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  1. Auburn has had 269 players drafted in its history. That's only #23 on the all time list. It'll probably never be a program that gets a lot of players drafted on a yearly basis.
  2. They probably arrested everybody cause nobody would claim the weed in the apartment.
  3. Bracket busted for me. I had Villanova winning it all. I've been filling out brackets since the early 90's when you had to cut them out of the newspaper and this is the earliest I can remember my national championship pick getting put out. This is why I love March Madness because you never know.
  4. It's still a decent win, but Kansas was without a suspended Josh Jackson.
  5. 24-10 uat
  6. 24-6 LSU
  7. Bo had 106yds passing and 192yds rushing with 5 total tds in a 63-21 win over Crossville on Friday night. He's off to a great start to the season.
  8. From what I've gathered he's going to prep school in Florida so he can enroll and play at Auburn in January.