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  1. I happen to agree with your assessment that Bowden was our best in game/between game adjustments coach.
  2. My pod & permanent cross-rival suggestion is (nine SEC games, don't ask me about tie-breakers or play-offs, open to suggestions): Pod and cross-pod permanent rival Alabama Oklahoma Auburn Georgia Vanderbilt Ole Miss Tennessee Kentucky Florida LSU Georgia Auburn Kentucky Tennessee South Carolina Missouri LSU Florida Ole Miss Vanderbilt Mississippi State Arkansas Texas A&M Texas Arkansas Mississippi State Oklahoma Alabama Missouri South Carolina Texas Texas A&M Biggest rivalries are maintained or restored, or created. Sorry USC & Missouri.
  3. Filthy casuals! Where's the source from Kinko's running the fax machine?
  4. How does "common sense" have anything to do with this thread?
  5. I'm making jambalaya pasta for tomorrow. I will not waste my time with the abomination known as "corn dogs."
  6. In the second half Auburn started playing up on the far wide receivers AND Zakoby was in on defense.
  7. In the second half Auburn started playing up on the far wide receivers AND Zakoby was in on defense.
  8. In the second half Auburn started playing up on the far wide receivers AND Zakoby was in on defense.
  9. I bought mine last night. There is a thread on www.reddit.com/cfb blowing up about this.
  10. I have been to Baton Rouge back in the day and will be returning this year. W00t!11! The bourbon in the air will NOT be only from them! /you could really smell the bourbon in the air, no cap for the younger folks
  11. Down here along the Gulf Coast it's Bill-E's for the win! So rich it is difficult to eat more than one piece. Wright's is my everyday bacon. Don't get me started about Conecuh sausage, the king of sausages! If you haven't had Conecuh, you haven't truly lived yet...
  12. I am a fan of the Conecuh Ridge 92, but my recent go to is Wild Turkey Rare Breed. Don't sleep on WTRB! @ Tiger Refuge I also used to brew beer (great hobby) but youth coaching and a declining interest in beer (too filling for the dad bod) led me astray, not that I don't drink any beer. FYI for those of you visiting Mobile: both the Haberdasher and the Merry Widow pour Old Forrester 86 as their well bourbon.
  13. Ok, as of this morning the Auburn vs Akron game is now listed as an option in the ESPN app. Yesterday, this option was not listed, just the halftime show. To summarize, if you have a provider that includes the SEC Network in your subscription, you can enter this provider in the ESPN app on your smart TV, Fire Stick, Roku, whatever has the app and search for Auburn or by the SEC+ network option and the football game appears.
  14. I am also not seeing Auburn vs Akron as an SEC+ game on my ESPN app. Hopefully this will appear before kickoff! (note that I have confirmed that I get SEC+ content via the ESPN app, but only the halftime show is currently listed for SEC+)
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