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  1. More arguing simple facts on this board: I just walked in 5 people with 4 tickets to UGA in 2019...massive game with hard to come by tickets. It’s very simple. And yes, I’m well aware of how the cards work: they’re a blank printed card that is then hand written with the patient’s name, vaccine version, and dates of each shot. Again, something I can print on my computer and write out myself if I want. Have whatever opinion you want, but these are both simple facts.
  2. My post is true. I don’t miss many home games. An employee of an outside staffing agency is supposed to “scan your ticket”...I can promise there are tons of instances and various reasons why it fails to happen. Seeing as how it is very easy to enter the game without a ticket, I can’t imagine it’d be very hard to walk in without a legit hand written card that’s suppose to prove you received a shot.
  3. I won’t sit here and debate mental capabilities with you guys. It’s a useless discussion. There’s a group of you “keyboard warriors” on here that want to push your agenda in damn near every thread dating back to last March. I’m glad my original post gave you guys some fuel to pound away on your keyboard for the last 30 or so hours though. Here’s a pure fact: I have a much higher mathematical chance of dying in an auto accident on my way to and from the game than dying from COVID due to attending the game without a mask. I guess you guys will come up with some baseless argument ag
  4. Let’s get this out of the way—a vaccination card will not be required. There’s zero way to enforce it. Remember, the university doesn’t even take your ticket...a $9/hr employee of a hired “event security company” does. If they somehow say it is, it’s just for optics. I’m still of the camp of “if the virus scares you, stay home”. I appreciate the medical folks, my family in it included. But if they attempt to require “the card”, I’ll print mine off my computer.
  5. So did we have to pay his buyout to USCe?
  6. and he stepped out of bounds prematurely to end that one...if he put his head down he scores there and we potentially win.
  7. My favorite receiver we’ve ever had. Good luck to Seth...my God what he could’ve been with a QB that can throw it in even just the vicinity of his enormous catch radius...🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Seth having that breakout year as a member of the Patriots and Tank leading the SEC while wearing red and black both have a better chance of happening than they do of either happening with them wearing O&B. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. muxi87


    I’d take him over Bo Pix...God I hope Harsin has an open competition...
  10. My God, this guy is making we want to go run thru a brick wall. 👏🐅🦅 We obviously won’t win every game he coaches, but by God I promise you he’s gonna try. Holy hell he’s a motivating guy. Kudos for one hell of an opening presser Coach! 👍
  11. I’ve got friends that are well respected former players as well...to a man they all have the same view I have: we don’t even begin to include football people in these decisions, it’s always the big money. Big money is necessary, big money is ok, but big money can’t be the only deciding factor. We’ve seen that clown show...
  12. My list was Kiffin, Mario, Napier. After that I'm game with this dude. Gotta see who he surrounds himself with to recruit though. Zero ties to the area usually doesn't get it done recruiting in the SEC. He needs to make a "Dell McGee type hire" ASAP. And by ASAP, I'm talking in the next 24 hours. I have this feeling we have some fragile current players in addition to the pretty decent number of open spots we have in this year’s recruiting class.
  13. It’d be the second time he followed directly behind Gus. 😂😂😂
  14. The first thing I said to a text chain with a group of college buddies when the Gus firing news hit was that I could see us promoting Steele for the time being, even if it's just next year. Instant gut feeling that was moreso due to the timing with signing day and whatnot. Definitely not what I was "wishing" for. The fact that they didn't announce him before today had me backing off that. I wouldn't be "pissed" to have Steele, but it just doesn't make sense... And I do love the idea of Mario and his star-studded class of recruiters. We shall see...
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