the nachos the couple of times we went. The sandwiches were very pedestrian I thought.
  5. My daughter said Bow and Arrow is very good also. They are owned by the chef that started Acre I believe.
  6. “And an open mind, change overnight Relationships on the wrong side Left old friends on the road side“ Song by Kevin Gates Called Grandmotha Grave
  7. Maybe take the final divisional standings from 2019 and have LSU vs UGA, ALA vs FLA, TEN vs AUB, etc But please have a camera on Kirby when he sees he has to play LSU, ALA, and us all in 1 season!
  8. Can we get this instead of the Jumpman?
  9. 9 turnovers and 2 assists for our point guard. Turbo deserves playing time.
  10. I don’t care if we lose by 40 and the bench has 20 turnovers Samir needs to sit and be told one more pout face and you won’t play again. He is not a leader nor even a team player with that attitude. Gus wouldn’t put up with it why does Bruce?
  11. We are not good at shooting 3’s why do we jack 20 a game? Too much standing around and with 5 seconds left, BP needs to be asked why he is sticking with these players? What’s the point of recruiting turbo and jaylin if they never see the court?
  12. Why doesn’t anybody on our bench get minutes when the 5 on the floor can’t hit shots?
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