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  1. Man this officiating is garbag
  2. That call was pathetic
  3. The players and recruits love it. Period. I feel like it’s as much a show of appreciation to the players as anything.
  4. Nix throws for 55%+, without multiple INTs, we win. Period. It all rests on him.
  5. Just going by stats, which don’t always paint the entire picture, he wasn’t. His completion percentage was in the mid 50%s...even as a senior. He was the best player on the field in all of those games and still was in the mid 50%s. That # usually doesn’t grow from high school to college. We’re getting what Bo is. He’s a gamer. He gives max effort. He’s an athlete. I’m sure he’s a heck of a kid. Unfortunately, he hasn’t shown the ability to accurately throw a football. His completion percentage right now is lower than all the recent Auburn QBs we all throw out there as the “worst we can remember”...I actually looked them all up yesterday. We’ve lost two games this year, both were very very very winnable if the QB just hit a couple open receivers. It is what it is.
  6. Nix is the worst QB I’ve seen in Auburn history. Show me any stat that says he isn’t. I’m done. This is a disgrace...
  7. It’s Burcham...
  8. I've always said that selling of beer (not liquor) in the stadium would actually result in a lower number of extreme drinking issues. It's been my opinion, that the "over-served" type issues comes from people drinking absolutely as much as they can as fast as they can prior to entering the stadium, and then smuggling in liquor, all because they can't get beer in the stadium. As someone on the med side of things, do you agree...? Just thought I'd ask your opinion since you have eyes on that side of it...
  9. I swear if they stop this thing in this half inning 🤬
  10. With us and VA sporting the exact same team colors, has anyone heard and “official color” for fans...?
  11. Oh My God!!!!! WDE. But hate it for Okeke....I’ve been waiting for him to bust out all year...he finally did and then that...😢
  12. Gotta respect the kid. Hate to lose the talent, but he certainly sounds like he has the right priorities in life...
  13. Came down to a layup that went in and out. Damn....