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  1. muxi87

    Who replaces Chip?

    I'm assuming Bryant transferring in...
  2. muxi87

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant (Mizzou)

    Oh wow...never in a million years did I imagine Auburn getting “beat out” by Missouri for a “Kelly Bryant”. Wow...
  3. I’ll just put this here to bookmark for later: if this is all true, Gus has a DT QB up his sleeve...Tate is my guess. Folks may not like him right now, but I can assure you he’s no idiot. IF he is taking this “risk”, he knows what he has coming. Tate would be a Marshall type QB with a slightly more accurate arm. I don’t think he’d sell his soul with KBryant or anyone on this roster as his “savior”...
  4. Thanks for doing these every week. It’s the one weekly thread I look forward to. 👍
  5. muxi87

    Men Vs. Duke

    So tell me how that was a foul but we didn’t draw one after the turnover when we took it to the basket....? Maddening. Why I usually don’t watch college basketball. It’s almost always lopsided to one team or the other officiating wise.
  6. muxi87

    Men Vs. Duke

    I’m very unimpressed with Wiley in the offensive end. I’ve watched these last two games and see nothing from him that strikes me as “special”. After all the hype, I was expecting “special”. Maybe he’ll get there...
  7. muxi87

    Men Vs. Duke

    I’ve rewinded it and rewatched it over and over and over. Very very very clear all arm swipe by #3 forced his arm and ball from the rim giving Williamson time to make the “block”. Even without Williamson getting the ball he had no chance to make the shot after the obvious forearm slap by #3
  8. muxi87

    Men Vs. Duke

    We didn’t take it to the hole, but there is zero chance there wasn’t a single foul deserving of free throws. That last call (no call) was terrible.
  9. muxi87

    Men Vs. Duke

    Didn’t even touch the ball...all arm. Unreal. 0 FT attempts vs 17. Wow
  10. muxi87

    Men Vs. Duke

    Wow...just wow...
  11. muxi87

    Men Vs. Duke

    so yeah, he hit him in the face...still zero chance that official could see that contact from where he was...
  12. muxi87

    Men Vs. Duke

    How did that official make that call from across the court with bodies between him and the players...? Awful...
  13. muxi87

    Men Vs. Duke

    Stop and a score here after the timeout would be huge
  14. muxi87

    Men Vs. Duke

  15. muxi87

    Men Vs. Duke

    yeah, we aren’t hitting anything, but damn this officiating is awful...