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  1. AubTigers

    The Apple Cup

    Wash St. finishes near the bottom of the Pac-12 in recruiting every year. According to the composite they've only signed four 4 star players over the last four years. It was still a great season for them.
  2. AubTigers

    Another loss to a rival

    The inconsistency beating rival teams is nothing new. Auburn hasn't beat LSU back to back since '99-'00, Georgia '04-'05 and Alabama '06-'07. Those schools out recruit Auburn on a yearly basis and will continue to even with a new coach. I've never liked Malzahn, but I don't think a coaching change is going to get the results some people want.
  3. AubTigers

    Duke Basketball

    Been watching Duke basketball for 30 years and this has the potential to be one of Coach K's best teams. I want to see Auburn play Duke, but I don't see it being close unless Auburn shoots lights out and Duke has a really bad game.
  4. AubTigers

    Bowl Game Predictions

    Auburn hasn't been to the Gator Bowl since 1974 so that's what I'm hoping for.
  5. AubTigers

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I would love to have Matt Campbell, but he has a 7 million dollar buyout.
  6. AubTigers

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    No Lane Kiffin period. The guy is a moron and his USC teams sucked his last year and half there. Any of these guys would be fine with me. Jeff Brohm-Purdue Seth Littrell-North Texas Scott Satterfield-App. St. Lance Leipold-Buffalo (Went 109-6 at Wisconsin-Whitewater and 6 Nat'l Championships. He's off to a 6-1 start this year at Buffalo) Jeff Monken-Army (Only if he could talk his cousin Todd Monken into being the OC) Dave Aranda-LSU DC
  7. AubTigers


    ESPN+ has only been around since April. ESPN3 has been going for several years.