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  1. Saban just hates the fact he can not stop it. He believes that everything in football should be catered to him, and his beliefs. He is a spoiled coach JUST like the fans of his program.
  2. I don't know why DA left when he did, but him staying for another year and having to play through the mess we had last season would not have benefitted him at all, IMO. He made the best decision by getting out when he did - at least he's playing and getting paid by the Canadian's. He wouldn't have played last year. It would have been 2011 and it would have been nice if Trotter had someone else to throw to other than Blake. It would have helped him and us. Well it would have been at least another side of the field to throw a pick on you mean.
  3. She didn't leave her SI job on her own accord. They didn't renew her contract. Her career path is going in the wrong direction......from a NYT reporter to an internet blogger. The more outrageous the story, the more hits she'll have to her new site (started last week). Oh wow even better. Thanks for the correction.
  4. FIFY My guess is that this is her method of getting a job interview. Look how publications are hiring up idiots like Thayer Evans and Pete Thamel. She's showing them that she can pull in big numbers with semi-truths and get her name mentioned all over the sports media world. I completely agree. I completely forgot about Thayer Evans. I wonder if those two are BFF now. They are both bottom feeders.
  5. The problem is Selena Roberts left her job at SI, and started her own website. Since the release of the website I do not think she has had a HUGE story. If this turns out to be any truth at all (which I doubt) her website would be booming. Who would benefit from this? Selena Roberts. Let's be honest with all the reports of "Auburn Paying players" this would be an article that is half believable by the media. She has a shady past, and no better than a bama blogger at this point shooting for the moon, and hoping to hit it big.
  6. I will have to get with you on this. The 2nd year I lived in Nashville Vandy beat our...you know what. This year I do not want to miss retaliation for that loss!
  7. It is because they say things like this... "Auburn people are typical Old SOuth hypocrites. "Loveliest Village on the Plains." Yeah, Oliver Wendell Holmes really meant Lee County, Auburn in that poem. Hypocritical morons" Dur da Dur? That was posted by someone with the name bamaalum.....yeah awesome....
  8. Well at least he was half right! Will have to see if I can stir up some pictures from the show. I guess Alabama will claim that he wore their shirt the whole time since they like to claim things like ummm championships that share with other teams.
  9. So this is my first time posting on these forums so I hope I am in the right thread here. So I did not see another post about it, but somewhere in Alabama Journey had a concert. I heard down the line that the lead singer was wearing an Auburn shirt. I am a huge journey fan, and an Auburn alum, and that would be amazing regardless if he cared what it meant. Also, a huge stab to the hearts of all the bammers. Also, these are by far the best Auburn forums around. It actually is a family atmosphere which you will NEVER find in any other college in the world. I had to add that in, and War
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