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  1. Bracket busted for me. I had Villanova winning it all. I've been filling out brackets since the early 90's when you had to cut them out of the newspaper and this is the earliest I can remember my national championship pick getting put out. This is why I love March Madness because you never know.
  2. It's still a decent win, but Kansas was without a suspended Josh Jackson.
  3. 24-10 uat
  4. 24-6 LSU
  5. Bo had 106yds passing and 192yds rushing with 5 total tds in a 63-21 win over Crossville on Friday night. He's off to a great start to the season.
  6. From what I've gathered he's going to prep school in Florida so he can enroll and play at Auburn in January.
  7. Good decision by him. Cal runs pretty much the same offense as Texas Tech.
  8. As long as Auburn has one more point than its opponent I don't care what they run.