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  1. ISO Auburn-Clemson Tickets?

    Slim pickings it seems. I don't think they've been received yet by the donors, so that could be part of the shortage....
  2. Sean White not quitting just yet

    I'd have no problem with SW going to another school on our schedule...sorry... Now flame away...
  3. Gus seems very confident today

    If I had Bubba and Stidham in the backfield I'd be acting like a Greek God at Media Day. I hate to jinx us, but we could be very, very, very good at tackle football this year fellas...
  4. Sean White not quitting just yet

    I'd throw up...I just can't stomach the thought of seeing SW on the field after the GA and OK games last year.
  5. For the one season, Tre was unstoppable. The entire stadium knew Tre was getting the ball that last drive vs FSU and he took it straight to the house. Dude was ridiculous. I had more faith in Ronnie than Cadillac, though both were beasts. Not even Ronnie or Cadillac just flat took over games though in my opinion. Bo did. Tre did. Pettway did last year also. If he can do it for a full season, we could have a special run...
  6. Monty Adams and Carl Lawson Draft talk

    Obviously he didn't expect to last this
  7. NSD 2017 discussion thread

    We can miss em all...I honestly don't care. I watched a team play with more skill, heart, and desire last year than I have since the Cam team. They were legitimately ONE player away from a title contending team. We got that one player...AND we got the best LB and best OL out there. We also got another 17 guys that would kill to go to battle in O&B. My cupboard is full and happy. This is the first signing day in memory that I honestly don't care about. Bring on 2017.
  8. Greg Brown

    I love the hire. Auburn will always recruit well. We've lacked in DB performance for over a decade. No matter which coach we've had, we've had the talent to have a good secondary. In my opinion, the DB coach needs to be a COACH first and foremost. They are the only players on a defense that are on an "island" alone. They MUST be coached up and put in a position to succeed. That position isn't 2 yards beyond the damn 1st down marker on 3rd and 7. I think this guy understands that...if he didn't, he wouldn't have such a long track record of coaching the same position over and over at some pretty legit places.
  9. New DB Coach discussion (Merged)

    I seem to remember he was deemed a "traitor"...but I can't recall the story for whatever reason. Left for TTown or something if I recall. Does have a hell of a resume though...
  10. New DB Coach discussion (Merged)

    Just came to mention him. Would love to have him on staff in any capacity...
  11. Sugar Bowl Roll Call

    I'm there...
  12. Bubba and Kerryon

    Its's still sad that thUGA sucked so bad that everyone keeps writing about our "win" over them...I know, it's hard to actually conceive that we lost to such a crap team. This has got to be the 10th time I've read such... What an absolute s*** show. I can't wait to go cheer on our guys in NOLA, but I can't get that nightmare of a game out of my mind....
  13. Sean White nugget

    Franklin didn't start at his JUCO. Meanwhile, Stidham excelled as a true freshman in the Big 12, throwing for 419yds & 3 TDs, and rushed for another TD, in a win vs KState AT their place in his first start. That's big boy QB play... Needless to say, that's not exactly and apples to apples comparison...
  14. Sean White nugget

    The Sean White debates just absolutely boggle my mind. Guy seems like a gamer, a "team" guy, a nice fella, great teammate, etc... Stidham isn't coming to backup anyone. Dude and all his "support staff" are talking about 2 years max then the NFL. Yes, THE NFL. Every major NCAAF media outlet is reporting this as a game changing, "leap Auburn into the preseason championship talk" type of MASSIVE pickup for one reason--we don't have a QB that can take us to the top of the SEC. No offense to Sean, but unless Stidham gets injured or just flat out becomes the biggest flop in memory, White's days as QB1 are over.
  15. Sean White nugget

    I can absolutely state that I couldn't remember who threw that...and for obvious reasons...