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  1. Bryant was told he would be the starter at Mizzou. Auburn told him he could compete to be the starter. Jalen Hurts hasn't even been named the started at OU. He's having to compete for it.
  2. I cut the cord a few years ago, but went back to cable after one season. Streaming is about a minute behind the live action, and I would also we be on this website or twitter or get a text ruining the experience. Plus ESPN freezes a lot while streaming.
  3. CMD has lost the team and now the season, I’m thinking he will resign when the season is officially over.
  4. Did our bats get lost on the way to Kentucky? We just can’t hit anything and they can’t miss all weekend.
  5. Nike school gets many calls over Under Armour school, hmmm.
  6. Horrible injury for Senior Sam Cerio tonight on her first floor pass. Read on Twitter she broke both of her legs when she landed wrong. The team came together and ended up having a great score to advance to tomorrow night. So they have a hashtag now #stickitforsam Prayers for her as she has a bright future as an aerospace engineer and just a horrible way to end your gymnastics career in college.
  7. Anybody know why Ryan Davis didn’t run his 40?
  8. I felt we were hit hard with some deductions and scored 9.775 or lower too many times. Home crowd effects judges also.
  9. Kentucky might be the #1 team come Monday
  10. Dunbar starting not Doughty and add Chuma back in
  11. I’d be ok with Amac not shooting 3s ever again
  12. That was a quick sub in today Wiley for Amac.