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  1. muxi87

    Men vs. uat

    Ass whooping! Fun to watch!
  2. muxi87

    Men vs. uat

    I hit 80% in freaking middle school...
  3. muxi87

    Men vs. uat

    Down 5 after missing 4 of last 6 FTs...
  4. muxi87

    do we make top 10

    On the nose...
  5. muxi87

    Men vs. Arkansas

    Wow fellas. Huge for Our program!
  6. muxi87

    Sporting News 2018 Poll

    Funny the article mentioned the ones leaving and stated that Stidham is returning...did they know something a little earlier than the rest of us...?
  7. muxi87

    Men vs. Tennessee

    I didn’t know...wasn’t able to hear any of the 2nd half audio...was just following the Gamecast.
  8. muxi87

    Men vs. Tennessee

    20 years
  9. muxi87

    Men vs. Tennessee
  10. muxi87

    24/7: Holland coming back

    I do know Kerryon has met with academic advisors and is enrolled for the spring semester with intention of being in school for the semester. I’ve never thought he’d go pro this year, but that news gave me a little more confidence he’ll stay. I think he stays. If Holland does also, we’ll be VERY special next year. I said all year this felt like 03/04 for me. We had a great team in 03 that needed some gel time. They got it and in 04 we were unstoppable.
  11. muxi87

    Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    Absolutely no excuse not to start 9-0...only couple decent teams we play, we get "at home" (Washington in Atlanta is a home game...then LSU at Jordan Hare).
  12. muxi87

    Peach Bowl Ticket Prices

    If you’re going to buy at face in advance, buy from the school when they start selling. Alsways looks good for us to sell out our allotments. If you’re just looking for the best deal, i’d imagine tickets will be pretty cheap on the secondary market in the days leading up to the game...
  13. muxi87

    Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl?

    The playoff semifinal tickets aren’t hard to come by. Face value easily... Now the natty is a different story. Will never be like it was for us the first time, but $1k-$1500 easy...
  14. muxi87

    Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl?

    Only two games that worry me whatsoever are: 1) thUGA this weekend in Atlanta 2) Oklahoma anywhere outside of those two, i don’t have any hesitation to play anyone, anywhere. I think easiest matchup is Wisconsin...
  15. muxi87

    SECCG thoughts on what to expect

    I’m not understanding this talk of the “crowd” for thUGA...??? I’ve been to every decent neutral game site for Auburn in the last 15 years and yet to see us not have the majority crowd...and that is especially true of all the games in Atlanta. The argument that “Georgia knew first” doesn’t hold water either. There has been a very limited number of tickets available prior to this week. Hence the high price. The majority of the tickets will hit the market this week...and our alumni base in Atlanta will snatch a huge majority of them up.