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  1. Came down to a layup that went in and out. Damn....
  2. that should’ve fallen for us...damn...
  3. All we could ask for. We’ll have the ball with a chance to win it...
  4. We needed a bucket there guys../damn
  5. Wiley loss is massive right now 😞
  6. Bryce certainly has an NBA future. I know some harp on him, but he’s legit.
  7. Here is our chance. A score here and we can make it a legit game.
  8. Yes, on “sniff test” alone. Media and commentators like us it seems...
  9. Touch touch touch touch touch. Awful foul calls every defensive possession...
  10. If we can get it down to 5 or 6, I think we win.
  11. Missing Wiley’s defensive presence is killing us...just as I thought it could