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  1. Anybody know why Ryan Davis didn’t run his 40?
  2. I felt we were hit hard with some deductions and scored 9.775 or lower too many times. Home crowd effects judges also.
  3. Kentucky might be the #1 team come Monday
  4. Dunbar starting not Doughty and add Chuma back in
  5. I’d be ok with Amac not shooting 3s ever again
  6. That was a quick sub in today Wiley for Amac.
  7. Missed free throws and turnovers
  8. DP needs to play more than Samir now his size causes problems for people
  9. I just don’t know what is a foul anymore and what isn’t
  10. Samir needs to sit for awhile and let Malik and danjel play
  11. Will Chandler Cox play in the NFL? Seems like very few teams use Fullbacks anymore. I don't think Jay Prosch was even picked up after the Texans released him.
  12. 197 is the key number to hit. Basically meaning you averaged 49.25 per apparatus. Floor is our weakness right now. Decent website link below.
  13. So the rest of the Hoover football players are doing a ceremony in the afternoon at the school, Pickens did his own thing. Is this an excused absence from class this morning? Who paid for the place he did his ceremony? NCAA time to get involved!