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  1. 9 turnovers and 2 assists for our point guard. Turbo deserves playing time.
  2. I don’t care if we lose by 40 and the bench has 20 turnovers Samir needs to sit and be told one more pout face and you won’t play again. He is not a leader nor even a team player with that attitude. Gus wouldn’t put up with it why does Bruce?
  3. We are not good at shooting 3’s why do we jack 20 a game? Too much standing around and with 5 seconds left, BP needs to be asked why he is sticking with these players? What’s the point of recruiting turbo and jaylin if they never see the court?
  4. Why doesn’t anybody on our bench get minutes when the 5 on the floor can’t hit shots?
  5. Wiley just can’t shoot from 3 feet it’s so bizarre
  6. Once again we have zero running game up the middle, tell CGM he can run outside
  7. This team needs the sniper from 3 that makes it about 45% of the time.
  8. I thought his family wanted him to go to UNC?
  9. I'm sure we will stay ranked 15, no way the committee can move us up to make a possible win for Bama look better on the resume. If Bama ends up the #4 committee will probably put OSU at #1 to avoid the LSU/Bama rematch in the semi's. Funny thing is I think LSU beats Clemson and wouldn't surprise me if Bama finds a way to upset OSU and the rematch still happens.
  10. Who will get more snaps, Cord or Wil?
  11. Cord throws for 350 and runs for another 110 making fans ask why he hasn’t been the starter all season.
  12. NCAA is so inconsistent with everything!
  13. I just don't get the love for Clark. Can somebody share why numerous people want him? The thing I really like about Steele is that the defense will run through walls for him and he builds depth by playing multiple Freshmen every year. It's so different from Gus.